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  1. After the University I needed to make something quick, so I present this totally normal abandoned house with absolutely nothing secret in it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pZAuT5M8aVaiD_1ryGlfKE8zwbaFQj-t/view?usp=sharing I actually based this on a real house I drove by and took a picture of. Don't bother looking, nothing special there...
  2. Small edit, I updated the file at the link after playtesting more. Just a couple of blocks to make flow a little smoother. Still can't update my original posts. I also noticed that some small parts of the gym roof collapse when walked on. I was going to fix this, but I actually like the additional danger it adds. The gym roof is already damaged so it fits. I would like to put something like traffic cones or something to give players a hint it's dangerous, but I couldn't think of anything offhand. None of the existing signs really make sense. EDIT: Got it. I used the condemned sign and yellow sawhorses. Looks quite good. If players fall in now it's their own fault.
  3. That was a slog, but here it is, the complete, dungeon pathed and sleeper volumed University Campus: https://drive.google.com/file/d/115nTXaAnLxPMX9hxyMfGBPJAnfJ_2Isv/view?usp=sharing I'm going to do more playtesting, but it's a solid prefab and I think feedback from players can help identify any tweaks. A few notes: It's tough and long, I used stacks of ammo playtesting. The fights toward the end are large and challenging. It's probably faster for me since I know the path already and what to expect. It has great loot, particularly books, even though I did cut out a lot of bookshelves. I've tried to make the entry point as obvious as possible, and the path clear. There are a few spots where you'll need to double back, and a couple of alternate paths. For clear quests it will require some poking around to make sure you've got everyone. This is by design. The open areas including the ball field and parking lot are not part of the dungeon path but do need to be cleared. I've tested and they will be marked if missed in a clear quest. There's more, but I'll let folks play and figure it out. Have fun.
  4. Hi gang, I am almost done with this POI. Quick question; can someone confirm there is no empty wooden bookshelf block? Not the black shelves used in stores, I know there's an empty version of those. I'm using the random helper bookshelves, but there are so many it will be an incredibly valuable POI for books. I wanted to fill out some of the shelves with definitely empty ones to cut down on the number of books the player could get. That said, the library is near the end of the dungeon path, and it is already an extremely hard POI, I would make it a tier 7 if I could. I'm thinking I could just make the library fight very hard to make sure the player earns all the bookshelves they'll get access to.
  5. Hi @zztong, I also work for a University system with campuses throughout NYC, and some campuses are older and relatively compact, consisting of just a few buildings, whereas others are quite large. I've also gone to school & worked at universities with sprawling suburban campuses with dozens of buildings like you describe. You could go a lot of different ways with this concept. For a continuous "Dungeon" style POI that could be used for quests a smaller campus just made sense for me. That's not to say it's a small POI, compared to many dungeon style POIs in 7 Days, it's pretty big. That's why it's taking me so long.
  6. I actually started building a wall around it early on to funnel the player into the campus, but felt that there would be so many openings for driveways, walkways, and the ball field that I didn't think it would have much of an effect. I think as long as I fortify the buildings appropriately and signpost the dungeon path well enough I should be able to keep players on track.
  7. Hi all, here is the base University Campus POI. This is not finished. Before I dungeonize it and add sleepers, quest items, etc. I'd appreciate if folks to take a look around and see if I've missed any details. I'll be adding more decor like garbage, bodies, etc. when I dungeonize it but I want to make certain the base POI is good, it's been a lot of work just to get this far. Thanks in advance. https://drive.google.com/file/d/115nTXaAnLxPMX9hxyMfGBPJAnfJ_2Isv/view?usp=sharing
  8. This POI is turning out to be a real chore. I need some ideas for different rooms in the arts building. I have a theatre with dressing rooms, a painting classroom, sculpture classroom, some basic classrooms with desks, but need a few more unique rooms. Ideas are welcome.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I think it turned out pretty well.
  10. Need some advice, or a reference to something to sample. I'm trying to build a large, realistic dome on top of the science building for an observatory. I don't think the correct blocks exist in game to do this without making it look blocky and unconvincing. This is as far as I've gotten. It seems like there aren't enough wedge corner block types in game to make this look right. Does anyone have advice or know of a POI that has an existing dome shape I could "borrow" and rework for this purpose? .
  11. Just a brief progress update. It's going slow as I'm having trouble laying out some of the buildings. Dropping some pics as I always appreciate the encouragement and ideas I get here.
  12. Hopefully by keeping the university buildings somewhat simple I can keep performance from dropping too much. It's a delicate balance. I'm glad to hear someone is using my prefabs already. I'm hopeful they'll be in the next CP. As you're playing them let me know if they need any fixes or if you notice any problems.
  13. Per @stallionsden 's suggestion I will be making a large university campus POI. It will have a full dungeon path and other features like all my POIs. I used the measurements of the stadium POI as a basis, and the working area here is about 165 by 130 blocks. Question; is a POI this large going to cause problems? Should I decrease the working area to make it function better? I like to try and keep them as functional as vanilla POIs. I'm there are larger POIs, but I'm not sure if the have issues due to size. Some additional detail: it will have three main buildings, including a more traditional university building with a clock tower, science/technical building and humanities building. There will be a quad out front, parking areas, and a play field (maybe two) in the back area. The buildings will only be 2 to 3 stories each, and they will all have dungeon paths connecting them.
  14. I needed a break after that government skyscraper POI, so I made this small bank building. I know you're going to read this @stallionsden and I wanted to let you know I took your doctor's office suggestion and put one on the second floor of the building. POI File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u9rHxl4uAjQ5q3TKo3XmnqtO3SH_u0Qm/view?usp=sharing
  15. Oof. If I did a school/college/university I'd make it large. I'd most likely make a 3 building University campus. I need to do something small after the last one. I've started doing a small bank building. Maybe I'll do a University campus after.
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