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  1. I'd recommend nuking your hard drive from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  2. I'm hoping for bagpipes. They're a vicious weapon.
  3. This might bring back some memories...
  4. If time machines ever become a thing then it's April 1st somewhere... Somewhen?
  5. This is another one of those things that would make a GREAT slider on the game options screen. Call it repairability or some such and allow it to be off, full, or some fraction in between. At 50% you'd have to repair an item twice to get it to full (using twice the repair components). I could see 25% (x4), 33% (x3), and 50% (x2) being good options.
  6. Spears as a PvP weapon would make a very poor choice no matter how you slice it (especially from a realism standpoint). My thought would be simple... automatically return the spear to the thrower if they hit a player. It's not like spears would be suddenly overpowered in PvP if that were the case. They should also add a "bungee" mod for spears that automatically returns them regardless of target (presumably tied to the spear and the player's wrist, or something like that).
  7. I just heard that A20 is delayed 6 months. Yes, the voices in my head are that cruel.
  8. I paid them in zip lines. They have not returned the favor.
  9. I'm just shy of 6500 (6496.5 for those that hate rounding) hours at this point... or about 9 months of play time. I'm more of a toddler, I guess.
  10. Where I live, that's called a driveway.
  11. After one year without you shouldn't need or want your binky.
  12. I vote we start using security strength hashes as release numbers (so at least thousands of bits long) expressed in base 17. It would be way less confusing that way.
  13. My old boss, the president of the company I was working at, used to demand that I do things like that just because it was possible and might be useful later. I could usually wait a week and remove/disable the crap code because he would forget he even asked for it to begin with. I do remember a very specific project for the engineering folks that did exactly that, create a bunch of empty folders for every single part created, just so they would have places to put stuff "just in case".
  14. I send Britney after people all the time. She's a damn fine tracker, that one.
  15. What if you put a reverse ignore on them so that they can't see anyone else's posts?
  16. Prophecy. They are demi-gods in a world of ventriloquist puppies. I have no idea what that means.
  17. I think some of you would be much happier if you just put some posters on ignore and stopped arguing with them. Some people are just contrarian by nature and are not at all worth wasting your time on.
  18. I think that if you get turned on by either of them you... have issues. Although the one on the left has a nice smile.
  19. It would be cool to track a zombie bear back to a zoo POI that has hundreds of zombie bears in it... Or maybe I'm not sure what cool means.
  20. I play on inane mode. It suits me, I guess.
  21. To be fair, that's probably the ugliest @%$# posted on this board.
  22. In order to make it a believable Roland comment it has to be at a 3.14 grade reading level.
  23. Which means you still said December 3rd. Out of context it's still a promise to everyone that likes taking things out of context.
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