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  1. I play 7DTD with my wife, she doesn't care about it and didn't even notice it. Strip clubs exist, every town has one. I think the vast majority of women aren't offended by things like this and don't expect special treatment or protection. Yours is a fairly Victorian mindset in my opinion, the belief that women have more delicate sensibilities and must be protected from crass humor or sexual imagery. There are plenty of games nowadays that pander to people who are easily offended, you've got a huge lineup to choose from.
  2. I think I've solved the directionless endgame issue. We've all gotten to the point where we've built a base, we can survive indefinitely, we're now building the endgame stuff like turrets and blade traps, and the game gets boring. Dungeons like the gun factory are an awesome idea. But they need to be sources of endgame loot and building materials which aren't obtainable elsewhere. Loot needs to make sense. For example, the gun factory should have an item that lets you make high level guns or turrets. A concrete factory should have the recipe for reinforced concrete. The hospital should have the recipe for medkits. You shouldn't be able to create endgame recipes without completing endgame objectives. Random loot in this game needs to be categorized more strictly so you can't find high level stuff in low level residential houses, and you have to strategize your runs. This already was implemented somewhat in A19 with the electronics stores, etc, but it needs to go further. If you want something, you should be able to plan for it. In a good survival game the fun of endgame is tackling high-level areas and enemies but there has to be a proper REASON to do this. Knowing that you'll be looting the same types of randomized containers that appear in other lower-level dungeons is just not a great incentive. I don't know about anyone else but for me it causes burnout and turns it into a chore more than an objective. You have to know that you'll get something good, from a pool of items that you can only get in those areas. The Lucky Looter perk and your % to find stuff is great and all, but it ends up ruining the game's sense of progression. This could also lead into high-level trader quests to find essential civilization items such as "find a crate of baby formula" in an infested half-collapsed milk factory. Or finding jackpots like luxuries, like a crate of shampoo in a cosmetics factory which you can sell for 3000 dukes. TL;DR: The randomized loot is too random and hurts the endgame. The loot system needs to be categorized more strictly, forcing players to plan their loot runs and travel to specific buildings in order to progress their gear and base.
  3. I just want them to get rid of that god damn cartoon punch sound when zombies hit walls
  4. This game's sound design is pretty terrible if we're being honest. The zombies make stock zombie noises, when they hit walls it sounds like a cartoon punch, and the constant birdsong track in woodland areas is pretty annoying. TFP need a dedicated sound designer who is passionate about sound. Sound and ambiance is a massive part of a game's tone and atmosphere, and 7DTD needs serious work in that area. With some professional sound design it could be an extremely creepy and atmospheric game.
  5. The sounds are the main thing that need to be overhauled IMO. All the sounds make the guns feel underpowered, especially the pistol and AK47
  6. Games that are heavily and easily moddable basically live forever. But actually having to learn how to install mods is a big roadblock that prevents the majority of players from seeing what's out there. Steam workshop allows a quick and easy way of seeing the best mods and installing them at the click of a button. Making every aspect of the game moddable in Steam Workshop is the best thing for 7DTD in my opinion, especially for repeatable stuff like quest content and prefabs. The replayability of this game would be huge with player created questlines.
  7. Are the sounds going to be worked on any more? A lot of the sounds are quite cartoonish especially the punch noise the zombies make when they hit walls. Is there a possibility of overhauling the sound to a more fitting, creepy tone? Something like scratching fingernails instead of the cartoon punch sound?
  8. +1 to this, yoga pants girls are everywhere and it wouldn't look out of place at all
  9. They could easily fix that by updating the model with a low-res stick figure sitting on the bike
  10. If I don't get at least 1 death threat per week I worry that I'm losing relevance
  11. I'd like them to be insane savages who scream abuse at you before they attack. Give us a justification for shooting them on sight, make them scream that they're going to cut off our @%$#ing head, mount us on a spike, and similar threats. The writing of Trader Rekt already shows that TFP like to insult the player. More of that would be great as it fits the world. There should be no moral ambiguity about shooting bandits. It's them or us.
  12. I hate the cartoonish punch sound when zombies hit walls, I'd like to replace it with a creepy scratching sound. Anyone know how to do this?
  13. It's not that it overwhelms the gameplay. I'd be OK with more zombies and more defense. Personally the vanilla zombie spawns are never enough for me in random gen, I always edit the .xml to make them at least 4x as numerous. Difficulty is not what this topic is about, I'd be very OK with a new and more complicated horde mechanic making the game even more difficult. But with a difference of it being directly influenced by your decisions, in some way or form. Instead of just an arbitrary "Day 7" event that always happens on a scheduled day no matter what. I always thought the game needed some kind of "infestation nodes" which you have to clear or face consequences for ignoring. The zombie spawns shouldn't be random in explored areas. Maybe if you don't clear them, the zombie presence in the chunks around the "nest" becomes more and more numerous until it's too difficult to move around and you have to gear way up and go full on assault mode to clear it.
  14. I know this will get kneejerk disagreement because everyone is so used to it, but IMO it is a bad mechanic and holds the game back from what it should be. It reduces the open-endedness of the game and forces players to build and stockpile in one area instead of exploring the massive map. It's always been a very arbitrary event that happens independently of the player's actions and is something that the player has no control over. It also zeroes in on the player's location allowing people to cheese the system by just vacating their base on day 7 and defending a prefab building they don't care about. What if zombie horde nights were caused by something the player did or did not do, and could be increased or reduced depending on decisions made? One example: Maybe running a big base causes huge amounts of sleeper zombies to spawn in the area around your base. Are you in a base built from scratch running 4 forges and 4 cooking fires at once? That's going to cause a lot of spawns. Are you moving from place to place camping in attics with just a box to store excess stuff? That's going to generate much less. Then after 7 days, they all wake up and converge on your base. You can spend time finding and clearing these sleepers which reduce the horde night number, but that 's time consuming and dangerous. Or you can ignore them and deal with a massive amount on horde night. Nomadic players with no fixed permanent address wouldn't have to deal with large hordes because they wouldn't cause infestations. IMO something like this would be a better mechanic and much closer to traditional zombie lore. It would make the game less "tower defense" and more tactical and decision oriented.
  15. I would like a voxel game set in a world similar to the BLAME! universe, where AI has covered everything with machinery and humans are the cockroaches scurrying around trying to eke out an existence without being exterminated. I think that would work very well with a fully modifiable voxel world. You could have objectives such as find food, innovate your technology, analyze the machines to use aspects of them, make contact with other tribes, form a nation, etc. Or a voxel game set in a decaying neon and concrete cyberpunk city where you're a gang member who rises to become leader, and then fights for territory against other gangs. You use the map to tactically decide which buildings to fortify and take over. Then you deploy your gang members along these areas, that will prevent other gangs reaquiring territory. There are different biomes (districts) consisting of areas that were once slick and beautiful but are now derelict and covered in garbage and graffiti. All the crafting and destructable world of 7dtd but in a Megacity-1 style world.
  16. HI I don't post often on this forum but I had a question: 7DTD can be a very atmospheric game, are there any plans to specifically enhance the game's horror atmosphere using tricks such as scripted ambient sounds or scripted jump scares? Water dripping, the sound of scratching in the walls, distant sounds of twisting warping metal, stuff like that? I always thought the cartoon punch sound when zombies hit walls should be replaced by scratching. There are a lot of relatively small changes like that, which could make the game a lot scarier. One of my most memorable moments of this game was a few alphas ago, me and a friend were stranded at night, in the dark, in the rain. We had to dig a hole in the side of a hill and hide in it while zombies walked around outside. We could see glimpses of their silhouettes moving around, and the sound of the rain made it incredibly creepy and ominous as we crouched together in the soaking mud waiting for daylight. It was one of the creepiest eeriest moments of any game I've ever played. Are there any plans to enhance the atmosphere of the game to create more "accidental" creepy scenarios like that?
  17. 100% agree, it should hang out in industrial buildings and dark remnant ruins. Give players a reason to fear going into that Shotgun Messiah factory.
  18. Ever since the first alpha I've never really liked the MMORPG style zombie system in 7DTD, where the zombies are all clones of 8 or 9 distinct and recognizable individuals. They even used to have names like "Arlene" until a18 when it was no longer possible to loot them. I don't really like this in other games like Killing Floor either, although at least in that game there's an explanation for it - the Zeds are all literal clones being pumped out of hidden underground cloning vats. I always preferred the zombies from other games such as Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead, who all look very similar, their clothing is dirty and neutrally colored, and it's much harder to distinguish them from each other as individuals. They all kind of blend together. It's weird and kind of paradoxical - the more similar the zombies look to each other, the less they seem like identical videogame clones. I'd prefer the 7DTD zombies if they were designed in a way where it was harder to tell them apart, and they were distinguished more by their roles in the game, like wearing hardhats or having the ability to climb. Was just wondering how many other people shared this opinion and how many people like the clones or don't care.
  19. I agree 100%, and this is why they need to overhaul the zombies to make certain PoI's more difficult, so the loot system stops relying on RNG quite so much. Some RNG is good, but you've outlined the reason why it can't be the sole decider of what kind of loot a player recieves. Dungeon crawling is great and that's fantastic if this is the direction they want the game to go in. Dungeon crawlers are fun as hell and dungeons as ruined supermarkets puts a great twist on it. But with that, fundamental changes need to be made to the enemies. In dungeon crawling games, there's a clear progression between low level dungeons and high level dungeons. 7DTD should be no different, PoI's with fat loot need to have a huge risk factor involved, have a big reward, and actually be daunting for fresh toons to traverse. Do you really want to risk your life for those power tools? So, PoI's should have different types of zombies to reflect their risk and reward. Maybe the in-game lore could visually explain it by making the "outside zombies" dessicated skinny weak skeletal husks, while different types of "inside zombies" and sleepers could come with different clothing and danger levels. There doesn't have to be any logic to explain why a gun factory zombie bites harder than a suburban house zombie. They just do. Or explain it visually - just make them look more frightening and scary.
  20. lol you must be new to the internet if that's all it takes to annoy you
  21. I would like it if they spawned with different colored clothing and different face skins. The exact same 8 zombies always felt way too MMO style for me, and giving them names always felt like the wrong direction to take. Is this world full of mutant clones of the same 8-10 people or something? I much prefer Left 4 Dead's zombies, where they're all pretty similar but wear different clothes and are very difficult to distinguish as individuals. https://www.gamerevolution.com/assets/uploads/2020/12/Back-4-Blood-like-Left-4-Dead-Zombies.jpg
  22. I'm using a mod off Nexus that increases headshot damage and reduces body damage, but it only applies to vanilla weapons, and I've got a lot of new weapon mods such as STALKER and Wasteland Weapons. Can someone point me to the specific files I have to change in order to apply the same values to all of my modded weapons too? My goal is to have a Romero-style world where there are hundreds of zombies that are all resistant to body damage but die in one or two hits to the head.
  23. I mod the game to spawn 8x-16x the amount of zombies. There's also a mod where you can make them die in 1 hit to the head but are immune to body damage. You can even cut off all their limbs and they'll stay alive trying to bite you. All the simplifications seem balanced after that, since you've got 100 zombies in every chunk and they're all trying to kill you, you don't have much time to worry about stat numbers.
  24. Thanks, that seems pretty straightforward, opening up the rwgmixer.xml there's a list of vanilla prefabs with tags, I guess I just add the filenames of the custom prefabs and then tag them all like the others. Such as, zmexico27 prefab is tagged as <prefab name="zmexico27"/> --edit-- Seems to be working fine
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