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  1. Interesting.... lemme' just... ya know... spawn this for my friend without telling him about the attractiveness
  2. I'm willing to test out that brighter pack
  3. You now have ZombieSkateboarder duplicated
  4. @Dust2Death, here's one reason the game is spewing errors like crazy.: Problem: the 3 new blocks TFP have added are referencing new models that are not in the HD MODs assets file. Only temporary solution for people on a playthrough with this mod is to revert to Alpha 17.0 via Steams beta opt. And reinstall mod over it .
  5. Loving this mod. The quad is my favorite
  6. @Dust2Death; Mod is working great in co-op online with my friend and seem to work great with other mods when put together smart. thanks for the awesome stuff
  7. Gonna test this right up right away thanks guppy n mumpf
  8. eheh... I has encountered the wall of infinite red errors =D even with the commented out misbehaving zedz in both xml's once the wandering horde spawns.... you literally gotta' F4 out of the game because of the wall of errors. Basically saying "Object Instance out of bound". will gather more info on this.
  9. So in my own files I commented out each of the above mentioned entities and then went back in and spawned every single entity without any problems. So those ones listed above aren't playing nice atm. And the textures are amazing Thanks a lot for making these !
  10. @Guppycur; When I checked the xml's in the retex mod I cannot seem to see anything wrong with it. And yea both animals are extended no idea why they are un-harvestable. I seem to recall this being a problem way back in alpha 15 when duplicating animals in the xml's.
  11. --edit-- Not Harvestable :: Upon attempting to spawn the following entities, in a new game, the console pops up with "ArgumentException: The Object you want to instantiate is null." and the entity does not spawn :: Upon exiting the game the console spams the same messages. Other then the above mentioned entities, every other entities, vanilla, V1 and V2 spawn & die no problem. Hope this helps
  12. I am testing this in my current playthrough with a friend on a co-op game. we both installed the mod.
  13. Hola Magoli ! I've been having a glitch/problem on my a16.3 home server (dedi). So I used a16.3 as a base: then installed the compo pack. Now the only thing i've changed is the map size from 10k to 6.5k. If I travel around the map I come up to a glitched road. The road is there for a while then poof no road, only dirt or clay or whatever was underneath. it is equal height to the road and if I hit anywhere on it block of the "road" appears If I fool around with it a bit, like hitting her en there, the whole server goes wacko on me, I will start falling through the world anywhere i go and chunks wont load at all. I'm wondering how to fix this ? thx edit: I just did a complete wipe of my game installation and updated a clean install of 16.4 loaded game, then installed compo pack and loaded a game. here is the recurring glitch ive found :
  14. This is looking like an epic major overhaul ! I would totally play this mod start to finish ! Can't wait ! (actually i can , but i can't but i can n can't make sense? )
  15. ALL DONE ! ( for now... ) PREVIEW is 640x480 from 1024x1024. Google Drive - Official 4096x4096 HQ with TXT Locations + Biomes etc I used Curbolts' 4096x4096 map as the base then I added each and every location/biome using the A15 map and going IG flying around to confirm each location to be legit . I have also revised the final result and everything seems to be okay. I hope this helps y'all out. I will post it on the official wiki as well - no worries credit is where due ! Thank you Curbolts' for the permission to use your base map ! Edit: I have no bloody idea how to add this to the wiki. I tried to insert it as media then upload but first it said my file was too big, then next it blocked me saying it could be harmful because of the file title being long >.<'
  16. Thanks man ! I am pretty much copying the a15.2 version from the wiki where i know stuff is still there. some places ill have to go and confirm ingame to be sure I am placing the correct information. ________________ Edit: Here's The top half of the map pretty much done and some aesthetics edits for the biomes and resizes on some of the POI names. Preview: Once I am done "copying" the known locations from your A15 map, I will go ingame and find the new spots and add em also.
  17. Hi, do you mind if i use your map and add some basic info to it ? eg. store locations, city names, farms, mines, caves etc etc .. I will ONLY reupload it to this thread if I complete it. thx edit: Alright it's 50% done. I will wait for a response. . Reduced to 1080x1080 to show my progress. I have saved this as a .pfi also so i can edit anything if needed.
  18. Tried this mod out today. Ive died twice on warrior within the hour xD and just now at adventurer... i find the mod quite hard and well done !
  19. hi there, hmm how do i open the UABE program ? I have download the 1.9 version as instructed by herrpolh for his Navezgane extended mod. but I am looking through the file like wtf its a .dll .lib and .h ... there is no .exe to open ? or am i stupid ? thanks -edit- all is good herrpolh linked me to what i was missing, my fault
  20. hola, I was wondering if there is a patch that only patches the "crouch under 1 block" with your modlauncher ?
  21. hey thanks for uploading it to github ! great thx ! cause I was staring at the "add repository" page like wtf for a while >.<'!
  22. *frustrated* ... nope does not work... it just makes a plain vanilla game even thought it accepts the link is github free ? -edit- okay so I have signed-up with GitHub. How can I add my files to GitHub privately and add it to the Mod Launcher ?
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