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  1. @madmole Can you elaborate on this? Are the plans to reconfigure the work flow, or axe the forge? 🤔
  2. What are your specs. My friends and I have collapsed entire factories and never had a crash.
  3. This is a cool idea and something I could see them adding as they expand out the questing with A20. Very unique idea, I hope it becomes a thing!
  4. This would apply to lower graphics settings only The red glow on horde nights should move in to reduce the draw and render distance when a horde is active. I suggest this because I play on low graphics and given the current GPU shortage I feel it would be nice for players like me who see performance drops on horde nights. Happy Hunting! - Alex
  5. I would love to see a character animation for players in their backpack, and players in the campfire / forge. A lot of the time my friends are doing inventory management or crafting, but they look AFK.
  6. Can't do graphic design, so here's this pic. Wandering trader!
  7. Upgrading concrete mix from rebar gives a lot of XP. My friend was able to get ahead +20 levels in 4-5 hours of playing just by reinforcing rebar frames.
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