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  1. In this episode we tackle another Tier V quest at the Apartments. Lots of running zombies, lot's of Cops, lot's of SMG and Pump Shotty Action, and lot's of close calls! Hope you enjoy! If you do enjoy, please consider liking and subbing. Thanks everyone!
  2. We take on our first ever Tier V Quest in this episode, and it's a good one. We attempt clear out the Shotgun Messiah Factory, which goes into the night time and means 3 things - Running Zombies, Danger and almost certain death. Will we make it? Let's find out.
  3. In this one we hit up the Trader Restock loop, do a night time quest and work a bit on our crafting base!
  4. It's the day 28 horde & we're in a time crunch to prep the horde base. The new additions seem to make the AI behave in a strange way...
  5. In this one we knock out a Tier IV quest and work on expanding the horde base ahead of the day 28 horde!
  6. In this one we dance with a Feral Radiated Soldier in a small room. Will this be our end? this on
  7. Day 25 - An Amazing loot run. Those points in Lucky Looter are starting to pay off ...
  8. In this episode we run the Water Works. With much parkour and zombie head poppage!
  9. After a hard days questing, what better way to unwind than building a walkway for your crafting base? Af
  10. In this episode we hit the Trader restock, bang out a quest and get some auger action. What's not to like?
  11. Horde night is here! Let's see how our horde base does with the addition of electric fence posts...
  12. In this episode we upgrade the horde base with electric traps and concrete, and knock out a Tier IV Quest!
  13. In this episode we discover our sixth trader in the Forest biome - all relatively close to each other!
  14. In this episode we take on four bears in one day, and also go on a zombie slaying spree with a wrench (Yes, you read that right) I
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