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  1. The endgame scenario: The game switches to learn by doing with the crafting grid and you're forced to make every craftable item 1 million times. Oh, and you have 7 days to do it.
  2. I know you can launch Steam in offline mode and 7DTD will play while Steam is in offline mode. You do have to be able to launch Steam first to play the game though, regardless of how you launch the game (from Steam or from the game folder).
  3. I admit nothing. Or maybe negative nothing. Certainly not positive nothing, that would be silly.
  4. I'm wearing long Johns to cover my Johnson.
  5. I always play no loot respawn so when I loot a nest I destroy it. That way I always know whether I've looted a nest before or not. But yeah, with that option I loot a LOT of nests and don't really think about how many nests didn't have eggs, only how many eggs I have after doing a run somewhere and looting as I go. Bacon and eggs is a very useful recipe early on and worth the effort of hunting for eggs.
  6. I had one useful post since I was seeking clarification of the answer. Don't think I'm going to make a habit of that, though.
  7. If we're fans, does that make us prostitutes? Or sex workers... or whatever the PC term is.
  8. But... what if your name is in the credits? At the end.
  9. They help themselves to all kinds of things. Besides, they probably started the zombie apocalypse.
  10. I exchanged half my brain with my reflection and ended up with two right-brain halves. The only way I can reason now is by staring at my reflection and taking notes.
  11. You have to find the ultra rare water wrench. It's usually held by the water wrench witch except when her uncle is borrowing it and then it is referred to as Willie's water wrench. On an unrelated note, water is going to get an overhaul at some point. You might be able to fix it with a bucket and dumping water into the "holes" starting at the bottom and working your way up. Yeah, it's that ugly, not unlike the witch.
  12. That still doesn't translate to "upgrades being removed in the next alpha" to my brain.
  13. I thought it was just downgrades being removed?
  14. If you dig a big hole that is larger than the size of the POI and deeper than its lowest point, will the hole fill in when reset?
  15. What happens when you send a chunk of rotting flesh into space in a rocket?
  16. In fact, space is very empty and boring. It's the stuff in space (mostly very far apart) that makes it interesting.
  17. FYI: You can boil water in glass jars without a cooking pot. It just takes longer.
  18. That is one of the things I most wish they would bring back. A city somewhere on the map with a LOT more zombies than normal. It could even be a smaller city to make it lag less, if needed, so long as the extreme danger returns to that area.
  19. Extending the voxel system into space would create some problems. Mostly the unplayable kind.
  20. Fisting a bear! I mean beating a bear to death with your fists! Either way, it would be a challenge.
  21. Personally, I wouldn't use a stabby kind of weapon. Too big of a chance of it getting stuck and that would mean death in close quarters. A slashing or bludgeoning weapon would be way better. But better still would be ANY ranged weapon.
  22. Abbreviating names in Roman times must have been tricky.
  23. The towels are okay to eat if you can find some hot sauce.
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