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  1. Great! Thanks.... and thanks pimps for including this for us to work with.
  2. Will the POI editor include a way to create our own city tiles and assign the POI size groups to areas within? Are the tiles themselves a specific size? Are they all the same size?
  3. I had this in mind from many years ago playing Minecraft Factions. Countless hours were spent thinking of ways to prevent your base from getting raided by rival factions. You had your super strong obsidian which was great for explosive damage and took awhile to get through with a pickaxe. But then, the next layer might be horizontal layers of sand/gravel and obsidian so that people would have to switch back and forth between shovel and pickaxe. Third layer might be a checkboard of water and wood. Wood because now you need an axe to get through easily and the water to prevent trying to burn the layer. Finally you alternate these layers as much as you think is needed depending on the strength of your enemy factions. So, even as the supreme faction, it was important to still keep your stock of "weaker" material.
  4. Yeah, the flip and teleport to garage thing works very well too, like in Borderlands as well.
  5. True. Starting fresh, I'm already thinking ahead about how I'm going to deal with demos this time. I always wished that there were things you could do to mitigate demo damage using select materials. For example, putting a layer of dirt/sand in between two walls. Or maybe make it so that wood is weak normally but better against explosive damage. Taking it a step further, if zombies had strengths and weaknesses with specific materials and if materials were less about linear HP and SI progression and more about utilizing their properties to handle different situations, we would have much more interesting builds and BM gameplay. Have rad zombies do area damage around them, but then change scrap iron walls to just scrap walls which require lead and iron and can block this radiation. Even let water squelch fire zombies to weaken the damage they can do, destroying the water block in the process. A side effect of this is that now in between hordes you might have several different tasks to do to keep your base maintained including those things that were early stage stuff normally like digging, scrapping, and cutting wood. Lead becomes actually useful and now you actually have to get pails of water. Less of the same old grind and more thinking and planning.
  6. I also can't see them doing much more for AI during the blood moon. I understand the concern though. The conclusion I have come up with for myself is that if things are too easy during the horde, then it's really because things were too easy leading up to the horde. If you aren't running your butt off trying to prepare for it, and this is what you really want to experience, then adjustments should be made so that it's really hard to prepare. For myself, I would love to survive by the skin of my teeth horde after horde. However, adjusting settings perfectly to get this while at the same time fighting with the gamestage is something I have yet to accomplish. It seems like no matter what I do, there is always some point where I catch up and then it's clear sailing to day 200 and beyond. I suppose that crescendo needs to be reached at some point, but I just wish it took much longer before getting there.
  7. I don't really mind either way because I really only use minibike or motorcycle due to personal preferences in the type of game I want to experience, but if I were forced to choose, I would prefer not to be able to pick vehicles up. The ability to flip a vehicle if it gets stuck or overturned would be nice enough for me. I can live with lost vehicles if they end up in water and you cannot reach to break them apart... but in that event, I would want them to eventually despawn (or sink and despawn for immersion junkies) along with everything it might be carrying. I don't feel this way for the sake of realism. I just prefer the concepts of being careful, suffering consequences, and survival planning wherever they can fit into this game. Since having vehicles greatly impacts the gameplay, I think making it a little harder than simply picking them up brings a better balance. Vehicle issues aren't strictly a voxel problem, nor because of dynamic terrain. I see the same things happen in just about every open world game even if the terrain is static. Typically, you just flip the vehicle, or you can move them a short distance (which I assume is supposed to simulate that you pushed it out). I can't think of any other survival games at the moment where you can simply just carry a vehicle and pull it out when you want besides No Man's Sky, but there's a lot of sci-fi involved to easily excuse it. I'm not too concerned about the occasional vehicles falling through world problem. I imagine that is something they will have to get right before full release of the game. I highly doubt they would just give up on trying to fix that.
  8. I think most games take about as long to develop. The difference is we have been allowed to observe the process the entire way. Usually the public only hears about a game when it is nearly finished. Ungrateful.
  9. With the introduction of the newer Radiation Zombie, will the classic radiated zombie versions still be in game for a while? Is it still the plan to eventually replace them with specials?
  10. They don't, but they have other similar aquarium park attractions. I don't think they should stick to this Arizona thing. I mean, if Navezgane is in Arizona, that fine... but, random gen should be no limitations. I say this mainly because of the snow biome. They are adding biome density sliders, so you could have a massive snow biome. This is clearly not at all like Arizona. That said, random gen worlds could be next to oceans, and then there could be sharks.
  11. The skills. I never liked them since they were introduced. This isn't a cry for LBD return, but I have a few survival type games with similar skill trees and they all suffer because the devs try to mash in the basic survival perks that every reasonable player would want into class trees. Their intentions are always the same, to provide freedom of choice while building your character, but doing this only restricts the amount of choices someone would reasonably make. Survival basics should be pulled out and placed into a separate tree with no ties to recipes, weapons, class, etc. Stamina for example. Everybody wants and needs it, no matter what character you build. Sure, let players gain a couple more percentage points by going into an agility build, but don't demand it.
  12. Thanks. Will they still be tied to the POI sleeper volumes? What gap is this idea filling? Is it for when you might look inside a POI window just to visually stir things up, or is it more about adding some difficulty for players trying to be stealthy, or something else?
  13. Could someone summarize what the "Wandering Sleepers" are (as listed in the A20/21 roadmap)? ... or direct me to where it was talked about, please. I must have missed discussion about it, and I tried searching but couldn't find mention of it.
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