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  1. I think most players like myself have been subjected to these 'special zombies' so much during game play they become the 'native zombie' and we are now so used to them they lost there 'special' title. I know ones like the demolisher do not show up till later on (would like to see these just wondering around as I rarely see them myself) but the majority of the zombies are there from day one and get old fast. We need more native/generic zombies with different hair and clothes to fill up the world more, then these 'special' zombies will yet again regain there title as special.
  2. Not sure what you mean. Make your world in game the same as ever, just make sure this is in the MODS directory as a modlet. It just works....
  3. Using Modlet and new game/RWG game map.. Looking good guys !..... so far so good..
  4. I notice in game a number of objects do not have LOD, and I suspect objects that are mineable are excluded so we don't then get the POP OUT (items disappear) as LOD isn't updated as we play and add things to the scenery as we get the POP in then. This is the same regarding the things we take out yet the LOD often remains expecting that object to still be there. So I guess TFP try and balance things that the player may mine out from the map and don't use LOD for those objects. This is hypothetical, and my thoughts only.
  5. OMG, what did I do ?????.. I go away for a bit and I seem to have dropped a nuke or something... 😳
  6. Feedback.... So love the new vehicles... I am noticing, apart from the bike we could do with locational indicators for all the other vehicles we commandeer. I am using the nifty quad bike at the moment (friggin brilliant) and I am increasingly worried I am going to forget where I park this thing. I have to admit I am not a fan of the new regimental process to build any of these new vehicles. I am thankful you left the old system in as the new one in my mind is just way to cumbersome to even contemplate to attempt. The vanilla vehicle system seems just way more friendly and approachable, plus some vehicles in this mod are already drivable out there so I will never go down the route to attempt too build my own that's a guarantee. I respect your direction, but I ask you please keep a simple form of this mod optional for those that do not want the added complexity of building and fuelling them. Thanks ...
  7. Just tipped my toes in to try this mod out,.... together with the combo POI and NITROGEN map generator I now have countless variety in vehicles and everything is looking SO GOOD ! Thanks for your efforts and presenting this for us to use... The models look consistent in quality, looking worn and torn so don't stick out like odd balls blending very well into the world.. * Found my first drivable vehicle, the Police Car... Love the sounds (they may be a little to high rev) and the handling of the car plus it even has suspension !
  8. Also I feel some POI are so generously constructed to a point that they tend to over bare the game and tank the FPS. Maybe isolate certain ones and keep them away from built up areas. This one for instance : from 40+fps in the middle of a town I look at this POI and it goes almost under 20fps.
  9. I have had a issue with this POI : Seems to be acceptable to self demolition...
  10. Loving this, I had a cool moment as found this and looking (to me anyways) like a crack from an earth quake aftermath and the bus had started to fall into it.
  11. Little confused with quests, I died during one yet marker still on map for quest but when I try to find marker now its not visible.
  12. The further adaption and tweaking of physics is top notch and I think it brings this game into 2020. I know physics is old hat now technically but so rather see it used than not. They just got to refine the physics for WATER and the blocks so they don't stick in the air like magic... then we are rocking !
  13. Ohhh we need more jiggles, all hair types would be so good ..... Female things jiggling isn't that normal though due to gravity ?, wouldn't solid state women bits be disrespectful towards silicon implants ?
  14. First time user, what can I say that these POI are exceptional, amazing, most of all fun.... With these on top of TFP own prefabs we really have like over 800 POI now for the game to choose from ?
  15. I could do a 360 around the torch, only thing in the area was what was beneath it. Maybe like you say, the destroyed block object left a invisible hook that was calculated as still a block or something. But I'am guessing as not the programmer... Either way for a game with physics and has an enforced form of gravity its jarring when things stick in the air. I also notice POI's when destroyed odd blocks stay a float as well....
  16. any reason why some things like this torch remain in the air even if there vertex touch nothing... ?
  17. Telling me the game can not simply count the entities that are spawned - say 20 zombies, 10 animals counted alive - then STOP spawning.
  18. Hi, some more feedback. The above spider being big bad mutha one. Is it possible to remove the name plate above the model as it kind of spoils the otherwise superb model, just odd to have a NPC in game with a name plate above it. Also It doesn't seem to have a stand still animation and just keeps in its walking animation which makes it look weird when its not actually moving forward ....
  19. I need to buckle in and play beyond 30 days then... haha....
  20. I think we need the possibility of demolishers randomly turning up earlier than day 30. I forget, are they game stage controlled or they day determined. I know they would put a blight on base building as well but it’s kind of easy without them. Plus as I keep starting again I not yet got to actually see one first hand !
  21. I wish the zombies had a damage model for the head. Body has one and limbs fall off etc, but shoot the head more than once and it doesn't change unless it's a critical then it explodes.
  22. SSD. But I can be stationary just looking in one direction so there isn’t anything loading up and my PC isn’t maxing out. Its puzzling, old system but it has this untapped potential for better FPS and it’s just not using it.
  23. Just my computer, I play single-player. That duplication happened when the spider died. The dead spider appeared by the side of it. Yet the original one as you can see remained. It was attacking at the time, and it died to my AK.
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