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  1. I don't like the candy. Especially candy that give you superpowers. And frankly, I don't like restocked vending machines. Who is restocking the vending machines in an Apocalypse?!??! And with chicken broth and lamb rations? Really!!!?!?!?. Vending machines should have potato chips, candy and twinkies. Stocked vending machines should be rare but have several days worth of food when you find one. No superpowers from candy or food. This is the main reason I play DF. Where are mah friggin' twinkies?!?!?
  2. Fair suggestion. Ctrl-E would be a bit better. Wouldn't hurt to have E be enter and Ctrl-E be exit for all vehicles. Honestly, who hasn't made this mistake? Multiple times. Also, please punch out a jetpack and hovercraft. Your Welcome, bye.
  3. I haven't quite figured out how food consumption works. I've found it to be very inconsistent. I've restarted a few times recently. There are times where 30 "food points" seems to last me a day and a half or more. Then there are times where I burn 50+ food before noon. Have not been able to find a consistent correlation.
  4. I see in the Alpha 20 Dev Diary, Zombies will be able to crawl through 1m blocks. Good move. Got me thinking about other ways to boost zombie IQ. I'd suggest having zombies be able to create their own path to you to add another layer of difficulty. For example, allow zombies to climb damaged blocks. After a block takes x% damage, the block essentially becomes a ladder for the zombie. Basically using the old punch holes in a verticle surface and then climbs via the holes he/she made.
  5. Depends how much of a graphics nazi a person is. I have a 6 year old gaming laptop that plays it fine. I don't have the exact specs in front of me, but it only has a 4gb Graphics card.
  6. I was just thinking about these. Not just flaming blots, but the explosive ones as well. The concept is cool, but I can't even find a niche purpose for these things. Far too slow and weak to use on a hoard night. And then pointless for POI clearing. Maybe they should up their damage so that you could actually feasibly do a hoard night with these?
  7. Recently, I've been partial to the spear. You can follow a heavy attack with a very quick light attack before they hit the ground (If you even need it). I have not tested, but my feeling is that the spear has the best DPS. The difficulty level one is at may factor into what is "best' however.
  8. Wait. I'm on DF Mod. My Apple trees don't come back. Planted in a farm plot. Harvested once. Next think I know it's gone.
  9. A survival game has to have adversity. Injuries are there with the intent to slow you down and increase your chance of failure. This is why so many people play perma-death. The survival genre is all about avoiding and managing adversity.
  10. As of about 3-4 weeks ago, horde night death loop was still a thing on Darkness Falls Mod. Always have to have a retreat plan. Mine is to have a bridge to a solid building from my hoard base where I can just cheese out the rest of the night being unreachable on the roof.
  11. There are mods. And you can adjust settings as other have indicated. I feel you though. I think there could be more of a sneak element. I think of the movie Legend with Will Smith. The game has that feel at the beginning, but then you still become a god later. Even by upping the difficulty and settings, you will still become a god, it will just take longer. Not sure how to maintain that fear/desperation thing that they nailed early in the game - but then it gets a little boring and grindy once you get to super solider.
  12. To cover the costs of translating the PC game to console. I think they will eventually revisit the console angle once the game advances a bit more. Massive potential in this game.
  13. This happened to be at level 6 shortly after 19 went live. Sucks. A painful reminder that this is an Alpha. Best at the later levels to get into the habit of backing up after leveling.
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