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  1. I know darkness falls and undead legacy are in experimental versions for a20. I assume several of the other overhaul mods are as well. The a20 versions are just not completed and stable yet.
  2. Only primitive tier items have set stats. For higher tier items, like baseball bats, there is a random factor applied. It is definitely possible to have a q2 bat that has high rolls be better than many q3 bats that have medium to low rolls.
  3. A bunch of pipe weapons plus an end game shottie doesn't seem to go together is why i assumed you spawned it in in an attempt to deal with the neverending spawns that happen in the wasteland at night. I missed where you said you went BACK with t3 weapons including the auto shotgun. I personally couldn't do a restore power quest in the wastelands at night even with the best gear/perks/books on the lowest difficulty. I don't have the twitch reflexes necessary. As for you saying i projected on you, you did the same lol. I don't cheat stuff in either because i immerse myself in the world and play for fun. I like finding and crafting my own stuff and the creative menu ruins the game for me. Instant nighttime wasteland respawns were added at the start of a19, so have been in the game for a year and a half. I was not judging you. I was simply telling you that what you were trying to do was impossible for most players and was not something to expect to be able to do. It is something that could possibly be done by some (not many) people after they have all modded highest tier gear in almost every slot, along with relevant perks and completed book sets. It is also something that could possibly be done by those "top 1%" players before that. I guess the difference is that i think having super difficult things in the game that most people won't ever be able to do is a fine thing. It gives the top 1% something to do, and those that want to attempt it something to strive for. I have no interest in removing things other people will find fun and challenging just because those things don't appeal to me. The fact you couldn't do it is not a problem. I doubt the best 7dtd player in the world could complete a restore power quest solo in the wastelands at night with primitive gear. However, this game is lacking in challenging end game content and the fact you are raging that it is even there is the problem.
  4. I drop my storage container by the front door after i activate the quest. No worries about the boundary and a shorter distance to travel to drop off loot.
  5. Sleeping bag and land claim prevent sleeper respawns once you have completely cleared the poi. Until the poi is cleared, they do not affect sleepers.
  6. The game name never determined the seed, as far as i know. The seed name determines the world generated. The GAME name definitely determines where you spawn. I also remember reading that it determines the loot containers and loot that you initially come across. So if you start a game named popcorn on a seed named yahoo valley and make note of where you spawn and what loot you get from immediately visible loot containers, you can reproduce this 100% by deleting that game and restarting a new game named popcorn on a seed named yahoo valley. If your first game had a q2 iron shovel and 3 oil in a trash pile next to where you spawned, the new game should have the exact same loot in the exact same container.
  7. I believe i remember reading that if you choose the same game name on the same map, your spawn location will be identical as well as the loot and loot containers you initially come across. The game name determines all of that. I could be wrong, but i swear i read that.
  8. You tried to do a nighttime quest in the wastelands with PRIMITIVE weapons?????? It doesn't matter if your primitive starter gear is quality 6 or not for nighttime wastelands. It's not just endgame. It is for endgam,e CHALLENGE. q5-6 auto shottie would be helpful, sure. I assume you grabbed that from creative. I would also want a modded rocket launcher and ammo, fully modded t6 steal armor, many maxxed perks, completed book sets for main weapons, etc Giving a lowbie in plant fiber armor with pipe weapon an auto shottie and ammo would increase your survivability in that situation by almost nothing. You would need max shotgun perks, max run and gun, max steel armor, max all healing perks, max parkour.... things like that. And you would treat it like doing the quest during a late stage horde. I am sure there are people who can and will do it and post youtube videos of it. I couldn't do it and wouldn't have fun trying.
  9. It was nothing to do with multiplayer i don't think. The map itself was bad too. No forest city so no forest trader. "no trader" glitch after completing the starting quests due to that. we just also both spawned in the desert. I suspected it was because he did not wipe a19 data and that screwed up map generation. No world i generated have had any of those issues. No world he generated after wiping a19 data had any issues.
  10. In a game played with my son, where he hosted and generated the map, we definitely spawned in the desert with the forest quite a hike away. That map did not have a forest town or trader though. I didn't do a bug report because when i asked, he had not cleaned all a19 files from his game. He cleaned, we restarted on a new map, and everything was normal. Every map i have generated in a20 has also been normal. I wonder if the people having these spawning issues are not doing a thorough clean of a19? or maybe just coincidence.
  11. A nighttime quest in the wastelands would be something I would attempt only at end game as a heavy challenge. I personally have no problem with there being extremely difficult challenges to attempt only late game. If you aren't there yet, don't even attempt a nighttime wasteland quest. It should be an end game goal.
  12. This is not a bug. In the wasteland at night, there is no delay on respawns. If you kill one, another spawns immediately. This is intended behavior to make the wastelands feel dangerous and deadly, bringing back the old hub city feel.
  13. I could be wrong, but i believe that is the garbage collection. It happens about every 20 minutes if i remember right, and always when you talk to a trader or go into your inventory.
  14. To be clear, you did NOT start a new game on this version. If you started the save on 218 or 231 and are now playing on 233, that could be causing your problem. Playing a save from an old version often causes weird bugs and glitches. To be sure it is a real problem and one not caused by playing on an old save, you should generate a brand new map and start a brand new game on it and see if the issue is still there.
  15. The easiest way to cure infection in early days is to do trader quests. I don't think i've ever done 3 level 1 trader quests without being offered antibiotics as a quest reward. I do always put a point in daring adventurer after the starter quests, so i do get to choose from 3 rewards.
  16. Having them place the traps won't work. You only get experience from trap kills if you invest in the perk, which means investing in intellect. Unless they are willing to spend the points to be able to get exp from traps, having their own horde exp base won't work. You can make just one horde base and have someone with no points invested place all the traps. Then no one will get trap kill exp and the levels should remain similar.
  17. Is there any chance that you purchased daring adventurer 4 while wearing nerdy glasses? and that sometimes you turn in quests while not wearing nerdy glasses? I would guess that having your intellect level decreased by 1, thus invalidating lvl 4 daring adventurer, would be the most likely cause of intermittently not receiving 2 quest rewards.
  18. I also had the "no trader" show up after completing the starter quests, although i did not have disappearing pois. My son teleported to all the traders, and the problem was that we had no forest biome traders spawn. Traders in the desert, the snow, and the wasteland.... but no forest. If i remember correctly, the initial quest to go to the trader always sends you to a forest trader, so my assumption is that that is the reason we got "no trader". It was a crappy map anyways, so we generated a new one. The new one had forest traders and the quest worked as expected.
  19. A friend on steam who lacks a filter between brain and mouth has a request he would like someone else to make for him. Is there any way a texture picker could be added much like the shape menu, so that when you are building with stone for example, you can choose the texture (flagstone, cobblestone, brick, etc) appearance when building? While this can be accomplished later game with paint, having it as a radial menu option when building would allow you to have the look of all the removed blocks when initially building so you don't have to wait for a chemistry station to have your base look the way you want.
  20. YOU MONSTER! Why would you ask this and increase my buried supply quest time by 1000%? Just kidding, although i do hope tfp consider it a feature and not a bug.
  21. If you want to focus so much on mining and building, prioritize getting level 2 of living off the land under fortitude. Day 1 or 2, walk the streets of your town, looting mailboxes, cars, and birds' nests, while harvesting all the gore piles on the road. If you see a nitrate node, mine the surface boulder. As soon as you get lotl 2, craft farm plots with the mats you gathered. Now all you have to do is focus on enough corn, potatoes, and mushrooms to make a seed of each. Keep making seeds til you have 5=10 plots of each, then you have infinite food when you perk into cooking enough to get veggie stew recipe. Once you have food settled, THEN you focus on mining/building/combat perks. If this takes you too long, add a modlet that gives you more skill points per level.
  22. In the meantime, if you want easy one-click mod installation, install 7dtd mod launcher.
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