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  1. New Modlet: PunishingWorld-BlockStability-Nerf - The worlds infrastructure is crumbling... basically chaos at the drop of a hat. Maybe its the elements... or radiation damage... or termites? This drastically drops the horizontal block stability "stickiness". Building is harder because you can no longer build out as far without supports. POIs and more dangerous as they can be more easily destroyed/collapsed as they were not built for this low stability. See the README for this mod before using! Is this mod server side safe?: Probably not? Buildings/POIs can be easily/acc
  2. @Cranberry Monster: Thanks for the recipes! I also tried to give/document/credit where it's due when/where I can . I have updated the mod on github with this and another bugfix: doughphunghus/MeanCloud_7DtD 's mods
  3. Because of a collision with another mod I would like to change a lootcontainer ID in my mod... but to what? I don't want it to just collide with some other mod already using that ID. I don't think the community can or will get around the ID or 'soft reserving' ID's in some spreadsheet because that's just not going to work (for many reasons) but this number seems like a really small limit when one wants to mod with custom loot containers....and this game has so many mods (I know not all use custom lootcontainers... but which ones are?, and what numbers are already being used? etc...)
  4. I actually don’t know if this file is literally required for the forge. My guess would be that it’s for the mining machines in the mod. I don’t have the source for the unity files so I would have to have help disassembling and reassembling them. The mod author seemed like he was “done” with the game so I’m going to try to maintain it as long as possible without the source files for the unity files . If you just removed that file and loaded the mod it would likely error quite a bit. If you can’t get your mod working I can look into it this weekend to see what I can figure out.
  5. Hello! I’m currently maintaining this modlet. I don’t remember but I think some updates (small) were made to get this to work in a19.x. I really haven’t looked at the XML other than adding others patches. Once a20 drops I’ll be in there fixing/commenting/ etc. the “latest” a19.x version of it is here: https://github.com/doughphunghus/MeanCloud_7DtD Edit: I do believe there are some “bugs” I have found while playing it. I made issues on GitHub to track them for fixing in a20. One that you may want to consider is the “cannot empty forge of zinc and copper”. I don’t kno
  6. There is a series of prefab tutorials here by not-a-gamer-gaming that might help? I think one of these episodes talks about doing what you want to do, which is place a prefab (any prefab) into an already generated world. I’m not sure which episode it is, but it might be this one: other parts of the tutorial talk about prefab rotation, and some config files within a prefab build to mess with, etc. so you may have to jump around a bit to find all the info these have.
  7. Agree on the destroyed gloves, so you can get scratched.
  8. I’m on Ubuntu and I’ve seen this. I have not done much troubleshooting, and I’m mostly saying I can get it to work today but I’m clueless as to why sometimes it just fails to connect: - I use OBS to stream. It seems when I start the game, then start up OBS and start steaming the twitch integration seems to connect more often the first attempt. Probably just a fluke. - it usually takes me 1-2 attempts with the obs already running solution. other information: - the default browser I’m using (that the o auth pops up in) is Firefox. - since I’m streaming, I’m
  9. It might be ok, as it seems to fall under "fair use" clause, given the mod is not being used for profit (or being sold and/or reproduced for gain)? Of course, github may not care and just yank the repo. , as it seems social/websites often tend to do with a heavy hand. Of course, its made on top of 'git' so you should have a local repo as a backup. Of course, these are not full size, HD original stock images so I'm not sure a generic scanner/checker/checksummer will find them. Then again, an AI "visual" scanner might do something weird and pick it up. Of course, I'm sure a lot of mods are taki
  10. Yeah, I was the same. I never noticed it until I read what the little icon was on these forums. I used to just “read the the books , all of the time” as I was tired of checking the volume and “what books I’ve read in the series lists” before I found out about the teensy icon. I’ve seen a lot of complaints/requests to fix it. I literally saw the mod come out the Saturday and was like “yay!”
  11. A Book icon color/change mod just came out a few days ago. @bachgaman - tagging just as an FYI I’m going to guess this is going to be a no-go as a basic XML mod (read: not easy or possible to do via XML and have it be easy to maintain as the game changes). But maybe someone will find a creative way to do it. Just saying not to hold your breath on this specific request.
  12. As much as I don’t like the “forever alpha” idea as a high level concept, I do feel that for games it’s probably a good idea. I think what hurts the most is seeing a game mechanic that I personally love (LBD and weapon/vehicle parts, player vomiting for me) get ripped out and replaced/removed and to also know it’s never coming back. I hope for this game that the “core”code/API that made those things possible remains in the code so modders can put it back (even if it is a great effort) once the game stabilizes and goes gold. I feel TFP has always seemed to develop similar to “ok, we
  13. You should be able to hook up a generator to it. E.g. generator (with gas, turned on and running) -> battery bank, with batteries in it, turned on -> rest of stuff
  14. this may turn out to be one of the most used and linked to mods of all time. i'm kinda not kidding
  15. I just posted the tool here for people to comment/find/etc, it’s still “development” as an experiment... what lootable zombie mod are you referring to/using? I’ll have to see how they make them lootable to figure out if it’s compatible. There’s several caveats to this, so without knowing I’ll list the major one for anyone here: The “prebuilt modlets” are literal extra entity copies of the xml in the game, so if a lootable mod changes them, it *should* work. But, mods are loaded alphabetically by mod folder name, so the lootable mod would probably have to be alphabetically a
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