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  1. I’ve moved away from fullscteen to “windowed mode” (try it, you may like it after awhile) with decreased resolution and lowered graphics settings to “low”, then customized (raise some, lower some) to try to hit > 40 FPS at all times. I hated it when I first did it, but now I don’t notice it (as much) and enjoy the game. I’m sure if I upgraded my PC/graphics I would immediately be blown away by how awesome it looks. I might consider this a gift to myself someday when the game goes gold also: I had another system that was an old windows asus laptop that would literally crash the g
  2. i too like them but feel the oh @%$#z drops could use a tiny bit of change: I found out once, by accident in a18? That if you had a debuff that ragdolled you and the ragdoll effect lasted a few seconds and you fell off a building you could survive as if you had taken an oh @%$#z drop in a19. At the time I felt that this was kinda a cheese tactic, but also kinda cool. I feel today an oh @%$#z drop should be similar ( you take it and instantly ragdoll) and when you hit the ground you should stay there for a bit... like 10 seconds as a punishment and to allow zeds chasing you to fall
  3. @Haidrgna I’ve been playing your core + UI mods on a19 (latest stable) and I just felt the need to say: Thanks for making such a great set of mods! I’ve really been enjoying how much they change up the look/feel/style of the game and make it much more challenging. At first I really didn’t like the UI changes (which are optional to load) but I figured “why not learn something new” and after a few hours I ended up liking that a lot as well im not going to mention much more as I don’t want to give away any of the “welcome surprises” I’ve seen in game. So far Ive made it to morning o
  4. They took the turd out of the game, it just took a bit to remove it from the forums. Your turd record is now forged in forum history and should be engraved on something as it now appears to be immutable. I do with the turd would come back in game though. On a related note about a cookie icon: maybe the forum reaction icons could all be switched to be using the same icons as in the game
  5. Since darkness falls was mentioned, I’m also going to throw in trying Gnamod. I’ve been enjoying it as it changes up quite a lot on how the game is played, and just has a different “look” than most of the overhauls. additionally: I’ve seen other people replay the game with “a self declared challenge” like “no crafting” or “punching only”. additionally: there are a few special built maps that can be fun. Specificallly the “spencer mansion” challenge (where you replay a resident evil location) as well as the “Dishong tower challenge” there are more options invol
  6. Maybe for steam itself, for keeping track of game settings/locations? yeah, we’re gonna need to see those *specific* settings or registry keys/paths or *something* OP.
  7. It would be nice if POIs could be “clustered” or tagged in some way so the rwg mapper could put them close together or touching in a predefined way. Then you could make several small similar themed POIs and link them all together. Maybe have a limit of like 4-16 to a cluster (2x2, up to 4x4) For something like a carnival/prison it would then randomly place those POIs in the cluster, so all the mega POIs” would be somewhat different, and “adding to the list” could be done by anyone. It could also make for some cool underground or “dense city” POIs (no roads between buildings, etc)
  8. Personally, I have played this game enough to find the vanilla, “all defaults” game way too easy. From what I read on these forums: - this happens to a lot of people. - this is by design, per TFP there are some global pre game defaults to change to make the game “harder” and I usually change some. I personally find that I don’t enjoy putting the game to “insane” setting because the zeds become bullet sponges. I like zeds to go down in a way that feels “better”. I also like finding loot though, so I don’t normally turn down the loot percentage, but I believe t
  9. Since there's no logs posted yet...I'll add some fuel to the fire: I've been playing for years and sometimes I've had weird issues with the game that were very similar to this (game loads then crashes). I'm not going to include all of the issues I've seen as not all of them match OP's situatio/description perfectly, but the culprit in one case ended up being: The OS/Auto patching loaded a slightly newer graphics driver. The graphics driver update had something weird about it that caused issues like this. "Nothing changed"... except yeah the system patched and apparent
  10. As someone from Oklahoma, the flannel over the shirt and the smile both marks him as Canadian. The horse (also obviously Canadian) is even smiling,
  11. From what I’ve heard, there will be no zombie kids, per decision/design so the game will be more sellable (or not be banned in some places?). I’ve tried making the normal zeds smaller with scaling and it looks bad, like it doesn’t look right (face is too adult, they”re all wearing adult clothes) You can scale them down a little but not even teenager size. They all start looking like they’re dressed up for Halloween :). The rotted corpses/crawlers may be the only exception to this rule for scaling them down and looking ok, IMHO. for “corpses laying around”, yeah, they are n
  12. None of these are very likely not going to be in the vanilla game, but there are several "games" using mods and server side add ons: - I have a mod with checkers, soduku, tic tac toe? (I forget ) and chess. All of mine use containers as the board. All were just for fun and also to "collect them all" - I've seen like... 3? other "chess" mods, and I think a checkers mod as well. Some of these use special game blocks, and you have to create the board out of blocks. - There's some gambling machines (A Snufkins mod?). literally putting in tokens and pulling the lever, with payout c
  13. If you can’t fill in the gap, make a ramp And jump over the gap! Bridge repair: complete.
  14. So let it be written. So let it be done. Ohmmmmmmmm......
  15. Curious: so these crops have unity models or are just vanilla with different names? It might be fun to use any models/items/icons you’re taking out and see if a separate “food mod” could be made from them. I (and others) might be interested if the models/icons/etc are not going to be used and are “available” for reuse. Totally understand if they are not. Edit: Also: same with the alcohol icons, etc
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