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  1. They don't, but they have other similar aquarium park attractions. I don't think they should stick to this Arizona thing. I mean, if Navezgane is in Arizona, that fine... but, random gen should be no limitations. I say this mainly because of the snow biome. They are adding biome density sliders, so you could have a massive snow biome. This is clearly not at all like Arizona. That said, random gen worlds could be next to oceans, and then there could be sharks.
  2. The skills. I never liked them since they were introduced. This isn't a cry for LBD return, but I have a few survival type games with similar skill trees and they all suffer because the devs try to mash in the basic survival perks that every reasonable player would want into class trees. Their intentions are always the same, to provide freedom of choice while building your character, but doing this only restricts the amount of choices someone would reasonably make. Survival basics should be pulled out and placed into a separate tree with no ties to recipes, weapons, class, etc. Stamina f
  3. Thanks. Will they still be tied to the POI sleeper volumes? What gap is this idea filling? Is it for when you might look inside a POI window just to visually stir things up, or is it more about adding some difficulty for players trying to be stealthy, or something else?
  4. Could someone summarize what the "Wandering Sleepers" are (as listed in the A20/21 roadmap)? ... or direct me to where it was talked about, please. I must have missed discussion about it, and I tried searching but couldn't find mention of it.
  5. I think I would just add in something where the max benefit of an armor set is reached after wearing it for some amount of time. Something like +10% towards the max for every real-time hour. You could even have it wind down in the opposite direction after removal so that if you die and drop everything you don't automatically reset it to 0. Although, now that I think about it more... perhaps that would be better as another way to make a death penalty more of a penalty.
  6. Here's another thing. If fast travel existed in 7, would the amount of time it would take to travel still go by? I think it's only fair, not to mention silly if it didn't. Then if that is the case, which it rightfully should be, then it kills the time management argument anyway, no? EDIT: I originally said "to travel on foot", but that made no sense. First thing to come to mind was hearing a howl and then this triggers:
  7. Awesome idea! They probably should given what the heat map is supposed to do and what things typically increase it.
  8. If 7 didn't have vehicles, then I would be ok with fast travel in between discovered traders for a cost. There wouldn't need to be magic involved. There could be a cutscene of someone dropping you off. However, 7 does have vehicles. Personally, I would be ok with no vehicles, or back to where it was just a minibike... whether this would be to bring in fast travel or not. I feel like vehicles have caused more harm than good. Because of vehicles, devs have to: come up with crazy ways to prevent them being an anti-horde device. figure out ways to prevent early disc
  9. I was under the impression that both of those zombies are going away very soon anyway.
  10. It's something that could bother me in almost any game if I let it and it's not just limited to zombies. In general, I think it would be nice to have basic zombies where you can't really tell them apart. However, I still want to have the specials. A game that could alter faces, hair, clothing, and animation in slight random ways, and yet still be able to perform would be superb. Very few games accomplish this and I'm sure for the few that have, it was no easy feat. I'm sure one day in the not so distant future this will be a more common thing seen in games. There once was a time when a f
  11. Why are games always so absent of scrolling? I can understand avoiding long pages of scrolling while playing a game, but for set it and forget it things, it's pretty useful... says every browser and most applications.
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