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  1. And you have checked the location of the ModInfo.xml file? Throw up another screenshot where you have that file marked so I can see the path. You can also press F1 when in the menu to bring up the console and you will get to see if the mod has loaded if you scroll to the top.
  2. Are you playing on a server or locally?
  3. This information comes from sphereii. He is the one that has been teaching me to do what little I can with DMT patching. The problem is that we are missing parts that cannot be touched with using DMT.
  4. Well, I had a look. And it is not good. The controller in the engine that is used to create the vehicle container windows seems to be lacking the background element all together and only has code to build the header. Without that particular part of code I cannot create a DMT script to "fix" it (afaik with my limited knowledge of it) because I cannot inject the parts that are missing. At this point we can only hope that TFP changes the controller for A19/A19.?+. If not the only way to change it is to ship a hacked dll instead of the script but that would be in the grey area as it is technically
  5. hehe, I will take a look at that prior to me releasing the next version, but I make no promises as I think the vanilla code in the engine are missing some key components that I would need to write a script for that.
  6. Oh you are talking about the WotW mod. That is a modified version of this that the mod author of WotW have modified to fit to his mod and is not representative to this mod which is made for to replace the vanilla experience. That said, I know Dwallorde have had some issues with the adaptation and I have made some patches for it that I will release sometime next week when the new version of SMXui gets released that will fix the issues that I know about.
  7. Well, then don’t use it? I guess? Hi, it is installed just as any other modlet, it is outdated though and I should have updated it long ago but seeing as how I am close to releasing the next version of the main modlet with core changes that would mean I would have to update it again I have been holding off on that. I expect to have something ready sometime next week.
  8. All in due time. That window is a pita to mod as it acts much like the loot window but it is somewhat lacking in the engine so I will have to see if I am able to do some DMT work on that.
  9. That is likely due to a conflict with another mod that adds to the perks, attributes or books.
  10. There is actually a compatibility patch for this available, have been for quite some time now. Just add this to the mix and it should work. https://github.com/Sirillion/ZMXuiMeanCloudCP
  11. Will this new shotgun also come with its “normal” magazine that can be seen in this video of what I assume the new shotgun is modeled after? It would be real cool it does...mod and parts wise
  12. It does but you need to install it on the server as well.
  13. A18.4B3 brought nothing new that affects how SMXmenu works. No updates needed.
  14. A18.4B3 brought nothing new that affects how SMXui works. No updates needed.
  15. A18.4B3 brought nothing new that affects how SMXhud works. No updates needed.
  16. As someone that is ever so slightly interested in UI design... care to show the mockups..? pretty please?
  17. I would prefer it to be ... horrific! Having some kind of event with special mobs that drop by, thick fog and scary sounds = recipe for needing new underwear
  18. I remember that at one point time moved faster during night time. Could that become a bed feature? I kinda miss that one. Sit in bed = time increase speed by X if nighttime. Also, I don’t see people making beds in poi’s as gaming the system, It is more like they are willing to “sleep” in an unsafe location and also it could be countered with if a bed is not close to their land claim block the buff wont apply.
  19. Speaking of sleeping ... with the new beds in A19, any plans for rested bonuses? Like say, when close to your bed you gain a buff. This buff increase in duration for an extended stay near the bed and could add bonuses like quicker stamina regen, better/faster aim, quicker actions like lockpicking, reloading, crafting...stuff like that
  20. Thank you for the kind words, they are much appreciated
  21. OP has been updated with links and screenshot. Github repos now updated.
  22. SMXhudTHB has been updated to 18.3B4. OP updated with new links and screenshot. Github repos now updated.
  23. New version is up with some fixes to the map screen. OP has now been updated with links and screenshot. Github repos now updated.
  24. The new ZMX line of SMX Compatibility Patches are now live. The first two CP's have been added and will ensure compatibility between all SMX mods and War3zuk Alpha 18 AIO and MeanCloud's Mining Modlet. Get them from these locations... https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/22 https://github.com/Sirillion
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