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  1. People get offended about stupid things and that is why some think it's an act. But, to get back on point...
  2. I say all is fair in love and war. Well, in zombie apocalypse also. So, because they have the numbers, we have to use our wits... or excessive force
  3. Well, it has been a minute since I watched House (although I've seen it some 5-6 times ) and I'm currently rewatching Two and a half men... so (but i am ashamed a little now). BTW, it's the one with strawberry body lotion that screws up Chase, right?
  4. I named my stripper after Kandi from Two and a half men... I know she's not one, but hey, she is kinda brainless
  5. I knew one briefly. Called her Kandi. Then she tried to bite me and hence the brief story from the beginning of this thread
  6. She has jiggly bewbs I just whacked one over her head and she fell on her knees (as they do apparently) and leaned back with her mouth open (which is a whole other topic)... and then I SAW it
  7. And a queue of sleeper businessmen zeds outside
  8. eXSe

    More mods?

    Didn't run into a T6 weapon yet to try it out, but with T5 and a BB no problems
  9. When thinking about AI pathing, one proverb comes to mind... less is more
  10. You can make those go away by typing "pois" (no quotes) and hitting enter in the console (F1).
  11. Lately I've been hooked on Ramen also, but I like to cook it as a soup. I add a bit more water, a beef Bouillon cube and 250 ml of Tomato purée over the vanilla recipe... I could drown in it
  12. I simply make them come a certain way to me by walling off (4-5 high wall) a square of real estate (size is of your choice but a bunker in the middle should be a must) and leaving a corridor 2 wide and some 10-15 blocks long for them to come and have a go... if they think they're hard enough Then employ imagination to murder them... blades work fine for me (inbeded into the wall at floor level on each side of the corridor, so that they can mince doggos and spider monkeys), but you can couple them with anything that may fit your design. Remember, though, there is no overkill
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