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  1. Is it possible to create a sample with the same name and replace the existing audio clip? Forgive me I'm no modder by any means. My initial idea was to create and replace quite a few of the weapon firing SFX as some of them ain't too satisfying to shoot. I'm just wondering how to access the audio files which I want to replace.
  2. Hello there, If I wanted to replace the vanilla weapon audio such as the firing samples what would be the best way to go about this? Thanks!
  3. Is this mod compatible with other mods? I wanted to use it while playing Undead Legacy. I love that this is possible as I hate the current FOV for weapons and tools. It feels like the gun is pointing out of your face.
  4. Hello there, I've recently set up a server on G-Portal with Undead Legacy installed. I was wondering how to change the night time duration. I want to set it so that night time kicks in at 11pm and its at 3am or 3:30am. How would I go about doing this? Is it just a case of changing the day cycle value from 18 to 20?
  5. Do we just copy the folders to the 7 days / mods folder? I've tried doing that but the console commands are not recognised
  6. I used to play on 90 minute days but now I prefer 60 minutes. I find night time fairly boring with little to do in recent alphas which is a contributing factor to why I use the shorter days / shorter nights. Especially during the first couple of weeks when there is no reason to risk going out at night and resources aren't coming in fast enough to do anything that productive in base. I used to like leveling my LBD stuff back in A15/A16 during night and 90 minute days were more appealing. Hopefully we see some more reasons to go out at night or more player progression stuff to do in A20 or beyond.
  7. Definitely not a fan of the current formula and direction the loot system is going. Personally I'd like to see the loot economy completely decoupled from game stage. There's plenty of survival games that do this just fine. Game stage sounds and is incredibly artificial which really eliminates a lot of the excitement and reason to explore as you would want to when playing. The A19 system saps all the fun out of looting because it has become so predictable... to the point where I'm actively avoiding containers because I know if I come back and loot them later the loot will magically grow into something better. Very immersion breaking IMO! I think an RNG system for all tiers and quality levels that stays the same regardless of player level is way more exciting as there is always a chance you will find something better than what you've got. It just needs to be balanced in a way that high tech level gear is rare, and high quality gear is even rarer. As item degradation as been written off and repairing has become so simplified it's too easy to win the game so to speak. Once you've got your Q6 load out the game play loop that once came with keeping on to it (exploring and looting for more parts / upgrades) is gone. I'd rather see loot gated organically. For example, if you want military grade weapons then go to a military site and this could be made very difficult for a low level player by packing these POIs with dangerous entities and environments. Sounds like we might be seeing a bit of that in the future from what I've read. At the moment every POI in every biome feels like it gives you pretty much the same thing. So long as you find the generic container at the end.
  8. How resource heavy is this map? I was wondering if my laptop could handle it when I jump on that to play. I thought with it containing so much water it might get away with it.
  9. caatalyst

    True Survival

    One other question Spider. When you say dead is dead, do you mean that once your wellness hits zero like it did before? I loved that set-up so much. It really made you careful and think twice about everything.
  10. Awesome looking UI. I'd love to see a minimal / immersive version: No orange lines around the edge Fade in and out food / hunger meters when not in use or critical Fade in and out HP / stamina bars when not in use or critical
  11. caatalyst

    True Survival

    No problem! Tag me on here or let me know on steam- Happy to help out with the development of a great mod and happy to see it returning for A19.
  12. caatalyst

    True Survival

    This sounds AMAZING! Can't wait to get stuck in. Pain for pleasure is my game. Also @Spider when you start to test and balance for A19 I'd be happy to help and report feedback if you need any assistance.
  13. If this doesn't sell item degradation then I don't know what will. In particular the fact that this introduces an end game loop and activity should be enough to make it worth implementing. Items don't even need to degrade in quality after a single repair. Maybe they last 2-3 repair kits before losing a quality level. Level 1 items could break entirely. Schematics or perks could also impact how quickly something degrades in quality. Of course It would be much better if you got better at repairing the more you did it using an LBD system rather than perks but that's a hot topic for another day 😉
  14. I sort of touched on this in another thread but it would be a shame to write off item degradation because it creates a bit of an end game loop that could encourage the player to go out and explore the world and loot long term. If your gear doesn't sustain it's Q6 status then players will always be actively looking to find replacements, whether it's the item itself or parts or both depending on the system and how it works. Either that or a system that allows you to upgrade your gear to a higher quality level if it does degrade. This could have been expanded with books and schematics that maybe taught you to do a better job of it and allowed you to reach better quality levels or that allowed you to repair for longer without losing quality.
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