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  1. By nowadays, you must mean since the early 90s? Blurring sharp pixel edges is the purpose. Why does it need another? Neither a bigger monitor nor higher resolution will solve the problem that antialiasing solves. Antialiasing algorithms solve issues.
  2. How many magazines do I need to find to make the TP mod?
  3. For something so crucial, I feel bad giving zero craps. Of course I would appreciate these things getting attention, but I just see this as miniscule in comparison to the big picture.
  4. I thought they remedied that by making it so that zombies won't attack you anymore on a bloodmoon unless you engage. Was that removed at some point? I have no idea.
  5. Me as well, but also into the suiciders in Dead Island (the original that you can get for $3 on sale, not the overpriced sequel that got sucked into a year long Epic store exclusivity contract)
  6. If there was another zombie similar to the mutated zombie, except that it explodes acid everywhere upon impact or getting too close, I would be truly scared in tight POIs as opposed to these jump-scare tactics. Just the possibility of turning a corner and seeing one of these in my face would elevate the senses.
  7. @Kuosimodo Currently averaging 16 rep per post!
  8. I can tolerate gimmicks in games if it makes sense within the context. If they returned the feature of zombies being stronger in the dark and weaker in the light as seen in the very early alphas, there would at least be a logical explanation for zombies finding their way into closets and such.
  9. With 700 water in a box, you should be harvesting zero dew collectors. The fixes are that we don't have thousands of empty jars to deal with in inventory and that it matches every other consumable in a container where we don't get the container. My problem with the change is that it doesn't make sense that I can no longer carry a unit of water from a water source for boiling and that the dew collector is silly, lazy design, and detrimental to the survival feels. It is silly in several ways: - it magically attracts screamers - it would be the absolute last resort in a survival situation, would barely work in the desert and probably not at all in the cold - dew would not need to be filtered - its existence in the game further raises the question why rain cannot be collected in the first place I'd rather have a distiller that I fill with buckets and requires fuel to justify the screamer attraction. That still could also be used as a more creative way to obtain better drinks (coffee, alcoholic beverages, teas)
  10. I don't like that crafting has taken a back seat, but really simply because repair exists, it will always end up taking the back seat in the long run anyway. There really is no point in putting so much thought into trying to make the crafting of weapons and tools better. You can put so much effort in coming up with the perfectly balanced way to make sure the crafting matches with looting, buying, and/or receiving with quest rewards, but to what end? Just to feel that fleeting moment of awe a few times per game? I just think that if crafting in general is getting dull, either focus should be placed on improving crafting for things other than tools and weapons, or perhaps crafting provides some features that looting, buying, and/or reward receiving cannot provide... such as enhanced stats on those weapons and tools. Really, between repair and the other ways of obtaining what you need, why bother even being able to craft weapons and tools at all? It would be more interesting to learn how craft tons of different mods that cannot be obtained any other way... mods that relate to the type of character you want to build and to the type of combat you enjoy... mods that can alter how you use those weapons and tools. Make those mods craftable using a combination of rare items that you must find in the wild and in specific biomes, rare items you find in specific POIs, rare items you can buy, and rare items you can receive as rewards. This not only keeps crafting alive and relevant, it keeps exploration, trade, questing relevant long into late game.
  11. I'm not saying you are wrong, but I think you need a little more than a story about how you killed one deer quickly with a bike to prove that there is a serious problem.
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