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  1. Is this in vanilla or modded? I ask because in one of the overhaul mods I played, I had the same issue. It was exclusive to that mod though. Vanilla works fine.
  2. @Beelzybub It only happens if the wrench also needs to be repaired. There is apparently a limited number of menu slots available when you click on an item in your inventory. For the wrench, modify drops out of the menu when the wrench also needs to be repaired. @smikeeThe work-arounds are to either equip the wrench on your toolbelt, repair the wrench (then repair drops of the menu and is replaced by modify), or click any item on your toolbelt that is possible to modify, open the modify option, then click on the wrench in your inventory. The modify menu will still be open on the wre
  3. Regarding your point #1, i believe that is a setting you can turn off. Maybe dof? For #2, the issue with adding companions is performance. The game has to run acceptably for both single player and multiplayer (currently supported for 8 people i believe). Adding companions with advanced ai for 8 people eats into the amount of zombies and in the future bandits that can be in the world. Many people already feel like there are not enough zombies in the world, so it is a concern. With that said, they are currently working on a drone which will sort of act as a companion. We
  4. Or again, better barter 3-4 doesn't require nearly as much investment in int, and if you have 3-4 traders unlocked gives you an almost 100% chance of getting one winthin 2 trader resets. They become quite common in secret stash.
  5. There is a perk to craft a crucible. It requires int 10. Int gives you another way to get a crucible as well. Once you get better barter to either 3 or 4 (forget which), crucibles become pretty common secret stash items for traders.
  6. You don't need to bring both water and tea. Down to 10. I don't bring antibiotics/honey. Infection is slow enough and rare enough that I just stop by home when it's convenient to cure it. I generally have a decent stock by day 3-4, since i hit every stump the first few days, plus antibiotics are a common quest reward and a reasonably common find from med piles/cabinets. Down to 9. I don't bring splints. The components to make them are common finds in many loot containers, so usually if i need one i can make it. If not, i head back home after i finish what i am doing. Do
  7. There is also an extensive post regarding this issue in the general support forum. There are some work-arounds in the thread as well as some speculation as to the causes. Seems to be exacerbated by maps that are larger than your computer can comfortably handle or too dense with too many t5 pois, as is possible with nitrogen maps.
  8. It's not that upgrading blocks gives more xp. It is that xp from upgrading blocks is not shared. Depending on your multiplayer exp sharing settings, your builder could be home upgrading blocks getting all that exp for himself, while also sharing the xp that you are getting from killing zombies while questing and clearing pois. If one or more people don't want to upgrade any blocks to catch up, you can always just reduce shared exp to the minimum or turn it off. That should keep the levels much closer. When i play multiplayer with my son, we generally take tu
  9. I believe that's the garbage collection. Does it always happen when you are out of combat, looking in your inventory or talking to the trader or such? If so, i believe your only option is to decrease settings. For me on my old computer i had to decrease not only settings but also resolution to make it work. My computer was not beefy enough to handle modded coop. Every 20ish minutes like clockwork, i would freeze up, sometimes a mini freeze and after 30-45 secs it would work again, but usually a freeze then d/c. When playing vanilla solo, it would usually just be an occasional mini
  10. Even if it is fixed now, if you still got the "NO TRADER" message after cleaning through the launcher, delete your mods folder. Some outdated mods have been another culprit of the "NO TRADER" message, even if they were just in the folder and not loaded into that specific game.
  11. When you started the game, did you generate a brand new map, or did you choose South Nefule County from the list that includes Navezgane and the three pregen maps? It sounds like you are using a map generated in an older version, which are not compatible with a19. When you click on 7dtd in your steam games list, a box pops up with the choice to either play or show launcher. Choose show launcher. Go to tools and clean all of your old data. Make sure to choose clean ALL old maps and not just maps not played in the last 30 days. Once your data is cleaned, go to
  12. And there is a candy that gives 100% success when lockpicking. Always in my inventory when doing treasure map quests now.
  13. If you take over a poi and leave emergency stuff in a poi container, it will be completely safe (unless you are on a multiplayer server and another player takes it). If you wait til the respawn time is up, remove all your loot from the poi container, then look at the container again, it will be back to "untouched" lootable state, and you can get loot from it again. If you never remove all your loot from the poi container, it will never reset and never be lootable again, until it is emptied. If there is a building close to your base that you will be passing close by ofte
  14. Maybe you already know this, but mushrooms do not need to be placed in a farm plot. I personally grow them on the ceiling of my base. You can plant them anywhere. Which, if you are putting them in farm plots, would free up 4 plots for more veggies and a nice increase to your harvest.
  15. I believe he is trying to say "Imagine that for Bowie's first album, instead of selling an album he sold a kickstarter/early access concept of an album that somehow sold millions of copies. Then a lot of people and critics decided that concept of an album that was actively being worked on was terrible, and Bowie promised he would replace that album for free in a year's time with a spectacular finished album (not sure what the parallel to 7dtd is there?) And then 8 (7) years later he still hadn't finished. I have no idea what previous occupations have to do with anything
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