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  1. Like most things in the game there could be an option that allows you to set the significance of food and/or drink in the game. From "optional" to "do or die", for instance. And while I think Valheim's system is good for it I don't see that system working in 7DTD without some significant re-balancing. But, ultimately, I suspect this will have to be another area to be modded to taste, so to speak, since there are so many differing opinions.
  2. I'd still argue that it takes WAY TOO LONG to actually die of hunger in this game. "Starvation" should be a condition that is bad enough to make you have to find food and want to do nothing else until you do.
  3. MaxSpawnedZombies=MAXINT When your FPS approaches the Planck length...
  4. Is that volts or amps? EDIT: But seriously... this game would take over 7900 1.44MB 3.5" disks or over 31000 360KB 5.25" floppies as it currently stands.
  5. Everybody seems to want a little something different when it comes to zombie AI. Some want them completely dumb simply reacting to sounds or smells and smashing what is between them and their distraction. Some want a little decision making by the zombies and others wand them feral stalkers/killers like in a Doom game. I think the important thing is that TFP builds the tools to make them a range of things and allow people to mod their behavior to where they want them. Which is, of course, what they are doing. The base game once released will be TFP's dream and likely a large part of the population will be happy with that. From there it will be mods and mayhem for years to come. People will still be modding and playing this game in 2040 I suspect, as long as there is still civilization and the game is released by then, that is.
  6. First thing you do is buy the floppy version of the game and then beat the new players with the huge stack of disks. Wait... what year is this?
  7. Today... plus some random number of days. Approximately.
  8. Some secrets you will have to discover on your own.
  9. So... is that a 4x4 in your backpack or are you just happy to see me?
  10. You used to have to disassemble the mini-bike when it would get stuck in water or down a hole or pretty much hit anything the tires to could stick to. It created a lot of frustrating moments of inventory juggling... but then that was most of the experience with the mini-bike for months after it was released in game. I could see that being an option or a mod.
  11. The sequel will just be a big mod for 7DTD that just happens to include a new EXE.
  12. On that note they need to have a casino POI with at least one working slot machine to win/lose some dukes. But make it rigged with a bomb so if you try to dismantle it to get the dukes it explodes.
  13. It's candy... with consequences.
  14. 7 Turns To Die - Civilization meets Might and Magic with the graphics of Bard's Tale II.
  15. I usually just think of my death count as an extra experience bar. The higher it goes the more I've learned...
  16. Use a watergun to repair water. I mean, it should work. I use a nailgun to repair nails.
  17. If I had a penny for every hour I've spent playing this game... I could buy several more copies! I think they owe me pennies. Or early access to their next game. Or both.
  18. I would like to see a motorcycle gang horde of bandits... From a distance, not attacking my base.
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