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heya ! so when is the new Bad Company full mod coming out ? :) ! (the one that overhauls and all)


I have most of the rwg changes apart from a bunch more custom hub layouts, but I am hesitant to add those atm due to the issues I've heard around custom prefabs on MP servers. I can add the Vanilla prefab changes to my rwg, but once I do that compatibility with current saves will be lost, and not everyone will want them so I've just been focused on the stuff that new versions from TFP wont affect.


The items overhaul will take a while as I have a lot of complex systems to code in and balance and a whole lot of ideas to test, but most parts cant just be added gradually as they are all reliant on each other. This wont be a typical modified vanilla, it is an extensive re-write of most of the way the game works.



Here's some notes I made at the start of a14 but didnt proceed with it beyond that stage when I heard bandits we being dropped from a15.


This was for a special game mode where all players spawn at 0,0. Some of it would carry over to the full game mode:


Bad Company - Hardcore Urban Combat Mode


World Generation
 a single hub with all players spawning at 0,0
 world border at 1000 meters
 zombie biome spawning at 10x normal
 uses all biomes with adjusted settings for urban environment
 custom hub layouts, township type town
 multiple hub layouts with 1 selected at random
 prefabs with specific loot items, quest notes, quest items
 supply crates at spawn point?
Prefab spawns heightened
 Big PoI's have large numbers of zombies
 Defend-able PoI's as bandit strongholds
 cause double block damage
 have double health, take quad headshot damage
 wide range of special zombie types
   UMA zombies!
 boss zombies with special loot
   UMA zombies!
 all animals are hostile (if possible)
 daily hordes, increased wave sizes, reduced overall size
 increased zombie speed during the day by 25%
 reduced night speed by 25%
 7 bandit factions, the leaders of The Seven (Pestilence, War, Famine, Death, The Maker, Dread, Dragon)
 Each faction has a stronghold
 Decent gear as starting equipment
 Class system using quests
   Medic - opens the advanced medical items and drugs
   Engineer - Advanced building and workstation options
   Militant - Weapons and explosives expert
 Complete skill and perk rebuild
 More military based HUD
 Enhancement drugs
 Advanced chemistry
 Complex fuel and ammo manufacturing
 Advanced medical systems
 Mining is enhanced with extra elements, most as rare finds in common elements
 Bugs, Beetles, Worms as food source
 Modular Armour, with enhancement system (including buff while worn if it gets added), add light to hats without changing durability
 Modular Melee Weapons, to allow for enhancements
 Complete loot rebalance
 Granular dirt
 worms and bugs in the dirt
 bugs in trash
 gradual density terrain upgrade system
 terrain repairs
Buff system
 Expansive wound and infection system
 Extend heat/cold effects by 15 degrees to avoid major issues with weather system, add sweat and shiver system
 Pain system
   effects from shock
   cardiac arrest (short time to treat before death)
 reduce instant heals (except nanite healing)
   bandages only stop bleeds and reduce infection chances
   exsanguination effects
 First quest: craft class selection
 No stone-age phase
 Combat squad air-dropped to quarantine zone
 Starter quests leads to quest chain for killing the 7 horsemen


- - - Updated - - -


All 3 of us who spawned in (different points) had zombies when spawning, but I fully accept the idea I messed something up by merging the two mods.


Do you have a list of the internal spawner names (the "named objects")?


Hmm, I wonder if its because of MP settings. I've only tested with SP so far.


For internal names its not easy to track them down. As far as I know the only one so far is the BloodMoonHorde but theres no direct reference to it in the dll, probably hidden with the obfuscation they do. Someone like Hal might have a better chance of finding that sort of thing.

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BanditWar, leader of the War faction of The Seven




Code for those that want to add it to Stal's mod before I do my next version ;)

<archetype name="BanditWar" male="false" hair_color="10,10,10" eye_color="25,207,28" skin_color="175,175,175" type="Player">
		<part slot="head" layer="base" mesh="female_base_face">
			<texture name="female_michonne_head" color="skin"/>
			<texture name="female_tanktop" color="128,0,0"/>
		<part slot="head" layer="inner" mesh="unisex_hair_dreads">
			<texture name="unisex_hair_dreads" color="hair"/>
		<part slot="face" layer="inner" mesh="female_piercings">
			<texture name="unisex_piercings" color="0,255,255"/>
		<part slot="eyes" layer="base" mesh="male_base_eyes">
			<texture name="unisex_eye_shaded" color="255,255,255"/>
			<texture name="unisex_iris" color="eye"/>
		<part slot="hands" layer="base" mesh="female_armor_kevlar_gloves">
			<texture name="unisex_viking_braid" color="0,0,0"/>
		<part slot="chest" layer="base" mesh="female_base_chest">
			<texture name="female_torso_nude" color="skin"/>
			<texture name="female_tanktop" color="128,0,0"/>
			<texture name="unisex_tattoo_skull_arm" color="0,0,0"/>
		<part slot="chest" layer="middle" mesh="female_armor_leather_chest">
			<texture name="unisex_bandit_armor" color="0,255,255"/>
			<texture name="female_shaggy_hair_highlights" color="255,0,0,255"/>
			<texture name="male_skull_overlay" color="255,0,0,255"/>
		<part slot="legs" layer="base" mesh="female_clothes_denim_pants">
			<texture name="unisex_clothes_leather_duster" color="96,0,20"/>
		<part slot="legs" layer="outer" mesh="female_armor_heavy_bandit_legarmor">
			<texture name="unisex_bandit_armor" color="0,255,255"/>
			<texture name="female_shaggy_hair" color="200,0,0"/>
		<part slot="feet" layer="base" mesh="armor_heavy_bandit_feet">
			<texture name="unisex_bandit_armor" color="0,255,255"/>
			<texture name="female_shaggy_hair" color="255,0,0,255"/>
	<expression blink="true" blink_duration="0.15" blink_min_delay="5" blink_max_delay="15" saccades="true">
		<gene name="neckUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="neckLeft_Right" value="0"/>
		<gene name="neckTiltLeft_Right" value="0"/>
		<gene name="headUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="headLeft_Right" value="0"/>
		<gene name="headTiltLeft_Right" value="0"/>
		<gene name="jawOpen_Close" value="0"/>
		<gene name="jawForward_Back" value="0"/>
		<gene name="jawLeft_Right" value="0"/>
		<gene name="mouthLeft_Right" value="0"/>
		<gene name="mouthUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="mouthNarrow_Pucker" value="0"/>
		<gene name="tongueOut" value="0"/>
		<gene name="tongueCurl" value="0"/>
		<gene name="tongueUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="tongueLeft_Right" value="0"/>
		<gene name="tongueWide_Narrow" value="0"/>
		<gene name="leftMouthSmile_Frown" value="0.2"/>
		<gene name="rightMouthSmile_Frown" value="0.2"/>
		<gene name="leftLowerLipUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="rightLowerLipUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="leftUpperLipUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="rightUpperLipUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="leftCheekPuff_Squint" value="0"/>
		<gene name="rightCheekPuff_Squint" value="0"/>
		<gene name="noseSneer" value="0"/>
		<gene name="leftEyeOpen_Close" value="0"/>
		<gene name="rightEyeOpen_Close" value="0"/>
		<gene name="leftEyeUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="rightEyeUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="leftEyeIn_Out" value="0"/>
		<gene name="rightEyeIn_Out" value="0"/>
		<gene name="browsIn" value="0"/>
		<gene name="leftBrowUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="rightBrowUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="midBrowUp_Down" value="0"/>
		<gene name="height" value="0.89"/>
		<gene name="headSize" value="0.65"/>
		<gene name="headWidth" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="handsSize" value="0.69"/>
		<gene name="feetSize" value="0.87"/>
		<gene name="muscle" value="0.86"/>
		<gene name="weight" value="0.505"/>
		<gene name="gluteusSize" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="earsSize" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="earsPosition" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="earsRotation" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="noseSize" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="noseCurve" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="noseWidth" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="noseInclination" value="0.125"/>
		<gene name="nosePosition" value="0.595"/>
		<gene name="nosePronounced" value="0.64"/>
		<gene name="noseFlatten" value="0.795"/>
		<gene name="chinSize" value="0.23"/>
		<gene name="chinPronounced" value="0"/>
		<gene name="chinPosition" value="0.005"/>
		<gene name="mandibleSize" value="0.59"/>
		<gene name="jawsSize" value="0"/>
		<gene name="jawsPosition" value="0.76"/>
		<gene name="cheekSize" value="0.315"/>
		<gene name="cheekPosition" value="0.08"/>
		<gene name="lowCheekPronounced" value="0.08"/>
		<gene name="lowCheekPosition" value="0.995"/>
		<gene name="foreheadSize" value="0.01"/>
		<gene name="foreheadPosition" value="0.45"/>
		<gene name="lipsSize" value="0.205"/>
		<gene name="mouthSize" value="0.5"/>
		<gene name="eyeRotation" value="0.985"/>
		<gene name="eyeSize" value="1.85"/>
		<gene name="breastSize" value="0.7"/>

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May be completely unrelated, but...


...I'm having chunks... disappear. Even mid game, even visited chunks. I'll be walking along, and see the non decorated chunk and boom, fall through. Quitting/Rejoining re-writes the chunk.


The reason why I'm asking HERE, is because this only seemed to start when I began using this mod, and so my hypothesis is, the dedi is so busy with the uma's that it is messing with the chunks being written. Either too busy sending me packet data (I'm on a gigabit lan though) to send me correct chunk data, or too busy actually processing it. I'm guessing it's a networking thing, because it happens to DIFFERENT chunks to the other person on my dedi.


Thing is, dedi never goes too far over 2gb or 60% cpu.

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I wouldn't be surprised if you are correct in that hypothesis. On the busy server I play on it just about melts on horde night at times, and has been known to have chunks go missing (vanilla, but well over 20 players at times)


That said there are other factors that can also lead to such problems, especially around minibikes and such.


I'll fire up my dedi in the next couple of days when I'm ready for a stress test and see how it runs.

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Updated to new version and trying it out.


Memory monitoring at the same time. Memory when first loaded in was at 7gb used out of 8gb.


Then RAM dropped to 6.8 ( 79% ) and my VRAM is only at 2394mb ( 6000mb on board ) whilst I am in the HUB at this precise moment.


What we need is this game to load textures into VRAM first then over spill if necessary into normal RAM. At the moment very little VRAM is being used.


I have about 4/5 Zombies around me and two are emitting that flashing syndrome error ...




Seems to be contagious as most of the UMA zombies around me are now flashing/going invisible.

I have UMA textures set to Middle btw in options.

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I thought I remembered reading in one of the threads recently that there was a limit on how much data the sever can push to the clients at once, and the only way around this limit was to modify one of the dll's. Perhaps that's responsible for the disappearing chunks. I'll see if I can find the thread that talked about it.

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I might look at trying a lower spawning version for you guys to try. Currently spawns are about 3x vanilla for biome spawning, with 1 being regulars and 2 being UMA. If I join the groups and make it a single 1x spawn line then it should help with the overall performance. The next version I will be adding to the prefab spawners so I can make the UMA's a lot more location specific.


On a side note, it seems that you cant put 'some' gloves on a bandit if you want them to hold a weapon. They attack and all that but the weapon on my BanditWar was invisibible until I removed her gloves.

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I dont understand, I get the same memory values when away from the Hub City like in the forest biome for instance I had 6 zombies around me, UMA ones and not one had any texture flashing. The problem I seem to get only happens for me when I am around the HUB ( so far ), but no idea why.

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I dont understand, I get the same memory values when away from the Hub City like in the forest biome for instance I had 6 zombies around me, UMA ones and not one had any texture flashing. The problem I seem to get only happens for me when I am around the HUB ( so far ), but no idea why.


Hubs will be loading more block textures into memory as well, so the combination could be enough to trigger it. Also the hub spawns are higher due to PoI spawns for towns and the increased biome spawns for cities


- - - Updated - - -





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I'm not a fan of his face. Too... cartoonish. The net effect would look great over a "real" face.


But, you have what, 30 now? And I can only find something I don't care for in 1? That's awesome. :)


the face has a red skull overlay and the rest of his head which you cant really see is the same as his chest. I'll try it as a white rather than red facepaint. The idea is to make the leaders stand out as they will have some serious firepower compared to regular bandits

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white it is then :)


btw Guppy and Jay have you checked to see how much swap file usage you are using when close to the RAM limit? I suspect that could be a reason for your pauses when things load in and the missing texture issues. (resource monitor, memory tab, look for hard faults/sec)


8GB doesnt really sound like a lot for running this game even without the UMA's (I assume 64bit version). I have my swap file disabled, but I'm considering getting another 16gb ram since its pretty cheap (~$80 USD) and would allow me to run at full textures since that is my limiting factor.

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I keep an eye on the memory usage listed in task manager, but I have plenty of free space and an ssd so I've not been worried enough about swap file size.


The game server rarely goes over 2gb in task mgr though.


I'll start looking for hard faults, but I'm not seeing the same kind of issues jay is.

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