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  1. A friend on steam who lacks a filter between brain and mouth has a request he would like someone else to make for him. Is there any way a texture picker could be added much like the shape menu, so that when you are building with stone for example, you can choose the texture (flagstone, cobblestone, brick, etc) appearance when building? While this can be accomplished later game with paint, having it as a radial menu option when building would allow you to have the look of all the removed blocks when initially building so you don't have to wait for a chemistry station to have your base look the way you want.
  2. YOU MONSTER! Why would you ask this and increase my buried supply quest time by 1000%? Just kidding, although i do hope tfp consider it a feature and not a bug.
  3. If you want to focus so much on mining and building, prioritize getting level 2 of living off the land under fortitude. Day 1 or 2, walk the streets of your town, looting mailboxes, cars, and birds' nests, while harvesting all the gore piles on the road. If you see a nitrate node, mine the surface boulder. As soon as you get lotl 2, craft farm plots with the mats you gathered. Now all you have to do is focus on enough corn, potatoes, and mushrooms to make a seed of each. Keep making seeds til you have 5=10 plots of each, then you have infinite food when you perk into cooking enough to get veggie stew recipe. Once you have food settled, THEN you focus on mining/building/combat perks. If this takes you too long, add a modlet that gives you more skill points per level.
  4. In the meantime, if you want easy one-click mod installation, install 7dtd mod launcher.
  5. For your request regarding books, there is already a way to tell if you have read one or not. If there is an open book in the upper left corner of the icon, you have read it before. If the book is closed, you have not yet read it.
  6. Well of course you don't lose the starter quests when you die. I thought you meant the easiest difficulty choice when you said very easy. I didn't realize you were talking about a tag on quests in the xml. Just a misunderstanding on my part.
  7. Very easy does fail if you die. All quests fail if you die before completing them. Except maybe buried supply quests... i don't know if they fail on any difficulty. Don't take my word for it. Start an ez mode nav game, pick up a fetch or clear quest, and intentionally let the zombies kill you or eat glass.
  8. For this, you are my hero. The first spider horde he faced was one of my favorite josh moments. Second to the horde day that he accidentally collapsed his horde base just a couple hours before the horde.
  9. so every time there is a car or tree or building in the way of the npc, you would have to go back and slowly drag them around it? sounds tedious, boring, and frustrating. Much like any escort quest ever.
  10. I eat the canned food. As for toilet water, i am just assuming i am scooping it out of the tank, not the bowl. I am 100% positive that modern day people in areas hit with natural disasters (such as new orleans and hurricane katrina) have drank water from their toilet tanks.
  11. VR is a kickstarter goal and is planned, but i believe not until after the game is completed and goes to full release.
  12. When i mentioned that i sometimes turn off hordes, i was not implying that the op was trying to remove horde nights. I just mentioned it as one of a list of many ways that the horde night can be customized on a per game basis to make each playthrough feel different and unique. I feel that while we don't have direct in-game influence over the blood moon horde, we have many options to customize it before the game starts. The options you choose can make the horde feel like a rare but catastrophic event, like a nightly but ever increasingly dangerous attack, like an unpredictable but rare or unpredictable but common threat, or something that doesn't even exist. Sure, more choices are nice, but we already have a lot of choices. I personally would prefer more development time went to things we are still missing than to giving even more choices and options to a feature that is already rich with choices and options.
  13. I like it the way it is. I will set hordes to every 14 days in some games so that each horde is much more difficult than the one before, but they are very spaced out. I will do every 3 days sometimes. I have played games where i set them to off. The available options offer a lot of custimization. Mods take care of other options. You might want to check out Khaine's Romero mod, which has blood moons disabled but has huge, huge wandering hordes every 6ish hours. You can try to avoid them if you want to, or try to pick them off from a distance, or wade in with a sledgehammer and go at it. You can also try to kite them to a horde base you have prepared, if one is close.
  14. I can see small, frequent updates once bandits are the only major feature left to implement. They will take the longest time. I could totally see them pushing small frequent updates as they get this element or that of the game polished for gold. RWG was always going to take awhile i believe. Water too.
  15. I believe Subquake has it working that way in Undead Legacy. At least one of the overhaul mods has it working, so it should be possible.
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