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  1. Just an update. After clearing the files and re-downloading, I started a new game. It feels much better now. The balance is back. The loot is better, and the zombies are more manageable. No more demo's on day 2, no more rooms filled with 15 zombies early game. I think something was broken, see my previous post. Kiting a bear with a pistol is totally doable. Something was wrong with my install.
  2. As I'm digging, each time the circle tightens and says "you are getting closer to the treasure", 2-3 enemies attack . Is this the new normal, or a bug?
  3. That is all I had. I guess bad luck looting. Thank you so much. I have not had anyone recommend clearing cached files. That would be super interesting if I was complaining about game mechanics that don't actually exist (due to caching some old settings).
  4. Well, I discovered that I had xp turned to 200%, so my day 15 was way harder than it should have been. Thank you for your comments everyone. So I restarted. That said, just tonight I was doing a Tier 1 quest, in the day, and encountered a Demolisher. On day 2.... I fumbled some keys and died. I probably could have lived, but I was trying to get a screenshot of a Demo on day 2 in a vanilla world for you all to see... I like challenges. I love them. But Alpha 20 is just way to sporadically difficult to enjoy right now. Why would a Demo show up on Day 2?
  5. I decided to try a new tactic (for me anyway): I put all my initial points into intellect to get to the plunderer perk (under Daring Adventurer), which states: "Get two additional quest rewards...". I've done 3 quests now since getting plunderer, and the trader isn't given me two additional quest rewards. Is this a bug?
  6. Why is the pipe baton the same starting damage as a wooden club? The baton has glue, leather, and pipes as ingredients, and the club is just wood? I just created both, and they are 13.8 damage.
  7. For those of us that have been playing this game for years, we know what is "coming up" and we can plan for it accordingly. I feel like any new players are basically going to hate this game. But even if you are a experienced player, alpha 20 seems like a a build that is designed to just frustrate people. I'm on day 15, I have a 9mm pistol with a mod, a pipe shotgun, and a pipe machine gun. I have a few pieces of a armor. I start a "fix the generators quest". I roll up in my bike, and I see a bear in the distance. I shoot it the face with 2 clips of 9mm and it kills me. Ok, great. Maybe I missed a lot. I start the mission at 22:00 to start the generators, and am swarmed by, I am not kidding, 15 zeds, in the first 'trick room'. How the @%$# are you supposed to fight off 15 zombies at night with a 9mm and a few pipe guns? There were years where 7d2d was my go to 'have a bit of fun' each night game. I don't know that the intention is for this game, or where the devs want it to go, but for me right now, it just doesn't feel fun. Please bring the fun back.
  8. I just emptied a full clip into a wolves face, and it killed me. 9mm pistol. Early game. I don't really care what level of damage that weapons do as you level, but it feels unrealistic to have a pistol like a 'glock' and not be able to kill a wolf. Maybe guns should be more rare, and actually do the damage that you would expect them to do? It just kinda ruins immersion to have a pistol with a full clip and you can't kill a wolf.
  9. Is there a list of quest rewards for alpha 20? I was surprised that I got a bicycle as a reward for completing a quest line, and I wonder what other rewards are guaranteed for other quest lines. It would help when deciding where to spend points.
  10. What is the point of finding "parts" of weapons or tools? By the time you actually have enough parts, and the skill points, and all the other ingredients to make X, you probably already have X. I wish they would just re-balance the game to let us discover actual functioning weapons and tools in loot. I've been playing this game for a few years, and it seems like the developers answer to "the game is over too soon", is just "make it harder to get anything". Make content for us. Don't make impediments for us. -------------------- On a side note, it seems like the most recent versions of the game are designed around multiplayer. During alpha 17, you could have a mode of transportation, be strong enough to fight zeds, and grow crops and build bases, by level 50 or so. With alpha 20, it seems like you can only specialize in a 1-2 of those areas, and are super weak in the others. I don't feel like the devs are considering what it is like to be a solo player very well in Alpha 20.
  11. I crafted 13 cobblestone cubes. As I'm placing them, I noticed that the number is not going down. I apparently have unlimited cobblestone cubes. I noticed the same thing with campfires, beds, and basically any placeable block. Did the settings change, so that I'm in some sort of 'cheat mode' by default, or is this just a bug with experimental?
  12. I decided to try a new world by only focusing on Intelligence. The Stun baton is super weak . I assumed it would be balanced out by the junk turrent. But there is no way to craft it besides a random schematic discovery. Make up your minds: 7d2d is a rpg/long term build up character game, or is a 2-3 week replayable game with no depth.
  13. I guess it depends on what sort of game people think 7d2d is. I've played everquest in the past for 10 years. Spending an entire week, or month, to level 1 point, was the norm. 72d2 right now, doesn't have "end game content". It has limited content, and limited challenges, that are highly customizable. Is this a grinding game, where you need to mine and dig and loot ammo non-stop for 6 days, so you can barely survive the 7th day? What is the purpose of repeating this pattern? I guess in my mind, 7d2d seems like something you'd play for a few weeks, 'master' that world, and then start a new game sometime later. In that scenario, I'd expect to make more progress each night. In a few weeks, I'd like to have basically "everything". Why would I spend 3-4 months playing a game with zero end game content? This is, or isn't, a game like a mmo. People that are comfortable with the current pace, I'd love to hear from you what enjoyment you get out of the game after playing a world for 6 months. OK, you've got all the gear, OK, you've got all the weapons, then what? Does it feel fun just fighting off the zombies week after week? This game either needs to focus more on casual replay worlds, or needs to focus on progression and end game goals.
  14. I've also noticed that leveling while mining seems way slower. A night of mining with an auger, using 10's of thousands of gas, used to let you level up a point or two. This was during Alpha 17. During Alpha 19, it seems to barely move the needle.
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