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  1. Loving this mod ! The zombies are very comical. >< I am as mentioned earlier in the thread I am getting console error spam which spoils the moment though.
  2. I am interested in a clock remover. I want to have to rely on the position of the sun in the game to govern time. Its beautifully placed there and is such a atmospherically thing to have to do in game I am not sure why its not a default requirement..
  3. Shout out for this POI : Frame killer, so many zombies (very cool) but my god does it bring down my PC which is reasonably respectable.
  4. Technically could have been the caves that we no longer have ... I miss under ground caverns, I suppose we have the POI underground stuff I guess...
  5. Have the Dobermans (dogs) been replaced by Poodles ?, they do not seem to be as ruthless now. There animation attack sequence seems to have a pause for a good 1.5 seconds before they bite again which is odd. They should be friggin tearing a new one into us none stop bite bite bite chomp bite bite bite etc etc etc
  6. After watching some play and knowing about short cuts getting to the POI LOOT, would it be way better to only spawn in the loot at the required destination after the last zombie was killed in the POI ?
  7. I 'am a bone head. Yes HOLDING down R -- I think I may have hit the wrong key or was tapping it instead.. ... ugh. !
  8. Wow - video too, thanks for the demo ! What the hell am I doing then, I look into it prob something stupid my end. Thanks again.
  9. Problem I have the AK gun will not equip the ammo type.
  10. Just a shout out, is there something I am missing with regards my AK... takes 7.62mm ammo yet I can not load in AP 7.62mm ammo.. Also any way when placing blocks onto a slope the blocks placed can line up with the elevation ?
  11. Several pipe weapons have random stats. No primitive items should have any. I find that a little poopy for varied weapon findings. I could find 2/3 same level coloured guns but before they had slightly different stats for comparison this made it fun to still look out for them and find the 'better' one.
  12. Any reason models in game deform when dead ?
  13. I can not find a read-me but what does your fine mod : Gore_regen do ?
  14. Any reported issues with A20 with your mods, specially the Telric’s Decoration Pack ? Thanks.
  15. Be nice if the in game clocks worked & represented the outside world time, I go into the game and end up loosing so many hours.. ><
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