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  1. Hello everyone, I just want to make small flat map that has no decorations. Just flat dirt. I experimented with the in-game world editor staring with pine forest map, but not having much luck with removing all the decorations all at once. also tried messing with modding the biomes.xml file. i zero out all the decoration probabilities, but for some reason some grass and trees still remain. any ideas? biomes.xml <set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome/subbiome/decorations/decoration[contains(@blockname,'tree')]/@prob">0</set> <set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome/subbiome/decorations/decoration[contains(@blockname,'plant')]/@prob">0</set> <set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome/subbiome/decorations/decoration[contains(@blockname,'cnt')]/@prob">0</set>
  2. @dujinyuan i'll add both of these to my TODO list. These are fantastic zombie models too, I've used them in the past on my server with family and friends.
  3. @MatisJaximus Ouch haha. sounds like you had to re-evaluate some life choices on that last run. what was that creature that followed you up the stairs to your doom?? were you also using the snufkin zombies addon? those zobmbies are tough ones. regarding the spawn numbers, i tend to prefer whole number values when doing the spawn probabilities - though of course your values are just as valid. If you're curious about the entry for the invisibleAnimalEnemy spawn, apparently the game spawns too many animals by default and you have to add that line in order to dilute the spawn chance of real animals from spawning. if you find that too many animals within a certain entitygroup are spawning, then increase the prob value for invisibleAnimalEnemy. if just a specific animal within a group is spawning too much, you can of course just lower that animal's prob number. During my own personal tests, i have not had an overabundance of baddy animals like wolves and bears, but weird things can happen. Feel free to tweak those prob values and i'd be curious to see which works best for you.
  4. Hi @MatisJaximus that's exactly how i would have calculated it and have understood it.
  5. all other zombie mods will likely have problems working with enZombies unless you make some adjustments to the XML files. it's because i made a lot of changes to the same files that the other zombie mods like Creaturepack use. if you reeaally reaaally want.. i can make a new addon for enZombies mod that will add Creaturepack zombies to spawn too. but just to be sure, @xyth let me know if this is OK with you. i won't be making any changes to the creaturepack zombies themselves, it will just be the spawning behavior so that it will cooperate with enZombie existing spawning code. you will be credited on the addon mod as well as everywhere else. What do you think? 😎 lastly, there are many Creaturepacks. which one's did you want to use with enZombies? or all of them? it will prob take a few days for me to review one on and incorporate into and addon. if you have a certain priority, let me know. 0-CreaturePackAnimals - Things like animals, birds, insects etc. 0-CreaturePackHumans - Various bandits, traders, and survivors and other humanoid rigged entities 0-CreaturePackMechs - Robots, drones and other mechanical things like SphereBot, the avatar of my modding partner SphereII 0-CreaturePackZombies - Zombies, you know, dead things that used to be human. Humanoid rigged. 0-CreaturePackFantasy - Everything else that doesn't fit in the 4 other categories. Swarms, Orcs, Pokemon etc.
  6. i'll definitely explore that idea. i'm sure there are a number of existing items that can make sense to attach to animals - like a few of the weapon meshes (spears, clubs, etc) and other meshes like jars, torches, item bags, etc. I've also seen in other mods where the texture of the vanilla zombies and animals are replaced with other in-game textures, like wood or metallic textures. for example the vanilla wolf has a water/liquid texture or flame texture. it looked pretty awesome. i'd like to use some of those ideas too for more zombie and animal variations @TomGun42 was that a mod you created yourself for your server? those new textured zombies were nice.
  7. hi @AndrewT like what kind of symbols? like they wear some kind of object? or, tattoo or different color fur? keep in mind i can only use what objects and textures that already exist in the vanilla game. if you are thinking of creating a brand new object or symbo to put in the game, that is outside my purpose of this mod - because it will require players on a server to download files.
  8. hi @Nagano - yes this is a behavior i noticed too. these UMA type zombies don't get shocked initially, but i've found that oftentimes if they are knocked down while touching the wires, then they will get shocked. the stun batons electrify them just fine though. much strangeness. i'm still experimenting with this to see if it's just some XML parameter i need to modify in the Buffs, Blocks, or Entityclass files to mimic the vanilla zombie characteristics. but it in the end, it might be a limitation of UMA zombies. hopefully there is a solution. 😓
  9. Hi @ZombieMax mods that add a bigger backpack or change loot and add items should not cause any problems with the enZombies mod. if you are getting the red errors called NullReferenceException, then there are a couple POIs that could cause that. Can you let me know which POIs gave you the red errors? Hi @dujinyuan the flying drones (HellFlyer and HellShocker) are part of the Snufkin Zombies addon mod. You probably have not encountered many of the other Snufkin zombies yet because most are even stronger than the Hell Flyers LOL. All of the zombies from that addon are fairly strong actually and I tried to set the spawn probability fairly low. Here is how you can stop the HellFlyer from appearing: - exit from the 7 Days game if it's running - find the file called entitygroups.xml - this file is located in the Mods folder, inside enZombiesAddonSnufin folder, and inside Config folder - using a text editor, open up this file so you can view the contents of the XML code - scroll to the very bottom of that file - you will see the very last line says </configs> - go to a blank line above that </config> line - copy and paste the code below into the blank line - then save the file and start up your game. <set xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup/entity[@name='HellFlyer']/@prob">0</set> In the code above, you can see the number zero. This will prevent the HellFlyer from spawning. If you want to prevent any other Snufkin zombies from spawning, you can just make an exact copy of that code and add it below that current line. Then, replace 'HellFlyer' with a different Snufkin enemy that you want to remove. Below are all the different Snufkin zombie names that you can use in the above code: zombieScorcher zombieBanshee zombieMantis zombieGeist zombieScarecrow zombiePsycho zombieSiren ZombieUndertaker ZombieBomber ZombieJuggernaut zombieCowhead zombieParasite zombieWendigo zombieWrestler ZombieArchon zombieMotorhead Paindeer Mittens HellLion HellBear HellWolf HellBoar HellFlyer HellShocker SharkWFLB ZombieJuggernautGolden zombieGeistArcher zombieHisser zombieTipsySquatch zombieDirewolf zombieTipsyPinkSquatch zombiePsycho ZombieArchon
  10. hi @ZombieMax those warning messages are OK to ignore and will not cause problems to enZombies mod. But, it's interesting that you are getting such warnings in the first place. the warnings mean that my mod cannot find the biome names like "pine_forest", "desert", "snow", etc in the XML code so that it can delete them. but, since they are already deleted, my mod is happy anyway. those biome names are part of the vanilla code so i'm surprised they are not there. do you have any other mods installed along with enZombies?
  11. HOTFIX for the Snufkin Zombies Addon. Please disregard v1.1 and be sure to download v1.1b instead. Click here to download v1.1b (google drive link) I forgot to add the Snufkin Raid quest into the loot table when uploading v1.1. It's now fixed in v1.1b. 😎
  12. That would be an awesome mechanic. Kind of like shooting off limbs, but this time shooting off bits of armor or weapons. Currently by using the UMA models, we can attach certain prefabs and blocks onto the zombies, but those attached objects can only act as dummy visuals. For example, the knives and clubs that you see attached to my Punk zombies. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to really hook any code or functionality to those objects in order to have them react to any sort of physical stimuli ... like bullets or attacks. so any 'disarming' mechanic is not possible via UMA technique. The devs can add this feature the proper way from their end with the new added meshes, animations, and particles, but you might have to stand in line behind all the other feature request that others have posed throughout the years. 😉
  13. Version 1.9 Released! (Updated download link on original post) - added all KHzMuzik UMA zomies into enZombies. spawns only in wandering horde for now. Thanks @khzmusik for your permission. 😎 - added 4 male and 4 female weapon-wielding punk zombies (spawns only in wandering horde for now) - created Snufkin 'mad scientist' boss. spawns only in challenge quest when using Snufkin Zombies addon. (refer below) - updated localization.txt to give all enZombies new on-screen names - updated localization.txt to display cleaner on-screan names for all vanilla zombies - ensured any weapon-wielding zombies do not have crawlers - slightly increased bears and zombie bears spawning in forest - removed flame effects (on some torches and bodies) when zombies are killed - updated wandering horde to include feral zombies - removed from wandering horde any zombies that don't make sense for all biomes: burnt zombies, snow zombies, vultures, etc. - ensured the lab creatures also spawn within wandering hordes Snufkin Zombies Addon Update: (updated Addons section on original post) Version 1.1b Update: ** be sure the .zip file is enZombiesAddonSnufkin1_1b.zip ** - added a chain quest that showcases all Snufkin zombies and the 'mad scientist' Snufkin as the final boss! 😲 - ensure Snufkin, KHzmuzik, enZombies, and vanilla zombies can all spawn together within wandering hordes - added on-screen description of Parasite's health drain buff, and increased health drain from 15 to 25 - added on-screen description of Wrestler's taunt buff - improved positioning of undertaker's shovel and motorhead's axe to look better during swing - added localization.txt to allow cleaner in-game display of all snufkin zombie names - made bigger zombies have farther reach to be more consistent with reach proportion of enZombies - made weapon-wielding zombies have higher chance of injury buffs (bleeding, lacerations, etc) Plans for next update: - challenge quests for punk zombies - challenge quests for KHZMuzik zombies - more challenge quests for Snufkin zombies - goblins and giants appear in special waves in horde night - snufkin zombies appear in special waves in horde night - new addon to allow harvesting zombie bodies Any errors or bugs, let me know. Enjoy!
  14. i see yea. in my goblin raid quests, i use wolves, direwolves and coyotes that fight alongside the goblins. in version 1.7, i made special versions of the wolf, direwolf, and coyote specifically for the goblin raid quests - so that they do not run away when injured and do not attack the other goblins. this certainly does sounds like a big boss level battle.. and would certainly make a nice challenge for a single player raid. aside from making these challenges unsharable, which i have already done for all the existing goblin raid quests, i wish there was a way to scale the difficulty (or say the number of spawned enemies) based on gamestage. when other players happen to free-ride on the quest it makes the raid less challenging.
  15. Pretty neat idea. 👍 Just to be sure i get it though: Challenge quest spawns: - 3 forest giants - 3 snow giants - 2 wasteland giants Challenge quest completion goal: - kill both wasteland giants You mentioned aggressive animals. Which animals were you thinking to also spawn? What would you say is a fair reward for completing this quest? Just for reference, current completion rewards for the existing goblin quests: Goblin Raid: 1,000 coins / 1,500 XP Forest Goblin Raid: 7,500 coins / 8,800 XP Desert Goblin Raid: 7,700 coins / 8,900 XP Snow Goblin Raid: 8,000 coins / 9,000 XP Red Goblin Raid: 8,500 coins / 9,900 XP Wasteland Goblin Raid: 9,500 coins / 10,500 XP I can add this to the next update.
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