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  1. Climbing zombies is missed for sure, I suppose they get around it by having them scale one another close to blocks. Animating them would be a challenge, but sure would present a whole new direction for base defence.
  2. Ohh right wasn't aware of that one... Neat, I like that there is different 'versions' of the same POI...
  3. I should emphasize that I was not pointing at duplication of POI but two POI of different styles yet are the same if you follow...
  4. How is it we have TWO fire Station POI..... Is it a thing over your side of the pond ?
  5. I noticed some time not all the time we now get a indicator on the compass showing us where the last zombie is. Not sure why it’s only sometimes I get these in quests though. Maybe tied to specific quest types, though any clear quest this would make sense as much as the locate and grab ones with the crates which do always show up on compass.
  6. They probably nerfed them as sitting back and watching something kill all the zombies without effort is to cheesey.
  7. Ahh the Trigger broom scenario. Same Broom for years, just changed the brush a few times as well as the stick.
  8. Ironic that the knuckles got fixed only for us to now have broken bows. I am wondering with the Spear changes in the latest build if it some how affected the Arrows... Either way, hopefully for a fast fix with this as bows are a foremost item that gets used a lot with a new game.
  9. Optimisation is wholesome delight to tackle I know, and I hope we can reach a place one day where we can really push this game to the max and fully utilise our PC's. Vsync is off Options on HIGH LOD medium settings. That situation above for instance I am outputting 77fps average stationary on a RWG map. Yet CPU, GPU are clearly way out from being pushed to any extreme and my system isn't top end by any means. The headroom is profoundly encouraging with what we could achieve here if the bottle neck of 'some-kind' was pinched and streamlined some what.
  10. VRAM Usage : Much has happened with fine tuning this procedure Its at the moment for me at least running really well and I am wondering if the game gives those with 11gb of Vram (1080ti) some love and uses it to the max before purging to reduce those (small but still noticeable) micro stutters.? I ask as so far I do ponder as I seem to see the game not use any more than 7gb ?
  11. So let’s get this right. If I right click with a wrench or ratchet and bash my object I get the same stuff as if I left clicked and get slick animation ?
  12. We need some variety in the danger else the quests will end up same and boring. Dogs. Cats. Budgies. Any blunt instrument or fire will kill all that scurrys, runs or crawls. The fun part is working out how to do it and keep a leg. Embrace the challenge my fellow survivor and enjoy.
  13. Zombies dont take fall damage ?, thats a little poo poo as the most elaborate and constructive genius type bases with the now fabulous Junk Turret would surely benefit from this ?????
  14. Okay complete noob here. How you do that ? Also question about fall height in this game. Can I die from falling from a certain height or do I just keep breaking legs ? I’ve never died by falling and we need that sense of danger when navigating high up on a POI and not just simply limb inconvenience as a consequence.
  15. Maybe they fine tuning the last Build to release it out really soon, if all well then transcends to Stable Friday.... (maybe)
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