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  1. - there is a riot shield mod (I think by guppycur) so it looks like this at least can be done. I think you can only hold it and not have a weapon at the same time. I have heard that “dual wielding” weapons will not become a thing. - I have heard that baby/child zombies are not going to be a thing, (because nobody wants to put in having to shoot zombie babies/kids) so also likely not even part of some blob thing, however, there are mods that have them just crawling around and screaming - for “significant structural damage” the answer I’ve seen is “turn up zombie block d
  2. Hmmmm. Apparently the mobile version of the forum will not let me fix the colors Fussock Thingumbob Flapdoodle Trollop Schtup Cunny Todger
  3. I wanted to see what “pushing it” would feel like. I could probably add a lot more mods (and I may still) but left out some as they were likely things I would never use (more lights, specialty blocks) or would “buff” me too much (make zeds walk slow, super powerful guns, etc). I wanted to make it a hard game. Almost like a “poor mans survival overhaul”, and I figured I could showcase all the mods a bit to give them some visibility. anyway, to answer your question: I haven’t seen any obvious FPS drop in game. The only thing I notice is that it takes a much longer time to start the g
  4. More pics later when I play again... had some setbacks... It seems the thing that's continually killing me this early in the game is the Snufkins "zombieGeist" (a flying guy in a black coat that shoots electricity). I cannot outrun it even in my vehicle, which he blew up in 1 shot Sooooo... I'm turning him "down" a bit ... as I'm still so weak (weapon wise, car wise) that this is basically "instant death from above". I can even survive Archon attacks if I'm paying attention. The Geist just attacks relentlessly in my car (like a vulture...as its based on the vulture) and kill
  5. Sorry for the late response. I had one other person mention to me (via personal message) about removing the weather mod and the weather being "stuck" in a fog only world. Your mention is the 2nd time I've head about it having issues like this Q. Is the weather mod working on servers? A. I don't really know as I don't run servers and I don't test it on them. My Weather mods aren't "special" (e.g. no DMT, special coding, no .dlls, no custom resources, etc, just pure basic XML against the standard modifiable XML TFP makes accessible to modding) so I would assume/believe that t
  6. Don’t know if this may help any... just what I’ve seen when I have weird issues like this. I’m running Ubuntu 20.? With pop! OS. The game works fine for me, mostly . - I have a lot of mods in my current game. I have noticed that *every* time I have issues it’s good to have steam “validate local files”, and sometimes it finds a file it has to reload. Well, this current game I’m playing (single player), I have to do the “validate local files” check every time as it always finds 1 file to reload. I dont know why, I haven’t looked into it as... well, the game works for now . So I’m not sure
  7. Additionally: there is the ability to “teleport” as a way of fast travel. Personally I don’t like it “in game” as it’s weird, even if a “teleportation portal” was built. It doesn’t fit the game type. I do agree that the POIs and “realism” or trains would add something to the game that is both real and unique. The more I think about it, it might work better if the train/railways were put down on the map for you (like roads) and POIs places to connect them (like roads) then you had to repair the existing train. Maybe 2 trains, so you could crash them if you were not careful. You could not “cra
  8. Some thoughts... so, I agree a train would be a neat mechanic. Maybe what could be done is a “train vehicle” that cannot be “steered” but can instead o let move forward/backward. the train “model” (I’m talking out of my ass right at this moment) can be made so that it has a slot underneath, 1 block high). Then, when putting down “rail blocks” the train can then straddle the blocks. Since it cannot turn, it cannot “jump off” of the blocks. Of course, if you destroyed enough rail blocks , or put some slope/ramp blocks down instead of rail, or could jump/derail. Cheesy, but it might work...
  9. I would like some mechanic like this, even if not an on/off switch in the game. Like maybe a “horde night time multiplier” that adds to the time (so they keep coming during the next day) and that keeps increasing every horde night until it’s 24x7. Or maybe something like Gnamod horde mode has (or teleics thumper) where you can assemble a beacon and call them to it, and it doesn’t end until the beacon is destroyed or some condition met. Maybe beacon “power” can be crafted so the player can choose the horde difficulty. if an on/off switch at game start, it would be nice to set the “f
  10. I was dead within a few hours. Another Blood Moon snuck up on me, I fought and won and thought it was over. As I was repairing, another horde showed up and I was not prepared. I thought I could handle it with a baseball bat and my suual stuff but I was out of arrows and I fell through a hole and had to run around on the ground. The stamina losses were too great and I could not make it back to the base roof, but I managed to make it to my vehicle. As I was driving away some Snufkins zed riding a ?flaming bear? was chasing me, along with 2-3 vomit vultures which I cannot outrun. I got out wit
  11. Some time has passed. In the darkness and in the distance I saw a "zombieGuppyBelle", whatever the hell that is. I believe probably comes out of the Community Creature pack, specifically the "0-CreaturePackHumans" mod. At least I was to to identify it at a distance due to the "KHA19-HPBars" mod. I did not approach as I was not there to fight, I was headed back home after visiting the trader. At the trader I was able to turn in my first quest and I received a Sealed Citizen crate (From the White River Tools Of Citizenship Quest/mod). I opened it at the base ....
  12. I was about to head out and ... the day and time is missing due to my Doughs-UI-Hide-TheDayAndTime ... apparently it was blood moon night! I was glad I did not go far from base before I noticed. I swear the "warning" sound did not trigger. This is a shot on the roof of the base, thought the colors/blending was cool Bloodmoon horde wasn't too bad (still hiding on a roof). I decided I needed to move indoors due to flying creatures that would surely arrive some day, and I found a hidden panel I had missed when I looted the place. I was so ashamed of my sloppiness. I almost a
  13. Seconded I use Atom for this game. It’s a bit heavy (slow to load, memory) but seems to work a little better overall on non windows systems. Visual Studio Code I use at work on windows and it’s solid. The “secret” to using either IMHO is: - load up the plugins you need to color code the text/XML :). It’s not much, but it really helps see everything. - learn how to open other mods (and your own) as well as the /Data/Config game folder (where all the XML is) as “a project” in these editors. This helps a lot when working with a lot of files. - learn how to “find something in t
  14. I decided to see how many mods I could load at once and still get a "playable" game (e.g. no terrible mod collisions, player is not super OP day 1) that leans towards a harder/more immersive (mostly immersive. I guess "grindy immersive"?) game play mode to shake things up a bit. Disclaimer/shameless promotion: I maintain/made several of these mods I'm using, as I'm also trying to see if any of my mods conflict with others, play-test/balance my stuff, etc. If I don't get super frustrated by getting my butt kicked all game long: I'll keep taking pics when I run across something
  15. Is this going to be part of the new(er) yet to be released Medieval mod? If not...it should!
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