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  1. after testing things a bit, it's unfortunately a no. the uma system was pretty much gutted from a21. so there's no way to update my UMA style zombies. they will be left to unlive the rest of their days on alpha 20. i do have a fraction of those zombies that don't use UMA which i could recover kinda (there's still a bit of lost details and effects due to alpha 21 changes), but for now will leave it be. to create custom zombies, the easiest remaining method is the texture swap method that the Snufkin zombies and Robelotto zombies use. they're both great zombie mods that adds lots of variety. of course the most die hard complete way is to create your own 3D models and import using NPCMod. i'm slowly learning Blender and currently returned to modding Minetest with plans to continue my enZombie mobs there in the low poly blocky style, but who know's... if my 3D modeling skills get good enough, i might attempt to 3D model custom zombies for NPCMod.........
  2. ah i see. those other UDP ports! i've added them to my router and litenetlib is working now and with steamnetworking disabled. tested with my bro and no more rubber banding. thanks for your quick response. 👍
  3. How can I ensure my server is listening/running/allowing LiteNetLib. All my players are falling back on SteamNetworkingClient. Background: i have a dedicated server (windows) setup in my home running 7D2D, behind a typical residential high speed cable internet connection. My bros, kids, and a few friends have been playing on this server setup for several years without issue. they can find my server within the 7D2D server browser just fine and connect successfully. it's only on this last alpha 21 B317, that my bro is getting zombies rubber banding everywhere when there's more than like 3-4 zombies in the fight. strangely he does not experience much lag in any other aspect of the game: his fps is okay and his in-game character doesn't lag. other players do not experience this zombie rubber banding at all. and again, this rubber banding does not occur at all when playing alpha 20.7 or prior on my server. i also host valhiem, don't starve and minecraft on my server (not running at the same time of course), and i haven't heard reports of lag issues. in troubleshooting further my bro noticed this from his 7D2D client logs: 2023-06-25T06:07:43 85.921 INF NET: LiteNetLib trying to connect to: 98.xxx.xxx.xxx:26900 2023-06-25T06:07:48 91.795 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Connection failed: ConnectionFailed 2023-06-25T06:07:48 91.795 INF NET: Steam NW trying to connect to: 98.xxx.x.xxx:26900 2023-06-25T06:07:48 91.796 INF [Steamworks.NET] NET: Connecting to SteamID xxxxxxx 2023-06-25T06:07:48 91.798 INF Started thread SteamNetworkingClient 2023-06-25T06:07:52 95.486 INF [Steamworks.NET] NET: Connection established 2023-06-25T06:07:52 95.528 INF [Steamworks.NET] NET: Password accepted (the IP and SteamID is x'd out for security) i soon realized that ALL players to my server are getting this same LiteNetLib connection failure and is falling back on SteamNetworkingClient. I've come to understand that SteamNetworkingClient is horrible, and players should connect using LiteNetLib when possible. Below is what I've done so far, but players still fall back to SteamNetworkingClient... Ensured router port forwarding: External Port = 26900 Internal Port = 26900 Protocol = BOTH (TCP and UDP) Server Internal IP = 192.168.xxx.xxx Windows Inbound firewall settings (on the server): 7daystodieserver.exe = allow both TCP and UDP connections from any local and remote address 7D2D Server Litnetlib confirm: When running up the 7D2D server, it shows Litenetlib execution ok 2023-06-25T05:32:47 5.468 INF NET: Starting server protocols 2023-06-25T05:32:47 5.592 INF NET: LiteNetLib server started 2023-06-25T05:32:47 5.593 INF [Steamworks.NET] NET: Server started 2023-06-25T05:32:47 5.593 INF Started thread SteamNetworkingServer 2023-06-25T05:32:47 5.594 INF StartGame 2023-06-25T05:32:47 5.595 INF NetPackageManager Init Port scanner site ( https://portchecker.co ) confirms port 26900 is open on the public IP to my server. My bro can telnet to port 26900 successfully, and it spits back all my server game config details. 7D2D serverconfig.xml setup below: <!-- Networking --> <property name="ServerPort" value="26900"/> <!-- Port you want the server to listen on. Keep it in the ranges 26900 to 26905 or 27015 to 27020 if you want PCs on the same LAN to find it as a LAN server. --> <property name="ServerVisibility" value="2"/> <!-- Visibility of this server: 2 = public, 1 = only shown to friends, 0 = not listed. As you are never friend of a dedicated server setting this to "1" will only work when the first player connects manually by IP. --> <property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" value=""/> <!-- Networking protocols that should not be used. Separated by comma. Possible values: LiteNetLib, SteamNetworking. Dedicated servers should disable SteamNetworking if there is no NAT router in between your users and the server or when port-forwarding is set up correctly --> <property name="ServerMaxWorldTransferSpeedKiBs" value="512"/> you can see above that both LiteNetLib and SteamNetworking are enabled since i lieft he property "ServerDisabledNetworkingProtocols" blank. if i changed this value to SteamNetworking, no players can connect to my server. My bro tried a few other public 7D2D servers that's running alpha 21 B317 and is able to connect using Litenetlib and does not get rubber banding effect. it appears that even though my server appears to be running LiteNetLib successfully, outside clients are not getting LiteNetLib acknowledgement and fall back on SteamNetworking. is there anything i have overlooked or that i can do here? thanks much for any ideas!
  4. yep. will get a chance to test it out here in a few days and fix any compatibility issues. have you noticed anything so far?
  5. unfortunately the floaty behavior of the zombies is because of the underlying UMA system that the characters and zombie models are based on. the devs would have to help fix this, but another unfortunately is the devs already stated that the UMA system is no longer supported and will be removed in future updates.
  6. unfortunately, the UMA system will not be fixed as it will be replaced with a different system in the future.
  7. i haven't played vintage story but have been following it for a while. it's got all the stuff i like --- great crafting, exploring, biomes, weather, etc. i may need to buy the game to see how far i can mod it to follow some more of the 7 days aspects i like (non blocky terrain, hordes of mobs, etc). good stuff.
  8. hi @a_jp just so that i better understand, you have this mod installed on a dedicated server and after you finish the game session, do you want to you know to restart to play the game again? if that is your question, that what you need to do is on the serverconfig.xml file you just create new name for the GameName. then you restart the server, and the players can start over to play again. below is the what the GameName property looks like on the serverconfig.xml file on the server: <property name="GameName" value="yourGameName01"/> whenever you want to start a new game and play the tower defense again, just change the value of "yourGameName" to something new each time. let me know if that helps. i'm looking to make a game with similar physics and zombie variety like 7 days, but with less focus on fast pace fps / modern weapons, but instead more focus on infinite biome exploration above ground and below ground like minecraft, and casual survival elements for all ages like Don't Starve together. too many open world survival games turn into counter strike, fortnight, or some military combat game these days. i prefer survival that's more slow paced like valheim and lots of looting and strategy like project zomboid. what are some mods or game ideas that you would like to see?
  9. still here and about. just now posted teamplay vid of me and @Cs021 as well as our score on the front page multiplay leaderboard. our team average score was 2979. 😎 while waiting for alpha 21 to release, i've decided to try my hand at making my own open world survival game using unreal engine. it's going to be a very long term project but has been something i've always wanted to do. more info on my webpage here
  10. uploaded multiplayer playthrough with me and @Cs021 . the video is taken from my pov. will have our team average score posted on the leaderboard by tomorrow. this had me thinking about how the multiplayer leaderboard should be run. for multiplayer, the most fair way is to take the average score of all players in the party. so if there were 3 players in the party, and P1 got 2,000 pts, P2 got 3,000 pts, and P3 got 4,000 pts, then the average team score is 3,000. and this is the score that will be posted on the multiplayer leaderboard as a single team and not individual scores. simply posting the total of everyone's score onto the leaderboard wouldn't be fair, as larger teams will have more players and therefor more zombie kills. and if we instead post the score of each individual team member onto the multiplayer leaderboard, then those who played more supportive roles (building, air support, etc) will always battle fewer enemies and receive less points. youtube video of our playthrough below. it's a good 2hrs and 50min as we got to horde stage 20 😎 . the video description has some timed jump points to a few interesting parts.
  11. nice run @Cs021 👍 as one of my frequent playtesters for enTowerDefense, you sure have found some good strategies. in addition to heavily fortifying the tower from all sides, i can see you're also taking advantage of the fact that zombies tend to pause their spawning if you don't have line of sight to the arena floor. so when you're hidden within the walls of your fortified base, it's only when you peek outside that new zombies will drop into the area. the positive is that it keeps you safe and zombie count to minimum if you need spend time to repair and upgrade gear and update skills, but the negative is that your potential zombie kills and score would be slower compared the players to who keep the zombies coming in nonstop. looks like you're the one to beat now for rank #1 on the single player leaderboard!
  12. great video and nice strategy with blocking off the stairs and leaving a ledge on the opposite side to hop onto. you might want build up walls and floors next time on the tower frame to shield off those vomit attacks.. but still got to stage 8 which isn't bad at all. i've added you to the singleplayer leaderboard at rank #1 🏆👍. hope you enjoyed the battle. thanks for the suggestions. i'd like to keep it all simple and to help reduce lag, so i'm avoiding putting in extra decorations on the map for now. adding turrets for single player would be tricky because i don't have a way to ensure it show up only for single player and not in multiplayer for the vending machines or in the loot bags. but adding lanterns would be a good idea and helpful for everyone... so i'll add them in the vending machines. 👍
  13. here's a video from an earlier version - doesn't have the tower frame and a few other things, but the main mechanics are there. this vid doesn't show lots of zombies spawning and doesn't get too crazy, since i was just demonstrating the concept... but the battle gets very hairy after a couple horde stages during normal play. i may do a real play tomorrow with my kids and can post that up. 😁
  14. @CrypticGirl ok i think i got it. first time i've created a custom map to share so just now figuring this out. 😁 looks like there's some custom prefabs that need to be downloaded as well. i updated my original post with the details, and copied for you below. let me know if this fixes it. Download the prefabs that represent the battle arena labeled enTowerDefensePrefabs. Copy all the prefab files into your "LocalPrefabs" folder. The LocalPrefabs folder should be located inside the same folder where your GeneratedWorlds and Saves folder are. the prefabs are available from the same github link very true haha. you're pretty much doomed. but actually, one strategy is the load up on healing if you are getting close to 50HP.. that way if you get KO'd, you are still slowly healing from the bandage/med kit and will self-recover back above 50HP again... then flee the fight to live another day
  15. Hi @CrypticGirl It sounds like you're spawning out in the grass/ground and not within the arena which has concrete floors. The arena is part of the enTowereDefenseArena map. Do you see the arena anywhere at all when you spawn? Also, did you ensure the map was downloaded and copied to the correct game folder? Steps described in the Requirements section. Let me know if still having issues.
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