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  1. if i do mine extensively in 1 area, i do support columns every 6 blocks, but i also do ceiling supports between the columns. So a column, 5 empty spaces, then another column. but at the top of the two columns, a row of wood blocks connecting them. I haven't had a mine collapse doing it that way.
  2. Motion sensors can detect you in a vehicle. Pressure plates don't, so with them you have to get out of the vehicle. It will work better if you use the motion sensor settings so that the bridge stays down for 8-10 seconds though.
  3. Unless the infection kills them and then causes the body to arise and look for brains.
  4. It can easily be done with motion sensors though. The inside and outside motion sensors need to be wired directly to each other with nothing in between (relay, switches, etc) and then to the door.
  5. You may get more help by posting this in the discussions and requests section of the modding subforum. Good luck.
  6. Make sure to decrease the resolution to as low as possible while maintaining the same ratio. On my old computer, that was the one biggest thing that made the game comfortably playable.
  7. Please don't make grilled, boiled, or charred meat. It is a waste of raw meat. Put one point into master chef and make bacon and eggs and red tea. Drink the tea before you eat for the digestion buff. You won't have to eat nearly so often. Somehow you completely missed something here. Increasing perception increases the damage you do with spears. Points into spears themselves gives you increased damage, range on throws, and increased crafting quality. There is no other attribute you can put points into to make better spears. The cement mixer sche
  8. Just fyi, since you are talking about using this set up in a garage. Vehicles do not activate pressure plates, so use a motion sensor on the side you are driving in from.
  9. You may want to post this in the darkness falls thread. The mod author happily answers questions like this several times daily.
  10. If you only encounter 1 zombie, sure. However, if you encounter a group of 4 zombies, it is 12 hits vs 20 on hard, with 1 less zombie to fight each time you kill one. On easy, it is 4 hits vs 8, with one zombie dying and thus not still trying to hit you, with each hit. If you can't see that can mean the difference between living and dying for someone who is not very skilled at the game, you are just not looking. And again, the fact that you believe a perk to be "such a crap" does not make it so for other people in other situations. People who don't do a lot
  11. If you are counting the melee weapon perks as among the worst, then you are wrong about the "worst" abilities not getting better on lower difficulty. Lowering the difficulty increases the amount of damage you do per hit to the zombies and decreases the amount of damage they do to you. Say a zombie has 100 health. On highest difficulty one club hit may do 20 damage so 50% more would be 30. On the lowest difficulty, that same hit with that same club may do 70 damage, making the perk give you a one hit kill. Percent damage increases are much more impactful at lower diffic
  12. Although I don't play on adventure difficulty level, stories from perks being useful on adventurer difficulty are 100% valid. Perk balance is not done based just on insane difficulty nightmare speed zombies. It is based on all settings. For example, you say iron gut is a useless perk. If you watch any larger multiplayer youtube series, you will find that it is a necessity. Food is much more difficult for larger groups, and iron gut helps them a lot. See Grand Spartan multiplayer series for example. You say no one fights with knives. Although I haven't watche
  13. Settings above 100% do indeed work like that. I am not sure how settings below 100% work. There have been some threads reporting never finding workstation schematics in loot at 25% either here, on steam, or both. Perhaps the game rounds up if it rolls 50% or more? I personally have no clue. To test 200%, 300% etc on books would be simple though, if you are not sure that part is accurate. I can confirm in my experience 200% loot ALWAYS gives 2 copies of each book, schematic, and recipe.
  14. The pinned threads are at the top of this subforum. Also, since this is a problem with the darkness falls mod, you may get better help posting in the df thread in the modding subforum. This forum is for help with problems in vanilla. The overhaul mod authors all seem to be active and helpful with troubleshooting problems with their mod.
  15. I consider this game to be whatever I want to play at any given moment. Some days I log in and it is a building and decorating sim, interrupted by occasional screamer killing. Some days I log in and it is a looter shooter, spamming every poi up and down the street with reckless abandon and a bunch of chests in the middle of the street to dump crap in to be sorted/moved later. Some days I log in and it is a stealthy dungeon crawl, killing most things with one shot to the head with my compy xbow. Some days I log in and it's farmville, Carefully pla
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