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  1. There are mods. And you can adjust settings as other have indicated. I feel you though. I think there could be more of a sneak element. I think of the movie Legend with Will Smith. The game has that feel at the beginning, but then you still become a god later. Even by upping the difficulty and settings, you will still become a god, it will just take longer. Not sure how to maintain that fear/desperation thing that they nailed early in the game - but then it gets a little boring and grindy once you get to super solider.
  2. To cover the costs of translating the PC game to console. I think they will eventually revisit the console angle once the game advances a bit more. Massive potential in this game.
  3. This happened to be at level 6 shortly after 19 went live. Sucks. A painful reminder that this is an Alpha. Best at the later levels to get into the habit of backing up after leveling.
  4. 100% agree. I really like the way many things are handled in the DF mod. The mechanic and logic of food is a bit more complex, but it seems to have a good balance that keeps food a challenge ,but not a ridiculous challenge well into the game.
  5. We do not know all the rules around these particular zombie iterations. Maybe they do have something like blood...or maybe they aren't bleeding, but so extensively damaged that they stop functioning.
  6. Interesting. I've never experienced this. I wonder if you are triggering a bug when you bury it?
  7. I think that it bigger cheese to jump straight to the loot room than double looting. There are so many POIs in the game, what difference does it make to loot one POI twice. What are you saving yourself? 2 minutes of travel time?
  8. I've noticed a few zombies randomly chain-smacking buildings. No aggro on me. Just hitting a building.
  9. You level fairly quickly in that range. You probably got a more effective weapon and went on a zombie bashing session.
  10. Darkness Falls Mod. I can't even play vanilla anymore. But I see the OPs point. Might be cool to have a way to "Beat" each biome. Maybe some crazy big zombie boss attacks you on random hoard nights or something. A different boss for each biome. So you'd have to build a base in each biome. After you defeat all the bosses, then a new map opens up.
  11. I think the candy was a mistake. Pushed me straight to darkness falls full time. They don't do the candy there. The food consumption issue is a little annoying. I just translate it in my head that no I did not just eat 6 eggs, 18 pieces of meat an entire blue berry pie, two beef stews and still hungry; It was just one egg, a small slice of meat/pie cause the rest was not edible/infected or something.
  12. I've only been exclusively playing Darkness Falls mod. So not a flat comparison. I use max days, zombies jog at night and then everything else default across the board. Not sure how Darkness Falls difficulty would translate to vanilla. Vanilla hoard nights are pretty mild compared to DF hoard nights. Wow - Whats you longest run on this?
  13. Early game I just run and avoid them. I don't even try to fight them. It's only the first few levels though. They are pretty much fodder once you level up your projectile weapons.
  14. I play whatever the max daylight hours are. I don't recall seeing a setting for nighttime though. Sure does feel like the nights are shorter than the days to me. The setting implies that the nights are not affected by the day setting. Maybe I've interpreted the setting incorrectly. I go with the max setting because I don't like to rush. Also, I like to run the POIs as intended and I never take the cheese approach and cut directly to the main loot room. I like to loot everything so that when I get to the 30s, I'm never having to hunt down things.
  15. For the zombies in closets and ceilings - I like to think this was a normal infected human that was hiding. Then died. Rigor mortis sets in (thus standing in place). Then they turn into a zombie. Then you step on a piece of paper and wake them up. This is based on established medical facts and logic.
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