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  1. Pushed updates for: SMXlib & SMXui ChangeLog - SMXlib: FIXED: Party health bar color reference was not working. ChangeLog - SMXui: ADDED: Set hardcoded sprites to fit theme. ADDED: Dedicated mod slots in ItemInfo. FIXED: Removed container/vehicle slot lock. (Didn't work properly) FIXED: Cut third forge slot to optional modlet. Install ZMXuiCPTFS to retain third smelting slot. FIXED: Small general adjustments. Added new modlets to the mix: ZMXhudCPOCBPR: Compatibility patch that converts OCB Pin Recipes to SMX art style. Does NOT add OCB Pin Recipes, you must install that separate. ZMXuiCPBBMxl: New BBM, 90 slots. ZMXuiCPBBMxxl: New BBM, 120 slots. ZMXuiCPTFS: Adds the third smelting slot to the forge in SMXui.
  2. 7 Days to Die updated to A20.1B5: No changes to modified files. SMX will work with A20.1B5.
  3. That’s a “thing” that happens on multiplayer. Not really a bug or anything, just the way it is. My guess it happens since the menu no longer pause the game on multiplayer. I will look into some tricks to “solve” it.
  4. I will consider the numbers but other than that the toolbelt design is kinda final.
  5. Do you have the mods installed locally on the clients too? The mods with a Harmony folder have to be installed on both server and client. Could be a Linux thing though, really not sure.
  6. There isn't a TFS yet, it is coming as I want the forge to be vanilla and rather add an optional TFS.
  7. Was this a forge you had prior to installing SMXui or a new one you set up after? I made a small boo-boo when releasing the modlet, I forgot to cut the third forge slot into a separate modlet. I blame me being exhausted at the time 😛 This could be the issue if the forge was existing. Try making a new forge and see if the issue persists.
  8. Do you have any other mods going that add new ores or forge materials? What were you smelting / crafting at the time?
  9. If you are getting the white background that means that SMXlib is either not updated or installed correctly. The reason why the background is not colored is because the game cannot find it's color reference which was updated with the release of SMXui. So SMXui asks for color X and the style reference returns with "huh?" since it cannot find what the mod is asking for. All the colors are set in SMXlib. Try deleting it completely then installing the new version. Not all windows have been converted yet, the perks window for one. The inventory is converted and if you get the default inventory after installing SMXui then it is likely you are using another mod that interferes.
  10. Answered on Nexus. Please avoid asking on several platforms, as it can become confusing.
  11. It is being worked on, when A20 hit I was smack in the middle of a redesign of the whole SMXui modlet, so it no longer looks like the SMXui you are used to. This makes it take more time than if I just updated the version that existed. I did not expect stable to come so quickly after experimental so I decided to stick with the redesigned version. It's coming ... soon'ish.
  12. SMXhud, SMXlib and SMXmenu yes. But not SMXui.
  13. The important thing is you got it working
  14. Strange. SMXlib is updated to latest version? Have you tried reinstalling the modlets? What are you running on? Windows, Mac, Linux? Resolution? Any setting changes in the game scale wise?
  15. Are you running anything else that might interfere? What does your mod folder look like?
  16. Well, you could always do that but you wouldn’t get functional slots without backend code changes which SMX doesn’t have currently. Robears patch and Khaine’s 15 slot mod would need to be used. What that comment is in regards to is the way the control node work. Normally those are static, meaning you have to edit all the lines to change the sizes. What I did here is have those calculate themselves based on the values in windows.xml. So it comes down to size changes of the slots themselves, not how many of them there are or anything like that.
  17. Are there any other labels missing? Did you turn off EAC?
  18. Well, if you're interested I think I can help with that... If you do the following you will get bars. 1. Open the windows.xml file in the SMXhud/Config/XUi folder. 2. Search for the term water. There are only two entries so it will take you to the correct place. 3. You will see something called rects, on those rects there are some attributes called "stat_type". The value in here decide which bar it will show. Swap Water and Stealth. You have now moved the water orb to become the stealth bar and vice versa. 4. Find the sprite with the name="Icon" on that line there is an attribute called "sprite". Swap Water and Stealth. You have now swapped their icons around. 5. Same line as above, find the attribute called "color". Swap Water and Stealth. You have now swapped their colors around. 6. Find the line with the name="TextContent". Now this is important. Starting from the text attribute swap the rest of the lines between Water and Stealth. If done correctly your unit frame should now look like this...and you will again have bars. It is not "perfect" but hopefully it will be good enough
  19. Thank you, but I’m just designing it. Putting the pieces together if you will. The artwork is mostly bought assets but some are made by me or friends Aww, that’s too bad but as with all designs not all will like it. You gave it a go and that’s what counts.
  20. Pushed another update of SMXhud, SMXlib and SMXmenu ChangeLog - SMXhud: FIXED: Twitch vote UI not showing. FIXED: Missing assets in party window. ADDED: Hover descriptions to HUD elements. ADDED: Binding for free inventory slots. ADDED: UI Scale Lock. TWEAK: Increased icon size for the buffs. ChangeLog - SMXmenu: FIXED: Improved changelog. FIXED: Minor opacity issues. FIXED: Minor positioning issues. FIXED: Minor button label adjustments. ChangeLog - SMXlib: ADDED: New art assets. I added a new feature with this update of SMXhud where you get an explanation of what the different UI elements are by holding TAB and when the radial menu shows up you just mouse over the HUD element you are unsure about and it will give you a short description of what it is. An example in the screenshot below. There are two "hidden" features with doing that, mousing over the level will reveal how much XP you will need to get to the next level and mousing over the backpack in the corner will reveal some details like how many slots are free. Like can be seen in the example. This is a new feature for us and we will continue to build on it when we see the need. Feel free to give feedback if you feel anything should be covered by this.
  21. Well, the first issue is that it isn't updated yet. And the second issue is that it doesn't work like that, those big bag mods depend on SMXui, which also isn't updated yet.
  22. No can do, I don’t want to have to maintain several versions and as we now have stepped into the world of Harmony we have opened doors for a lot deeper and heavier modding than ever before. Things that can not be in a EAC enabled environment.
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