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  1. Good questions I was not the original author of the "7d2dModlets" mods, I'm just trying to maintain them as much as possible. A few of them are a little obtuse for me as well. I do plan on going through them again and updating once a19 comes out (in the next few weeks?) as they might not work in a19 so I have to retest/tweak them all. Question: (for the snow and desert biomes) "But does this actually completely remove them?" Answer: Yes, this completely removes the snow and desert biomes (and replaces them with custom Forest biomes) Statement: "I use the desert to get extra sand..." Reply: It appears the new forest biomes don't contain any sand Question: "But are all the effects: heat. cold, resources still the same in the areas where they were?" Answer: No. This appears to change the new Forest biomes "local weather" (temp/fog/wind/etc) to what the normal "forest" biome has. So the 2 new biomes are just like the normal forest biome is, weather wise. Statement: "...its not explained in the 7D2D mod pages" Reply: I'll beef up the documentation a bit when a19 comes out and I retest all my mods. I didn't touch the docs at all when I did the initial conversion from a17 Additional info: Anyways ... For "Get Greener" I freely admit I didn't do much beyond making some small changes just so the mod loaded without errors in a18, so I'm not intuitively familiar with how it actually works It appears its doing this: - Removing the snow and desert biomes that come with the game. Well, not deleting them off your computer but just removing them as something that game can use when the game starts. If you removed this modlet the game will once again have the snow and desert biomes. - Creating 2 "new" forest biomes BUT internally using the names "snow" and "desert". I'm betting this is because the game is expecting there to be "snow" and "desert" biomes to make the maps so it's just reusing the names but changing what the biome actually is made of. There's not much indication of where the new forest biome settings come from (I have not looked hard to see if they were just copy-pasted from the existing forest biome but it looks like it was) but there is a note that the one replacing "desert" keeps the oil shale that normally you find in the desert. The one that replaces snow doesn't have any special notes. - I haven't had any user(s) input on the Get Greener mod. If you have any idea or want tweaks (like "would like some sand") let me know and I'll see if I can either add it, or more likely make a "Get Greener - Plus Sand" modlet to tweak Get Greener (you would load them both). I haven't messed with the biomes much so I might not be able to make anything work (or work well), but I'll give it a shot once a19 comes out. I'm not sure what the original intent of Get Greener was (beyond adding more green forest): to make the game easier (no harsh biomes) or harder ( no sand, not easy to find oil shale, etc) or both. I'm not sure if I added "sand" if it would be easy to make it "seen" on top of the ground (but still be a mostly forest biome) or you'd have to blindly dig for it underground.
  2. ***just throwing in some ideas *** should you wish to implement them as I do not have the modding prowess to do so . I have been wanting this so bad (a watch) so I could remove the game time in the UI and you have to have a watch to know what time it is, so this is very exciting. I also wanted to be able to find watches that were ... not showing the correct time, or eventually just stopped working ;0. You'd never know how correct the watch was until day/night kicked in... If you're looking for other ideas to implement, I'd say "a compass" that works just like the watch you made/are making would be cool. Then you (we/I) could remove the in game compass. I made a modlet that "removes the map" so essentially with all this loaded you'd be running blind most of the time unless you had watch/compass. And finding your backpack might be a real challenge. And: Maybe a day calendar? An altimeter... a temp sensor... It's getting a little ridiculous at this point but I think it would be cool to have "to work for" all those environmental stats. What day is it? Crap, I have to go back to my base and look at my day planner . or "YAY I found a day planner!" .... but is it accurate ...what day *is* it?
  3. Preface: I have not messed with Nitrogen or the XML biome stuff to actually try this. I'm at the "pondering" stage ;) I have been wondering what a game would look like if there were no "above ground". I know caves have been removed but "cave POI's" exist. Would it be possible to fill up the map from top to bottom with "earth/rock/etc" and not have any "topside", then load only cave POI's and somehow put them all deep underground, and when you spawn, you're underground? I'm not sure how you'd connect the POI's, so also having "whatever builds roads" would also have to make the roads underground. If the connections between POIs could be made underground...then I would assume you could just load the normal POI's and have "underground cities" connected with underground roads but I'm betting that putting a POI down always loads "air" above it? Anyway, Just curious if anyone has tried this or its an obvious "nope, won't work" with a random map generator. Also: "what's the point"? Well, if you could add POIs underground and connect them, then you could manually a lot of cave POI's (yeah, a massive amount of work which will not happen so "regular POI's" might be good enough) and get a "dungeon crawler look/feel". If the sun were "turned off" (by making daylight 0 hours) it might be an interesting dynamic...not easily being able to get on top of POI's to hide, solar panels would be useless, gyrocopter possibly useless, etc. zombies can spawn above and below you. Maybe make a 10 block high "topside" for solar so you can't easily make a base there, etc. Open spaces would not exist so trees/yucca/etc would be only findable if they were built into a POI, so some bizarre resource scarcity.
  4. I second github or gitlab, even if it can be a pain to figure out how to use "git", if you want to use that vs just uploading the files. Some people also use nexusmods, but I found it a pain to fill out all the info it asks you when uploading a new mod... though its way cooler than github/lab for mods and people might just stumble across it when not using these forums. Also: Some people amke a new thread called <your name> Mods, and that's the post they use to link all their mods on github/lab/nexusmods/etc to , then they post that single thread/post to the "mods list" so people on the forums can easily find them, and if you add more mods you only have to update your mods page.
  5. some more input just crossed my mind. I didn't know any of this when I started - Its not written in stone, and anyone can do whatever they want, but you may want to do this once the mod is "ready" for others: 1. If you plan on making more modlets (it's can be addictive once you start) make another forum post in the "Mods" section called "Gronks Modlets". I'm just suggesting a generic name as example. This is a "landing page" (I'm making this name up) for all your stuff which you then post links and information to all of your modlet forum threads (like this one) and any other places your modlet is referenced (like if you put your modlet on github or elsewhere for people to download/collaborate with, etc). Search the forums for examples as all the modlet "landing pages" are different and are named different, but here's mine as a reference: Doughs Modlets Having a landing page makes it easier for people to see/find all you rmodlets. Having individual forum posts/threads like this makes one it easy for people to ask questions/discuss things about the specific modlet. So it can be good to have both types. Some people don't make a landing page and that's ok. I feel people start making them once they get 5+ modlets out there and want to start maintaining it in 1 place. 2. Once you make a landing page (or even if you don't), post a link to you modlet (or landing page)to this forum thread: New Mod List Project . I'm not sure what the ultimate plan is for this, but in the recent past there was a list of all the "mods/modlets" with links to all the landing pages (or single threads like this one if there was no landing page) where people could go to find/search for all the mods. Apparently with the recent forum update we have today, it broke all the links in the list, so they're using this post/thread to rebuild the list and are asking people to post links to their mods/modlets. FYI: This is the OLD mod list page I believe they are either going to retire or update once all the links are fixed: Mod List 3. If you want, (totally optional) then post to 7daystodiemods.com This is just a way to advertise your mod/modlet and make easy searching. I believe this is just some guy/people who made a site and are likely using ads to pay for it. You don't load your mod to them, just information about it. Also: It's HIGHLY likely if you don't do this, they (probably the owners of that site) will take the information about your mod and load it into their site for you So: it will likely show up there anyway, just FYI. So far I have not seen anything malicious about the site (spamming or anything) and I don't know the "community feelings" about the site, like if its "great" or "arrgh!". Just letting you know it will likely be there at some point whether you load it or not. I haven't been loading my modlets and they do it for me and I personally like it. Go there and search for "Doughs" to see what it looks like when they did it for my modlets. Also: Those are some pretty sweet graphics
  6. I think this would be fun (as someone who likes to collect stuff in game). Also, my 2 cents: - Zombie heads: You'd need to kill them a specific way, or with a special weapon, and then have to preserve them (or find them in a special place ( like already preserved)). Or maybe we need a "Taxidermy" skill so animal/zombie/parts can be collected and mounted ;) - Building Permits: Just me thinking...what is the building permit is a quest so it generates a quest marker, you go to some totally destroyed POI ( or just some rubble and a wall or something you'd normally walk right past) and when you start the quest the building gets "rebuilt" to its former glory? Today a destroyed POI can be rebuilt....just don't know how to get it to spawn on a map "already destroyed" so its true form is nor accessible until a blueprint was found. Also: I don't think quests can choose a specific POI, but if enough destroyed POI's were around then it could just choose one. Eventually you'd run out of POI's to rebuild though and a lot of blueprints that do nothing... hmmm - Bonuses: Since these are "collectables" I'd say just make the bonus apply to your base/land claim area if they are placed there, so you can only use the bonuses for base defense :), and you only get the bonus if you complete the "collection" for that particular set of items
  7. Every now and then I'll go into the "popular clips" section to see "the best of the weird stuff" and yes, its fun to watch people discover things in the game for the first time (or carefully crafted bases falling apart). My personal fav: when people eat broken glass for the first time. The look of confusion, the look of surprise, the scream "what the hell. I ate glass?", the frantic attempts to bandage it up (unable to select the bandages, if they have any, as panic is setting in), the disbelief of death. Then usually their friends laughing at them while they sit there dejected. It brings back that fond memory of me doing the same thing And people shooting barrels/stepping on mines blowing themselves up. That never gets old.
  8. Regarding the "food discussions" I'll try to make my argument concise. Sorry if it sounds a bit stuffy . I personally think food is to plentiful in the game and have rarely needed it ( like "i'm going to die of starvation/thirst"). I'm also more of a "grab every possible thing from everywhere" looter when I play, so that may be why. It seems that there are these camps: 1. TFP's balance for the ***vanilla*** game. 2. People who don't want to care much about food/water (wanting it easier to get/use) 3. People who want to care about very much food/water (wanting it harder to get/use. Making it a survival necessity) You could argue that these distinctions also exist for a lot of metrics like zombie count/aggressiveness, blood moons, ammunition, crafting, etc. as I've seen a lot of push/pull between "survival realism" and "fun game to play", where the main issue seems to be what "fun" means to each person. Given: - TFP can do whatever TFP wants/needs to do to accomplish their vision (because they have metrics on their side to know how well it works for selling/improving the game/etc.) - There are a lot of "farming" and other food related mods already made. Making food more plentiful/more powerful/etc. - My belief (a terrible "given") that most/many people on these forums are not just passive players and spend quite a bit of time on the game (relative to passive players), so the are likely not playing vanilla settings anymore and wanting to push the game to an extreme for their "fun" settings. It seems like: #1 Is going to move along as-needed (forum members supported vision(s) or not I'm sure they value our input, but can't be everything to everyone!) #2. Has quite a bit of options already to increase food/farming/crafting of the food so its plentiful. Or adding perks or increasing loot via vanilla game settings. As long as they want to (or can, if you're on PC) add mods. #3 is missing out of some good options today, even if using mods. There are a few mods (like overhaul mods that make the game harder) that make food more "necessary" but not many I know of. Given #1, the game is unlikely to get "harder" concerning food/water needs. Therefore: It looks like the community needs to come up with a good mod[let] to revamp the food system to make it harder for those wanting that specific challenge. Also: Ya, I know the "then just make it yourself!" is a good valid reply. Maybe I will But I'm not that great at modding. I'm just pointing out that this seems to the be best viable solution vs trying to change the TFPs current vision on how food works by default as it seems its already settled. I see a lot of mods that make the game easier, but there aren't a lot that make it harder (and this seems to apply specifically around food)
  9. yes, sort of ;) The game has a pipe bomb, and in order to make different ones ( not just a "bigger and badder pipe bomb" based on how much gunpowder or pipes you used to make it) I wanted it to make them out of different metals (and plastic) and then make the "power" based on the material. plastic = low damage, brass = mid damage, iron ( vanilla) = just about what vanilla does, steel = most powerful (breaks blocks). Well, Initially I just made plastic/brass/steel pipes as new items... then I realized it was weird because why can you craft a "steel pipe" but not use it for anything that the vanilla iron pipe is used for (like making a workbench, or bellows, or anything else)? It seems a bit trivial, but when "in game" you'd see all these "generic pipes", craft them, and then discover "oh, its only used for this one item". ugh.. It felt "wrong" and cheap. So instead I renamed the items brass/plastic/steel "pipe bomb parts" and it just feels a bit better, even though its still kinda weird. The fact the game has other "weapon parts" that are generic makes it fit better though IMHO. However, the "iron pipe" is left alone (I changed only the iron pipe bomb settings a little) and I didn't make special "iron pipe bomb parts" as that seemed like a stretch as well, and would have caused either 2 different recipes for iron pipe bombs, or I would have had to delete the vanilla one (a bad idea). So yeah, after making the entire mod (copy paste, change, copy paste, change ...etc)I realized I screwed up and had to redo some of it, but it wasn't bad as its a small mod. As a second example: I have some unreleased ( unfinished) mods and one involved mushrooms (like, add a bunch of them to the game, make it more realistic, easier to die if you eat the wrong one, etc). The more I was messing with it the more I realized that trying to "integrate" with the standard mushroom in the game suddenly was a lot more modding that I wanted to do and I wanted to leave the vanilla mushrooms alone in case messing with them broke anyone else's mods (if they were loaded together). In short: I have an idea I like, but making it work around the vanilla game super cleanly (or easily?) turned out to be more difficult than I thought, so I've shelved it for now. On that mod I learned to try to make a small version of my idea "work" then flesh out the "grand idea" as I spent more time planning it out that I should have before I knew what was going to be required in the XML. I still may do it though, it was just more than I was willing to chew when I was first starting to make mods. Anyway: I just felt like throwing in some warnings with my "real life examples" to not go too far/deep until you've proven the core mechanics of your ideas work like you want. I've screwed up a lot doing this as I get over my head and on some of my mods ("Lets make 50 recipes and figure out the ingredients after the fact!" is my favorite way to dream) adn I lose steam/excitement and gave up on them, 1/2 finished, because they were fundamentally broken in some way :(. My "You've got Mail" Mod is one of my larger ones that I got working enough to release (well, its full of stuff, not a complex mod) because I attacked it piecemeal and tested all the parts before I expanded each part out.
  10. oh, and something else: For whatever you think of doing, try to just make it work "with the basics" e.g. just make one gem/ore/etc, maybe don't' even make nice graphics for it, just re-use the diamond/silver ores and recolor them. try to make just one workbench, etc. Try to get all the mechanics you want to do first with as few things as you can. Once you get 1 item figured out its a lot easier to fill in the rest later. I mention this because I've tried to make a few mods that I thought would be fairly simple, only to realize some mechanic I thought worked/existed did not work/exist like I thought it did and I ended up scrapping that particular idea. For example: - I thought it would be cool to make "magic hats" like a magician. You'd throw the hat down (or scrap it) and a rabbit would appear. Or a chicken.. or a zombie. i wanted it to be totally random and 50/50 dangerous. I got about 1/2 way and realized it would likely take DMT modding to do, and that's too far for me at this moment. - I thought it would be cool to make a watch and compass you had find and then have in your hand and "use" in order to see your position or time of day ( and I would remove the in game time and compass). Maybe you find some watches that have the incorrect time ;) or are broken after a few hours ;) I never found a way to do it, and shelved my mod...though it seems easy/do-able on the surface. I recently saw some mod overhaul that has the watch in it I was envisioning! I'm jealous, but now I know it's possible. I'm thinking of contacting them to see if I can borrow their code to see how they did it for a standalone modlet. - I thought it would be cool to make a weather modlet that did some neat stuff. I found out weather modification via XML is limited and what I would need to do it mess with server level tools to basically be like an admin changing the weather. Got too complicated *for me*. I ended up making a simpler set of weather modlets that I use... just no tornadoes/meteors/floods/nuclear gas clouds ;(
  11. since you're asking for input ;) Sorry for this stream of consciousness post... I've actually considered making some mods like this, just a little different. Basically you find "rare stuff" like gems/minerals/ores/elements and you can either just sell them, make stuff from them, or ... and I know this is a long shot on the "fun index" ... simply try to collect them as a challenge. I then thought it would be cool to put together some sort of "generic base mods" that just had the gems/minerals/ores/elements and then anyone else could use them for mods as base materials...but it starts to get weird for supporting it as people may be uneasy building upon someone else's mods. And you have to be cognizant of the mod "loading order" so your base mod loads first, etc.... so I'm personally not looking to make anything for others "to build on" (and its not that you mentioned it, just my train of thought once I considered something like "ores" and putting all the work into it. What usually kills me for making something like this is making nice graphics (which you can probably handle easily. I'm still more of a "steal and badly crop in Gimp", or "recolor the existing item" guy). Then balancing the loot/crafting so everything feels "fun" vs "I find this stuff all the time" or "its a real chore to do this" is the next challenge. For me in game "value" of items isn't always clear (crafting/selling), so I don't know how to set the "worth" of them in Dukes very well. Anyway: From what I *feel* there is a subset of the community that likes doing this type of stuff you're mentioning (they enjoy "looting and crafting" vs "shooting and defending") so it might be welcomed. I personally like doing stuff like this. The modding community is pretty small (I believe) so its not like thousands of people are going to be using it (and you supporting it). Additionally: The game is not yet "gold" so the modding API/format changes frequently, possibly breaking your mod/work. Usually people have to retest their mods when a new version of the game comes out. Additionally: There are some "modding standards" that are on the forums (and they are general guidelines) you might want to look up. As far as I know, the major things today are: 1. Make sure the "names" of all your items in the XML follow a naming convention that will make everything you create "unique" to your mod so no one else's will collide, and if there's some weird issue its easy to tie it back to your modded items/blocks. Like don't make an item/block named "oreDiamondRaw" as that not unique to your mod. Maybe something like "gronk_oreDiamondRaw" or "GronksGemPack_OreDiamondRaw". 2. I believe the way to mod certain things (today) is to use the DMT tool as SDX was deprecated. I'm not sure if you would need to use this for the workbenches/areas. I could be wrong about this. I've never used it. Smaller considerations: There's kinda a limit in the game that no recipe *should* use > 5 ingredients to make another item. You can use more, but the player will not be able to see them, so keep it 5 or less. Additionally: If people can create rings/necklaces... you likely cannot wear them in-game (that I know of), which might be weird. The game does have "facial piercings" though... Additionally: the vanilla game has diamond, gold, and silver ores/items. I've found it sometimes difficult to workaround extending the games "stuff" and changing the games vanilla stuff to make my mod balance out. For example: I made a pipe bomb modlet that added more pipe bombs. Because the games "iron pipe" is used in several recipes, I didn't want to change it at all, so instead I added special brass/steel/plastic "pipe bomb parts" that can only be used with my recipes, as it would be weird making then "regular pipes" that can only be used for making pipe bombs and not something else like bellows/workbenches. Additionally: there are some "junk" modlets that just add a bunch of junk to the loot. Its just for fun, and makes the game experience "more involved" and almost everything scraps to the in game raw materials (plastic/lead/etc). I made one myself called "Youve Got Mail" that adds cheesy junk items ( and some useful stuff) to mailboxes/trash/desks. I've seen several streamers playing with the junk modlets I know of, but my personal git repository doesn't show a ton of people downloading my junk mod. Take that for what you will. I play it anyway as it's fun for me and even though a few people downloaded it its nice to contribute.
  12. I'll just leave this here https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/16786-rabbit-of-caerbannog/?tab=comments#comment-16786
  13. I now you're asking for vanilla vehicles...but... I've never used it, but there's also: "Guppycur's Shopping Cart" located here: https://gitlab.com/guppycur/guppymods It might be close to a "quickly/easily built" mode of travel before being able to build the minibike/etc. His modlets page is here https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/9144-guppycurs-modlets/?tab=comments#comment-9144 and here's a youtube video of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGPcoiDpIQ4
  14. As someone who has made some small mods for this game.... Reasons to mod: Chasing the high I made them primarily for my own use, originally, before making them available to others. Once you play the game several times through and "get to the end" (whatever you consider that to be, usually when you go "yeah, I've played this out, done all I wanted to do, survived until Day 100", etc) you start to realize there are some things you wished the game was like ( or you want a harder/more challenging game. Yes, you can change the settings to make it harder (and I do!) but there are some aspects of the vanilla game that I really like, and I want "more of" that experience. For me, I keep chasing that "first time I played the game" feel where everything was an unknown and adventuring and staying alive was difficult/worrying. Without mods I, personally, go "oh yeah, X item is important at this stage of the game keep it, dump this stuff as it's too early to hang onto. Oh look, I know that POI inside and out and I don't want to go in there yet as I know what it takes to clear it. Hey, there's that zombie and I know he moves like this and I'm not worried about him since I can outrun him" Because of all of this, I generally start a new game "with all the mods I like at this moment" and play it out (or until I get bored, some new mods come out, etc). I personally don't plan to have a "forever or long lasting game" where I get to keep all my stuff. Reasons not to mod: Gameplay stability/Not wanting to deal with weird stuff Above I mentioned not "having a forever game". Yeah, that was actually one of the things that made the game fun when I first started playing. Searching/building/planning out a "base" and making it "home" and caring about how it was built and spending time making it awesome is actually something I miss as I don't do it as much. Most of my modded games I just find a POI and reinforce it a bit and then move on, making a lot of small bases all over the place because I know the modded game is likely a temporary thing and not something I'm going to sink massive time into..... because I'm going to start another game with different/more mods Additionally: a lot of the points above to "not mod" above are *definitely* true. I've had some mods/overhauls I've played that work "great", but sometimes you're playing and a few days in suddenly errors start popping up, game crashes for some reason, or recipes cannot be made because something is missing (mods colliding with one another, mod bug, or some reason). Additionally: I personally see an issue with the modding today in that there isn't an easy way to "force" a mod to be for a certain version of the game. There's no "pre launch checking" that the game does to say "this mod is not compatible with X version of the game, never load it and warn the user before starting". Currently this is all done by trial and error (load it and hope not to see errors), or the modder documenting what version the mod *should* work on (usually whatever version it was built for). Since the modding API isn't super stable (the game is not "gold" yet), every time a new version ( or any update) comes out, mods may no longer work properly. Modders don't want to spend all day testing their mods every time the game updates, so (me personally) either test every now and then, test after a major release, or just wait for people to submit "WTF is this?" bug requests when the mod breaks. Afterthoughts: Hope for the future? I hope that modding this game gets a little easier/stable as I think the main issues are that right now there's not an easy way to know if a mod is "stable" and works perfectly on a specific version of the game. Hopefully once the game goes "gold" and the modding API stabilizes then the modding community will be able to put out some quality mods (both in the mod functionality as well as the graphics) and the "not so good or no longer supported ones" will fade away. Additionally, maybe some more modding tools will be built to make it easy to know if mods are compatible with each other before starting a game with them, or at least know what the mod is doing, at a lower level than "adding stuff" like "WARNING: This mod adds new blocks X,Y, Z to the game, do not remove it after launching game" or maybe a set of filters to just filter these "intrusive" mods out if you want to remove a mod later. I really hope the "good" mods get grouped into a few types: - Tiny modlets: Things that just change/add a few things. Hopefully there will be quite a few of these, but not like 500+ - Mod Packs: like the existing "creature packs, vehicle packs, etc". I hope the community can come together and put all this stuff in 1 place vs having 50 possibly "not working well with each other" ones. Its going to take a lot of time, but it's being worked on (hope it works out!) - Overhauls: "themed" massive overhauls, that use the tiny modlets/Packs and add some custom stuff (that cannot use modlet API). I personally believe the overhauls will be the shining star of the modding community (they're already pretty cool) as its usually a very dedicated person/group who are working hard and putting a LOT of time making the entire overhaul look and work "well" and also change the play style of the game and make it unique. And they also can incorporate the packs and modlets from others and fully test them for you before making them available. I personally hope in the future that I can just chose an overhaul to play and I can be happy as it's a "new game to me"
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