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  1. Does nobody realize you can destroy trash piles from stealth and not alert zombies nearby? Even with stone tools.
  2. Some people prefer open ended sandbox play. Some people prefer set endgoals. Neither is correct. Neither is incorrect.
  3. I don't think 7 Days to Die is intended to be in the category of eternal project of love like some other games. I think it is intended to have its design and implementation be complete at some point, so the devs can then move on to other things (expansions, DLCs, sequels, other games entirely, etc.) As such, perhaps we are simply getting close to the end of the alpha cycle. That is typically when the framework of all systems is implemented and functioning in at least some basic way. Filling it out is usually beta. Though these days, the dev lines kind of get blurred, so I wouldn't re
  4. Also, wood spikes break easily. Iron spikes are pretty chunky. Definitely worth including in your defense plan, even late game.
  5. I'm not sure how using ageism is supposed to make your argument attractive.
  6. Anyone noticed the spitting vultures in the 7 day horde? Surprised us, that's for sure.
  7. Hey, now that we've wondered (shambled?) far enough off topic... I think, but I also could have been imagining this, that you can attach those explosives to zombies. Am I remember this correctly?
  8. Well...if you want LEAST hassle, and greatest speed... Shaped charges for the win!
  9. As I think back to when the terrain was boxy like in minecraft. MAN this game has come a ways.
  10. Bears are like rats. They can get through any opening they can squeeze their head through.
  11. They keep eliminating biomes. I don't think they will be adding any. Mind you, I would like to see a few involving marshlands, rivers, lakes, etc. However, I don't have realistic hopes that we will see such a thing. Maybe in a DLC or sequel that takes place in a different geographic location?
  12. They're quieter than just smashing your way in. I wish you could pick locked doors.
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