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  1. Any way we could get a setting to generate 100 maps in a batch, instead of maxxing at 10? I tried going into the config files but it just resets all the changes to zero. Will I have to open up the .jar?
  2. First, no need to be rude. Second, as I said, and maybe you missed that part, it is possible to restrict regeneration of PoIs to certain areas of the map. Salty Zombies does it, and from what I can tell they're the biggest, and apparently voted the best 5 years in a row, not just "one of" the biggest. So no, my answers aren't nonsense. You might try asking them directly. I did. I'll see if I can dig up a non-compopack map. I might have a 6k one in my world folder. Edit: Couldn't find an old one, but here's a brand new 8k vanilla A19 map fairly heavily covered in cities and towns: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uadvbt3j35gzlgn/NitroGenMap.rar?dl=0
  3. This would be nice to have. One time I got a map with 4 or 5 of the same prison PoI in the same city and 3 more in the nearest city adjacent.
  4. You mean something more or less like this? (timestamp should take you to 2h 55m, if it doesn't skip to approximately that point) (P.S.: Not my video)
  5. You will probably have to hand edit your own prefablist.txt, combining the PoIs from Compo and whichever mod you want to use. But I don't know if either overhaul will properly recognize it even if you did it perfectly, I haven't messed with anything so arcane yet, just dippy stuff like trying to mate an underground PoI with an aboveground one and make them connect. It doesn't work well 😕.
  6. Okay, starting from a default 7dtd install, you go to the root 7dtd folder at c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\7 days to die. From there you open data, then prefabs. This is where you stick everything from the compopack archive folder called "PLEASE copy all files from this folder into your 7d-prefabsfolder" (over 2000 files). Now go to wherever you put the NitroGen program. I stuck it on the desktop for convenience. Open that folder and then the resources folder. This is where you stick everything from the CompoPack archive folder called "Nitrogen-files" (only 3 files). Make sure both times you are only putting the contents of the folders, not dragging the whole folder over. To be able to make large maps (over 4k) go to the NitroGen folder and make a backup of the start.bat (or whatever it's called) file, then edit start.bat so that it says: java -Xmx12G -jar nitrogen.jar Where the 12G is, put whatever you want as long as it is at least 4GB less than your physical RAM. So if you have 8G, put 4G. If you have 16G like me, put 12G. If you have more than 16GB, you can make it higher, but I've never seen NitroGen use more than 10GB on even the largest, most complex maps. And don't forget that you need 64-bit Java installed (not JavaScript). When you want to make a map, use the edited start.bat file to start NitroGen. In NitroGen, use the Open Output Folder and Open 7Days GeneratedWorlds Folder buttons, and in the second case you will have to dig 1 level deeper by opening the actual GeneratedWorlds folder. Then you can just copy your new world from Output Folder to Generated Worlds. If this sounds a little silly, it's not my fault. Make sure you set the prefab list (top right under Advanced) to the appropriate selection with the drop-down (the latest is a19.1 cp 46, as far as I know at this moment), and set scenario (lower down) to none. Try a few maps, check the previews, start a game in each. If you still have problems, come on back. Edit: If you're having problems with the DL links at the beginning of this thread, poke me and I will see if I can help.
  7. Perhaps by untweaking the motorcycle. The game is just not able to load data on your vector front fast enough. That's probably why the vehicles are noticeably slower now. I've noticed the same problem happens with the gyrocopter when you are flying at low altitude. Anyone know if there is a way to do a poll post to see how many people would like unbroken highways? There seems to be quite a few speaking up.
  8. NitroGen needs a "stop generating but don't lose my settings" button. If you just use the close box, you lose all the settings changes you made before clicking Generate World, and if you don't you have to wait until the program stops to fix whatever you noticed just after clicking generate.
  9. From what I gather, not until Magoli comes back from whatever sort of break he is on. I've had success with NitroGen v0.501 and CompoPack 46 for 7dtd Alpha 19.1 b8 stable with the prefablist_CompoPack_46.txt from the CompoPack. No sunken buildings and no floating buildings yet on any of the four maps I have generated (select prefab list a19.1 cp 46), although I've had one house collapse due to structural integrity issues (loaded a save and reinforced some corners and it worked fine after) after I removed some kitchen appliances and bookshelves from the reinforced shelter under the house **shrug** and the large airport has some issues.
  10. At times I resemble that remark. Check your previewmap.png file. If all the buildings are clustered in one corner of the map, it's a setting in NitroGen used for testing that you need to disable. I forget which setting it is, but I'm sure someone will come along who remembers and can tell you. Edit: It's under Advanced on the right, 7th setting down, named "scenario", selection "OCD world". Or if there are no PoIs on the map at all, it's gotten set to "no PoIs". Change the scenario to "none". Except it is out of date and missing the new PoIs from after CompoPack 43, which is at version 46 now. CompoPack 46 comes with an updated prefablist_CompoPack_46.txt specifically for NitroGen that includes all the CompoPack and vanilla PoIs. And don't forget to select the correct one in NitroGen, from the top right corner of the window under Advanced.
  11. I know there was a setting used for testing that stuck all the PoIs in one corner but I forget what it was. Here are the last settings I have used, which have worked for me without any problems on v0.501 in 7dtd 19.2 b4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjgmzquayloez1z/settings.png?dl=0 And here is the map if you want to use it. It requires you having the CompoPack 46 files installed in your 7dtd data/prefabs folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9ollmv5y55yixs/FiletOFish.rar?dl=0 I've been playing it for many hours without a problem, though I have only covered a portion of the map so I don't know if there are problems beyond the one PoI collapsing due to Structural Integrity problems when I started altering it into a base. Make sure you are using 64-bit Java. P.S.: I use a custom start.bat which simply runs Java using 75% of my system RAM: java -Xmx12G -jar nitrogen.jar With it I can generate 16k * 16k maps, but 7dtd has problems with maps that large so I don't make them larger than 12k * 12k anymore.
  12. Just checked and it still works for me. Hit F5 to refresh your browser, or use a different one.
  13. Invalid question. If someone asks me for a first aid kit, I can see why they need it. Not so in this situation. If someone calls and asks me how to fix a problem with their PC mouse (as I used to be in tech support), I ask them questions to determine whether it simply needs cleaning, unplugging and plugging back in, or replacing. Sometimes the best answer for a question is nothing like what the asker imagined it might be, because they aren't thinking "outside the box". For example: 1) Generating a map with denser cities, or a larger map, could reduce the problem of PoIs being "used up" quickly. 2) Looking at how others solved a problem, especially large servers like Salty Zombies who only regenerate certain sections of the map rather than the whole thing. So instead of being negative and criticizing a proper diagnostic solution to a tech problem, try and be a part of the solution. As an aside, I agree that there should be a way for the highways to be generated unbroken, which you might have seen if you follow this thread much since I posted such a request MONTHS ago. My solutions, and any that anyone else offers for that matter, are just workarounds until such a time as NitroGen gets this feature, if ever.
  14. I'm asking you a question in return: How many players, how large of a map and with how dense of cities and towns are you finding it necessary to regenerate the map? Each of those factors have an impact on how quickly they will be able to clear the map of playable content. And I didn't even bring up how much time are they engaging in building vs. just raiding all the time. So...are you not gonna answer the question?
  15. With how many players? How large a map? How dense of cities and towns?
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