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  1. Nice. Sounds interesting. I'll take your word for it and hopefully if it does indeed look believable, I'm excited to finally see this hole in the gameplay filled in.
  2. Wow, they are really going there? I must've missed that mentioned. If you have a link to the post/discussion, I would greatly appreciate it. I am a strong supporter of TFP defining their own version of what a zombie is, but I think that's going too far. What do you think about that? I'm not 100% certain, but I don't think there's a single movie, game, or even comic where zombies can swim. I thought for sure that if they added some kind of water enemy, they would put in some floating, gas-bloated zombies... but even so, I doubt they could coordinate themselves to inch their way towards you in that kind of condition. My second thought was that they might change water areas into shallow swamps with slow movement and zeds covered in mud, which would be awesome in my opinion. EDIT: I found the post: That's just really weird. I actually did read this at some point, but I skimmed over it and I took swimming AI to mean for bandits in the future and for some animals... I didn't realize he was talking about zombies. This makes me feel uneasy. Hopefully at least the animation looks like a real struggle, and not like a butterfly stroke or something.
  3. I've always thought that there should be an endurance meter as well as stamina. Short rests replenish stamina up to the current max stamina as usual. Endurance drains a tiny bit as stamina is used and constantly replenishes, but much more slowly than stamina. If your stamina bottoms out, your endurance takes a larger drainage hit. The more endurance you have, the faster your stamina returns. Exposure to bad weather or radiation, or being injured or diseased slows endurance replenishment. Additionally: Good nutrition and health replenishes endurance at a higher rate. Boosts could be adjusted so that things giving you instant stamina, gives a hit to your endurance. Perks could affect endurance as well. Endurance can play a role in disease tolerance. If you are too worn out, it raises the percent chance of getting some disease when hit by zombies or eating/drinking contaminated things. Then, you make it so that it requires stamina to tread water and swim. If you run out of stamina, you start sinking. Your stamina can go up as you sink for a few seconds, allowing you to surface again, but your endurance will take a big hit and if you don't get out of the water in a reasonable amount of time (maybe a couple game hours), and this happens too much resulting in your endurance being completely drained, you eventually get too tired and drown because you can no longer regain stamina. No more treading water to avoid zombies. There are probably other scenarios that could be made interesting with endurance. The only other thing I can think of at the moment is that too many encounters/missions in a single day without good food could be some new thing to worry about. Importantly: Nothing should ever have a constant drain on endurance. It is fine to lose endurance when performing exhaustive actions, but in a resting state, endurance should always increase even if just a very tiny amount due to disease/injury/malnutrition otherwise you end up in a situation where you cannot regain stamina at all. The only reason why this does not apply when swimming is because swimming is a constant stamina drain, which in turn can result in endurance not allowing stamina to regain fast enough to avoid drowning.
  4. You should at least put up walls in tunnels leading to areas where you have removed all the ore to stop you from going back into them. Put up some wood frames, maybe upgrade once to make it look decent. Also, you should never start another tunnel through a vein without completing any you may have already started. I tend to be very organized when mining, but you can be as messy as you want and still stop yourself from getting lost if you stick to doing this. My mining is usually four 6x5 straight tunnels at bedrock going in each direction from below my base. I finish the floor, walls, and ceiling as I extend out and place a torch or candle every 10 blocks or so. I will hit veins of ore randomly that will take me away from the main tunnel, but after I clear all that out, I'll fill the cavity with a bunch of wood frames for good measure, close off the opening coming from the main tunnel as if nothing was ever there, then continue expanding the main tunnel I'm in until I hit another vein. These tunnels eventually become my main navigation routes and I try to keep a separate vehicle for each of the four main tunnels. I branch off the main tunnels with 4x4 tunnels leading to cities and traders that ramp up to the surface. Sometimes I will place signs at intersections, but that's more for fun than preventing myself from getting lost.
  5. I use stone axes forever. Unless I have mass amounts of upgrading to do, I prefer it over the nail gun. I tend to upgrade things before I want to on accident with that. Since I don't care to constantly switch out gear when going between building/looting/horde moments, I just keep it on hand and rarely bother using a fireaxe. Even if I have a good number of repair kits, I usually play solo and don't have someone to help replenish those... and you tend to burn through them quickly looting and going on missions with the fireaxe. If there were less things that could be one-shotted with a good stone axe, I might feel differently. I also tend to put the burning shaft on it because in most situations, I don't like that mod. However, sometimes there are perfect moments when using one would be a great idea, so I justify using up a slot for a stone axe by considering it a special melee attack. I put the stone axe away when farming trees. After that, it goes back in inventory.
  6. Everyone says this, but it should stop. It's only a valid argument when AI exploits are indeed hard to find, or at least difficult to progress yourself to the point of being able to exploit it. This has never been the case since the beginning. The best answer to this is that it's a work in progress. Just two alphas ago you were safe buried 2 blocks into the ground. I don't think we're at the stage where this card can be played.
  7. Michelob Ultra would be a watered down version of the virus. I recommend Modelo Negra Gazz would probably appreciate it... it's essentially the Mexican version of dunkel
  8. I like this idea. It definitely helps you make the connection that others are out there filling the machines. I wouldn't do too many at one time though... it makes it a little too easy to use the quest to locate all of them.
  9. Added this to the reasons to get off your ass list.
  10. Good find! I didn't realize that every single one was viewable in third person. SnapMap was put together by a different team, but in MP PVP, they had glory kills against the players... and they varied quite a bit too because if you happened to be a demon, there were also some demon -> player kills. From the video, I am pretty sure I am seeing what I suspected. Some frames are skipped in the third-person kill animations to help with the timing. I'm sorry... I know I am always picking on Bethesduh, but they got something special they didn't deserve with the id team. I swear if they mess them up, I will shed tears for the remainder of my days.
  11. I could be wrong, but what I see in Doom is that the first person animation is more elaborate, while the third person view is simplified... probably so that they can be slowed or sped up easily to help narrow the margin of error in server/client timing. There’s a good second of time where the player cannot be hurt while in this animation (unless there’s something huge like a BFG blast), so keeping it timed within reason is pretty important.
  12. Those pics kinda give me a Doom 3 vibe, which is awesome. They went out of their way in that game to show off their new lighting and shadows tech. It may not have met the same shooter standards of all the other Doom games, but that lighting was scary and impressive.
  13. The dive-bombing/roof-pecking idea sounds good to me. It's on par with digging zombies. I always thought that zombies should damage themselves as they tear through things or dig, so I feel the same with the vultures. If it were implemented, most players would design accordingly to take them out even faster. I don't like the idea of timed dying... seems like the laziest way possible to deal with the problem. No wait... I also don't like the idea of removing them completely from the BM because that's even lazier.
  14. Well, it must be a more than appealing system for you guys to withdraw what was previously done. All that defending of the current system, and all that tweaking of it to get it right to be able to do so... for weeks, if not months. I'm excited to see.
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