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  1. Hi there, I noticed you posted a link on how to create a custom map, I'd love to have a go at this, the link was Alpha 17b240 Quick Guide to Creating a ‘7 Days To Die’ world from an external image. but the link didnt work, can you check?


  2. I'm confused; is the goal survival or not? Death is the antithesis of survival. Maybe the game just needs more rewards for survival to remind folks to survive (since worse death penalties were already tried and got the crowds in arms)? -- EDIT: After reviewing a few point on the dumping items if one needs in an emergency: The following are my suggestions: Drop All (with double confirmation) Add Dump All to Vehicle in the vehicle storage menus. Vehicles would generally not be sorted containers like the chests in one's home. As such if you have a vehicle nearby, one could use that as an emergency not sorted dump of inventory (much like just throwing one's junk in a car).
  3. I would verify integrity of your Game files: Steam Client > Games Library > Right-Click 7 Days To Die > Click Properties > Click Local Files Tab > Click Verify Game Integrity Reasons: None of the mods listed in the screenshot touch anything with BloodMoonFrequency Blood Moon Frequency as a setting did not exist on Alpha 17b240 - This suggests to me that you have reverted from Alpha 17.2b27 to Alpha 17.0(b240). Possibly some file(s) was(were) not properly downgraded. Check other mods for references to that Alpha 17.2+ setting (I see you do have other mods installed).
  4. @madmole, @faatal, @Roland, @Gazz, Any chance you will add a setting for how many days a Blood Moon should last. Then we could create a more realistic lunar cycle event. That one week a month where everything could go feral.
  5. Maybe but we know that all these possibilities have Likely Been Done.
  6. Maybe he meant Liquid Bandit Dissolver for an acid based weapon. Or new Laser Beam Device traps?
  7. I wouldn't read much into it. It took me a bit to figure you probably meant Learn By Doing with that acronym.
  8. Lockpicks can only be added through the use of code mods requiring 3rd party functionality. There was however very good lockpick code in the game at one point that was demonstrated as a mini-game. This code was removed and isn't even accessible to modders (hence the need to use 3rd party tools and code mods). Stealth builds without a way to combat locked containers in a stealthy manner are not possible. Stealth builds as described (being able to fully avoid zombies including blood moon) are not possible without stealthy means to do things (then again the current Stealth skills don't work for Blood Moon either).
  9. Sad part of no lockpicks: The code was already done, working, and demonstrated before (in your videos). Heck, add a few variables to the mini-game system that was demonstrated and one could have a nice lockoicking skill tree as well. With this confirmation lockpicking is not on the plans to return any longer, does that also mean stealth only builds are indeed off the potential playstyle list? Unless maybe the acid will dissolve locks and still allow looting of containers, etc in a stealthy manner. As one who was looking forward to the eventual ability to have a Stealth build, meh.
  10. My greed says "Forget Alpha 18. Change the Alpha moniker to something meaningless and just keep developing it forever." Selfish I know, but this game has truly been one of the best expenditures on entertainment I've had.
  11. Glad to hear. My own fault for the ?dl=1 thing. I had a privacy filter that was stripping that tag, had to add an exception for dropbox once I saw it mentioned in another thread. Now that whole annoying popup avoided and quicker downloads for folks hitting the links.
  12. Other than my recently adding the ?dl=1 to the links to make it easier for folks downloading (avoids the popup), the links are the same as published 2018-11-19 (for the mods that were around then). Example of one of the most changed modlets (URL in code tags so readable): 2018-11-19 link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2rxzmqnewz5f4k/RELXIX_UI_PlayerStats.zip 2019-02-12 link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2rxzmqnewz5f4k/RELXIX_UI_PlayerStats.zip?dl=1
  13. I know. I thought maybe the tutorial would have helped adoption, but well. Maybe some folks are just working on completing maps and not saying/showing anything till they are ready. I'm still messing around with Green Mars, but busy with life too. Not really. I think a lot of folks have missed how much under the hood stuff has made the game more customization friendly than ever. Some of which in ways that were never possible before. Blocks > Diamonds > Cubettes (rounded corner cubes) > Diamonds
  14. I will check the trader related modlets soon. In the interim here's a new modlet of interest -- Tested on a new game only.: RELXIX_UIMENU_LandClaimCountSettings Alpha 17.2b20 Experimental - This adds an option to the menu for Land Claim Count with options '1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200' as Land Claim Block Count choices on the Multiplayer Tab with the rest of the Land Claim options. These options are also added as available filter choices in the server browser. Here it is in the menu: Here we see I have 5 LCBs placed, I was able to check and confirm all as active. Here we see that after I place LCB 6, the first one I placed deactivated leaving me with 5 active.
  15. That modlet will not be updated for Alpha 17.2 since that particular option is not valid anymore. There will be a new modlet for Alpha 17.2 to handle MoreBlockDamageOptions that will expand the choices for BlockDamagePlayer, BlockDamageAI, & BlockDamageAIBM.
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