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  1. No one asked me, but I'll throw some in for consideration if requests are being requested Birds: - Grackle, because of the sounds: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Common_Grackle/sounds - Some sort of owls. Snowy Owl? There's a "Barred Owl" sound on this page: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/news/how-to-learn-bird-songs-and-calls/ and other unique bird sounds on the page/site - Some sort of yellow bird, just for visuals. - Quail? Even just for "faraway effect" like the circling bird swarms. Animals: - Skunk. Why? Because if you chase them, they can "attack" from behind, so you don't chase them. - Squirrel/mouse/chipmunk - Just something "small and fast". Maybe invisible but just have the sounds? It would be nice to visually see them though. - Raccoon. - Frogs? Kinda pointless like the small animals above, but I'm thinking just for the immersive sounds, esp. at night. - More snakes. Like "poisonous" colored ones that might need serious consideration vs "Look! its that pesky brown snake again. meh". - The only "large, unique" Arizona animal I could find (for hunting) is a Bison or a BIghorn Sheep
  2. Yeah :) I didn't make the sounds, I'm just maintaining the mod as its a unique mod. If you know of any free sounds that are cool for horns, post a URL to them and I might be able to make another horn modlet, or maybe add them to this one and users can them comment out/in the ones that they want to use.
  3. "Soduku easy challenge #001..." - Hmm, I'll check that out. I also found quote a bit more "Soduku" stuff in my last game and its not supposed to be that much. I had a bunch of mods loaded so I didn't pay attention to which one(s) they were. "Are any of the other challenges added to the loot list...' - Not yet. Basically there's 3 "games" that are really just something to do in game for a quick bit of fun (because who wouldn't want to stop and play a game of checkers in side a zombie survival game?" or just to collect all the pieces. On top of that there's a few treasure maps. The intent of this mod was just to add a lot of "fun" stuff to collect/find, break up the monotony of looting the same stuff over and over ( and dilute the loot tables ), and maybe put some sort of backstories in the game. I have added more stuff (not yet published) and I'm waiting to put in "real quests" and possibly making all the reading material you find "coherently fitting into something larger" as soon as TFP makes it so you can get a quest to a specific POI. Originally I just wanted to be able to find a mailbox and get some excitement if there was anything inside vs "it always contains paper". I do intend on making it a "mostly useless stuff mod" (in terms of loot translating to buffs/XP/items/money) with a sprinkling of "amazing stuff" (like packages with actual useful stuff, which exists in the current mod at hopefully low spawn rates) as I don't want to have everything in it be some superman-buffmenow stuff. I'm hoping once quests get fleshed out more everyone will make a lot of cool quests and the quests in this mod will likely be 50% "sad apocalypse stories", 20% "interesting and hard", 20% "WTF did I do this for?" and and I'm not sure what the remaining will be ... maybe some funny stuff or some custom base building blocks or special (useful) you can only get by doing the quest, but nothing OP. "I also seem to be finding a lot of red and blue kings and rarely any pawns..." - Yeah, I noticed that too. I think I tried to nerf it again in the unreleased version, but I'll also look into that. The problem is that there are like 5? male pictures and 1 female so I made up some numbers to balance them out ( or so I thought) and its still too high for the dudes. I could have just used 1 pic of one of the guys (for balance) but it seemed "right" to include them all as I think they were some high level kickstarter backers or something. Thanks for the input! The mod is still "fairly new" and I have a lot of plans for it (like added reading all of the cheesy books give you like 5 XP as a joke. I tried to make the stupidest titled ones sometimes take away XP but it doesn't seem to work. Still planning on overhauling stuff and maybe trying to find "uses" for all the useless items Maybe I'll throw in a "arts and crafts" skill where you can throw together some macaroni art and display it on the wall...or eat it Edit: I forgot. I was thinking of adding "challenges" to collect some things that could be then used to craft special items (like non vanilla special items). I didn't want it to be a quest unless I can direct you towards a specific quest to get it. I haven't decided how far I want to go with this yet, but it seems more fun to have something like this vs everything being mostly junk/scrap. I need to add more recipes and kinda figure it out more though. Winter is coming, so I may have a lot of time on my hands
  4. The 4x4 horn on the "KHelldon-GetHorny" modlet is like a semi truck https://github.com/doughphunghus/7d2dModlets I made a YouTube video showcasing the sounds:
  5. just spitballing here.....for pure XML modlets...and not counting who owns the music: Maybe replace the "horn" with music? You'd only get 1 song, likely. Does anyone know how to detect (like a cvar or something) if a player is "in or driving" a vehicle? If so it might make sense to be able to trigger a buff and play a sound (music) in the players head... if only 1 person could drive ( or can detect "you're driving") then can just play that sound on that player and not in the players head. The find some way to handle triggering the buff based on an item the player has...in their hand/inventory? Alternatively, you could possibly (and this is terrible) replace the "highest gear" driving sounds of the vehicle with the music....which would mean you craft it with like, a single 8 track in it forever... which is possible in real like if you've ever owned an 8-track (may you rest in peace, my first car). Alternatively add recipes to "craft" a new 4x4 with a r4x and a new music item. Its a terrible solution ... and if you slow down the music stops.. .but then again they made that movie "Speed" and it was a hit so in a way its not a totally inconceivable concept ;0 Other than that, maybe when vehicle mods come in it will be do-able? Another possibility: xyth? made "music player" blocks. I've heard that TFP doesn't plan on adding places blocks can be placed to vehicles ... but in some of the "boats and rafts" discussion there has been talk of maybe allowing a block or 2 to be placed on/on a raft. All other options that come to mind are maybe literally non-vanilla vehicles doing some deeper level of non XMl magic magic to allow this just for them.
  6. I do kinda agree, which is why I didn't make it with drugs being "super awesome" all the time. The original intent was to throw a wrench into the game mechanics. Like "if you take unknown drugs you find in a toilet after the fall of civilization, you deserve what you get!" as most of them didn't act like the candies/foods, they all took a *long* time to start to take effect (like 15 in game minutes) and you'd forget you took them, then they had a series of buffs/debuffs that would start kicking in randomly and would chain over an hour (real time). I had one with like a chain of 24 buffs that could kick off other chains of buffs. It was mostly to get you caught up in a POI or a bloodmoon and suddenly you can't see well or your aim was so bad you couldn't shoot anyone. It was also so if you took 2 drugs around teh same time the buff chaining wodul basically render you mostly useless, and for a long time, unless you happened to get lucky and they both buffed positive (fast running with lots of punch power, etc). but rarely did all of this come without a "coming down" price, where you had better be in a safe place for like 10 real time minutes because your stamina, health, or something would render you useless. Of course, if you started purifying them (at the chem station) you would eventually get a drug with a known effect (good or bad) with a less amount of debuffs. the idea was you then sell them to the trader for a decent amount of dukes, saved the better ones for yourself, or you put them in some food in your food storage. The point of this was for hilarity in games, or when playing in PvP if someone stole your food and ate it they would have a bad time (punishing people who raid you). The tainted food part got hard due to how item stacking/naming works in game, but to was doable in some cases. On top of that I had about 12? "medicinal" drugs that were mostly just the same as in game (like steroids) but they had more specific effects, so it was harder to find the all purpose steroids or vitamins/anitbiotics and instead you had a medication that only cured 1 bad effect, or partially (some of them were random) or only opened up 8 backpack slots instead of all of them. Anyway: I was originally going to put all of this into my "You've got Mail" mod, as all of this came with some backstories stories/books, but it had custom icons and I'm trying to keep that mod "custom icon free" until TFP can have modlets send icons to clients. And the mod got "big" so it seemed to be standalone. Then a19 broke it and I didn't release it in such an unfinished state. But, some of it is useable like the "medicine"
  7. That’s not supposed to happen . I loaded it up in 19.2 b4 and I don't get any errors. Based on the errors, do you have my "Doughs-PunishingWeather-Core" modlet also loaded? All of my "Doughs-PunishingWeather..." modlets require it to also be loaded. If the "Doughs-PunishingWeather-Core" modlet is loaded, and this is still happening: - Do you have any other mods loaded (that aren’t mine) that affect biomes or weather?
  8. I had a drugs mod I didn't release. It would need fixing because of a19. You generally never knew what drugs you found (you could eat them) and you didn't know the percentage of time it would kill you fast, or slow, or give you good buffs and then give you negative buffs for coming down....or no negative buffs at all. They removed the "throw up" mechanic so some things it used are gone... I might be able to pull it from some backups if anyone's interested. It also had drug purification and crafting, but was unfinished so I'd have to finish it ;)_
  9. I don't see anything where I messed with vanilla treasure maps, the mod is mostly adding new items to existing groups and looting groups. If it changes any vanilla loot groups, it usually just ends up diluting out the vanilla loot (because I'm adding more items). The best I can figure out is I made the geocaching maps show up too frequently, so you're finding them more than you should, vs. the vanilla treasure maps being missing or diluted out too much. The more I look at it, when I added the geocaching map concept I just wanted to start making treasure/looting/dig quests as a template for making a lot more quests (stories that went with it, with a quest as part of it). The geocaching is the only map I have in there right now, but I added it to several loot groups (you can find it in dressers, desks, places where paper is found, etc) at too high a probability. Thanks for the input! I'll make some adjustments to it. I want the geocaching maps to show up rather rarely, like you might find one every few days, maybe, with heavy looting. I was planning on putting them into some books so when you scrapped them a treasure map popped out, or something. Unless I play it in my own games (which I do, but I haven't had a lot of looting going on currently) its hard to pin down how to get the loot spawning numbers right on new stuff.
  10. That's weird. When I hit f8 twice in debug mode, I see the heat map info pop up above the FPS, (in green text ). I tried on a19 and a19.2 b4
  11. You are correct. Apparently the Medicine modlet is WIP/Not ready yet and is currently mostly the same modlet as the Food one. I also didn't know that when I started the conversion process and made some small changes to it (and my editor made some spacing changes) so by the time I figured it out I couldn't easily undo my changes, so when the changes were merged into @ATLA5 's repository it shows an "a19 update" note for both ;(
  12. I'll try to keep it short Are there any new/upcoming XPATH capabilities anyone's heard of that TFP might add or is thinking of adding, other than what's been documented in the tutorials section? Basically "any news/rumors/plans to add to the richness of XPATH or current XML modding capabilities, as of a19.2"? I heard some forum discussions about certain things never planning on being synced from servers to clients from within a modlet (like full maps), but I'm hoping someday graphics/icons will sync. I know its not a full blown language, but I often find myself wishing for: - An "if/else" type of switch in the XPATH modding capability. Or at least just an "if". - Some way to have an external configuration file for an XML modlet, like to set "flags" that the above "if" statements could read, or just to put commonly used variables/numbers in, or something. - A way to "read" a value from the already loaded configs, before modding that value (sort of like an "if" but used against the game configs) For example: If these were implemented, it might make a few things easier to do: - You could make a single modlet with many different settings, like 1 set of configs for single player, another for PvE, another for PvP, or even just "hard mode" and "easy mode" I see a lot of people talking about balancing a mod, and this could be a way to do it so a mod author can have 1 mod with all the balancing things configurable (as needed) for different playstyles. Example: in the config file you have "difficulty = 1' and in the XML modlet you would have if(difficulty=1) { <all the normal XML> } - If you could read the "XML" in from the loading/loaded configs, it might make it a lot easier to resolve conflicts in modlets or handle warnings where you tried to mod something that another mod changed/removed. Like "check if a well known XML tag say, for sorcery is loaded, if so, then do not include this XML that would overwrite it". Or: "check if this property exists, if it does not, then do not attempt to apply this XML".
  13. @CrazyAluminum FYI: I updated the mod on Github to use 8,8,8,8,8,8
  14. I have not tested it, but I believe to get the campfire to apply burning, you'll have to have it apply a buff. I looked at other blocks in teh game, and adding buffs to a block is a little different than an item. Try adding this to the campfire block as a test and see if it sets you/zeds on fire when they walk over it: <property name="BuffsWhenWalkedOn" value="buffBurningEnvironment"/> And I'm guessing, but to make the campfire "raise the heat map quicker" you probably want to change this line: <property name="HeatMapStrength" value="5"/> The forge is: <property name="HeatMapStrength" value="6"/> so maybe set it to 10? I'm not sure how fast you want 1 campfire to raise the heat level. There's a console command, in the game, if you put it into debug mode where you can see the heat level, but I'm not sure what level(s) causes screamers to come out.
  15. @CrazyAluminum Give it a shot and let me know if it works as desired: Doughs-UI-Add-2ModSlots Direct download: v0.0.1.zip Check out the docs. Tier 1 and 2 items still have 1,2 slots. !f an item has 0 slots or an odd slot config)in vanilla it will get 0 slots or keep its odd slot config. If an item was modified for 8 slots, the "item tier -> slots available" is: 1,2,3,4,5,6 -> 1,2,4,5,7,8 Here's a screenshot of a tier 6 sniper rifle, with vanilla mods only Let me know if this works like you were imagining/needing or if tweaks are needed! Currently I'm considering it "beta" until I get some user/player feedback as its not a mod I plan on using for my personal games. I've got some stuff I'm trying but it's still failing. If you can find something that works, let me know and I'll add it to the mod. FYI: I have a pipe bomb modlet that one of its' purposes (side effects?) is that you can easy and relatively cheaply (materials wise) craft "plastic" pipe bombs for luring zeds out of houses (they don't do much damage) however, every one blowing up adds 5% to the heat map, so another side effect is you can call screamers with them and not waste bullets or have to have forges nearby.
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