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  1. Zombies are not avoiding elevated spikes. Zombies are pathing around obstacles in their way. A spike trap placed on the ground is treated by zombies just as a flagstone block placed on the ground. If there is open space to the sides, they go around it. A spike trap sunk one block down into the ground is treated by zombies just like the ground is. They walk over it because it is not an obstacle in their path. It is intended that zombies path around obstacles when they can. It is not intended that they see a spike trap sunk one block down so that it is level with the ground, recognize that it is a trap that will damage them, and therefore avoid it.
  2. You can craft the forge as soon as you finish the tutorial quests, if you know where to find the mats.
  3. I feel like you should only say "tongue in my own cheek in a completely non-sexual manner". Just saying "tongue in cheek" is WAAAYYY too sexualized for this particular forum nowdays. It could mean you were putting your tongue into ANYBODY'S cheek, and without a signed document agreeing beforehand to said activity, you are also entering into whether or not consent was truly obtained. All in all, just way to big of a hornet's nest to poke at.
  4. There's also a quite long thread in the support subforum regarding this issue.
  5. I really doubt the decision to replace the stripper with the party girl had anything to do with youtube. They said the stripper, the football player, and the cheerleader did not fit naturally into many poi's. If it had to do with youtube, why also get rid of the football player and the cheerleader?
  6. I am able to craft wheels without schematics. Maybe you just need to be able to craft any vehicle to unlock wheel crafting, or else you have a mod that makes a schematic required. I've never tried to craft a wheel without knowing how to craft a vehicle, so if wheels aren't ungated, they are just gated by knowing how to craft any vehicle. As for workbenches, maybe i'm just really lucky, but by breaking open one block to look in every garage in my neighborhood, i find plenty of workbenches. Most destroyed (which hopefully give me the schematic) but always at least a couple working ones. I mark them on my map and use them as needed.
  7. This is a thread in the support subforum regarding the issue, if you want more info on possible causes and other work arounds, or if you want to add your info. the pois command is the best fix for now.
  8. I would love it if they added seeds to the tier 1 quest rewards possibilities. Maybe 3 seeds of a random vegetable, or even 5. Also possibly 3-5 farm plots as well. This would be a great early game quest reward without being too overpowered, since you still wouldn't know how to craft the seeds without finding the recipe or perking far enough into living off the land. While not everyone would appreciate it, many of us would. And there are also other choices available.
  9. Blade traps no longer trigger demolishers as of a19.
  10. Hit f1. type "pois" without the quotation marks. Your ghost blocks should be gone, although you will lose all distant poi views as well.
  11. It used to, but a19 changed it so that you always spawn in the forest and get sent to the forest trader.
  12. I bet it's because of the a19 change where the starting quest always sends you to a forest trader. Since you have no forest trader in an all-desert map, you get the no trader message. A streamer i watch, grand spartan, is doing an all wasteland map game. He also got the no trader message, although he found one very close to where he spawned in.
  13. wrenches drop early, even with the new loot progression. you are just having really really bad luck. Keep hitting the kitchen and bathroom sinks as often as you can. I usually target a small apartment building or something like that when i am on the hunt with close to 100% success.
  14. as i answered in your duplicate post in general... You probably were wearing the tough guy sunglasses or some other + fortitude buff when you purchased it. Then later you changed to different glasses or lost your fortitude buff, which disables the perk til you either spend another point in fortitude, put back on the fortitude eyewear, or use the food that gives a fortitude buff (i think there is one, but i can't remember which). Personally, i keep a chest by my farm with seed mats and the tough guy glasses. Once i have 5 of whichever food i am still crafting seeds for, i put on the fort glasses, craft my seeds, then put them back in my farm box.
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