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  1. I find this to be major issue for me. I'm trying to continue a solo game in my living room, which has a weak wifi signal. Why should I be required to connect to the internet to play a solo player game? I think a simple solution would be to allow a download of 7days that is solo only, that does not allow multiplayer. No internet, solo only. If you want multiplayer, steam required, internet connection required.
  2. Nevermind. In alpha 19, it seems that you only get engines from certain poi's that have engines in garages. After 30+ cars I've wrenched, zero engines. Side note, the game really needs optimization. It is very laggy. i7, 2.6ghz, 1660 ti nvidia, 16gb ram.
  3. Does the percent chance of wrenching/finding things like engines and batteries improve with game stage? Should I hold off on wrenching cars until later levels to maximize the amount of engines I can find?
  4. "I'd also examine your game settings." All default. Thank you all for you suggestions. It took a bit of game play adjustment, but I think the food situation is...well... tolerable. I understand wanting to add challenge to the game. For me, "grinding" in order to do something interesting (build, explore, kill, etc) is less fun. And that is what the aggressive food requirements of alpha 19 entail. But I still love the game. Side note: mushrooms, where are they? I've been in two different cave systems and zero mushrooms. Maybe they appear at later game stages?
  5. OK, so I started a new game. I've avoided heavy armor. I did not put any points into natural healing. I put a point into animal tracker. I'd say that 15 charred meats per day is a little excessive. Mining and building, I can easily burn through 100+ raw meat per day. I do have a point in cooking, but out of 20 plus nests, I've found one egg. I'm making red tea exclusively for drinking as well. Maybe the difference between people that feel that food is fine, and myself, is I like to mine and build big structures. There is a fine balance between grinding and having fun. I feel like 19.5 is over the edge on the side of grinding in terms of food. Late game is of course fine.
  6. It seems like food usage is out of control in Alpha 19.5. What do you all think? Raiding a Shamwa food factory, I can't even get through the place and come out food positive. It seems like I spend every penny I have on food at every chance I get, and yet I still end up hungry every day I play the game.
  7. It would add an interesting set of base builds if zombies had different heights. Say cops and demos were 3 units high, and other mobs were 2 units high. You could build a base that "filtered" mobs by height. Send the 2 unit high mobs towards killing tunnel X, and drop the 3 unit high mobs into explosive pit Y, for instance.
  8. How can i download alpha 18

    1. Renee


      im in alpha 14.4

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