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  1. Nice, where can we download your quest mods and the instructions for installing them?
  2. Yes, because they are zombies. It's not even about what's realistic, there's really no point in having wolves in the game at all if they're just going to act exactly the same as zombies. 7DTD isn't the only game that's guilty of this, pretty much every video game ever made has wolves as a generic enemy mob that attacks you on sight mindlessly. It's always broken my immersion and annoyed me a bit.
  3. No, I think wolves should act like wolves, that are only a threat under specific circumstances, such as when you're very low HP. Just like in real life. If they're going to act like zombies then there's no point in them existing as living animals, they may as well just be zombies. There's no reason for them to mindlessly attack your base, that isn't how opportunistic predators like wolves behave. The game already has zombie dogs. Scenario: You're limping home with a backpack full of stuff, you've sprained your leg and are on 20% HP. You hear the howl of a wolf and see 3 or 4 of the
  4. I remember Joel saying on one of his vlogs that the modding capabilities they added to the engine for A18 make stuff like riot shields possible. I expect they'll be added to the game some time or some modder will make them.
  5. Does the navesgane map contain all of the PoI's on the vanilla prefab list?
  6. We already have zombie dogs, there's no reason for wolves to attack you on sight and behave like mindless monsters. They should never try to break into your base, bears might try to do this but wolves would never do it. They should watch you from a distance and run away if you get too close. Maybe if you're badly injured, limping, and extremely weakened, they should attack in a group after following you at a distance for a while. If you reduce their HP they should run away again.
  7. Dead Frontier 2 has a lot of variations of "go find out what happened to this person" which seems to work fine
  8. No it has packs, anyone can create a mod pack
  9. Are they able to go below other PoI's and overlap?
  10. I want a radioactive biome that is only safely accessible with special equipment. They could get really creative with the appearance, with glowing green lakes of toxic waste and trees with luminous veins.
  11. One of the things I loved about the Bethesda Fallout series was the way you could be travelling through the world, find a manhole or a door in the wall, and find yourself in a dark warren of sewers or maintenance tunnels. Does the engine of 7DTD permit that kind of thing now? Or are PoI's strictly arranged on a 2D plain?
  12. We won't need the devs to officially implement player made prefabs once the steam workshop is integrated. You'll just be able to browse through the most highly praised prefabs and download a couple hundred to add to your random gen list.
  13. Since A19 the game is apparently a lot more modular which should open up opportunities for more different types of quests than "fetch", "kill", and "dig". Some basic types could be: Courier - take an item to a location and drop it there Survive - stay at a location and fight off waves Assassinate - go kill the leader of an NPC gang of bandits Investigate - go to a survivor's outpost to find out why they're not answering the radio (spoiler: they're all dead) Climb - travel to a radio tower and climb to the top -
  14. Depending on what the quest is. If it's a zombie clear quest it could be a skull on a stick, if it's a fetch quest it could be a flag made out of a piece of clothing.
  15. There's a lot of potential for a really in-depth RPG story with branching lines. TFP should go the whole hog and hire some writers who have worked on RPG's with depth, like the guys who made Age of Decadence or something.
  16. I think the stun baton should be the entry level weapon for intelligence, but increase the range and lower the attack speed. Mid tier should be a gun that shoots saw blades. High tier should maybe be some kind of microwave gun with an invisible beam that lights zombies on fire. End tier should be a rail gun that shoots spent uranium rods. Keep the scrappy made-from-garbage aesthetic so it doesn't look too unbelievable. Keep the sciencey theme but there's no reason why intelligence should be exclusively electricity. It would be better if it was more for status effects.
  17. Yes. Which will hopefully mean the process is hugely streamlined and we'll be able to download packs of 100 prefabs and quests, with the best ones getting voted to the top of the lists based on yearly/weekly/all time criteria. IMO just this, not even including extra weapons, biomes, armor, etc, will give the game a ridiculous amount of extra replayability.
  18. Hopefully they'll get some professional writers to do this, like they got pros to design all the PoI's. TFP are a great dev but their humor is kind of puerile and their writing is not amazing
  19. At the very least, there will probably be a way to easily integrate community-made prefabs into your game's prefab list. I hope for a mission list similar to the prefab list, where players can write their own branching questlines or just one-off missions from the trader.
  20. Does anyone know what modifications the Steam Workshop will allow? I hope it will allow modders to completely overhaul the game adding new zombies and weapons, etc, but I'd be satisfied just with community created missions and branching quests.
  21. I heard on reddit TFP were planning on making a story for v1.0. Does anyone know anything about it? How it will be structured, what it will be about, how missions will work, etc?
  22. Does it still work for 17.3?
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