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  1. Well, that's why I meander away from vanilla towards the mods, or the overhauls like Darkness Falls, fairly quickly. Only when I play MP with stubborn friends I could stay in vanilla longer, but we usually drop the loot down to like 25% to crawl our way up
  2. Nothing to feel bad about. I've disassembled whole workshops, let alone homes... though I've never dug out someone's driveway. Heh, live and learn
  3. My last PC was an i3 2120 with 750 Ti and 8 GB RAM and I could manage to play A19 with some graphical tweaking... it wasn't as pretty, but it was playable, so I'd assume that it would run A20 similarly. Don't know your exact PC specs though
  4. Sometimes it could just be a bird chillin' on the roof... and I found that out the hard way, when I almost demolished the entire POI busting through doors, walls and ceilings searching for that zed ninja and then decided to go on the roof and start digging down just to get jumped on by a couple of birds.
  5. Well, she gets you once and from there it's like ordering takeaway.
  6. Well, one easy fix for that is to stick with the default controls and then you're golden 😁
  7. I had a similar issue a way back and it was caused either by a mod, or a game updated and my map was from an earlier version... I'm leaning towards a mod more.
  8. I see what you are saying, but I don't think that I ever had that issue before. I'll try and replicate it in my Darkness Falls game later and post my findings.
  9. Battery Banks just store power, the only thing making the power is the Solar Bank... and I'm note quite sure, but I don't think you can have two battery banks connected in a line.
  10. That setup seems fine... Solar Bank (make sure it's ON) -> Battery Bank (make sure it's ON) -> Sensor -> Traps Only thing that should matter is the energy output of the Battery Bank compared to the amount of traps connected (is it enough to power them all). Unless they work 24/7 Solar should be able to recharge the batteries.
  11. I did use this once before, but it's just so appropriate
  12. I tend to stay away from power tools also. Don't know why though... noise maybe, I trip they yield less, wobbly aim, all of the mentioned
  13. I roll with it and use the best that's available to me (by crafting, or looted)... I do mind stamina usage though and I tend to stay away from power tools for some reason.
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