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  1. It would add an interesting set of base builds if zombies had different heights. Say cops and demos were 3 units high, and other mobs were 2 units high. You could build a base that "filtered" mobs by height. Send the 2 unit high mobs towards killing tunnel X, and drop the 3 unit high mobs into explosive pit Y, for instance.
  2. Is there a way to install 7d2d without relying on Steam?
  3. Is it possible to play 7d2d without steam?
  4. I just ordered a new laptop, pretty much just to play 7d2d on higher settings. I'm debating installing windows vs linux on it. The graphics card is an nvidia gtx 1660 ti. Does 7d2d perform well on linux (debian/ubuntu). Are updates smooth? Thanks
  5. I wrote this about alpha 18. Did alpha 19 improve any of the melee mechanics? I didn't see any mention of it in the notes, but I may have missed something. thanks.
  6. Thanks, I'll try the le command. "His tactic is to follow the intended path aka the lights." I'm not sure if I follow. Maybe I never noticed before, but what are the lights/light paths? I do try to follow the intended path in buildings by only going through open paths and not breaking through walls or locked doors.
  7. Is it just me, or is clearing late game tier 5 quests nearly impossible? I've been up and down a tier 5 building for hours, and I can't find the last remaining zombie. I've tried about 4 or 5 of these late game quests. I guess the only way to accomplish them is to completely demo the entire building?
  8. I'm assuming that deer, chickens, bears, etc, only spawn into existence when a player is X distance away. Is that true? (alpha 17.4). I've got a few of those kill X animal quests, and I've been flying around in a gyro for a long time, and have seen nothing. Do I need to stay in an certain area for X minutes or seconds before animals spawn? Is flying over an area too fast for animals to spawn?
  9. Game state 588, day 168. My double corridor design is still working fine. I'm not playing 18 until they fix melee. I wrote a long'ish post about it. Long story short, melee swings, especially clubs, need to follow through and not stop on impact.
  10. I think it would be nice if this forum had an area for base designs. Not necessarily for functionality, but also style. Or is there an ongoing thread or section that already has base designs?.
  11. Well, I did see an alpha 18 video of a pit dug down to bedrock that was certainly over 30 blocks deep. The zombies reliably fell down the shaft to bedrock. I'm playing alpha 17, so maybe something is different? Night 170'ish (whatever the blood moon is around that date) I did get some zombies falling down the shaft after I put those 1/8 blocks in a spiral down from the top. For the next blood moon, I created a staircase all the way from ground level, to one block above the vertical shaft. I did get a split of zombies falling down the shaft, and coming down the stairs and fal
  12. About 20 zombies did eventually show up on day 155, 3:23am. I have no idea where they were hiding. I looked down mine shafts, underwater, etc. I'll stumble across where they were digging someday I guess. In the meantime, I put 1/8 blocks in a spiral staircase down the drop tunnel. That might encourage them to try to go down the tunnel and fall.
  13. Nope. I handled earlier horde nights in my other bases while I continued to work on the underground one. It is near a lake. I wonder if they were digging underwater. I can't find the video of the team that created this design, but maybe they had someone up top as bait so the zombies would drop down. I'm not sure how I could get them to see me if I'm on the platforms below. I suppose I could widen the drop tunnel so I could stand on the edge of the platforms and perhaps the zombies could look down and see me. Or just spend a really long time completely o
  14. Thank you. I ended up embedding the horizontal sections of my "floating" platform in the walls, and it held up fine. Unfortunately, my next horde night on day 154, zero zombies dropped down the tunnel. I waited on my platform until morning, and there were no signs of zombie action. I flew around the area and saw no signs of digging. I'm kinda confused at the moment. It is like I completely cancelled a deep game horde night. Odd.
  15. How can i download alpha 18

    1. Renee


      im in alpha 14.4

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