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  1. @madmole (This is an edited version of the original reply to Joel's comment to my "feedback" on the game.) Hello, sir Madmole I am glad that you are thankful about the "feedback" I gave, but if I may. What do you think about the more "hardcore" feature I talked about, with it becoming more and more difficult as you go on that should bring a sense of "decay" to the world as you progress over time.
  2. So... Do I just copy and past it here Mr. Madmole? Or someplace else? Or just some other time, or not at all, sir.
  3. Ok, then if he does not respond today then I will try on the "pimp dream forums" tomorrow and try again. Now I thank both of you for you're time and I bid you both good day. PS. If you both would like to so the message I put on his profile, I would like to perhaps see your thoughts and opinions on it (you don't have to if you don't).
  4. So I just put "@Madmole or MM" in the beginning, and even tho I didn't will he still respond to it? Sorry to bother but I am new to this site and just wanted to give some ideas, and I thank you for your help.
  5. Hello Madmole, I put a message on your profile and I would like to know if you saw it, and perhaps respond to it, for I would like to hear you thoughts and opinions on it. Now I thank you for your time, and I bid you good day. Sincerely, Darin.
  6. Hello Mr. Madmole, can you perhaps see about replacing the "demolisher" zombie with some type of "acidic" zombie, that once killed it will perhaps explode and release acid that would "eat" blocks that would come out later on in the game as a "special" zombie. For I and I'm sure many others don't really like the "demolisher" very much. And this new acidic zombie can be it's replacement. And please consider making the "feral" zombies their own class of zombie's, for they are a really cool concept, and it would be nice if all of you made actual "feral" zombies that look feral, as if they are in an advanced stage of infection and would look withered like the Wight and twitch as they walk, and most of all be able to run due to them being in more control of their motor skills. And I would like these zombies to also spawn in the world as you progress so that they don't just spawn in buildings or blood moons, and I would also like the new acid zombie to spawn in the world as well. 


    Please consider these ideas, for all of you have built a truly special game that has SO much potential that I think that all of you don't full understand just yet. For this has the potential to become something that could become SO much more than what it is right now.


    Now I thank you for your time and I bid you good day, Mr. Madmole.          


    PS. If all of you need more funding to update the console. I suggest making some DLC maps. For example, you could make a map set in the Rocky Mountains or the Alps in Switzerland, or you could make a map set in Florida that would introduce a new swamp biome, something like that. Or you could make maps on each biome in the game, so you would have one that would be entirely green, wasteland, snowy, desert, ext.

    And these maps would be made once you complete the game and would introduce new locations, building, npc's and so on, and to justify this they would have to big maps, around 16k or so should do it. And if these new maps are good, they will give you more funding for your projects and keep people playing.


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