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  1. Well, I haven’t tested it but the latest version is coded the same way that Z2 was and that one worked with DF iirc. So, the best answer I can give is try it. You will need the 10 slot optional download in addition though...and let me know if it worked This is in regards to SMXhud, SMXui will definitely not work.
  2. Check the Nexus page under Files and Optional.
  3. By changing the size you have set yourself up for potential issues unless you chained that change through all the three files. The correct fix would be to install the 10 slot optional modlet.
  4. Hi, Currently there are no plans to do anything with the tool belt. I am aware that it needs some love but at the moment it is good enough and my limited modding time is better spent on other areas. No that is not a bug per say, it is a "hidden" feature that is disabled in the vanilla code. I simply just enabled it for fun. It is basically an overview over what the buffs do, that buff in particular does a LOT and it grows beyond the borders of the window and the code simply whips it back into place by reducing its size. So for that buff it's pretty useless, other buffs.
  5. Update SMX. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/22?tab=files&BH=5
  6. I'm liking the idea. Could be cool to do something similar to RAGE2 where when you come into bounds of a POI you get certain tasks to do to check that location as completed. For instance, kill all <insertmobtypehere>, gather intel, loot all boxes. Converted to 7D it could be set up so that when entering the bounds of a dungeon POI with a loot room you get a few random tasks to fulfill and the contents of the loot room/boxes differs depending on the outcome...or something like that.
  7. There is already a predefined global color style called transparent so change the color value to 0,0,0,0 and it will be black but transparent due to the opacity being set to 0.(last digit)
  8. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it.
  9. It is part of the action menu, so the top choice of what you see there, the hammer. Due to a limitation within the engine I cannot show tooltips for those entries at this point. I do have a DMT script lined up to fix that but I've not had time to polish them up yet.
  10. Those orange lines can be removed in styles.xml simply by setting their color to transparent. The other two requires custom code to achieve I think as there are no such feature in the visibility code afaik.
  11. Oh I missed this one it seems ... The credit button is the FTP logo in the corner.
  12. Theoretically yes. I've not spent any time on that though. The values exist in the character frame window and in theory you should be able to call them there. It probably won't be easy and it might not work at all but that is where you will need to start to try and display it on the HUD. I know people had the food and water values pulled from that window to display the "true" value but it had a tendency to bug the character frame window when done that way and as a result I opted not to go that route. I pull from that window in the conversation windows in SMX to display
  13. Uploaded Z2 A19.0.Release4 to github. Release Notes - Z2: Added tool belt numbers. Added outside temp display. Release Notes - Z2TB10: Added tool belt numbers.
  14. On the nexus site there is an optional download for a 10 slot tool belt conversion but it is only to create compatibility and does not contain a DMT patch to create a 10 slot tool belt, you will need to find that elsewhere.
  15. // 2020.08.08 // SMX has been updated to support A190B177. // CHANGELOG // Added a new pivot point to the menus and they should now populate from the bottom and not fall off screen when in creative/debug mode. (Might overlap the logo) Reworked the inventory control buttons. Retained the old functionality for now with the three buttons and the locked slot bar. Recolored the empty locked slot bar to better visualize it. Reworked the container control buttons. Retained the old functionality with three buttons. Added a modded version of
  16. All has been resolved. I still need to do more testing to see that all works well but I should be able to pop a version late this evening, so 6-7hrs from now.
  17. I am at work but will be home tomorrow and will look into everything with the new version then.
  18. I only made this to show how it could be done, I encourage you to build on it and try to add that yourself
  19. There is no plans to add elevation at this time.
  20. Make sure you have all the modlets installed correctly. By the sound of it you are missing the ZMXhudCP modlet which is the modlet that decides the positions. For SMXhud you will need to have SMXhud, SMXlib and ZMXhudCP installed.
  21. Updated now, get it from Nexus.
  22. That error was caused by SMXmenu and is now fixed with the latest version I just uploaded.
  23. An oversight on my part, thanks. Fixed in the upcoming Release3, please play with drop nothing until that release comes out.
  24. Hi, I cannot say that I do. At the moment the modlets are not complete and as such I am trying to not stray from the development path too much until they are. But maybe after that, when all the windows in all the modlets have been modded I can start considering that.
  25. // READ THIS FIRST! // 2020.07.18 - The experimental SMX version have been updated to support A19.0B169. Please be advised that SMXlib is now a new, mandatory, modlet that all must install to be able to use SMX, this modlet is a library that contains all the assets that the modlets use and share. If this modlet is not installed, then you will experience errors and SMX will not work. SMXhudTB10 does NOT make the tool belt have 10 slots, it just converts SMXhud to SUPPORT a 10 slot tool belt DMT mod. You will have to find and install a 10 slot tool belt DMT mod for it to work. Please do
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