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  1. I cannot check at this moment, but can you spawn them from the creative menu? You have to turn “on” the creative menu when you are setting the options to start a game. Then when it’s in, you can access it when viewing the backpack/map/etc. it’s the “lightbulb” menu option on the top right. I’m not sure what the loot bag is called though to search for it. alternatively, if you can’t spawn it manually or want to test with live zeds so a loot bag drops every time you kill one there’s an xml property on the zeds called “loot probability” or something that you can probably set to 1. I think for the harder zeds that drop loot bags more often it’s set to like 0.03 or something. I don’t know a mod that does this, but one may already exist to “make loot bags appear more often” and you could likely modify the mod to make it “always”
  2. You mean like, move loot bags/corpses physically upwards (against gravity) while playing the game, so as maybe to move them from where they drop to another location? Or “make them drop more often when a zed is killed so I can do testing of the base design”? If “make them drop more often”: yep, you can mod that in. Or likely just drop the bags/zeds in from the slaw we or creative menu. if “physically move upwards”: then the only options I can think of are: - there is an elevator and a “rotatable bridge” mod by guppycur. Those may allow movement of stuff “upwards”? - there was a YouTube series by ...jawoodle about building bases looking for cheesy things to do. One was making a “cannon like structure or tunnel “downwards” and at the bottom was a few steel? Bars with some space beneath them.He opened a hatch on the outside,threw a bunch of unlit grenades into it so they fell down into the lowest level , under the bars,then closed the hatch. Then, he spawned like 25 zombies right on the hole on top and they fell to the bottom, on top of the steel bars. He then quickly open the outside hatch, threw in a lit grenade, closed the outside hatch. When the grenade went off, it triggered all the other grenades, and it killed the zeds and also threw them upwards like 50+ blocks. So there is likely a way with explosives and properly shaped areas to fling things up on a semi repeatable way. But the explosives may do a lot of structure all damage, so you might have to mod the explosives to not do any block damage, or fine tune their “blast power” to make this useful. As a side note: you’re fighting gravity. It might be easier to design for “catching” what you want in a funnel as bags drop/zeds die. Maybe a floor of hatches operated by a switch. When there are no alive zeds on the floor you open it and stuff falls below. Alternatively. I think jawoodle also tried mounting the vanilla sliding garage door flush with the floor and then could open it and stuff would fall that was on top of it.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, run speed was just given as an example of how it could be used. In theory you’d have more debuffs/random stat globals so rerolling for one stay would just cause another stay to drop (if balanced). and I’m not thinking “run is 50% slower” I’m thinking maybe max “5% slower”. Just enough to mess with your hit and run timing, etc. and if you’d be one to “oh, I’m slower, die and try again” I’d say just don’t load the mod the point is to never know fully what your weaknesses are. Maybe you tend to bleed out a lot. Don’t know until you get hit and start bleeding out. maybe the “reroll stats in death” won’t work as well as “random stats set at game start” because if you figured out your stay weakness, you can put points into perks to counter it. Would kinda suck to die and all those perk points are kinda wasted.
  4. Does anyone know if one exists? I believe I can create one sort of but if it's already somewhere in there I'd rather use a built in. Practical modding "Usage" thoughts of such a number/cvar: I'm thinking something like a number, say 1-100 that I cause use in modded buff "requirements". Having a random (player hidden?) number generated on each death could give buffs a "random" effect. Say, if the number was 80 you could make a buff that when a player eats your medicine item, they only get 80% of the max benefit. Think of it as "not all medicines are the same effectiveness as others". Additionally, if a cvar exists like this, you could do all sorts of player changes based on it to make running speed, healing, digestion, etc. feel "random" and the player would never truly know if they are a great runner or not until another player outran them.
  5. Actually, this gives me a thought (not near computer right now)... still not what you want but a possible workaround. could you put a electrically controlled hatch on the floor, and one on the ceiling? Then they both “close” to let you in, and “open” to block entry? I don’t know how this looks (gaps, etc) but if there is a gap it might be useful for shooting though, if not in a PvP game (others shooting you.). To get around that just make a little “L” spared entrance so you go through and make a sharp turn to enter your base.
  6. Not sure if this question is directed at me I don’t mind helping with some support/answers for the mod, but the mod owner is still active so I don’t want to step in and make changes to core functionality on their behalf. I just wanted to get it working as-is without warnings/errors in a20, and get their blessing as they are maintaining it, and technically own all the graphics to make a different version (or ok it for someone else). anyway, I’ll defer to @ATLA5
  7. I like the idea, and a modder has made something like this, but it’s not a standalone mod you can add to any game. Check out “Gnamod Horde Mode”. Basically you spawn near a beacon that attracts zombies. You have to defend. The beacon has lots of supplies in it, and it’s not an easy game. I also believe there’s some other “attractor” mods that have been made . One is “Telrics thumpers”. I think it’s like a mini game defending the thumper once you repair it. Not sure if you can take or craft a thumper and place whenever you want.
  8. If you are wanting a “new” door that’s not in the game, you’ll have to install on both client and server side as the new door (s) are considered new resources, and resources are not sent to the client from the server. however, as mentioned. There is the garage door, which can be controlled via electricity to open. There’s also the. Doors that open at the traders (also 4 blocks wide, open in the middle). It’s not what you probably want, but you can control other vanilla doors with electricity (vault doors) and have both open at the same time, but I bet you want to be able to drive through the center, and this will be just 2 open doors placed together. a possible? Weird option might be to use the garage door and put 1/2 or 1/4 blocks around it to hide part of the door so the opening you can go through is only 2 blocks wide. It also (have not tested) might be do-able to use the door the trader uses and completely block off 1/2 the door. It might still open and the 1/2 you blocked might just clip into the blocks.
  9. Recent modlet updates of significance not mentioned in above posts: NEW: Added Hide the Day and Time - Hides the current Day and Time information from you! Adds a small arrow/pointer under the compass where this info used to be to avoid warnings when it loads. Also removes this info from the Map view NEW: Added Add More Grenades - Adds 2 Steel grenades. These are a little less powerful than TNT and are very dangerous (especially the Steel Contact Grenade), and can also destroy (cause damage to) to blocks. NEW: Added Doughs-UI-Add-2ModSlots - Adds 2 more mod slots to items that accept mods. Staggers the mod slots tso you have to have a tier 5 or 6 item to get all teh slots opened. The UI is a little rough on this one under the recipe ingredient area NEW: Added Electric - CapacitorBank - Added CapacitorBank and Capacitor electrical components. Basically a very short lived battery bank that charges very fast. Can be used as a timer mechanism (depending on teh wuality and number of capacitors added) or a "cheap" but very short lived (read: manually controlled is best. You do not leave this on and walk away) battery bank to power electrical devices in early game. Careful how you hook it up or the power drain on the relays and other electrical components will discharge it! UPDATE: Updates for You've got Mail - Added items to air drops and some other fixes.
  10. Yeah, it shouldn't take much. its like 3 warnings for some missing loot groups I think. I've attempted contact on MeanCloud's Discord. If they're ok with it (or I don't hear back for awhile) I might be able to tackle a few of these mods as they're not super old yet, so its easier to to update them before they get a few versions behind.
  11. I thunk there is (I was able to change the cell sizes in the recipe crafting window) but the problem you’ll likely run into is the size of the graphics probably won’t auto adjust, so the cells wil be smaller, but the graphics of the items will start overlapping. It’s my best guess as to what will happen.
  12. Well, if you’ve gotten some stuff already, or are just coming up with ideas and want to share them..... how about this: - write down whatever you want to submit in a text file (like using notepad or something. Don’t use Microsoft word or anything fancy that requires a special program to open). Since this stuff likely works better with some formatting, format it like you want (add new lines to separate lines, etc). - for each item, try to give it a title. Because the paper notes and books need titles in the game. - if multiple items go together, or have some specific person/character they are for, or something, just put a note in there indicating it. Like “Note: Arlenes Diary” or whomever it is for. if they go in an order, add “part 1”, “part 2”, etc. - either put all of it into a single text file, with some sort of separator for each thing (like a line of dashes) or put each thing into a separate text file and then zip them all up into 1 file. - send me the file as a private message on this forum. This will give me some starting point to package it all up. If it’s just poems/notes/etc. I can likely just run a few tests and then push out a new version with the new stuff in it. I haven’t looked at the mod in a little while as a whole to see how things are balanced, but it can always be moved around/fixed later, which I was thinking of doing for a20 to try to make things more immersive. note: currently if a book has “vol 1” or something that seems like it’s part of a series, it may not have other books yet I originally just put a bunch of random stuff in it, then started adding more coherent stuff/special items. From some input I’ve gotten (and me playing it) it seems that it would be better if more items were collectibles or had uses other than just fun content so people have a reason to check each item out/hang onto it and not scrap it immediately, so I’m probably going to try to go more in that direction. This means things like books will have multiple volumes, or something, so you’d want to collect them and then maybe craft something (Or get a special quest) when you have all of them. Haven’t decided yet . Anyway, long story short, I’ll likely add the additional volumes to whatever books you’ve found when that time comes, but it will have to be a new game in a20.
  13. I think xyth made those as a demo. They are cool and much better that what we have today In the spirit of keeping this mod server side compatible though, they can’t be used yet unless TFP makes these type of assets auto sync to the clients
  14. Long story short: Interesting offer . Play the mod for awhile and see if anything comes to mind. I'll likely need more stuff when a20 comes out *if* they beef up questing, so if they do I'll message you and see what we can come up with. FYI: currently there are some limits to what this mod can (or should do). - For "reading" stuff, there is a very small limit to what you can put on a single "piece of paper" (due to the size of the item description window). So a lot of the stuff has to fit on 1 piece of "paper" (or an item if it's an item description... like if you wanted to put a backstory on a gun or something). - For "reading stuff in a particular order", the only way I know of how to do this (today) is to make a bunch of pieces of paper be named "note 1","note 2", etc. - Since the game has you looting things and its randomly given, the only way to get multiple pieces of paper, in a nice order, is to open a "book" and have it be destroyed and give you all of the pieces of paper. - The game has a limit on how many "items" it can handle. Its like 10,000 or something (someone correct me if I'm wrong). A lot, but not infinite. Every piece of paper that's a unique note or book holding notes counts as a separate item. Recipes count as items. I'm not sure how many items the vanilla game loads up, but I'd like to keep this mod under 500-1,000 items. There like 200 or so currently...so there's room to grow - When you go on a "quest" (or mission) you can't be directed to a specific place or POI...today. You also cannot get a "quest item" from a POI quest that is unique ( currently its 1 of 2 hardcoded items). You also have to go to a trader to turn the hardcoded item in to get a "reward" - Most of the loot is to be found in places where "paper items" or "peoples personal stuff" would be found. Mostly mailboxes, bookshelves, dressers, desks, trash. Basically all the places where crap loot is normally found so you'll have incentive to loot them. So, given all the above, I'm hoping to eventually add: - Quests. Once the game allows having you go to a specific POI, some things really open up. If they can let you daisy chain quests, and the quest "item" to go to the next quest is not one of the hardcoded things you have to go back to the trader, I really wanted to load in a bunch of "stories" that unfurled as you ran through the quest. The "final quest item" would *not* necessarily be something useful (like some mega gun or a bunch of ammo) but instead may be some final note finishing the story, and maybe an item you needed to craft something (or scrap it for another note, etc), or just a collectable. - Better books: I have a lot of books in the mod, mostly just to spruce up the book finding, and dilute out the loot tables to make finding perk books harder . I would like to make a few book "series", that have several books in them (Vol 1, Vol2, etc), maybe 2-3 pages each. One I'm thinking of is a special series of recipe books that give you schematics and allow you to craft some special one off things that are mildly useful (never anything OP). Additionally, I'm thinking of a perk tree that would be just for fun...like "literacy" or "bookworm" or something that is completely useless and only gives a useful perk when you read all the books, or something. - Collectibles: I'd like to make things "more collectible" vs people just scrapping all the stuff. Like maybe if you can collect all the pages/notes from a series you can then craft a book to get a final item or just more of the story. Anyway: - All of the "cool fun stuff" is likely to be in quests. I'm hoping in a20 that TFP beefs up the quest system to enable story driven questing. If they do a lot of this will open up and I'll be needing some backstories. I'll message you if you're interested if this is do-able in a20 as I don't have any stories for this yet - I actually have been needing some poetry, as it is likely to be small and fit on a "page". It might make more sense if these were a set of books though, with the poem text just written in the description. I'm looking for stuff that fits in the game (like maybe Arlene writes the poems, and she has a series of books, etc.), or anything just silly/fun/puns/play on words to poke fun at the game ("Every picture on the wall, is the same six faces of them all..." or "So hungry! A question in my head is, if you look in every cabinet and every shed, why you'll never find, a loaf of bread..."). Hard to say, other than I am not a poet ;)-. Play the mod for awhile and you'll see the text length limitations that exist for the books/items/boxes and think about it. I'll message you when I update the mod for a20 and see how many might be added and how they might fit in if you're still interested. (probably about 10 small poems most likely) - TFP is actually planning on throwing in some backstory....someday There's fragments of what it might be on the forums (2 factions fighting, one you can join, etc). I don't know much about it actually. It's likely to come in later updates, as I believe when bandits are added it might come around then. Anyway, this is also kinda a block for writing backstory that fits in nicely with the game. Currently I've been focusing on just "little things people would have left around". I've tried to tie it to the names of the characters of zombies (a little) but some are just named "Nurse" in the game so that's not so easy. Any small backstory I've written is chaotic and piecemeal and completely fabricated from thin air.
  15. I have not heard of a limit on these forums but I'm also interested if anyone knows of one . I've played games with about 100-110 mods loaded and the only issues I ran into are: - The game takes quite awhile to load up. I just hit F1 while it loads to make sure its still loading/moving along. - It starts getting difficult to load that many mods without some of them causing issues for others. I've found I generally like loading an overhaul mod (currently trying Subquakes "Undead Legacy") and then I load whatever else I want on top of it, and then remove whatever mods have issues loading. - If mods do have issues loading and you go "they're just warnings! not errors! No problem!" you may find out when you're deep into the game, suddenly some item or recipe or something won't work right...all that time playing and you hit a wall. I had that happen once where an ingredient for something never appeared, because it didn't get put into any loot, so I could not craft something I needed.
  16. I just tested it on a19.2 b4 and it adds nails to some recipes (the Wood Frame for example, requires wood and nails to build a frame). It might be missing some wood items though as I only try to maintain the mod, I didn't write it. Is there a specific thing you think should require nails with this mod or if you select nails and then check "recipes" there are no items nails are used for? Also: are you loading any other mods that may conflict? I loaded AwwNuts on a19.2 b4 and I'm seeing 4 "pages" of recipes that required nuts and bolts. The "Beverage Cooler" is one, as is a steel ladder. Are you not seing these when you put nuts and bolts item in your inventory/backpack and select "recipes"?
  17. That’s weird. It’s supposed to require using nails to upgrade wood frame blocks but only when building outward or “horizontally” greater than 1 block. And it only applies to putting down and upgrading wood frames (not whole wood blocks) . The frames themselves don’t require nails, only to get them to stick together when building out (but not up). Edit: Sorry, I was on my phone when I wrote this and thought it was GetFramed, not GetNailed. GetFramed is just for building/upgrading wood frames.
  18. I’m not sure this even exists, but you may be able to find an xpath tool that could, in theory, sort of so this if someone had built the tool to do it. The mods commands (set,append. Are using xpath, and (I’m betting) these or similar operations are in some xpath tool. I almost feel to get what you want to do you would have to write code/scripting to use the xpath tool/apis/etc which would likely be a lot of work. update: from what I can find, I bet where you might try looking into is something that uses “libxml2”, or maybe “libxslt” which are libraries that can read/parse and write xml. I’m not seeing any easy to use tools that use them though, so likely you would have to go down a coding path to do what you want
  19. This issue feels familiar. I had some of my mods that I recently loaded into a19.2 b4? And suddenly some parts were not loading, and the fix for this was similar. It’s like some xml/xpath commands are not working properly now. I did a similar fix where I changed it to “contains” or something, I forgot what I did though :(, but it should be an easy thing to reproduce for a bug report. I’m on my phone so I can’t easily search bug reports to see if this has been reported already.
  20. I don' think you can change the tree/grass animations easily as they are likely baked into the blocks, and are not configurable properties. Trees: The only thing I can think of that would be "easily do-able" would be to generate a map using the Nitrogen too that has very few trees and/or no Forest/Snow biomes. An alternate solution (and it would be a bit of work) would be to replace most of the tree references in biomes.xml with "small" (less leaves to animate?) or "bare" trees (like you see in the burnt forest), so the map won't have as many moving trees on it. If you use a Forest biome it may look odd though, with all the dead/leafless trees. Grass: No option I can think of other than what @CrazyAluminummentioned.
  21. @Life2Death, @MajorMunchy: I have attempted to contact @psouza4 on these forums to see if he intends on updating this modlet for a19, or if he wouldn't mind if I attempted to update it. He hasn't posted in awhile so I'm not sure if he will get the message.
  22. Update: Modlet created and sent to @smittyfor review/testing. They may do with it as they please in terms of sharing/licensing/etc. Any of the XML I created for them is free to use/modify/copy/etc.
  23. @xxx73FYI: Continuing to work on this and other stuff. Updates: - Patched Khelldon-AwwNuts to work with a19. Made some updates/additions for some blocks and items to keep up with the spirit of the mod as the recipe lists and a few other things were a bit out of date. The mod was out of date enough to consider it "broken" but I don't know what game version broke it. Thanks for reporting it! - Reduced blast radius from 35 blocks to 28 blocks for KhelldonHolyHandGrenade as the lag was especially bad at 35, but still trying to keep it very large by default. Hope to put it back to 35 if future game versions can handle the lag. - Updated Doughs-YouveGotMail to fix item issue reported above. Now at v2.1.2 - I tested Doughs-Buff-PipeBombs and it appears to be working on a19.2 for me. I'm not seeing the damage occurring to me when I throw a lit one and have one in hand. I know there was a bug in the vanilla game that caused *any?* explosives to blow up in your hand but that should be fixed in 19.2. The only thing I can think of is the steel pipe bombs are very powerful and have a large blast radius, but throwing them far should not be an issue. You have to be like 7-8 blocks away when they go off to not get hurt badly. - I tested Doughs-Electric-CapacitorBank ans it appears to be working properly in 19.2. The capacitor drops are relatively rare and only drop when you are wrenching a block that "cools things" (refrigerator, ice machine, etc.). Loot drops are very rare (found only in workbenches). They are sold by traders though. There are many ways to use it (in theory) but the most likely simple scenario would be this electrical connection setup: A "power source" (solar cell/battery bank/generator) ----> (relays, switches, etc) ----> capacitor bank ----> "final consumer of electricity" (door/hatch/blade trap/etc). Inside the capacitor bank, lets say you have 1 capacitor loaded in it. Let us also state you just got it so its fully charged. It is just like finding a car battery in the game, but imagine a very small car battery that can be charged fast (a few seconds to charge), and discharges fast (1-10 seconds maybe?). Lets say the "final consumer of electricity" is a light bulb. When you turn on the "power source", the "final consumer of electricity" activates (the light bulb turns on) and the capacitor fully charges (very fast). If you turn off or disconnect the "power source", the capacitor in the capacitor bank has a very tiny amount of power in it (being a very tiny battery like item). The light will continue to glow until the capacitor discharges. If you have a single tier 1 capacitor in the capacitor bank, it cannot hold much charge. So if the capacitor bank tries powering a light bulb (which does not use a lot of watts, maybe 5 watts. It is not a blade trap using a lot of watts!) it will power it for just a few seconds then turn off (because the capacitor is fully discharged). The setup here is not great because you only get a few seconds of light from the bulb... If you add more capacitors, or higher tier ones (a tier 6 capacitor might keep a single light bulb on for 10 seconds?), when you shut off the "power source" , you can now power the light bulb for much more time. So: Why do this? You could have it so .. - you turn off your generator, and the front door to your base stays open long enough (10-30 seconds?) for you to run outside, then the door closes by itself. Your base is now not running on generator and is sealed. Might be kinda fun. - a zombie (a player in PvP?) steps on a pressure plate, and charges the capacitor and something (an alarm?, a trap) activates. The zombie steps off and the alarm/trap continues to operate for a little bit (because the capacitor charges almost instantly, but discharges fast but not instantly). Maybe you could design a trap to use this cleverly. - You have a pressure plate (or motion sensor) that opens a door. Maybe in PvP or your own base. You activate the plate/sensor, a door opens (and charges a capacitor). When the person steps off the plate (gets out of motion sensor range) the door stays open for a little bit then closes automatically. In this scenario you could use it to power something (for a little bit just) far outside of the range of the motion sensor/pressure plate. - Its early game. You have a charged capacitor and capacitor bank. You buy a single trap from a trader. You hook it up and turn it on when a zombie gets too close for comfort, because you don't have many weapons...yeah you could just punch them but this would be more fun. - Its early game. You have a single car battery. You could (in theory) hook it up to some capacitor banks, turn the battery bank on briefly, and distribute the charge to capacitor banks, then turn the battery bank off, so your battery doesn't just use power idling and being drained by the relays (1 watt drain each!). Possibly unlikely, but might be fun/useful. Odds are you wouldn't have that many capacitor banks early game because they are not too easy to get. - For Doughs-Buff-Sounds-Common it appears (from looking at the code) that the conflict is likely just with Robeloto_LoudSoundsLowered, as that mod replacing some of the same sounds I am my mod is adding to (like open_cupboard/close_cupboard. metaldestroy, etc.).
  24. @Davidos667 - FYI: Issue fixed and pushed to github, here: v2.1.2.zip
  25. I am working on extracting some assets, and then loading them into unity so I can make some small changes, then re-export the model into a unity.3D file. specifically: I’m trying to change the light color/intensity on the meleeflashlight02. I can get the model into Unity, but it appears there are some “mono scripts” that are missing. I believe this is to turn the flashlight off/on (my guess). How do you find those mono scripts ? I see the UABE can extract “mono scripts”, but how do you know which script is supposed to be built into the flashlight?
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