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  1. Thx man, you're a lifesaver 😀
  2. I've tried searching, but haven't found anything about it in this topic. Anyway, some of my textures seem washed out/blurry (boxes, trader, ore nodes), so I was wondering is there a fix for that? I had a similar problem sometimes in the past (some mod, or even vanilla, I don't remember) and it was fixed by toggling streaming textures on/off, but this time it didn't fix it.
  3. Yeah, my buddies and I had a similar problem with a hill we dug out to make a road (a shortcut to be more precise) to our base. Kinda funny to see it when you're further away, but also it was a reminder of the feat we've done
  4. Now I want to try and trap a bear somewhere around my base for protection... would he despawn?
  5. I knew something was bothering me indoors and I had to go for the F key way too early in the day 🙂
  6. Math? We don't need no stinking math!
  7. Don't ask for changes, they could invent something worse Yes, you can get an annoying injury from time to time, but they are not that common, unless you have a tendency to rush into buildings without appropriate weapons and get gangbanged by a bunch of zambies. But, even then, with some luck and martial arts you can go unscathed
  8. Teas & coffee have wonky hit boxes and that should be looked into... I mean, it's not gamebreaking stuff, but just to soothe our apocalypse a little
  9. I must agree here, but started happening just recently when I upgraded my rig to an i5 and GTX 1650 and I could see the game in Ultra
  10. Whatever the poor Pimps do to the AI, players will always, if they want so, find a way to cheese it. It's just human nature
  11. Thx, that would be a huge help.
  12. Is there a way to integrate locking inventory slots so that they are not moved or rearranged when I transfer stuff or sort my inventory? Maybe it's already in but I'm just blind
  13. People get offended about stupid things and that is why some think it's an act. But, to get back on point...
  14. I say all is fair in love and war. Well, in zombie apocalypse also. So, because they have the numbers, we have to use our wits... or excessive force
  15. Well, it has been a minute since I watched House (although I've seen it some 5-6 times ) and I'm currently rewatching Two and a half men... so (but i am ashamed a little now). BTW, it's the one with strawberry body lotion that screws up Chase, right?
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