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  1. The log spikes are no longer available in vanilla, so i am assuming that is a modded server. For anyone playing vanilla, don't bother looking in the shapes menu. They are not available unless modded in or maybe grabbed from creative menu.
  2. Post logs, validate your files, wipe all the things. That's all i have for you. good luck.
  3. Just to clarify, you actually generated the map 6 days ago and did not just start a new game 6 days ago? Some people seem to think starting a new game is the same thing as generating a new map. If this is a freshly generated map, you should definitely post logs. I reply to this topic all the time on the steam forums. 100% of the time so far, anyone who cleaned old map data using the launcher had their issue fixed because they were using an old map. You could try cleaning via the launcher if nothing else works for you, even if it is a freshly gene
  4. The reason you get the "no trader" bug is almost 100% of the time from playing on a map generated in an older version. Wiping all things gets rid of the old maps, eliminating the possibility of starting a new game on an old map. If you are not willing to wipe all the old maps, generate a brand new map for each new game you start. When you start a new game, choose new random as the world. Never choose anything but new random, one of the 3 pregens, or navezgane because you have old maps from old alphas which can have many glitches. The "no trader" glitch is just the one you find firs
  5. have you tried holding f until the menu pops up and choosing the helmet light? if you have anything else that can provide light, you need to use the radial menu. If that's not the issue, are you sure your mining helmet has a helmet light? If you craft a mining helmet it does not come with a light. You have to add the helmet light mod to it. All the looted or trader-bought mining helmets i have come across have had lights, so i believe if you obtain it from loot or a trader it has a light. Crafted ones definitely do not though.
  6. The bug is not exactly related to wearing glasses. It is related to wearing stat-boosting items, to the best of my understanding, Even if you are not wearing glasses, if you are wearing a cigar that will trigger the bug also.
  7. I believe the initial spawn point is decided by what your game name is. If you are using both the same world and the same game name you will spawn in the same place. If you are deleting your old save and starting a new one with the same name when you die, just use a different name for your game and it should spawn you in at a different position with no modding needed.
  8. Try putting in a seed name. I personally have generated a lot of worlds over the years, but have never tried to do it without putting in a seed name.
  9. Changing difficulty affects how much damage you do to zombies, how much damage zombies do to you, and how likely zombies are to go into rage mode. The lowest difficulty has 0% chance of zombie rage, and each increase in difficulty increases the chance for zombies to rage. The change in difficulty may affect one more thing. I seem to remember someone adding something i had forgotten about in a similar thread, but i have again forgotten.
  10. There is no tungsten or chrome in vanilla. If you are playing a mod that adds them, you will get much better help by posting in the post for that mod in the modding subforum.
  11. I believe another reason for the change was so that harvesting bonuses from LOTL could be applied.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you can craft lockers. They are metal furniture/storage I believe.
  13. Are you absolutely sure that one of the players on the server didn't spawn them in on you? That really looks like what happened.
  14. Yup, I just watched the video. If you surround your plants on several sides with full blocks, you are asking for difficulty harvesting. No wonder you have issues. Even with the awful design, you harvested most plants in one hit. There was one goldenrod plant that I expected to harvest in one hit that did not, but most of your misses I knew would miss due to your angle and the surrounding blocks.
  15. I don't have this issue. I am wondering, since it only happens to you with certain types of plants, is if the rotation has any effect. When I am planting, some seeds don't plant "on the square" and instead the default is for them to plant sort of diagonally. My ocd can't handle this, so i rotate them to square before planting. I am almost positive coffee and the flowers are diagonal default planters. You could try rotating them before planting and see if you still have difficulty harvesting. I will occasionally have to do a second harvest attempt
  16. In the forest biome, bears and dire wolves only spawn at night. Regular wolves have a very low chance to spawn during the day. I like that the nights are to be feared a bit again. Unless I get very lucky with weapon finds, I don't go out the first 2 nights, and am cautious about going out the first hour of daytime. I am more careful now the first couple of days even in the beginner biome, and hesitant to enter snow and wasteland even a little bit until I am firmly established. Being able to go anywhere at any time even in the first few days is boring to me.
  17. Is this in vanilla or modded? I ask because in one of the overhaul mods I played, I had the same issue. It was exclusive to that mod though. Vanilla works fine.
  18. @Beelzybub It only happens if the wrench also needs to be repaired. There is apparently a limited number of menu slots available when you click on an item in your inventory. For the wrench, modify drops out of the menu when the wrench also needs to be repaired. @smikeeThe work-arounds are to either equip the wrench on your toolbelt, repair the wrench (then repair drops of the menu and is replaced by modify), or click any item on your toolbelt that is possible to modify, open the modify option, then click on the wrench in your inventory. The modify menu will still be open on the wre
  19. Regarding your point #1, i believe that is a setting you can turn off. Maybe dof? For #2, the issue with adding companions is performance. The game has to run acceptably for both single player and multiplayer (currently supported for 8 people i believe). Adding companions with advanced ai for 8 people eats into the amount of zombies and in the future bandits that can be in the world. Many people already feel like there are not enough zombies in the world, so it is a concern. With that said, they are currently working on a drone which will sort of act as a companion. We
  20. Or again, better barter 3-4 doesn't require nearly as much investment in int, and if you have 3-4 traders unlocked gives you an almost 100% chance of getting one winthin 2 trader resets. They become quite common in secret stash.
  21. There is a perk to craft a crucible. It requires int 10. Int gives you another way to get a crucible as well. Once you get better barter to either 3 or 4 (forget which), crucibles become pretty common secret stash items for traders.
  22. You don't need to bring both water and tea. Down to 10. I don't bring antibiotics/honey. Infection is slow enough and rare enough that I just stop by home when it's convenient to cure it. I generally have a decent stock by day 3-4, since i hit every stump the first few days, plus antibiotics are a common quest reward and a reasonably common find from med piles/cabinets. Down to 9. I don't bring splints. The components to make them are common finds in many loot containers, so usually if i need one i can make it. If not, i head back home after i finish what i am doing. Do
  23. There is also an extensive post regarding this issue in the general support forum. There are some work-arounds in the thread as well as some speculation as to the causes. Seems to be exacerbated by maps that are larger than your computer can comfortably handle or too dense with too many t5 pois, as is possible with nitrogen maps.
  24. It's not that upgrading blocks gives more xp. It is that xp from upgrading blocks is not shared. Depending on your multiplayer exp sharing settings, your builder could be home upgrading blocks getting all that exp for himself, while also sharing the xp that you are getting from killing zombies while questing and clearing pois. If one or more people don't want to upgrade any blocks to catch up, you can always just reduce shared exp to the minimum or turn it off. That should keep the levels much closer. When i play multiplayer with my son, we generally take tu
  25. I believe that's the garbage collection. Does it always happen when you are out of combat, looking in your inventory or talking to the trader or such? If so, i believe your only option is to decrease settings. For me on my old computer i had to decrease not only settings but also resolution to make it work. My computer was not beefy enough to handle modded coop. Every 20ish minutes like clockwork, i would freeze up, sometimes a mini freeze and after 30-45 secs it would work again, but usually a freeze then d/c. When playing vanilla solo, it would usually just be an occasional mini
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