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  1. Might as well push for truth in advertising and call it STD Rental. Why is it that so many people are overly concerned for their daughters but not for their sons? /boggle at society
  2. As long as they're jumping...
  3. An extinction machine with the primary purpose of extincting itself. Is extincting a word?
  4. Feral ziplines. Do parental controls make sense in a game with a M rating? Just asking...
  5. My dogs find Hello Kitty highly offensive. And my cat finds my dogs to be highly offensive.
  6. Steam works great on Linux natively (Mint here, no problems) and I'd expect all Steam services should work fine, too. As a fallback, you could install the Windows version of the Steam client and and then install the Windows version of the game to see if that works better (not likely, but working is better than not working if it comes to that).
  7. Horde Night Challenge: Always pick an unmodified POI as your horde base each time.
  8. Tekken/Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat... only in first person 3D. You'd have people puking on their keyboards.
  9. Offended that they're going to hell for lusting or offended that there is a place that lets you buy adults?
  10. Rayman and the Raving Rabids. Feral bunny hordes for the win.
  11. I'd be curious to know what women would think if they added a male strip club to the game to balance it out.
  12. So when can we expect this official change by faatal?
  13. Yeah, another hoop for me is being on Linux. I could play AC on Linux easily enough before Turbine shut it down but I might have more fiddling to do to get it to work now, not sure. But I have all the components already downloaded just haven't had the itch strong enough to go through with the installation. Some memories are best left as memories and starting over on a new server would likely make me not want to play for long. I never made max level but I never really tried, either, since that wasn't a goal for me with that game. EDIT: Typing is hard.
  14. No loot respawn, no traders, no air drops. It's a good start.
  15. Not making fun of you but it sure would change basketball as a sport if they introduced bats to the game...
  16. That one would be pretty easy, depending on the game stage and blood moon settings.
  17. Until Rekt shows up in her place wearing a lacey bra and a pink tutu.
  18. Any chunks already loaded in the save game will stay as they are in the save game. Think of the world as the starting point for the save game and the save files hold what has changed about the world. This is why you can start over on the same world and get it in its original form. I don't know how but I'd imagine if you reset the chunks you'd get to see the changes from the world editor but then you'd lose changes made in the save game. Also, starting a new game will also allow you to see changes made in the world editor. Going back and forth will be problematic at best.
  19. I prefer them cooked, but to each their own.
  20. I actually miss that game and wish it could be revived in some way.
  21. This and the alpha / Early Access status is why most complaints should take a chill pill. It's just a theory, but I'd bet money TFP is at least paying attention to which mods are the most popular (and especially once workshop support is added in). If 50%+ of people are modding something out or something else in you can bet they're paying attention.
  22. All porn is banned in my home country of Limpbonia.
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