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  1. arrgh! you're right. I wrote it while on my phone and I guess my brain glitched
  2. Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware of that issue. how it is broken (like what is the chicken doing/not doing?) and what version of the game are you playing it in? The entity randomizer hopefully will get a “rework” for a20. The first version was a quick and dirty “test run” to see if it was even going to work as I wasn’t sure if the game could handle thousands of zombie variants (apparently it can). I hope to either convert it to python (language) or just untangle the code and make it much more user friendly to run. I’ve seen some other mods that have some “randomness” in them for zeds and I’m hoping to study them to see if I can make the randomization “logic” better.
  3. Thanks! I had no idea about that. I've updated it and pushed a new version to github,
  4. I have heard of the “people seeing different weather” issue, so hopefully that gets fixed. The weather configs are in the “weather.xml” file in the “Config” folder in the games directory. The weather is different in a20, in that it’s broken into seperate sections inside each biome. Usually these sections are named “normal”, “fog”, “rain”, and “storm”. Not all biomes have all these sections. Likely the best way to “normalize” the weather for everyone is to get rid of all the sections except “normal” in each biome. Of course, now you’ll never get fog or rain or storms. I have not heard of another fix for this, so maybe my suggestion is not the best one. also: the weather sections in the weather.xml file is not “all the settings” there are some glbal weather settings you normally cannot get to in the xml. The xml is to tweak the global weather
  5. Update: Quick conversions of Khelldons Mods to a20 conversion. They are here: 7D2D-Doughs-Khelldons-Mods-a20 Modlet: Khelldon-ComplexCobble - Made slightly more difficult. Added new Lime item (craft only from stone) to make Mortar. Added Mortar for repairing bricks. Modlet: Khelldon-StarterCrate - Made small changes. More random loot chances, and possibly less items. Removed guaranteed mining helmet
  6. Update: Quick conversions of Khelldons Mods to a20 conversion. They are here: 7D2D-Doughs-Khelldons-Mods-a20 Modlet: Khelldon-RebarCrossBowBolts Modlet: Khelldon-GetNailed Modlet: Khelldon-CustomMenu Modlet: Khelldon-HolyHandGrenade Modlet: Khelldon-AwwNuts
  7. I can’t promise anything on my side (that UI stuff is painful for me , and I have a busy week) but if you can get it working send me what you have and I’ll see if I can make “compatibility patch” mod to mine to load alongside it.
  8. I'll give my experience, but its not much. I've only experienced this issue with a few blocks: Using "boards over windows" as the example: - For building/designing a POI the current system is amazing. I've seen some uses of blocks where just the material type or placement make it "unique and neat and pop". like using "boards nailed over windows" be on the floor or used for something other than nailing over windows. for this, having "cobblestone boards" is great. - For in game building, it feels a little weird. because you add "wood boards to go over the windows" and it looks and feels great. When you upgrade they go to cobblestone. That looks weird. like "I nailed up a random 4 boards, all askew and made of .....coobblestone?, over this window?" It felt and looked much more "real" when they upgraded to "stronger wood, then "metal". Using a "door" as an example: - The game allows crafting a simple wooden door ( can open and close, lock it). when upgraded, it gets "reinforced" with wood, then metal over the wood, then finally going up to metal. It feels natural and looks great because its what you would likely do if trying to reinforce a door. Imagine now that door upgrade path was wood -> cobblestone -> whatever. A cobblestone door? umm, no. it would look weird and feel even weirder, because no one makes cobblestone doors. Same with hatches. wood -> reinforced -> metal is a natural progression. Generally arguing for more block types for certain things like the above: - Cobblestone may be a natural upgrade (when playing the game) from wood for "structural" things, but for certain "decor" or delicate blocks it looks and feels unnatural. This is why stairs (ONLY with thin railings) and catwalks (also thin railings) are weird. it sticks out too much as a "WTF", visually. Summary: I think for any block that is "weird" because of the new upgrade path, they need separate, unique blocks for them. There aren't a lot, and its only for player upgrading in game and not POI building. Almost all of the examples I can think of involve thin railings or "haphazard" things like wood planks over windows. For all of these cases I would feel wither going directly to metal (skip cobble as upgrade path) or have a separate "metal scrap reinforced" version, which the game already uses and looks/feels good, if a "standard x number of steps is what we're going for when upgrading" is needed. Also: why we're here... I personally liked the "smaller blocks have less HP" change that was pulled. I felt it was "more real for building". sure, it may have been unbalanced in some ways but if you want a "nice base" you need to put down a solid foundation/defense. Using little blocks for decor and/or "cheesing" things to protect openings... well, those blocks need less hit points unless they are upgraded a lot. I bring this up because the look/feel of this change is similar to the "no cobblestone for certain blocks idea": its more realistic gameplay, it looks more "real/normal" and its nice when some blocks are "special" or are not '1000 HP thin rails' or '1000 HP random cobblestone boards hastily nailed over a window". I made up the HP numbers just to make an example. I'd much rather have 1000 HP metal covered boards, or "1000 HP thin metal railings" even if its a harder upgrade path to do (in game)
  9. Update: Loot re-balancing and Minor fixes. They are here: 7D2D-Doughs-Mods-a20 Modlet: SousChefOfTheApocalypse - Some loot groups (ovens specifically) were "broken", giving too much loot. Changed "Molding" to "Moldy" for some food. Molding feels too much like "a mold for" and not "growing mold." Apparently the US and European countries also have different usage for "Mold" and "Mould" and they're almost opposites sometimes. "Moldy" at least looks better to me for now. Sorry non US people, its just how we do it Modlet: Nerf-FlashlightsAndLanterns - small loot re-balance Modlet: UI-Hide-TheDayAndTime - added internal commented out XML so you can manually put back just the day OR the time if you want. Seems a bit overkill to make more mods just for this. Modlet: Doughs-YouveGotMail - Serious loot re-balance. Loot contents and items seems to be "better" now. You should no longer be opening a mailbox and getting 10 items on day 1. Hopefully book loot is working now (didn't test too much though so any feedback is welcome). I want items to "be found occasionally" even on day 1 but not "every time I open something" or "never can find". Note: Not using "loot scaling templates" because I don't want you to miss an item ( like book) and not be able to get it just because you're out of the "stone age". I'll likely add this looting effect later once I make "new" a20 updates for this (more items, things to do, recipes, etc) Update: Quick conversions of Khelldons Mods that require low a20 conversion effort. They are here: 7D2D-Doughs-Khelldons-Mods-a20 Modlet: Khelldon-BiggerBuckAndDoe Modlet: Khelldon-BiggerChickenAndBunny Modlet: Khelldon-GetHorny
  10. I think I found another wrinkle, based on what I'm seeing... It *appears* that a loot group has a "count" attribute that defaults? to "all" (maybe, not sure). Anyway, if a lootgroup has 3 lootgroups inside it, it *seems* that the lootgroup says "therefore there will be 1 from each lootgroup put into the container.", so in game you open it and you get 3 items, one from each lootgroup. like "its forced" as if probabilities are not used? I'm sure they are but there's some trick to it. Anyway, I'm noticing that yeah as you said the "lootcontainers are now lootgroups with lootgroups" in the new code (so use existing lootgroup probabilities) but I'm noticing the 'total number of items in a container" appears to be set by this "count" property on the toplevel (likely all of them( lootgroup. So to get the "old school feel" you might also have to be more careful what lootgroup you put new items/groups in. Most of my "You've got mail" mod has custom lootgroups, and I was missing this count on them so every one would just dump its contents (like 4 boxes and 3 letters in a mailbox) in weird ways. Once I acced counts ( and "force_prob = true like you mentioned" it appear to be working like teh old days... perhaps too well actually... I need to test more.... Anyway: thanks for the info! I hadn't really looked too hard at it and didn't notice all the little differences until you mentioned them!
  11. I'm sort of positive ( thought I do not know) that the game doesn't know you're "underground", it just knows "elevation" and "enclosed", and "enclosed" is just " inside a box of blocks (essentially). So I'm not sure how you'd change the darkness based on being in a cave/underground and make it a different darkness when inside a building on the surface. They (currently, with XML) appear to be equivalent. There is an "elevation" statistic but you can be at bedrock and "outdoors' if you're in a canyon. maybe C# coding could do something interesting... The only "fix" I know of today is "inside = total darkness, lights needed". it does look a little washed out when inside a building and sun is in the windows though as I believe when this occurs you can be inside (total darkness) and look out through an open door and the "sunny outside" looks all dark until you step outside. I think its because teh game says "if inside, use this darkness spectrum on the players eyes" vs "illuminate all blocks in the area properly according to illumination". I'm probably wrong about this and its "both" as I've seem some videos about voxel games and lighting and it seems the lighting may be calculated in weird ways because they're voxels and just "surfaces". Another VERY high possibility is that my PC is so old and janky that IF I could turn my graphics up to Ultra suddenly it would work perfectly (light wise). Anyway, I'll put the idea on the back burner if I can get into C# modding for this game as there's another thing they used to? have which is "temperature changes based on elevation" and I think that's a neat idea. higher you go (mountains), the colder it gets, etc. but I feel being "underground" needs to have some special work as.. temp should change but get warmer after going down about 20 blocks... or something, but in desert I imagine it should be cooler... so in my opinion,,, making underground base should be the "encouraged" one to use, temperature wise. When underground you're shielded from the environment... but maybe "too far underground" and its just hot.
  12. @magejoshwell.... I've been trying to figure out the ingredients mod changes to make it work and its not been easy. Basically: This is one of my first mods and I fought and fought to make it work and now I have no idea how I was able to pull it off Anyway, here's what I have so far, which might work for you? its not symmetrical and I cannot got the grey backgrounds to work well at all...and there's a weird line going through the middle I don't know where its coming from...sigh... but anyway, here's what to do to my mod that might work for you (and ignore my notes, I gave up trying to use math to get things nice): controls.xml: <configs> <!-- Remove existing ingredient_row definition. 3 rectangles --> <remove xpath="/controls/ingredient_row" /> <!-- Add new ingredient_row definition. 2 rectangles (removed last one which is a column to the right), 1/2 the width, text made smaller, etc. --> <append xpath="/controls"> <ingredient_row> <!-- wanted = width 807 ORIGINAL width 158+65+2 (border) = 225 225+158 = 383. 383x2 = 603 --> <!-- ORIGINAL width 158+65+2 (border) = 225 , which is about 447/2 ! SO: 807/2 = 403 (rounded up .5) --> <rect name="row" width="403" height="50" controller="IngredientEntry"> <!-- ORIGINAL width 65 (icon) --> <rect depth="2" width="65" height="48"> <!-- These 2 lines are the icon grey background --> <sprite depth="2" name="backgroundMain" sprite="menu_empty3px" pos="-3,2" width="71" height="53" color="[black]" type="sliced" fillcenter="false" /> <sprite color="[lightGrey]" type="sliced" /> <!-- This line is the actual icon --> <sprite depth="2" name="icon" width="56" height="40" atlas="ItemIconAtlas" sprite="{itemicon}" color="{itemicontint}" pos="30,-20" pivot="center" foregroundlayer="true"/> </rect> <!-- ORIGINAL width 158 (icon descripion) ORIGINAL width 158+65+2 (border) = 225 SO: 404-65 = 339 NOTE: 2 places to change below! --> <rect depth="2" width="336" height="48" pos="68,0"> <!-- These 2 lines are the item text grey background --> <sprite depth="2" name="backgroundMain" sprite="menu_empty3px" pos="-3,2" width="255" height="53" color="[black]" type="sliced" fillcenter="false" /> <!-- <sprite color="[lightGrey]" type="sliced" /> --> <!-- This line is teh actual item text--> <label depth="3" name="name" pos="80,-20" width="157" height="26" font_size="19" color="[labelColor]" justify="left" pivot="center" text="{itemname} {haveneedcount}"/> </rect> </rect> </ingredient_row> </append> </configs> windows.xml: <configs> <!-- NEW LINE: widens crafting info panel--> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='craftingInfoPanel']/@width">807</set> <!-- was 603 --> <!-- NEW LINE: widens crafting info panel--> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='craftingInfoPanel']/rect[@name='contentCraftingInfo']/sprite[@name='backgroundMain']/@width">807</set> <!-- was 603 --> <!-- Remove existing ingredients rect. Only 1 column, 5 fixed visible ingredients --> <remove xpath="/windows/window[@name='craftingInfoPanel']/rect[@name='contentCraftingInfo']/rect[@name='ingredients']" /> <!-- Add new ingredients rect. 2 columns, 10 fixed visible ingredients --> <insertAfter xpath="/windows/window[@name='craftingInfoPanel']/rect[@name='contentCraftingInfo']/rect[@name='description']" > <!-- ORIGINAL width="447" --> <rect depth="1" pos="153,-95" name="ingredients" width="807" height="264" visible="{showingredients}"> <!-- ORIGINAL width="450" cell_width=227--> <grid rows="5" cols="2" width="800" height="231" cell_height="50" cell_width="336" repeat_content="true" controller="IngredientList" arrangement="vertical"> <ingredient_row/> </grid> </rect> </insertAfter> </configs> here's what it looks like for me:
  13. as I understand it (these are all my opinions, having read the forums for awhile) - Cave systems: caused issues with "stability" as they could be under stuff and you not know it (even in POIs'). I don't know why but I find that a feature and not an issue . I'm hoping they come back, or are an option to turn on as I loved finding (falling/driving into) and exploring caves, even when they were empty. - Zombie looting: People felt it as tedious, and I guess the corpse blocks/timers? ate up processing power or something. Maybe it was the "swapping out" of corpses into corpse blocks? anyway, the corpses stick around for awhile in game... it feels a little weird to not be able to chop/loot them for anything. - Barbed wire: I heard it was too powerful, as in "too easy to craft as a trap" or maybe it had some weird cheese mechanic. Couldn't the damage be lowered then...? - All other "removals": I personally love unique items, but its probably just a philosophy to not have "duplicate stuff" in the game... I hope its just during development to make testing/changing things easier so the "core" game is solid... but I do wish at some point a lot of "basic" items are put back for crafting looting, even if they are just a different icon and a few special recipes. The snowberry is an example of "isn't really needed", but its nice to have special plants in a specific biome. - Block upgrade changes: I sort of like the simplification effort, and I actually like the "no degrade" on block break (the more I play it), but I really do miss some of the ?challenge? in the longer upgrade path, especially the "reinforcing" of the wood and "concrete drying" mechanics. Having the extra steps made block types "special" and a little bit more work to upgrade/build with vs direct crafting of blocks... like "I don't want to put down wood as it takes so much time upgrading time, I'll burn the time forging brick blocks instead") but you could also do that for some things. And it could make you base look a little more like patchwork when repairing (harder to keep nice looking) - Farming: i heard it was am issue with performance or similar, so it was decided to "condense" the farming into a special block, maybe to target its specialness to that block type. I do wish the farm plot could be "upgraded" like other blocks to nicer looking farm plot blocks by using the old hoe/fertilizer mechanic. At least then you could put them in the ground and it would act mostly the same. And make farming a bit more "work" vs "perk" - Clothing: oh please yes do NOT remove the existing clothes. I'm all for having "sets" and set bonuses for special clothes.... but why not make the mods you put into the clothing determine the set bonus? meaning: you can wear any shirt... add a special "farming" specific clothing mod to it (errrr... I can not come up with one for a shirt at the moment). The point is: if you put a single farming mod into all your clothing pieces, you get the set bonus, regardless of what you look like. And you can only add 1 farming mod to each piece, and it blocks all other "perk like' mods from being added. Alternatively: maybe some clothing does not have the slot (like a plain t-shirt/shoes, low level stuff) but higher tiers of the same stuff does. So you either "use the perfect farming jeans" that at level 1 allow the mod, or you have to get the tier 5-6 level shirt to be able to get the mod perk. and it then makes you choose "do I add the farming mods, or the nerd mods? It will burn a slot to add them...). Then the player can add the mods to whatever clothes they want, and store them as sets in chests if they want to swap out. Additionally: if you remove the clothing, a lot of the special mods for zombies die and get pushed to people who have time/knowledge to hook up the special models.
  14. @magejoshI'm having trouble replicating this issue. can you link to the backpack mod (or the XML you're using) you're trying to make this work with? I tried Khaines 96 slot backpack mod and it fit pretty well, and then I changed the width on it to 807 and nothing changed. It looks like your mod is making it wider than the 96 "modded" one I tried, and the "ingredients" are working but the "background" to them (the grey part with black lines that makes it look like a nice table) is not expanding properly.
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