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  1. That old Genesis Shadowrun game. It's still voxel and mostly the same as 7DTD, but instead of a zombie apocalypse wasteland it's a decaying cyberpunk city full of aggressive enemies like drug crazed gangbangers and augmented mercenaries. You are the leader of a small time gang and you run (minigame) jobs for clients like hacking, stealing, and ghoul extermination. You can take over derelict buildings as gang HQ and outposts.
  2. It's more to have a central place to get mods from and vote on the best of all time. Yes the supereasy click-to-install function is great but I personally don't have any problems installing mods to my game, it's probably as easy as it could possibly get already, without some kind of dedicated mod manager. I'm looking forward to a time when Steam Workshop has things like quest packs that you can download 50 trader quests with interesting little mini-stories behind them that will help to flesh out the world. "My sister needs baby formula for my new niece, please help us survivor", "my best friend went missing in X biome, find him alive or bring back his satchel if he's dead", things like that.
  3. +1 for @%$# bar, it should be a city PoI with a name like KY's Backdoor Barn or Lickety Split or The Manhole
  4. https://www.brendonburton.com/ Saw this guy's website and was reminded of some of the buildings in this game, and other post apocalyptic games. I love his use of bright lurid colors against seedy run-down environments. If I had my way I'd change all the signs in 7DTD to be like the neon signs in these photos, imagine how creepy and atmospheric that would look, at night
  5. I play 7DTD with my wife, she doesn't care about it and didn't even notice it. Strip clubs exist, every town has one. I think the vast majority of women aren't offended by things like this and don't expect special treatment or protection. Yours is a fairly Victorian mindset in my opinion, the belief that women have more delicate sensibilities and must be protected from crass humor or sexual imagery. There are plenty of games nowadays that pander to people who are easily offended, you've got a huge lineup to choose from.
  6. I think I've solved the directionless endgame issue. We've all gotten to the point where we've built a base, we can survive indefinitely, we're now building the endgame stuff like turrets and blade traps, and the game gets boring. Dungeons like the gun factory are an awesome idea. But they need to be sources of endgame loot and building materials which aren't obtainable elsewhere. Loot needs to make sense. For example, the gun factory should have an item that lets you make high level guns or turrets. A concrete factory should have the recipe for reinforced concrete. The hospital should have the recipe for medkits. You shouldn't be able to create endgame recipes without completing endgame objectives. Random loot in this game needs to be categorized more strictly so you can't find high level stuff in low level residential houses, and you have to strategize your runs. This already was implemented somewhat in A19 with the electronics stores, etc, but it needs to go further. If you want something, you should be able to plan for it. In a good survival game the fun of endgame is tackling high-level areas and enemies but there has to be a proper REASON to do this. Knowing that you'll be looting the same types of randomized containers that appear in other lower-level dungeons is just not a great incentive. I don't know about anyone else but for me it causes burnout and turns it into a chore more than an objective. You have to know that you'll get something good, from a pool of items that you can only get in those areas. The Lucky Looter perk and your % to find stuff is great and all, but it ends up ruining the game's sense of progression. This could also lead into high-level trader quests to find essential civilization items such as "find a crate of baby formula" in an infested half-collapsed milk factory. Or finding jackpots like luxuries, like a crate of shampoo in a cosmetics factory which you can sell for 3000 dukes. TL;DR: The randomized loot is too random and hurts the endgame. The loot system needs to be categorized more strictly, forcing players to plan their loot runs and travel to specific buildings in order to progress their gear and base.
  7. I just want them to get rid of that god damn cartoon punch sound when zombies hit walls
  8. This game's sound design is pretty terrible if we're being honest. The zombies make stock zombie noises, when they hit walls it sounds like a cartoon punch, and the constant birdsong track in woodland areas is pretty annoying. TFP need a dedicated sound designer who is passionate about sound. Sound and ambiance is a massive part of a game's tone and atmosphere, and 7DTD needs serious work in that area. With some professional sound design it could be an extremely creepy and atmospheric game.
  9. The sounds are the main thing that need to be overhauled IMO. All the sounds make the guns feel underpowered, especially the pistol and AK47
  10. Games that are heavily and easily moddable basically live forever. But actually having to learn how to install mods is a big roadblock that prevents the majority of players from seeing what's out there. Steam workshop allows a quick and easy way of seeing the best mods and installing them at the click of a button. Making every aspect of the game moddable in Steam Workshop is the best thing for 7DTD in my opinion, especially for repeatable stuff like quest content and prefabs. The replayability of this game would be huge with player created questlines.
  11. Are the sounds going to be worked on any more? A lot of the sounds are quite cartoonish especially the punch noise the zombies make when they hit walls. Is there a possibility of overhauling the sound to a more fitting, creepy tone? Something like scratching fingernails instead of the cartoon punch sound?
  12. +1 to this, yoga pants girls are everywhere and it wouldn't look out of place at all
  13. They could easily fix that by updating the model with a low-res stick figure sitting on the bike
  14. If I don't get at least 1 death threat per week I worry that I'm losing relevance
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