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Candy: Delicious, but is too much unhealthy?


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I love the implementation of candy. The buffs generally are useful and last just long enough to be impactful but without feeling op. I don't use all the types of candy, but the ones i do use i keep stockpiled. And i feel they accomplished the secondary goal of decreasing the availability of canned food in vending machines.


The concern i have is related strictly to how easy it is to have stockpiles of your favorite candies. With working vending machines being a fairly common find and all working vending machines restocking daily, it is easy to maintain a growing supply of all the candies you use.


Because of this surplus, there is never a decision to be made regarding candy. If you are going out to wrench cars, you use the salvage candy if you like it. There is never a thought of whether you should save it til you add another point to salvage ops because you will still have plenty candy when you do. Same with eye candy and a quest in generic house #3 or w/e. No reason to save the candy til you loot a place that may have more impactful loot at a higher loot stage.


I am fine if this doesn't change. However, I do like it when I have to weigh decisions rather than have them be non-issues.


Having vending machines restock every 3 days like traders would perhaps balance candy better, but at the same time it would cut the now decreased canned food supply from vending machines even more (and probably too much).


Does anyone else feel like there is just too much availability of candies? It's certainly possible that I just check the vending machines more than most lol.

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On 8/5/2020 at 4:33 AM, eXSe said:

I don't like to depend on temporary buffs, so I rarely use them anyway.

You don't depend on them, you just use them if you have some.

Go mining, use rock busters - that's 20% more, ON TOP of your skills.

Clear a dungeon quest-POI to the end, take eye candy, loot while going back - better loot - ON TOP of your skills.

Did one of the skyscrapers and are to lazy to walk all the way back to the bottom - you're happy if you have some oh @%$# drops.... just jump off the roof.

Healthbar candy is afaik mostly a medical item as it reduces duration of injuries.

The others are helpfull during bloodmoon. Also on top of your skills.


Jail breakers are one i use less, because i mostly only have 1-2 safes to open and once you have steel tools, hitting them down is almost faster then lockpicking and doesn't require to carry these candys nor lockpicks around.


I guess there was a thought about drawbacks, as in the xmls they are called "drugs".

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Add an “indegestion”

debuff, if too many candies are eaten in a day :) throw in some terrible effect. Maybe even add tooth decay, rendering it painful to eat (lose 80% of food benefit eaten)... then err...have to have a  dentistry perk added so you’re gonna need a few books and a headgear slot to craft custom false teeth and alignment apparatus Obviously brass teeth then upgrade to steel late game. Of course you would have a dye slot  for teeth.  Then I guess you could fight zeds by biting them.

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I don't like the candy. Especially candy that give you superpowers. And frankly, I don't like restocked vending machines. Who is restocking the vending machines in an Apocalypse?!??!  And with chicken broth and lamb rations? Really!!!?!?!?. 


Vending machines should have potato chips, candy and twinkies. Stocked vending machines should be rare but have several days worth of food when you find one. No superpowers from candy or food. This is the main reason I play DF. 


 Where are mah friggin' twinkies?!?!?

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