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[Opinion] The Skill-system feels like its made for Boomers


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2 minutes ago, AtomicUs5000 said:

Been saying for a long time... a hybrid system is best. There are two kinds of enjoyment to be had. Instant gratification and the rewards of hard work. Perk points bring instant gratification. Stretching out progression does add to the grind, but when this part of the game is dictated by randomness, luck, it is not the same satisfaction as grinding something with purpose and where you are in full control. You have achieved something because you put the effort in, not because you just happened to finally find a book.

Some people only find instant gratification fun and satisfying. Some people only enjoy the immersion of improving your character through learning and training. A hybrid system touches on both and everyone is happy.

Unless you attribute your comments to one generation or another I can’t understand what you’re saying. 

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On 8/23/2020 at 12:10 AM, Domo said:

thanks for the Info. Will check it out.

Anyways, I think my biggest problem with the current skill-system is that it feels like a mess.

Its not complex, but it feels like a mess.

My english realy sucks and I am sorry if I trigged anyone with my first post




Your English is fine. It feels like a mess because perk based systems are boring and uninspired. Fallout 4 made the same mistake.


But the kids these days, they don't know anything.

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4 hours ago, ejlarson said:

Imagine calling someone "the greatest generation that ever lived" as an insult. None taken child, none taken.

I think the Boomers' parents (my grandparents) were "the greatest generation", having gone through significant sacrifice during WWII. I mean, nothing so freedom-destroying as wearing a mask, mind you, but pretty significant sacrifice nevertheless.


Boomers were what happened when the men (mostly it was men) came back from the war and got <ahem> reacquainted with their wives/girlfriends.


My generation is what happened when Boomers discovered weed and LSD and took off their bras or whatever. Explains a lot.

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LBD  was fine for attack skills (if you couldnt dump points into it cheating the system)

catastrophic for crafting (spamcrafting is likely worst thing ever appearing in 7days)

equal to current for unlocking skills


please leave boomers in left 4 dead before someone suspect you from using re*arded term to clasify humans often used by id*ots and kids on internet

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actually, if you choose to spend your acquired xp in certain skills this kinda negates the crux of your argument. What you are asking for is granular control over a complex gameplay balance and TFP have decided.




We can't let you have Skyrim level skill progression cuz that won't work with our framework and engine.

Consider what you are actually asking and then re state your question with an understanding of the metric f-ton of coding required to make that change, let alone balance it to everyone's expectations.

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11 hours ago, Roland said:

Seems to me LBD is best paired with The Lost Generation...

its best paired with people who cant understand simple perks so they do same thing over and over(7981 stone axes) expecting  to get different results and then they pick next goal in life ... whinning at forum why  they didnt started getting   iron axes after reaching  600 stone ones


skyrim ... is completely different game  it doesnt allow you to easily get resources to craft  24/7  while you work ongetting more resources :D


sure they could remove  damage bonus   from weapon perks ... and give us lbd 0,5% entity damage per  rank again :) but weapons only ...  crafting lbd failed so hard  .. it lead to removal of whole system

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