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  1. You can upgrade form wood to iron. From what I've gathered from madmole, they are considering a steel version of the bars. If they do decide to add them, I suspect that they'll end up reducing the hp of wood and iron and the steel bars would end up being only slightly better than the iron bars we have now.
  2. Yes, like that one. I think maybe you got a little carried away with the details which may be why it was disliked and/or ignored. You also bunched it in with other ideas that others may have not likely (at least fully). I like all the ideas in your post with the exception of some details on a couple of them. For instance, the warning sign. It would be a cool decal for the world, but I don't think it solves the problem and takes away from the surprise, which is what I am assuming the devs are trying to accomplish in the first place. In general, many ideas can be simplified to a basic concept that the game lacks and I'm pretty sure most players would be in agreement with. Enemies are only aware of the player. The extent of their awareness of the world is strictly for pathing reasons. If an enemy does not have a target, it should be responsive to any sound, wake up if it needs to, and move to investigate. We see this a little with the rock throwing, but I'm going to guess that the zombie response is coded to respond to exactly that - a rock thrown by a player, and not the sound that the player thrown rock makes when it hits the ground. Even if it was coded for the sound of a rock hitting the ground, that might even be too specific. It should not matter what caused the sound or what was responsible for it.
  3. Previously I posted that in this topic. Here's another idea, adding onto that, instead of this auto aggro thing that has people all worked up for 18 pages and counting... Why don't they make POIs with screamers, and the screamers can wake up the sleeping zombies? All while ensuring that screamers can be stealth-killed, but very difficult to do so? Whether or not the devs are truly trying to screw over agi/stealth in their POI design, my thoughts still stand that it's fine to have something to counter each build, provided that it's balanced for all builds. It makes for good gameplay and it's something that countless of games do. Anti-electric/turret-avoiding zombies to give Int a hard time. Very aware zombies (perhaps screamers) to give stealth a hard time. A zombie that jump a little higher, run a little faster, with AI that can flank to counter Agility. Strength has enough countering it already, at least right now since radiated is just about absorbing a ton of damage. Likewise, you could set things up so that some zombies are especially weak against a particular build. Make POIs that focus on these concepts. Electric company -> electricity immune zombies. Int will have a hard time. Make the POI with the screamers instead of auto-aggro. Having a stealth on the team will have a better role in clearing that POI, or at least a better chance of clearing it easier. Gymnasium, mainly the agile zombies... best to have an Agility member on the team for that one. So many opportunities and it's not that hard to deliver using what already exists.
  4. So, long story short, Roland is skewing the numbers to discredit the hidden agenda?
  5. So long story short, the question of the topic had a hidden agenda. I have to agree. If this didn't exist, then there should be some kind of zombie where stealth isn't going to work at all. After all, when they come out with bigger and badder zombies that we can't one-hit with a sledgehammer, this doesn't mean they are trying to screw over a strength build. Maybe there should be a zombie immune to electricity to counter an intelligence build.
  6. As stample mentioned, there is indeed extra heat added that is linked to sound. I remember faatal mentioning that back in early A18 when they were trying to locate the bug that was causing mass amounts of screamers. A single torch would call in a screamer every 1 hour and 40 minutes of real time. Candles were messed up too. When they were fixing things up, faatal did fix an issue with the auger, but just with the startup sound: Unfortunately, I am having a hard time locating the post where the metal hit sound is mentioned. It might be in one of the posts that were lost in the recent forum migration. However, in general, madmole "answered" your question as to why the difference is so big: But yeah, I agree, some balancing would be nice. In my opinion, it's ok with a pickaxe... and of course, I would expect it to happen quicker with an auger... but it's too quick with an auger. Since the heat is linked to the sound, in order to ease up on it for the auger, they would have to create another sound object representing auger on metal... even if it uses the same clip.
  7. Then I would have to say that maybe you stumbled upon an area like I mentioned. Really, if you think something is wrong in the game, just open up creative, display the heat, place some forges and torches down and watch the results. Read the console once the heat resets after hitting 100. All I see is that it is working as expected.
  8. There is also a random factor involved. There is a chance that a screamer will not spawn. This was added in the beginning of A18. In my tests, I did find that in some areas where the terrain was very rugged, no screamers would spawn. The console would report something once heat reached 100, but nowhere to be found. Either one of these things could skew test results. Now there is a third factor. Was this server modded? Could it have been modded without you knowing exactly what was modded?
  9. Sounds about right. Maybe do 5 or 6 per chunk to avoid screamers, if that's the goal. All I know is the OP doesn't address how bad this could become. In fact, some of the ideas in it would make it nearly impossible to use an auger at all. Add in torches and forget it completely.
  10. lol, well then... Umm. Yes, it does. haha I'm just going nuts because there are contradicting posts in this thread and it happens every alpha. Misinformation gets spread around regarding heat and screamers.
  11. Welp, now you know how to stop it. If you have a 100x60 area you are working in, move around a little.
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