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  1. It will work as well on Navezgane or a Custom random map.
  2. Done. Thanks for tracking the error down.
  3. Thank-you. It has been merged, and you're creditted in the readme.
  4. No, not yet, and probably not exactly soon. Too much unpaid time spent fixing their stuff has worn on me, considering their general attitudes towards the modding community.
  5. Unfortunately, no. Those were some of the primary targets when digging for possible textures. Looks like they only exist as mesh textures for the models. Hopefully they change that.
  6. Yes, this. I have suggested that they show last spear on compass, perhaps only when ducking like animal tracker because you're down on your hand and knees cursing the gods why you're the only specialist that throws his weapon full of mods away to use it effectively. Or just add a weapon mod specific to the spear called something really clever like "A ROPE" that means you can just pull it back/up after it hits/lands/sinks. And yes agreed, overall A18 is an improvement.
  7. I agree completely. The problem now is how you get a rediculous amount of XP from upgrading blocks, and that's not shared. So, now you go on a raid of a large POI full of cement, and you have to race against your buddy to see who can spend those resources upgrading your base first.
  8. It has glowed since launch, the glow is inadequate.
  9. Or they could make a spear-only mod called "A Rope" that allows you to just retrieve it after it lands, wherever that may be, and maybe that limits the range some... don't care.
  10. Great!! Now, if everyone's finished slinging abuse around, the thread should get locked up and promptly forgotten about.
  11. Mark the spears you throw on your compass. Maybe just the last one or two. Maybe only while you crouch (like animal tracking but for your spears). Nothing ruins the mood like a random missed throw taking away your only L6 Spear filled with all your favourite mods you've been able to find. Nobody else has to perodically risk effectively destroying their primary weapon, a lot of resources can go into it. It can instantly make you regret having chosen the Spear path, or restict yourself to only using it as a sub-par melee weapon.
  12. Yes, there will be for sure. I'm digging through and trimming all the stuff Home Depot used to do that they include in A18, and reorganizing stuff a bit, hunting down the stuff they Hid from us in A18 that they didn't used to hide (like Barded Wire). And I'm looking at delivering the HomeDepot stuff in a set of 7 Books with a bonus for the set. If possible. It's not immediately around the corner, but it will come.
  13. stedman420 has got SimpleUI migrated too.
  14. Thanks for being right on this Stedman. We appreciate it. Nice to have them installed while I migrate the Home Depot mod, and No Crafting Challenge Mod. :-)
  15. Dedicated server gonna launch an hour before so we can get them set up for player base when they update?
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