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  1. Love the newer graphics in recent and, I guess, future alphas, but just detest the dungeon style POI's. They seem so repetitive and immersion killing to me. Not to mention the "Oh look, a zombie sized cupboard. I wonder what's in it?" and, also, a pet peeve of mine the "smart" zombies that you can guide by their decaying little hands to their inevitable demise in a swirling hail of blades and lead. Alpha I'd like would be A16 with new graphics.
  2. I'm not sure I want the end game. If I completed it once I think I would lose interest in it.
  3. Almost everything is configurable in this game, so ChronicSavesGaming...
  4. No, you misunderstand me. I am for a stressful experience playing the game (I mean, what's the point if you can just wall yourself off and watch your funnel defences do the work while you sip tea and nibble on crumpets), but not for bull@%$# zombies (no demolishers, nor flying Krakens)... i.e. I would want a multitude of plain, braindead undead, that you can't predict and who would overwhelm you by sheer numbers. But hey, that's just me.
  6. Ahhh yes, Gracie. That mountain of meat... plus all the minions along the way. Guess that constitutes as vegan hell
  7. If you stand in front of the book store beforehand, fire of a shot, turn three times, curse and spit, I think you improve your chances.
  8. My point exactly. It's supposed to be stressful, it's a game that wants you dead by undead 🙂
  9. I kinda like 'em dumb. Yes, it's nice that you can exploit their "smartness" and funnel them to your liking, but I miss the tension of not knowing where they'll strike and what aspect of your defences needs to be addressed. So, for me the perfect thing would be sheer dumb numbers.
  10. Ran into this gif and immediately thought of forums and what poor mods try to do when there's a "controversial discussion" like this 😁
  11. I've always wandered why is hobo version better than the normal stew... extra protein in that worm infested rotting meat?
  12. Speaking of ingame attire... why isn't there chainmail armor like those shark suits? Let me see a zambie scratch or bite me through this baby
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