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  1. The plague doesn't turn children, it just kills them because their brains aren't mature enough to host the parasite. Only adults can turn into zombies
  2. Please, kind modder man, for the love of god, remove the birdsong sounds from the forest biome and make a quieter ambient track with less constant repetitive noise
  3. Is there any way to just get the weapons without anything else?
  4. Awesome thanks for the answer, that's perfect. It's better if the odds of finding them are lower, you wouldn't want to be finding a ton of military grade tactical weapons everywhere
  5. Are the guns in Tactical action lootable in containers or are they only craftable?
  6. It's perfectly fine and legal to use copyrighted sounds for a game mod which you'll never make money from. You're not affiliated with TFP in any way and they won't be officially using or promoting your mod. There's plenty of mods for other games that use copyrighted material, and I think Steam is even allowed to host them on its Workshop as long as it isn't making any money from it. If you're at all unsure, just credit the source for every sound file you use and the absolute worst you'll get is a cease and desist letter, which in itself is so unlikely it's not even worth worrying about. Corporate lawyers don't care if some mod for an obscure game is using sound files from another game. They only care if you are profiting from it.
  7. I think power attacks should be mapped to a different button seperate to "alt-fire" so you can also do power attacks with stone axes and claw hammers. With normal melee weapons alt-fire could just be the same as a power attack. I just really wish the claw hammer was a viable melee weapon, everything about it is good against zombies.
  8. If you like Saints and Sinners there's a similar (lower budget) knock off called "SURV1V3" which is actually pretty good. It doesn't look as good but it feels pretty good to play and the melee combat and shooting is quite nice https://store.steampowered.com/app/722180/SURV1V3/
  9. I wish that finding food was more challenging and more of a focal point of the game. In every post apocalyptic movie like Mad Max or The Road, scavenging is mostly about finding food or fuel, not about amassing huge piles of junk. I don't like the way you start stockpiling food relatively early and after an hour of play "food" is an annoying maintenance mechanic instead of something you really have to think about and plan around. Instead of just "hunger" I'd like the hunger bar to represent your intake of calories for the day. Hunger would deplete slower, starvation would take days to kill you, but food would be MUCH harder to find. So a small can of tuna or peas will keep you alive, dog/cat food is OK in an emergency, but an MRE or a can of beef is the most precious and valuable thing in the entire world. Farming would be extremely slow, very specialized, prone to failure, and require a lot of resources. This would force the player to actually scavenge and properly plan their movement in the world to prioritize food, and scavenge further sooner. A mod for this would be great if anyone knows one.
  10. Most item and weapon modlets should still work right? Like if I have a modlet that adds a gladius or a hatchet or a spartan sword that should be unaffected?
  11. I strongly believe 7DTD could be a 1000% better experience if the sounds were overhauled. It could be more exciting, more creepy, more immersive, and a lot more fun if they got rid of all the stock sounds and replaced them with better ones. It's really the icing on the cake that will turn this game into AAA quality. It makes such a massive difference. Are there any plans for this? If not, TFP should think about hiring a dedicated sound guy with experience in horror games. Hire a couple of male and female heavy metal vocalists from local bands for the zombie voices too. Any heavy metal vocalist would be able to do great zombie voices and put their own unique spin on it.
  12. Is the experimental version just a buggy version of a20 or are there features missing from it?
  13. I remember seeing them talk about this years ago, for a video for like A15. Apparently it would require them to rework the entire weapons system in order to reload shotguns shell by shell instead of just have a single reload animation like all the other guns. I think I remember them saying they won't change it because the outcome of a realistic shotgun reload animation wouldn't justify the amount of time and effort they'd have to spend on it.
  14. If I was to buy a zombies pack from the unity store is there a way of adding them to 7DTD somehow?
  15. No because you have to stop the NPC from dying
  16. All the game's sound is sub-par, it's an area they've totally neglected. I really hope all the sounds get a proper overhaul, I believe most of them are stock sounds from the unity store including all the zombie vocals. They seriously need to hire a dedicated sound guy to overhaul the entire game as well as hire a few heavy metal vocalists to do some proper zombie voices. The generic cheery birdsong in the forest areas drives me absolutely nuts, it's so inappropriate and immersion breaking. They need to replace it with eerie wind-through-trees sounds and crow calls. A professional sound guy would know how to make this game 1000% more creepy and atmospheric.
  17. Because it's a tired pointless topic that doesn't go anywhere. Anyone who has ever been on an early access game's forum has seen this topic 100 times before. You're impatient, you think you could run a company better, [company] are incompetent, [company] are lazy, [company] are scammers, etc etc etc. Oh yeah and also you have like 20 million hours clocked in this garbage game made by lazy incompetent scammers. The game is like 30 bucks. It's not AAA price, it's not a subscription, you knew it was unfinished when you bought it. It's the price of 1 and a half jugs of beer, you spend more at the pub on a saturday night buying a round for your mates. At the end of the day TFP are a motley crew of joe shmoes who've formed a games company and happened to have created something really cool and fun that has made them millions. They're not coke snorting Californian yuppies who have a bunch of shareholders breathing down their necks. They're not suddenly going to turn into a AAA company and start crunching overtime and slaving away for 16 hour days just because you are impatient about updates. Their work hours are probably pretty relaxed and they have a good time in their jobs. You're waiting for updates and you'll play it as soon as A20 drops. They've already won. Why would they change this? This is a business model that has worked very well for them whether you like it or not. They're using 7DTD to develop tech that they'll use in their next unannounced games. Their next games will probably make as much if not more sales. They are set for life and riding a train made of pure gold, and I'm happy for them, they deserve it. There is zero reason for them to change anything about their company whatsoever. You angry nerds with 3000 hours in the game complaining and moaning on the internet will do absolutely nothing, they don't even read it, they don't care. I'm going to save this post and copy paste it in response to the next thread that gets created
  18. Why does the NPC have to follow you to a location as an "escort mission"? Why not just clear the area around a sheltering NPC and then they'll run off by themselves and despawn when they're out of your sight range?
  19. That old Genesis Shadowrun game. It's still voxel and mostly the same as 7DTD, but instead of a zombie apocalypse wasteland it's a decaying cyberpunk city full of aggressive enemies like drug crazed gangbangers and augmented mercenaries. You are the leader of a small time gang and you run (minigame) jobs for clients like hacking, stealing, and ghoul extermination. You can take over derelict buildings as gang HQ and outposts.
  20. It's more to have a central place to get mods from and vote on the best of all time. Yes the supereasy click-to-install function is great but I personally don't have any problems installing mods to my game, it's probably as easy as it could possibly get already, without some kind of dedicated mod manager. I'm looking forward to a time when Steam Workshop has things like quest packs that you can download 50 trader quests with interesting little mini-stories behind them that will help to flesh out the world. "My sister needs baby formula for my new niece, please help us survivor", "my best friend went missing in X biome, find him alive or bring back his satchel if he's dead", things like that.
  21. +1 for @%$# bar, it should be a city PoI with a name like KY's Backdoor Barn or Lickety Split or The Manhole
  22. https://www.brendonburton.com/ Saw this guy's website and was reminded of some of the buildings in this game, and other post apocalyptic games. I love his use of bright lurid colors against seedy run-down environments. If I had my way I'd change all the signs in 7DTD to be like the neon signs in these photos, imagine how creepy and atmospheric that would look, at night
  23. I play 7DTD with my wife, she doesn't care about it and didn't even notice it. Strip clubs exist, every town has one. I think the vast majority of women aren't offended by things like this and don't expect special treatment or protection. Yours is a fairly Victorian mindset in my opinion, the belief that women have more delicate sensibilities and must be protected from crass humor or sexual imagery. There are plenty of games nowadays that pander to people who are easily offended, you've got a huge lineup to choose from.
  24. I think I've solved the directionless endgame issue. We've all gotten to the point where we've built a base, we can survive indefinitely, we're now building the endgame stuff like turrets and blade traps, and the game gets boring. Dungeons like the gun factory are an awesome idea. But they need to be sources of endgame loot and building materials which aren't obtainable elsewhere. Loot needs to make sense. For example, the gun factory should have an item that lets you make high level guns or turrets. A concrete factory should have the recipe for reinforced concrete. The hospital should have the recipe for medkits. You shouldn't be able to create endgame recipes without completing endgame objectives. Random loot in this game needs to be categorized more strictly so you can't find high level stuff in low level residential houses, and you have to strategize your runs. This already was implemented somewhat in A19 with the electronics stores, etc, but it needs to go further. If you want something, you should be able to plan for it. In a good survival game the fun of endgame is tackling high-level areas and enemies but there has to be a proper REASON to do this. Knowing that you'll be looting the same types of randomized containers that appear in other lower-level dungeons is just not a great incentive. I don't know about anyone else but for me it causes burnout and turns it into a chore more than an objective. You have to know that you'll get something good, from a pool of items that you can only get in those areas. The Lucky Looter perk and your % to find stuff is great and all, but it ends up ruining the game's sense of progression. This could also lead into high-level trader quests to find essential civilization items such as "find a crate of baby formula" in an infested half-collapsed milk factory. Or finding jackpots like luxuries, like a crate of shampoo in a cosmetics factory which you can sell for 3000 dukes. TL;DR: The randomized loot is too random and hurts the endgame. The loot system needs to be categorized more strictly, forcing players to plan their loot runs and travel to specific buildings in order to progress their gear and base.
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