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  1. Take a look in windows.xml lines 24 through 27 they have comments for what to do.
  2. Now I'm confused, first you come here bashing on how the mod looks and that you don't like it and now you want me to tell you what to download? It is all explained in the original post and on the Nexusmods page. I don't know what else to add for you.
  3. No, it is part of SMXui but they can change it if they like, I cannot as I am not part of their team and I will not change it for the standard SMXui version as I for one like the change. So if you want that change, either learn how to do it or go to them to have it changed.
  4. I am not entirely sure why you bring your grief here? I am not part of the War of the Walkers development team, never has been. That they use SMX for their mod and the changes they make or not make to it is their business and I have no influence there. If you don't like it then I suggest you go play something else.
  5. Well, you haven’t really read the instructions then I take it? The slots being outside the backpack is because you haven’t installed the BBM modlets correctly, they all depend on each other and as such you need to install them all up to the level of slots you want to use. This is in the installation instructions. The 15 slot backpack is only for Darkness Falls, and is not going to work if used without it, so here you installed too much of the optional. This is also in the descriptions. It is important to take notice of what you are actually installing and
  6. A patch, it is an optional download that adds a feature. Z2TB10 in this case, add that and it should work.
  7. Yes, this mod doesn’t really support the newest version of the game as it only has an 8 slot tool belt and the game moved to a 10 slot. There is however a 10 slot patch that can be used as a bandaid for now.
  8. Then that is the problem. SMXui is not compatible with any other mods or modlets that adds to the progression.xml file. Exceptions exist but then it is usually stated.
  9. Are you running SMXui together with other mods that also does changes to the perks?
  10. The backpack issue is due to improper mod installation. The backpack modlets are dependent on each other. So to use BBMXXL you also need BBMXL and BBM installed. The clock is due to you installing too much. That is part of the Darkness Falls compatibility patch, and unless you run Darkness Falls those are not needed. Both ZMXhudCPDF and ZMXmenuCPDF are compatibility patches that are not needed with SMX alone.
  11. SMX also needs to be installed on the clients.
  12. That is because it is not installed on the server. In 7D the server is the one that dictate what mods will work, if it’s not installed on the server it won’t load.
  13. // SMXui updated to 19.3.Release1 SMXui - Moved the Perks UI to a separate modlet. SMXui - Players Window: Adjusted the width of the distance column by 20px. SMXui - Fixed a small bug in the itemInfoPanel window. SMXui - Fixed two bugs with the perks/buffs. Thanks Napalm91 for reporting! SMXui - Fixed a layering issue in the books window. Both NexusMods and GitHub are now updated with the new versions.
  14. There are only two textures in SMX, the menu background and the compass line. The rest are sprites and those cannot be hosted online.
  15. Then you have likely done something wrong. It should have been updated yes but with that patch it should still work. There is nothing in the code of this modlet that doesn’t work on a server.
  16. Hi, sorry to see you are having issues. About the bag. Do you run any other mods in addition to SMX? You’ve installed all the mods needed for the BBM? SMXlib? SMXui? ZMXuiCP? I’ve not been able to replicate what you’re experiencing. About the crafting thing. The level is indicated by the background color on the icon.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone. I just added a compatibility patch to bridge the gap between SMXhud and SMXmenu towards Darkness Falls for those that want to combine those. You will need to download and install Darkness Falls (this was tested with v3.3) then add SMXhud and SMXmenu with all their nested modlets. Then add ZMXhudCPDF and ZMXhudCPDF to the mix. These can be downloaded either from my github page or Nexusmods. https://github.com/Sirillion?tab=repositories https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/22?tab=files I hope those that of you t
  18. All SMX modlets confirmed to work with A19.3B6.
  19. It should work just fine. You just need to add the 10 slot tool belt optional. I’ve still been to busy to do anything about this modlet tbh. It should get an update to incorporate the tool belt changes, maybe I can find some time during this holiday.
  20. I’ve almost abandoned this project due to time constraints. I still have not had time to fully test the latest version. But if I do get back into it I will look into the suggestion.
  21. Glad to hear it, have fun
  22. It is not random it’s a design choice I am testing. It is actually based upon availability of resources, so items that are grayed out are items you do not have enough resources to craft. I think it would be worse to see if not for the new backdrop but you can change its color if you want to see if that helps for you. Try editing the styles.xml in SMXlib, iirc it’s the first color code.
  23. // SMXhud, SMXmenu & SMXui updated to 19.2.Release1 SMXmenu - Changed how the change log works. (*) SMXmenu - Added some small changes to the loading screen. SMXmenu - Added a new design for the re/spawn window. SMXhud - Made the tool belt background asset more prominent. SMXhud - Added a backdrop to the toolbelt slots. SMXui - Added a backdrop to most slots. SMXui - Fixed a bug in the turret ammo slots. SMXui - Fixed a bug in the trigger options. (Pressure plate) SMXui - Several minor fixes to sizes
  24. I suggest you take a look at animal tracker and see how that is done and then try to adapt this to fit. If you run into a snag make a post here and I can take a look.
  25. You are running SMXui together with another mod, probably War3zuk AIO by the looks of it. It is not compatible with that mod.
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