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  1. I can see small, frequent updates once bandits are the only major feature left to implement. They will take the longest time. I could totally see them pushing small frequent updates as they get this element or that of the game polished for gold. RWG was always going to take awhile i believe. Water too.
  2. I believe Subquake has it working that way in Undead Legacy. At least one of the overhaul mods has it working, so it should be possible.
  3. I love the combat music. I also almost 100% of the time spot the zombies before the combat music starts, so it doesn't ruin the "surprise" for me. However, i do enjoy the fact that when combat music ends on horde night, the horde is indeed over and not stuck somewhere. While the "all clear" music may be a bit cheaty, i appreciate the extra time to get the looting done and scout out how much damage was done to my horde base.
  4. "Going gold" means completing the alpha and beta phases and moving to full release. It has nothing to do with sales. We are still in alpha, with a20 probably coming in the fall.
  5. You will probably get a quicker, more accurate answer if you post this in the apocolypse mod thread.
  6. baseball bats haven't required "baseball bay" parts for a long time.
  7. instructions for obtaining and posting your log files are here.
  8. You should definitely post this in the support subforum. read the pinned thread on how to post in that thread and include logs posted via pastebin. Some of your mods are not playing well together, are not updated for the version you are on, or both.
  9. Post in the thread for the mod you are using. Attach the log file using pastebin.
  10. Are you sure you didn't put points into the perk under fortitude that decreases how long it takes for critical injuries to heal? I got a (very rare for me) broken leg today and it was the normal 2 hours until i put on a plaster cast and ate a health bar. I am almost positive that there have been no changes in the normal unperked untreated healing time.
  11. If you do that (please do!), make the jawoodle purple dye craft only as well. I can already see the look on josh's face.
  12. I know you have been around for a long time, so forgive the answer if you are just joking. Opt out of all betas to play the stable branch. The list under properties is for all versions EXCEPT the current stable.
  13. So have zombies behave like boars? Sounds like it should be doable. If not, i am almost positive that you could change the damage they do per hit to 1.
  14. I haven' heard of this bug. If it is very rare like you say, it is possible no one reported it on the official forums if you did not. Therefore i hope you did indeed fill out a bug report on the official forums. If it is not reported there, it will not be fixed since they won't know about it.
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