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  1. Today... plus some random number of days. Approximately.
  2. Some secrets you will have to discover on your own.
  3. So... is that a 4x4 in your backpack or are you just happy to see me?
  4. You used to have to disassemble the mini-bike when it would get stuck in water or down a hole or pretty much hit anything the tires to could stick to. It created a lot of frustrating moments of inventory juggling... but then that was most of the experience with the mini-bike for months after it was released in game. I could see that being an option or a mod.
  5. The sequel will just be a big mod for 7DTD that just happens to include a new EXE.
  6. On that note they need to have a casino POI with at least one working slot machine to win/lose some dukes. But make it rigged with a bomb so if you try to dismantle it to get the dukes it explodes.
  7. It's candy... with consequences.
  8. 7 Turns To Die - Civilization meets Might and Magic with the graphics of Bard's Tale II.
  9. I usually just think of my death count as an extra experience bar. The higher it goes the more I've learned...
  10. Use a watergun to repair water. I mean, it should work. I use a nailgun to repair nails.
  11. If I had a penny for every hour I've spent playing this game... I could buy several more copies! I think they owe me pennies. Or early access to their next game. Or both.
  12. I would like to see a motorcycle gang horde of bandits... From a distance, not attacking my base.
  13. As long as I can sneak into the bandits' hideout right before horde night...
  14. 7 Days To Die: Vegas Edition What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... at least that's what the rest of the world hopes.
  15. He's all shook up? No, wait, he ain't nothin' but a hound dog.
  16. Carrying dog food should make zombie dog hordes appear MUCH more frequently. Just sayin'... And maybe there should be zombie cat hordes...
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