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  1. Or maybe just buy the DMZ. Maybe as a "van life" experience they can't turn down?
  2. I'm buying a country for a friend in another game. Any suggestions?
  3. I've thought about doing a play through without spending any points to see how far I get before it gets too hard. I could see adding books for each level of each stat as well as each level of each skill. Throw all of that at the RNG to get a not-quite-accurate version of your random leveler.
  4. I just want a Companion Cube as my drone. #lonelyapocalypse
  5. Was thinking along the same lines... same goes for the level 2 bat. Just goes to show it's more about skill than gear.
  6. I created another set of 5 wasteland maps with a similar config and it did the same thing... #4 had no city. Config file for this one:
  7. Was wondering if something is intentional or a bug. When I generate 5 maps at once, for instance, it seems every time one of them has a significant difference. Recently I generated 5 normal-ish maps with one city and no towns and one of them came out with no city or towns or anything other than wilderness POIs. I thought it might be a fluke. Then I generated 5 wasteland maps and with one city and no towns and it did the same thing... one of them had no city. In between those I have generated at least one set that had cities in each of the 5 generated maps. In each set I've noticed the missing city I have used a root seed and the wasteland example I used "Wasteland". Here is the config file generated for this map (#4 in the sequence):
  8. That's still an easy solution for a developer like Valve. PayPal manages transactions like this and so does every major credit card (automatically converting currencies). If Steam already sells a game in country A then they already know all about the tax codes in country A. So anyone else buying a game for someone in country A wouldn't exactly create an extra burden for Steam. They can easily figure out the total amount the person in A would pay and then could charge the person in country B that amount. The only time it gets complicated is if there are tariffs or other trade restrictions between countries. There are plenty of financial services out there that can handle all of the intricacies for a fee, which Valve could just pass on to the purchaser. Point is that it is very possible so long as Valve wants to solve the problem and developers are on board with the process.
  9. Well... the first three letters of Botswana explain most of it.
  10. Well, the variety is playing it through again with different choices/order for skill trees. You could even try playing through without ever spending a skill point to see how far you can get. You can play with different rules for yourself, like no scopes or not using traders. There are LOTS of ways to play this game that will make it feel different with each new game. But you do have to want that. Sure, if you have 5000+ hours played then it can be tough to get that "new" feeling on a play through but most people aren't at that point.
  11. Which is a shame considering they could just allow you to pay the amount the other account would pay if they bought it themselves, including local taxes. Problem solved.
  12. The whole experience (game, forums, all of it) is actually done by one person in their garage in Makalamabedi, Botswana. This is, of course, only their part time job. Their main passion is as a teacher in the local primary school.
  13. Just wait until they do the 1mm voxel version with ray tracing.
  14. Throw, throw, throw your rocks To distract the Z's Rarely, rarely, rarely, rarely Does it work it seems (to Row, Row, Row Your Boat, for those that are confused)
  15. We know it will follow 2033 directly with near certainty.
  16. A fully destructible voxel holodeck sounds scary.
  17. They will likely introduce free content for 7DTD long after it goes gold (like new POI's, for instance). The modding community will also be VERY busy adding a metric crap tonne of content regularly, guaranteed. Bug fixes will, of course, happen. I do not see TFP giving up on the project that made them famous anytime soon. As for version 2... it's anybody's guess but expect several other games before that happens, if it happens at all. Maybe in 2040 or so.
  18. The requirements for this game are likely to increase before release considering what they will be adding (bandits, for example). They continue to optimize but it will always be a game that requires a lot of CPU and GPU performance. As was said, upgrading is going to be your best bet, now or later is up to you.
  19. He means asking Roland to answer your question is like asking a brick to pee in a cup. It ain't gonna happen.
  20. On this note, the ability to make bicycles should be available from the beginning without the need of books or perks. It would be an early boon to getting around the world without unbalancing anything. EDIT: And think about it... the wheels are hard to find and will be the limiting factor anyway.
  21. Sounds like a new challenge quest...
  22. Short of creating a real world construction simulator I don't see how base building and a weight system could possibly coexist.
  23. Item weights will in no way improve this game. Not even a little.
  24. Which is great as long as the thing never interacts with anything else that could be hostile to it (or even slow it down / damage it), such as zombies or animals or players or whatever. Better to just program it to teleport home and unload, sit idle for the equivalent travel time, then port back. Even with that there is the added CPU/Memory load of it traveling in chunks the player(s) are not in.
  25. While I don't personally know all the details I know enough to say that pathing in fully destructable voxel world is anything but simple. Granted, they could cheat once the thing enters a chunk that no players are in and simply teleport through. But... still not simple.
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