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  1. Thanks for the suggestions gang. So far I've got two courts, a DMV, cafe, data center, boiler room, storage, and am working on legal offices for the courts. I will be doing executive offices, a department of health, and I'm thinking of making one area a holding center. I particularly like the utility office idea and I'll have to think about how to set that up. I've been taking some time to make each of the floors taller.
  2. It's coming together much faster than I thought. I'd welcome suggestions for things to include on some of the floors, keeping in mind the government theme.
  3. This is a big WIP. It's official, I've lost my mind. I've been wanting to do a municipal, or combo local/state/federal government skyscraper building for a while. Thus I have begun this 12 story (including basements) skyscraper. It will be divided into zones for local, state and federal offices. I'm going to try and use unpainted blocks where possible and not too many complex shapes to keep the memory usage low given the size, while still making it fully dungeonized like all my other prefabs. This will take a while so I may take breaks and do other, smaller prefabs in between.
  4. Hi guys, I put a slightly updated version at the existing link. I realized I forgot to paint the 2nd floor ceilings.
  5. Wanted to do something that would fit with my town set, be somewhat industrial, and not a utility. I came up with the idea of an appliance repair shop. A great POI for people looking for parts. Be careful in the garage. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SmTIjY9X7-UWyzybZwPnsKgTh7ma0_mT/view?usp=sharing I noticed one glitch while testing where several sleepers died instantly when activating a quest, though it only happened once. Some pics:
  6. I did set design and painted backdrops for the Grease musical in High School. This was all part of my evil plan.
  7. Here is the finished Judy's Beauty School: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18YzIgnrSrmCZ8wA8xPgwsyZKwHlaUPMR/view?usp=sharing I decided not to go with the custom group, since it would require modification to more XML than I'd like. The vanilla lab zombie group works fine for this POI. Here are some pics:
  8. I’m close to being done with this POI, but I’d like to do sleeper volumes of just the lab coat zombies and the newer “strippers.” This isn’t available in the vanilla sleeper volumes, but I’m guessing there’s a way to do this via XML. Does anyone know if this is possible and how I would include it in the XML? Thanks in advance.
  9. Another WIP. This is what I went with when thinking about doing a technical or trade school, Judy's Beauty School. I used an actual beauty school floorplan I found online. It may be tough to make dungeon-y because it's so open, but I think I can make it work.
  10. BTW, does anyone know how to get permissions to edit my first post in order to post the final links at the top so people don't need to read through everything in my posts to find the actual POI file link?
  11. Here is the completed and tested business strip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pOjYqSAxTROOXkT0F6PaeQ6f5lKt6Ywh/view?usp=sharing It's actually more like a business strip/small apartment building. I made it tier 3, but I almost think it could make tier 4 like some of the other business strips in vanilla. Following my plan I think I may make the next prefab for my town set a small to mid-sized school, maybe a technical college. Of course I may make something else entirely. Some Pics:
  12. *This is another work in progress. I've decided that I want to make enough POIs to fill a small town like Perishton using all of my recent prefabs. To that end I want to have some businesses, residential like the houses/Lost Arms, and utilities/industrial like the pump station. To fill this out I'm making a business strip type POI like the ones already in game. I've got the non-dungeon version built, so here are some pics. I almost think this would make a neat trader location if I were to join the buildings and fortify them. I'll upload when complete.
  13. Hi Gouki, nothing else yet. I'm open to ideas. I like to try and create realistic, fully dungeon-ized prefabs that are as close to the way the Fun Pimps design them as possible. I'm also trying not to make ones that there are not already a lot of in vanilla.
  14. I haven't had any issues when playtesting myself. Activating, using objects, searching, reading, etc. Everything worked fine. If anything I may need to make a few more of the zombie volumes priority so it's a bit tougher, but other than that I think it's good to go. I just wanted to get some feedback from other folks if possible. Edit: @Gouki just an thought, this was built using the latest experimental build, I know that can sometimes cause problems if you're using the previous version.
  15. Hi guys, I need a hand playtesting because it's rather large and I don't want to declare it ready for things like the compopack until it's been tested thoroughly. I've playtested it with fetch and clear quests like usual, but I want to make sure the dungeon path is clear and that the balance is right. I've made it a tier 5 because of it's size, but I'm not sure it's hard enough for a tier 5. Rather than make edits yourselves, if you could let me know what needs tweaking and I'll do it myself so I know what's changed. Edit: Forgot to mention there's quite a bit of platforming to get
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