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  1. I'm not getting what weapons that have been added/are being developed are remotely fallout/fantasy. Personally, seeing these weapons being re-designed is helpful in the sense that these models have been in the game since alpha, and artistically, they look quite basic. Something like this new club (which I assume is like a pipe with different tool parts placed on it) has a unique, scrapped together look.
  2. Can any Devs/modders tell me why mods that add weapons/tools have to re-purpose animations, sounds, etc? I'm hoping we will get some more support for adding in our own animations (both 1st and 3rd) and sounds.
  3. Ironically I saw it recently, so it's still fairly fresh in my mind. I don't believe they picked any locks in the movie.
  4. In the movie The Great Escape there is a character named Hendley Garner who was nicknamed "the scrounger". His job was to collect items that people needed. Not sure if this is going to be another perk, hopefully it's more than that.
  5. As in the WW2 movie with Steve McQueen?
  6. Sounds awesome! You plan on sharing screenshots soon?
  7. Are we getting any new bits of information? For the past week we've gotten not much, hoping for something more.
  8. Oh come on, don't tease us like that! Show us, if you can!
  9. Always happy to hear more graphical improvements are being made!
  10. Based on all of the lewd mods for skyrim, fallout, and minecraft, I have zero doubts that 7dtd will get the same treatment.
  11. Does this mean we will have better looking players? I'm hoping they'll look similar to the traders since the character already looks out of place with all of the HD models.
  12. Pretty funny reading some of these twitter replies on this, calling her model "objectifying."
  13. Hmm how might I get access to the games' VO clips?
  14. Performance boosters, at the cost of debuffs from addictions.
  15. I'll miss Jen's original look with the lab coat but this looks great as well, hopefully all of the traders will have an update and player characters will as well
  16. Not sure if fo76 did anything with Jet, but you could have the player look like everything is slow meanwhile for others the player using jet has an increased speed of movement.
  17. Fallout has a lot of inspiration for 7dtd, it also helps that Joel's a big fan of Fallout and Skyrim. I think he's made mods for it in the past too... Not sure on that last statement though.
  18. It does seem like the technology for such a thing is plausible, but it might be just too expensive for mass production.
  19. So will they be similar to fallout ghouls but instead of them being like NPCs, they still kill you to eat you? - - - Updated - - - Wait are you saying that power armor is a real thing now?
  20. Meaning we'll get some more Halloween items next Halloween?
  21. Any chance we'll get an update before Christmas that adds Christmas items? Perhaps a Christmas tree or some Christmas lights?
  22. Can't wait, thanks for all of the info you've given us so far!
  23. Will this be one of the finishing moves that was mentioned in the original Kickstarter video? I remember one that was described was if your club broke you could shove your broken club shards into the zombie's face. Not to mention since you hired the guy who made the first person animations for Doom 2016, we could get actual glory kills lol.
  24. Can we get a preview of the combat music?
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