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  1. It will work as well on Navezgane or a Custom random map.
  2. Done. Thanks for tracking the error down.
  3. Thank-you. It has been merged, and you're creditted in the readme.
  4. No, not yet, and probably not exactly soon. Too much unpaid time spent fixing their stuff has worn on me, considering their general attitudes towards the modding community.
  5. Unfortunately, no. Those were some of the primary targets when digging for possible textures. Looks like they only exist as mesh textures for the models. Hopefully they change that.
  6. Yes, there will be for sure. I'm digging through and trimming all the stuff Home Depot used to do that they include in A18, and reorganizing stuff a bit, hunting down the stuff they Hid from us in A18 that they didn't used to hide (like Barded Wire). And I'm looking at delivering the HomeDepot stuff in a set of 7 Books with a bonus for the set. If possible. It's not immediately around the corner, but it will come.
  7. Added in v1.4: FINAL Alpha 17 version. Added repair materials for cntBookcaseEmpty, and cntMunitionsBox. Fixed Brass harvest from pipeSmallWallValve. To match pipeSmallValve. Added Brass harvest from Brass Table Lamp (deskLampLight). Added Brass Doorknob drop from destroying House doors with brass handles.
  8. The vehicles do definitely have duplication issues, though this is the first i've heard of this particular one. I reasonably sure it isn't directly mod related.
  9. Are you asking about coords for a Home Depot POI/Prefab?? There isn't one. This mod doesn't add anything to maps or world files, it works equally well in Navezgane as it does with a generated world. I created a prefab just for generating screenshots. By request it is there to download on GitHub for those who know how to use/import the prefabs. But, the modlet itself doesn't physically change anything in your world.
  10. Thank-you! And, I think that would be a great idea.
  11. Thanks!! Glad you like it.
  12. Added a small Paint Department, as any Home Depot should have. And made sure it wasn't busted by A17.4 Added in v1.3: Restored access to a couple of textures that were included with the paint brush but hidden (Orange Drywall & Tar Paper). Also, found a few textures that work decently enough on blocks and included them (Bookcase, Vent, WashingMachine, & Wet Concrete).
  13. It's not an error, it's just a Warning. (that's why it's yellow, not red, and says WRN) This is not the only mod that adds vehicles to the trader file (not even the only one of MY mods that does so). In order for the mod to keep control of added vehicles, so as not to add redundant vehicles, it first attempts to removes any previously added vehicle. If it fails to find any, you get the Yellow Warning... but nothing comes of it, it just continues on applying the rest of the code. But, thanks for reporting it in case it was something that I had missed.
  14. That's great! I hope you enjoy it.
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