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  1. I MADE IT! Sorry guys, but the "spark of genius" (I don't know how to say it properly in english ahaha) got me right after i posted this thread So I understood this mod files (windows.xml, xui.xml, controls.xml ecc...) interact with the relative original game files. I got a quick knowlenge about "xpath" and how to set or modify value's properties I searched for the right path by looking at the original game files After some attempts I got the right code line! All I had to do is adding this line <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowTrader']/@panel">Center</set> to the widows.xml file It apparently fixed also the same problem with Vending machines. Ok, Never mind guys, i figured it out! ps: I'm trying to close this thread, but i don't know how (i'm really tired guys ) so I can keep this open just for the lolz
  2. Hi guys, I need your Help! I just downloaded and installed SMX UI Mod by Sirillion The UI is pretty cool, but I wanted to modify some things (icon sizes, some colors, panel orders ..., so not drastic changes) I'm new with this stuff, but I managed to edit the value's properties the way i like it. But there is a Problem when I interact with TRADER Here is the ORIGINAl mod Here is mine edited (In case you can't see them : https://imgur.com/a/qkHR1Na) As you can see, the original has all 3 panels in order, but I'm trying to set (Left to Right) Inspect panel, Trader Panel, my inventory. I already set The Property of itemInfoPanel (Inspect panel) -> panel="Left" and of windowBackpack (my inventory) -> panel="Right" But now I think itemInfoPanel competes with the Trader Panel to stay on the Left side transforming everything in a complete mess. So, what I should do (i hope!) is to tell the game to put the Trader Panel on the Center. Ok.... how? xD As I said before, i'm not very good at modding (i'm newbie). I don't want to change anything to the Trader Panel, i want just to move it to the Center, that's all. This is the Backpack : <remove xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']" /> <append xpath="/windows"> <window name="windowBackpack" depth="1" size="470,750" anchor="CenterCenter" [b]panel="Right"[/b] controller="BackpackWindow" cursor_area="true"> blah blah blah geeky stuff </window> </append> This is The Inspect Panel: <remove xpath="/windows/window[@name='itemInfoPanel']" /> <append xpath="/windows"> <window name="itemInfoPanel" depth="1" size="450,750" anchor="CenterCenter"[b] panel="Left" [/b]controller="ItemInfoWindow" cursor_area="true"> blah blah blah geeky stuff </window> </append> Thank You!
  3. Oh I see, thank you I hadn't noticed that. I didn't know you can put both mods on light and heavy armor (previusly we all used to split "light mod" from "heavy mod") So now, in order to not make this thread completely useless , what do you all think about an +3 Armor Rating? Could be cool or too much OP ?
  4. Hi guys, I know A18 came out for a while, but now I've realized that there are only 2 Armor Plating Mods left in this game. My question is: Why? Why removing the opportunity and the beauty to find better Armor Plating Mod? In A17 there was three Armor Plating Mods, each for light or heavy armor which give you +1, +2, or +3 in Armor Rating. Now there are only two of them left, one for light and another for hevy armor. Bu why removing them? I mean: There are Storage Pokets Mods with a Single, Double and Triple Storage. There are Storage Pokets Mod with a Single, Double Storage for Cloths. There are Muffled Connection and Advanced Muffled Connection Mod. There are Improved and Custom Fitting Mod. There are Power Tool Small and Large Tank Mod. Personally, I find cool to search better Mods with better stats on it, so why not on armor rating too? I wish they put them back. Thanks
  5. I always wanted to see random dressed zombies with random animation. Actually each zombie has its own animation, which is always the same. For example, imagine to see a zombie Nurse jiggling like Steve! Imagine to see zombie moe dressing a cool red tank top instead of the same dark grey one! This would add more variety to the game!
  6. Really agree with you... I miss this song so much, it was so beautiful, so hard, so intense... Much better of actual song theme imo.
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