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  1. It's episode 17 and we have a lot going on. We knock out a quest, complete tier 3, unlock a new trader and a new biome and even do a quest at night! Let's see how we get on with it all!
  2. Episode 16 is here, and we are grinding out some more quests! Hopefully we get some nice rewards and serious Dukes. But two angry Zombie Bears stand in our way...
  3. Episode 15 is here, and we are being ambitious - armed with our Steel Sledgehammer, we want to knock out three Tier 3 Quests in one day, and they aren't exactly close by. Zombies always run, and these POI's are getting tougher. How will we fare?
  4. Escaping Eden Mall - Episode 12 contains scary rooftop wolves, screamer farming and panic over a headlight. Watch on to see how it plays out!
  5. It's episode 14, which means its time for the day 14 horde. We need to put finishing touches to building the new horde base and we will be trying to mainly melee it with our Steel Sledgehammer! Let's see how we get on!
  6. It's episode 13, time for a little base building. We get a great find at the Traders, take on a couple of Zombie Bears and build a new horde base. Not bad for a days work!
  7. It's episode 12, and we have unlocked our third Trader. Who will it be? And more importantly, will they have the minibike handlebars we need?
  8. It's episode 11 and we have managed to get a hold of a nice, shiny new Steel Sledgehammer. Let's see what this thing can do!
  9. Episode 10 is our second horde night! Last time it all went a bit wrong and they broke through. We have rebuilt the horde base and reinforced it, let's see how we get on!
  10. Episode 10 sees us visit the Traders for restock day, and they have some really good stuff for us! We also continue to try and grind out those quests in a bid to level up and earn those all important Dukes!
  11. It's episode 9 and we do more looting, more questing and more smashing! We also test out the Iron Sledgehammer to see how we like it compared to the old stone sledge!
  12. In episode 8 we are going loot crazy. We loot several POI's in the hunt for decent gear and sellables, and also take on more than one wandering horde - how will the stone sledgehammer hold up?
  13. Episode 8 is here, and we need to clear a few zombies, loot a few re-spawned stores and work on our horde base. Sounds simple right? Not when you're going slightly mad
  14. It's episode 7 and it's time for our first horde night in our melee horde base! We will be trying to mainly melee them with the stone sledgehammer this time, let's see how feasible that is!
  15. Episode 6 - Time to build a horde base to use our sledgehammer in! But first we have a few quests to try and efficiently smash out!
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