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  1. People suffering from a minor side effect of the covid vaccine
  2. Same here. I was using 120 minutes. Too much damn loot management. Down to 60 minutes which is the right balance for me right now. I'm on default difficulty, but I'm also using the DF mod. Day/Jog. Night/Run. horde night/sprint. I think I'm on 8 for horde size. I could afford more difficulty, but I like to screw off and take risks too much.
  3. I think the block damaging explosives were intended to be a PvP tool. You can use them to remove terrain or stairs, but you obviously have very limited control of the damage done.
  4. I suspect OP is referring to the blunderbuss.. Thats a pretty slow animation by design. I'm sure newer players get burned when trying to use it.
  5. I would be opposed. The passage of time is a core element of the game. It's even in the title. And traversing the landscape is core to the survival game genre.
  6. Depends on circumstances. Default is to minimize spending early game to save for food. Once the food problem is under control, I spend money like crazy.
  7. I think there is potential for having a City rebuilding element to the game. Meaning that once a clear a certain region, civilians start moving in and you have to protect to them. Maybe you can 'train' some of those civilians to help you fight zombies. Basicaly a version of what Fallout 4 did with the settlements.
  8. A carnival/theme park would be cool. Then you could have zombie clowns and zombie chihuahuas wearing little hats.
  9. What do you mean by "Time"? 3 minutes or 30 minutes? I'm also on a DF 10K map. I have not timed it, but I'd guess my load time is 3 or so minutes.
  10. Here's something funnier...Had a bad run in with some POI zombies that got me down to single digit health. I survived though due to my quick thinking and skillz. I then went over to a shower curtain to obtain some cloth and died instantly after striking the lower half of the shower curtain first.
  11. Frankly, just smart zombies would work. Zombies that can climb and jump with precision. Climb though openings. Climb/hang onto in your vehicle. As for underground bases - I'm not sure how/why they are not digging down to get to you or how you are defending.
  12. I'm a bit puzzled by this. Food is certainly an issue early on. But this is pretty much resolved by day 3 maybe day 4 if you've had a bad string of looting luck. After that, I start experiencing an exponential curve of food surplus. This is my experience in both vanilla and the Darkness Falls mod. And DF is no joke. Canned food give you food poisoning there. I don't really disagree with you though. Its an odd mechanic in my opinion. I'm not sure if it would matter if they just dropped food altogether. I'm trying to figure out if the food grind is even necessary.
  13. Exactly. Thats the way I think of it. Doors throw them off I think. I've seen them pound on a reinforce steel door while I stab them from the other side while standing behind a single wooded block.
  14. It's pretty obvious to me. - Everyone that was vaccinated for Covid 19 turned into Zombies. Then we launched nuclear missiles at them, as one does in such a situation. All info is below...
  15. Might be cool if there was an element of heroism..: Saving/Escorting Citizens (Think City of Heroes) Building a base(town) to protect citizens. The base would require food and water. The bigger the base, the more citizens would show up to pay you for your protection. (Think Fallout 4 sorta.) May make the game seem less "loner-y"
  16. Yeah - Sometimes you have to RP through these bugs. I try to plan for bugs into everything. When mining, I try to start the mine out of the side of a mountain so that you don't have to jump on ladders and such, for example.
  17. Does the location of your crops overlap with the POI territory where you performed the mission?
  18. Your company issues laptops capable of handling 7D2D??
  19. Based on this, you likely have died a lot keeping your game stage very low. You must be new to the game. The first day or two, 80% of your focus is getting food and water sorted out. You got to learn how to cook pretty early. Edible canned food is pretty abundant in vanilla, but cooking and farming puts the food problem behind you. Watch a few youtube videos. You'll get it - you'll kick yourself once it starts clicking for you.
  20. I don't like the candy. Especially candy that give you superpowers. And frankly, I don't like restocked vending machines. Who is restocking the vending machines in an Apocalypse?!??! And with chicken broth and lamb rations? Really!!!?!?!?. Vending machines should have potato chips, candy and twinkies. Stocked vending machines should be rare but have several days worth of food when you find one. No superpowers from candy or food. This is the main reason I play DF. Where are mah friggin' twinkies?!?!?
  21. Fair suggestion. Ctrl-E would be a bit better. Wouldn't hurt to have E be enter and Ctrl-E be exit for all vehicles. Honestly, who hasn't made this mistake? Multiple times. Also, please punch out a jetpack and hovercraft. Your Welcome, bye.
  22. I haven't quite figured out how food consumption works. I've found it to be very inconsistent. I've restarted a few times recently. There are times where 30 "food points" seems to last me a day and a half or more. Then there are times where I burn 50+ food before noon. Have not been able to find a consistent correlation.
  23. I see in the Alpha 20 Dev Diary, Zombies will be able to crawl through 1m blocks. Good move. Got me thinking about other ways to boost zombie IQ. I'd suggest having zombies be able to create their own path to you to add another layer of difficulty. For example, allow zombies to climb damaged blocks. After a block takes x% damage, the block essentially becomes a ladder for the zombie. Basically using the old punch holes in a verticle surface and then climbs via the holes he/she made.
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