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  1. thanks @magejosh 👍 my next update will include these ^ changes to help make NPCMod more agreeable with enZombies. thanks for whipping up a solution in the meantime.
  2. thanks! and yes, if you ever do get the NRE error, try out that supporting mod and let me know. i've been keeping a close eye on NPCMod and will likely create an add-on mod for that one two. i consider NPCMod one of the more interesting and impressive mods to add truly custom and new zombies.. if you're willing to learn a bit of 3D editing too. the fate of the UMA system may also nudge me ever closer to adopting NPCMod instead of UMA archetypes for creating future custom zombies.... who knows.... 😎 regarding your custom player profile being deleted when enZombies is first time loaded ---- that's a new one for me. did this happen on an existing saved map or a new map? if any other players got their player profiles messed up too.. definitely let us know here.
  3. ATTENTION: I created a simple mod that removes all prefab attachments for UMA zombies. this serves to help me troubleshoot the NRE error issue. so if you experienced the NullReferenceException (NRE) error while exploring a POI, drop this mod into your Mods folder in the same way like my other mods. No Decos Mod (google drive link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/15C47k0XIG3EyNR5jTj8JuttaLnU5l7Qh/view?usp=sharing what i'm hoping to see: no more NRE errors when exploring POIs LOL! but i doubt it. what i do expect to see is that NRE errors still continue, but at least it tells me the prefab attachments are not the cause.. and i can check that off my list of possible suspects.. and move on to my next suspects. thanks for your cooperation.
  4. hi @Jay_ombie - glad you like the zombies and thanks for reporting the error as well. looks like you also were on a trader quest with the NRE occurred ... and happened within zombie groups containing UMA zombies with prefab attachments. i'm also starting to see and wonder if this impacts only the "SleeperHordeStageCS" group. as a player explores a POI, the sleepervolumes can refer to any number of zombie groups to populate as sleepers. the SleeperHordeStageCS group is the most common group (though not the only one). i'll keep my eye out on that group and think of ways to test this. everyone thanks for continuing to report.... and please continue to send screenshots of the NRE... and let me know the POI name, and if repeating that same trader quest again (if possible), whether you consistently get the same NRE... and if it results in any invisible zombies.
  5. @arramus thanks much for that additional info. certainly seems like it only happens during a trader quest. shooting in the dark here, but will provide a test version of enZombies where all the prefab attachments (wielded weapons, bags, effects) on the UMA zombies are removed. trial by elimination of sorts. i think we'll eventually whittle it down to something. UPDATE: meanwhile.. I'm about 80% with the Robeloto zombies add-on. i plan to have that released along with a few more new zombies by end of this weekend. 😎
  6. thanks this is very useful when making new buffs for mods.
  7. @getkloaked thanks for letting me know you're getting the same NRE issue too. question: when another trader quest to that same POI is available again in the game, does the same error happen consistently again? and do you remember what gamestage range your party was during the quest? this is a challenging one to troubleshoot as it seems intermittent. what seems consistent so far is that the NRE invis zombie occurs only during trader quests. unless some player out there can confirm if they also received this NRE-invis zombie inside a POI that was not quest-activated.. or out in the wilderness? another thing i believe is that the invis zombie is not always the same type of zombie.. and may be a random selection. hopefully this is due to a specific UMA zombie (or zombie configuration) that might be causing this, and not due to just any UMA zombie. coming from this standpoint, i can tshoot by eliminating the suspected UMA zombies from spawn (and continue to remove more) until the error no longer occurs. my first suspect would be any UMA zombie that has a prefab attachment (wielding torches, tools, bags, or other non-apparel decoration). in the next day or two, i'll have a test version of enZombies mod for you to download and try.
  8. @Telric - i just ran across the Sittable Furnitures mod by @moongaming, but unfortunately appears no longer being updated. i like the idea of having a sitting / lying pose for furniture. would it be possible to add the lying down pose when sleeping on the bedroll of your sleeping mod? i think that would be very cool.
  9. that is hilarious! great find. i looked into this further, it appears that male entities in the game has dancetype of 1 and females have dancetype of 2. it wouldn't be too difficult to create an item or weapon in which when used, can cause a trader or zombie to activate the SetDancing buff too! 😆
  10. no worries i see where you're coming from. we all can have different play styles. thanks for adding the crouching functionality. 👍
  11. love the sleeping mod. is it possible to add the following additional features? 1) check if player is currently being hunted, and prevent sleeping if that is occurring. not sure about you, but i'm unable to sleep if there's too much noise outside, and screamers wailing or zombies constantly punching at your bunker base is no exception. 2) the requirement to crouch in order to activate sleeping. sometimes a player base can be a bit small with the bedroll near heavily trafficked areas, and maybe the player doesn't want to accidentally activate sleep, and fast forward time progression.. since they need more time in the day to hit the trader quests or upgrade their base before horde night. 3) i like the positive benefits of sleeping and how it's tied to the perks. any thoughts on adding detriments of not sleeping? otherwise someone can play the entire game with 'sleepiness' at 100% and never care to step on their bedroll, and essentially ignore the sleepiness mechanic. some ideas: reduced running speed, reduced stamina maximum, vision starts to occasionally blur (drunk effect), etc. keep up the good work.
  12. excellent. so in addition to creating NPCs, this NPCMod is also meant for creating more zombies?
  13. once you're happy with the functionality, if you would plz share that mod and i'd love to try it too and then post it on the main page. 👍
  14. thanks @magejosh and @arramus in regards to our continuing ideas to counteract the floaty ragdoll for UMA zombies, i will try out these ideas (and have other suggestions received from the discord channel) and will post up any progress. meanwhile, if you discover something more beforehand, i would love to hear it. actually @Robeloto did give me the green light for me to add all his cool zombies to enZombies mod. 😎 i'm currently reworking the Snufkin Zombies Addon so i can use that as a template for the upcoming "Robeloto Zombies Addon" - as well as for another existing zombie mods out there. you'll see the robeloto zombie addon release on the next update.
  15. it looks like the XML file house_old_victorian_03.xml refers to three sleeper categories that are defined in gamestages.xml: S_-Group_Generic_Zombie S_-_Group_Zom_Badass S_Zom_Burnt each of these categories eventually drill down and refer to the following zombie groups within entitygroups.xml: S_-Group_Generic_Zombie --> sleeperHordeStageGS S_-_Group_Zom_Badass --> badassHordeStageGS S_Zom_Burnt --> zombieBurntGroupGS all three groups contain references to enZombies, but only the first two groups sleeperHordeStageGS and badassHordeStageGS contain zombieMutated. the group badassHordeStageGS is the one that spawns up in the attic that matches your play description and screenshot, so i'm paying very close attention to that zombie group. the enZombies mod defines the following entities (including their feral and radiated variants) for badassHordeStageGS during player gamestage of 100 and higher. also i need to correct myself in that my current version of the Snufkin Addon does not spawn zombies in the sleeper groups. so it's not possible for the Mantis zombie to spawn. i currently suspect an enZombie in the above group, in combination with perhaps a bug or quirk with how that POI was designed (since this doesn't occur with all POIs) is causing the NRE. which in turn creates a cascade effect that spawns a subsequent vanilla zombie (like zombieMutated) without it's entity texture... thus a player would be unable to aim/defeat it and fail the zombie clear quest goal. i wonder if UMA zombies that have buff attachments could be triggering this? hmmm..... i loaded up a new 10k pregen map with cheats and went into DM mode, and upped my gamestage to 135. i did not visit any trader and just teleported directed to that POI house_old_victorian_03. i explored the entire POI, including the attic, and didn't get an NRE error. but, i also checked the console logs and none of the sleeper groups had spawned in the zombieMutated entity. i did get a zombieFatCop couple times. i visited two other house_old_victorian_03 POIs on that map, fought my way up to the attic, again saw that badassHordeStageGS is activated, but among a few vanilla zombies, didn't get a zombieMutated to spawn. two things i would still like to do when i get the chance: 1) keep revisiting this POI in hopes to see a zombieMutated spawn up in the attic, and perhaps then an NRE will occur (still unsure that zombieMutated is the real trigger) and i'll get an invisible zombieMutated or invisible other zombie 2) try to visit this POI during a trader quest to see if this NRE-invis-entity behavior more commonly happens during trader quests this issue is very intermittent so it's hard quickly troubleshoot, but i know it's happening. who knows, this NRE-invis-entity issue could just be random and not tied to a specific POI. only way to rule out complete randomness is to see if we can consistently get the NRE-invis-entity on this specific POI during a trader quest or when a mutated zombie show up(?) definitely let me know of you encounter this issue with other POIs and/or during other trader quests. it will be very helpful to know.
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