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  1. Wow. I had forgotten about this game and I played it so much when I could find it. The arcade had an actual steel ball or something in it “drop” or “hit” when you fell off the platform. No electronic noise. Probably an old pinball machine mechanic. The “cursing” and “qubert jump block change” sounds could be added to the jumping spider zed!
  2. If strip clubs didn't exist in all? US states, and they were only found *rarely* and you had to go through back channels to get into one... maybe it wouldn't fit the game. There are a lot of places like this that aren't in the game because it wouldn't make sense to put them in, and it would also likely rub too many people the wrong way. TFP seems to be trying to make the game "sort of normal" in terms of buildings ( while adding a touch of ... whimsy for the building names). They didn't (and apparently wont ever) put baby zombies in the game. So its not like they're trying to go the full distance of horror or "in your face" aspects to produce shock value. I want these zombies (personally) because they would actually exist in a "real" zed apocalypse, but more importantly, they would give a lot more "height differences" for things I have to shoot at. The crawlers and spider help with this a bit though. but if I want the kids/babies variations, I'm going to have to mod them in myself ( per other posts suggestions above for making game changes) They haven't tried to add a lot of "worse" (and also highly unlikely, but real) POI's to amp up the "danger/visceral effect" like brothels, or "drug dens", or "torture chambers/sex dungeons", and "many bedrooms and basements have obvious suicides" and such. There are a few "mini terror stories" baked into the POI's but its not like they try to go to go the distance and really shove the worst of humanity in your face every time you go into a building, especially if it doesn't fit with the "theme" of the game. For example: they have "corpse burn/disposal piles" here and there, a noose shows up every now and then, there's a few "cult" dens but that fits the game given humanity fell to zombies. Also: Only 1 girl has big (medium size?) boobs that move (the rest don't) and this is kinda normal. There's a few "high BMI" dudes (and dude jiggling), 1 "high BMI" female and some "stereotypical" ways of representing them too, so they're not completely trying to make it all about the boob physics. My best guess is yeah, someone wanted zeds to have realistic (but computationally and labor cheap) body motions, and boobs and bellies were obvious places to test it out. Also: One could argue to remove all the churches as they were offensive to some people... but they are everywhere in the US, so you expect to find a church. Of course... which religion? I mean, they all have crosses in them, so they're really not showing the true types of churches you normally find... but then again, they kinda do (stereo-typically) for the US and the area the game is staged in and there's only so much you nuance you can put into a game world when all you really need is some structure and "the most recognizable" type of stuff. "We need some churches" is probably about as far as it was discussed. You could even remove the crosses in the churches to try to "fix" it and it would likely just make it look more wrong. Also: back to the boobs. If there were a lot more zombie models (like 100), and they all had the same boob size/physics (or even larger and more obvious) and the same handful of stereotypes I would take OP's side a bit more, but since they zed "type count" is very low, and its not all about/on the boobs for every female, I can't see it as much as an issue as they need to get as much bang for the buck out of the handful of zed models they have. The original (take your pick) zombie stripper had more nudity (and looked a lot more....rough. The current one is more of "girl who went out to party and got bitten") and the only reason I had minor issue with the original (as a default in the game) was for poor game streamers who *might* get flagged due to nudity. In conclusion: If strip clubs and boob wiggle were more morally offensive in the US (or where the game location were set in) and were highly regulated/banned and were less prevalent, then I would highly bet it would not be in the game.
  3. It would be kinda cool if you ran into any plain glass of it would shatter and cut you if not “protected” well. Then the higher levels of buildings could not be barricaded as much, allowing jump out. of course, I’m sure “just punch them” will be the standard/normal answer here…. But… if by running into Windows you could do damage, in theory “running into anything” could cause damage. This might be a neat perk to buff up… like “bouncer” or “steel shoulder” where you could run into zeds/doors/barricaded windows/etc and actually do some damage, with all the applied dangers of doing this. It might be nice to be able to buff up (put points into) a perk to be able push through and hurt/knock down /etc zeds for a short while if you’re trapped. And push other people around, especially while panicking or on purpose and don’t run into a barrel
  4. use the mod launcher: or install them manually: https://7daystodiemods.com/how-to-install-7-days-to-die-mods/
  5. It’s working for me? Here’s a literal copy/paste from the browser url at that site https://7daystodiemods.com/
  6. True, but there’s this http://7daystodiemods.com (has categorization and search) which captures a lot of mods that are in these forums, one drive, GitHub, gitlab. But not nexus. And it doesn’t catch *all* the mods on these forums (I believe) only those posted in the “”Mods” forum that host the mod on the previously listed sites. Edit: I’m not a fan of nexusmods “amount of work to put a mod there” but I am holding my breath for Steam workshop. Personally, I just want to be able to have mods “click and load” as well as be able to have them indicate if they are dependent or incompatibility with other mods (not sure how well Steam does with this. I figure it’s up to the mod author to make a manifest or something). Oh yeah, and to be able to easily “download a newer version” of the mods I already have installed. Currently I have to manually find them all. yes, there’s the unofficial mod launcher and I recently heard it might work on Ubuntu but so far I have been just adding loss by hand. I don’t mind too much, but the easier it is to mod (and know when mods have issues with other mods) the less time I spend trying to put together a game with mods
  7. Actually, if the toilet were 2 blocks, both loot containers, it could make that ripped sound when you opened it. The “tank” loot container would just need to be in a “helper block” group with low chance to spawn a top tank with a loot table. That block could have the ripping sound attached. The other “non ripping/gun” tank option would be anything else you might find in a toilet tank, like cat or dog food…. obviously. I feel we’re just so close to getting this! If only TFP could hear our toilet hopes and dreams!
  8. Adding to what @khzmusik said above… I play on Linux and have played with lots of mods. Like hundreds over the years. I always manually copy them all into the Mods folder as I do not/cannot use a mod manager (well, there was a Linux one that says it works, but I’m used to not using one). Here are a few issues I have run into over the years: - when manually copying mods, some mods don’t download “properly” (have extra directories when unzipped). You just have to open each mod you download to make sure there are no extra directories from the download/extract. - some mods that have 3D models are not compiled with Linux shaders. This is because the mod author didn’t build it that way, probably an oversight. If this happens, you might have some “grey” models (like a hammer with no texture/skin) or a super bright pink graphic. You can detect of these are gong to occur by hitting “F1” when the game is loading to bring up the game console and watch for red “shader” errors. I usually ignore them Unless it’s really obnoxious. An example was the Tactical Action mod, which put a few new plants on the ground that were missing shaders. So it was pink fields all over the place. I have been messaging the mod authors when this happens to me with the fix (using a newer Unity script) but since Linux is a small user base and rebuilding models may be time consuming understand that the author may take awhile to fix it (or won’t at all). - rarely a mod author will not get the case of the mod files incorrect, and Linux will not load the mod as it is case sensitive. Usually this is because they will name the required mod file “ModInfo.xml” something like “modinfo.xml”. You will also see the errors in the console as “ModInfo.xml not found…” - I have not found a way to load DMT mods. The mod launcher on Windows compiles them for you. If anyone knows, I would be interested in knowing how this could be done. - some big overhaul mods will have you copy more than mod files to the Mods directory. They will have you overwrite files in the core game folder(s). I have run into some issues trying to load some of these mods. one issue was a mod (I think it was Darkness Falls, a long time ago) included it’s own version of “mono”, and when the game launched it failed to load mono because it was finding the one that came with the mod (a Windows one) instead of the one I installed into Linux. The “solution” was to rename/delete the one in the mod. Anyway: with mods like this, that need compiling or special things, it seems modders don’t think much about Linux people and may include parts that are not compatible. It’s mostly trial and error on Linux with these. Worst case of you mess up your game files you can delete the game and have Steam load a fresh copy. If the game fails to load or loads up to the start screen and hangs. It may be something like this where a Windows component (like a dll or exe or something) was part of the overhaul mod. Looking in the games log file might give you the file it had issues with.
  9. I agree. I think having it smaller (even just a red dot or "error count" in a corner), or a way to disable it would be nice, however I've found that sometimes the console pops up and streams errors and freezes the game (or almost freezes meaning its hard to get it to stop streaming but by spamming "esc" and the console "close" button you can sometimes at least properly exit the game) I'm not sure if hiding it completely would be better as it does tell you "something went wrong" when it streams and freezes. If it didn't then people would likely complain that "my game is choppy for no reason" or "it just froze"... but then again it might not be too bad as the community gets used to "check the logs for streaming errors". In Project Zombiod when errors occur, by default, they pop up and disappear relatively quick on the right side of the screen. Of course, "catching" them in game is annoying but the visual cue of "bad errors are occurring that should not occur! Beware , instability exists!" is nice. In all fairness Zombiod also doesn't tell you clearly about what is causing the error (while in game). In 7D2D its annoying to have to close the massive console pop up (especially when it keeps popping up and takes over game controls) *but* it does kinda give you some information sometimes. I wish it actually told you more about the error or object/entity that was throwing the error, or what mod it was from ( best case option IMHO) so you could easily fix it (remove that mod) or know its *not* a mod (contact game devs) or just live with it (known/infrequent bug). Yeah it could easily be logged but it would be nice while playing for a small pop up that auto closes after 3 seconds say something like "mod: XYZ. [error message]" so as you play you can figure out how bad the mod(s) are that are throwing the error. If the error was bad enough to freeze/hurt the game I just want to be able to know what it was and then be able to *easily* shut down safely vs "power off my PC/hard crash"
  10. I’m not 100% sure what the “best way” is, but the localization file for the game is in /Configs/Localization.txt look in these forums for help on how to do it, but I believe These are the major options: - edit localization.txt. To me this is not ideal because when the game updates, You will lose all your work or have to redo your changes. - I think it is possible to make a mod that will have just your language changes in it? Meaning I think you can make a mod with just your custom Localization.txt file in it with your custom language, but I am not 100% sure. If this is possible I believe it would be the best option, if you want to make your translation work last when the game updates, and share it with others. - there is this tool. I have never used it but maybe it will be a good option for you? It might solve all the problems above, but I don’t know
  11. I think “no vehicle pickup” would be a nice addition for those that wanted it. Of course, as a moddable thing or a game setting. Having “easy mode” as the default is probably a good thing. - the “pick up” is already there, just block the icon. *In theory*, a simple solution as the “pick up” mechanic exists. In fact, I would argue “being able to easily block any radial options on blocks or vehicles” would be a great opportunity for people wanting to “force immersion” for people who want that. Imagine games where you can’t pick up your workstations or Cars, but can pick up the bicycle? Not being able to open the inventory? Ha! I think it would be a nice touch if not perfectly immersive and a way to gate certain entities (you could make a low quality vehicle that has no inventory and cannot be picked up, no horn, etc.) yeah some of this can be modded today but that’s not my point. - picking up vehicles is really nice for casual gameplay, but in a survival voxel game it would be a nice challenge to have to “dig out” a flipped or disabled vehicle that YOU drove into a hole. Might also be a nice PvP opportunity as since we have “loose breakable boards” traps, you might be able to trap someone vehicle in a hole and they would have to abandon or dig it out. - it might be fun to have a friend/stranger call out for help to get their vehicle back by having others assist digging it out. - drive into a canyon (like navezgane) … you may have just lost your vehicle as it’s such a pain to get out. Leave it. - “you can just park your vehicles across the street”: true. But they’re not safe at your base, especially if the “lock” icon was disabled via mod/option. No longer are vehicles safe from plunder/stealing. optionally: have zeds target nearby vehicles. I think all vehicles? “explode” when they get enough damage so an addition to having zeds attack and blow up with your vehicles (in or outside your base) would be nice, especially if you had to find high ground and could hear them getting destroyed. Optional: every time a vehicle blows up via zed attack: for a brief few seconds all zeds raise their arms, look straight at the vehicle owner. and give them the finger. - vehicles that cannot be picked up would make driving them recklessly much more of a challenge because you could get stuck or flip. I’m a fan of any mods that would make vehicles damage easily and have less hit points (and kill zeds when you hit them) but having all that with no pick up would make “having to leave the vehicle in a hole by the side of the road because of that dumb ass” a delightful story to tell over and over. A thought: an optional “middle ground”? Like workstations, make it possible to make picking up a vehicle take time. Then you can set that time to “an hour” or something really long. it could Make PvP dangerous to pick up vehicle, make “friendly or team play” just hilarious (“keep the zeds off of me! I’m picking up my vehicle!”) or at least encourage a solution that’s not picking it up. but what about “I lose my vechicle on server restart/chunk reset/etc?” Well, it should be fixed, but let’s pretend it “cannot be fixed”. There was mention of having a parking space or a “special place to put the vehicle/repair it/etc. ok, make it so *if* you have this nearby you can pick up the vehicle . Like a land claim block for vehicles so you can store it in a box since the game kills them sometimes. Then modding can make those blocks really expensive to craft or you can just have 1 active at a time, etc. so what if you can’t park and store your vehicle as you’re far from home!? Well then, trust someone else to store it or… pray it’s then when you return.
  12. Interesting. If that’s literally true, then I would imagine that there is a routine to “read the binary” to decode the entire block, and given the number of block textures (guessing, not looking) it’s probably like 5-6 bits reserved for the texture. So adding a bit to double the texture count could mean redoing the bits (and the parser) for the entire block, which may all already be allocated or reserved for all the other block data…. But, just imagining a scenario…. suppose there’s extra bits that are unused/reserved. I could imagine TFP not wanting to “use them up” until they know they will not need them for something else. If true, *maybe* once the game goes near gold and they know there are “free, unused bits” just lying around in the block data…maybe … just maybe… they’ll allocate one to painting expansion but I’m not holding my breath.
  13. Yeah, I agree. I don’t know why there’s not a moddable way to add new textures. It may be just a “not a priority” vs a technical issue and they just hard coded some useable number (for their needs).
  14. I’m partially making this up and I am too lazy to try to search for the posts I think I read this in but my guess for “painting” is this (someone please debunk this if I’ll wrong. I’m reading between the lines of what I’ve heard): the paint textures are limited on purpose. In fact, I would guess a lot of the games limitations (as we see them) are on purpose due to the “low end” pc specs the TFP wants to keep or “keeping it simple” aspect of a game still in development. for painting, specifically: - I think there is a performance hit if there are too many paint textures in a chunk. I’m basing this on the compbopack poi creation instructions. - I think I read that there is a very small vanilla “paint texture” mapping in place Meaning like “there is only space for 125 unique paint textures” or something. The number isn’t important, other than it’s very small (it’s not 1024+), hard coded somewhere , cannot be expanded by mods, and is mostly already full of textures. I’m guessing this is to keep the memory footprint of textures down. - I think I read that there are no plans for expanding the current paint texture mapping(s) for modders or anything, so we could easily add lots of textures “as paintable textures”. It doesn’t mean “no” it just means “no plans that are being shared openly from TFP” - the workaround so far (some examples here: https://7daystodiemods.com/?s=Blocks , and just nicer blocks in general: https://7daystodiemods.com/?s=Deco ) has been to add custom blocks that have their own hard coded textures. This isn’t great as these blocks are only decorative and don’t have the materials/hit points /health of the vanilla blocks when you just paint them (meaning a decor block is fixed health/material and unless the modder (or you) go through and do all the work to make the custom block act like a vanilla block all the way through the upgrade cycle. Right now it’s just a single block that looks nice if you plan ahead and integrate it into your build. anyway: I too wish the painting options were more varied with cleaner (and dirtier!) looks, and you could easily mod in your own paint options but it seems it’s not going to be in the cards as far as I can tell. Also: I would love to be able to “double paint” textures so you could put a second coat with transparent paint and graffiti or bloody hands/blood splatters/kid scribbles/dirt/wear and tear /nuts and bolts/outlines/stripes/patterns/ etc on top of existing paint. But I doubt this is going to happen
  15. On your first pic (“pic 1”) showing the perks all maxed out (on the right side) it looks like there’s a “pager” button at the bottom right under the “grease monkey” perk as if the perks have 2 pages of information, and your screenshot looks like you are on page 1 of 2. Maybe the mods appended more perks to the existing perk list and they are not visible on the first page.
  16. I don’t actually know, but I have found some things seem to persist when the game is shut down. When I do lots of modding changes, especially with localization changes, I always exit and close the game all the way out to Steam. I haven’t tested much, but I swear I had issues with some things (like localization.txt) if the game wasn’t closed all the way down to Steam. I’m likely wrong or just not paying attention or maybe was just too tired from trying to get some mod to work, but yeah “turn it off and on again ;)” I also think (someone on the forums may have said it) some block or item properies have to come before others, but it’s not many. Unless they were making this up, or trolling me , by extrapolating that information that “some things must come before others” , it makes sense that some effect might also have to be in some order (or at least “come first/last” for some esoteric reason, even though to me it doesn’t make logical sense given how the triggers should work (all be independent)
  17. If players and zeds could crawl through a block opening, it would be amazing. You could make long “sewage pipes” to crawl through/under buildings and between walls, with snakes and zeds in them. break up a vent or drain cover to get to them, etc. and you could be like “I’m tired of these MF’n snakes in these MF’n drains! I mean, you can climb up and down a 1 block opening…
  18. Interesting…. I would also propose a “suicide counter” be added that if you suicide too many times (maybe within a certain range of player levels) when you respawn, your bedroll detonates (in a very large, very powerful, random radius explosion) with high block damage. I’m being serious. you can suicide and take the XP loss, but this will kill you 2x so double XP loss, and also might have serial suiciders have to put their bedroll far away from their stuff. After maybe 2-3 of these, if the counter keeps going up, make bedrolls not work as respawn points, and possibly enable “really far away auto respawn”? Maybe even unlock all their locked containers and vehicles? The “bedroll detonation” might also make playing PvP or with friends a little more interesting . maybe add a “depression” stat, where the more you suicide the counter goes up and it’s a very long lasting debuff that takes away 33% of your overall stamina and health? if nothing else, adding a way to detect “player death type/reason” and being able to do something to the player before/after respawn in mods would be kinda neat and maybe someone will put together the perfect punishment. note: please do not remove the “accidental eating of glass” mechanic! It should be allowed 1 time without severe punishment. Of all the times I have laughed with the game, this is one of them that is consistently the most entertaining.
  19. Note: The 7daystodiemods.com site may be having issues at the moment with loading images, but the links to the mods and descriptions should still work 1. See answer #2. You might be able to modify that mod to do what you want. 2. I'm not aware of one, but there's this: https://7daystodiemods.com/luths-fast-tutorial-kit/ 3. There are a lot of headshot modsm, but I'm not sure of any with just certain weapons: https://7daystodiemods.com/?s=headshot 4. I'm not aware of a mod that does this, short of trying to change the vanilla game settings to make them have less HP and do less block damage 5. I don't think there's a specific mod for this. There are mods to have zeds have lootable corpses, but you'll likely have to modify it: https://7daystodiemods.com/lootable-static-zombie-corpses-and-dead-zombies/ 6. These might work: https://7daystodiemods.com/?s=horde and https://7daystodiemods.com/10x-increased-zombie-spawning/ Additionally, there are overhaul mods with lots of zombie hordes, and Gnamod Horde mode: https://7daystodiemods.com/gnamod/(overhaul mod, defend the beacon) has endless hordes but it changes a lot about the game so playing might be difficult if you're not used to it.
  20. It looks "good" to me. I have some thoughts, just as a second pair of eyes: 1. When you tested it, did you test by eating the "foodCanBeef2"? like, are you sure you're eating it and not the vanilla "foodCanBeef"? 2. Maybe? put the "buffInfectionCatch" line before "buffProcessConsumables"? 3. Maybe? There's a buff called "triggerInfection" in buffs.xml that has a comment "<!-- trigger buffs to reliably cause crits for testing: -->". Maybe put this buff in instead just to see if it works? It is a tiny bit different than the vanilla buff buffInfectionCatch, but if it works then maybe that small difference in this buff needs to be used? 4. Maybe using "dm" and giving yourself infection buffs doesn't work or possibly Did you go into god mode by accident?
  21. Made a tutorial video for the "Electric-CapacitorBank" mod I made to show ways of using it. It also showcases some quirks with battery banks. Youtube: Capacitor tutorial Another use I did not document as its very unlikely is: You have the game difficulty turned up very high (takes forever to get to batteries/gens), OR you have modded the game so battery banks/generators/solar are really hard to get and "charged" capacitors are not. Basically: you have to use capacitors to power traps (or electric lights? yeah, torches still rule for this) for quite a bit before power is easy/cheap. This means you have to be very conscious on how the traps are triggered as well as power usage/drain between them. I doubt anyone will ever play like this but hey, someone might . Imaging not being able to run traps all night long and selectively having to activate them "as needed"/emergency. Also: Like this mod, I *really* *really* *really* want someone to figure out how to make the flashlight in the game do 2 things: 1. Require batteries that eventually run out (like in a few in game nights, if you leave them off during the day) 2. Flashlight bulb quality/type determines brightness of the bulb and battery drain/wattage use. So you can make finding good batteries "rare" but make finding good bulbs "end game".
  22. Actually. I like it! It could launch pipe bombs as ammo, loading like a blunderbuss. Make a big “boom” when firing, pipe rolling everywhere, second boom. Happiness as zombies fly all over the place.
  23. I hope it goes something like this: - bandit = smarter AI, with capacity to shoot you -zed = current AI, and some can shoot goo - animal= attack or run away AI, like today. Vultures can spit goo. which hopefully gives us all of these mechanics, but we can swap out the skins! Like today, except the bandit AI could be “used” for animals, or zeds too! Basically you could “reskin” the bandits for zeds or animals, which might be nice for “AI variety”…a zed could act like a bandit, or a bandit an animal (shoot him and he just runs away) and since I’m being reasonable and not attempting to dream: we need bandits to drive up and get out of cars/bikes and attack. Not only super cool and they could “chase” you with the vehicle while you were foot or on your vehicle (obviously) but ….because you can reskin them with mods… as we can today…. [an example) ] you’re being chased by bears driving bicycles. Who don’t just “clumsily hop off while clipping graphics” but who stop, put the kickstand down, and get off the bike like a civilized bear but with a grudge. Or a walking bobcat with an eyepatch, armor, And a shotgun. So , as everyone can see all really all we need is the extended AI support, and the bandit skins can be for a21 or later. I really want the bandits, but I feel the bandit AI is more important to release over trying to get bandit graphics finished. oh: and if driving cars/bikes is bad because it leaves cars and bikes around for players to take, the obvious solution is for the bandit AI to be able to parachute in from the sky and home in on you, so the bears/zeds/vultures/chickens/etc will be invading like that too, should this be allowed TFP please do this. You’re our only hope.
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