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  1. There should be less purple crap and more low-quality guns/parts etc. at the gamestage where your inventory is getting flooded with blue and purple scrap armors, cloth armors, primitive tools etc. It's a bizarre loot table. I wound up buying my first gun (Q3 shotty) simply because I had not FOUND a gun anywhere, just parts. Also, the blunderbuss is... ok. I won't say decent, it's useless against 2-3 sprinters but it does have a role. At least the ammo is dirt cheap.
  2. I don't have a problem sneaking into a POI, my only grievance is ferals, their sprinting and higher HP makes them very dangerous to melee. If you don't get knockdowns they can @%$*#! your @%$*#! up. You shouldn't be able to crouch-walk through a house with no danger anyway.
  3. I feel like this is such a huge problem, not just in singleplayer (where the game most strongly resembles Skyrim, with the perks and enemies leveling with the player) but especially in multiplayer... I cannot count the times I've walked into a POI at level 10 only for a bunch of Ferals and glowing zombies to appear, because someone who is high level is playing the game too. I feel like cities are smaller now so it's really easy for one or two guys farming an area to raise the gamestage so high you cannot loot those cities without serious gear. At level 30 I'm still slumming it with a club, which so far is fine in singleplayer... unless I'm expected to clear ferals from a building. That's not gonna happen with a club, even if I'm perking into it heavily. The game pushes you to use firearms, but it also expects you to loot, either to find a firearm or to find things to sell to get a firearm... and a mechanic of the game is making it very hard to loot unless everyone playing is at a low level. But show me a server that doesn't have a guy who is heavily leveled. I know what TFP want to do, make going into POIs dangerous and keep them dangerous for high levels... the problem is low-leveled people getting locked out of looting areas.
  4. It's pretty uncommon in mainstream FPS games. The only games I can think of that have this sort of progression system are indie roleplaying games... Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead for example. Several MUDs have them as well. The problem is figuring out a way to keep it fun without enticing people to grind. Locking crafting behind a skill that you can grind in will pretty much guarantee grinding. It works well for activities that are monotonous and imperative anyway; in this game fighting enemies and resource gathering are the two obvious activities where a LBD system can feel rewarding.
  5. Loot quality is all over the place. I took two ranks of Lucky Looter and I have a purple scrap chestplate and purple/blue primitive tools... guns very hard to find, but ammo is everywhere (150% loot). I'm almost at the point where I will buy a gun, which would be a first.
  6. Lucky Looter is hands down the best perk, it turns your loot game into the strongest meta. By perking into it early you can amass enormous amounts of good loot. This has strong synergy with trader quests and together it's the easiest way to get strong in the game. I took two ranks of LL, and had blue and purple gear before I hit level 20. I've got about 1k in rifle ammo and 500 pistol; amazingly the only gun I've found so far is a Q1 Hunting Rifle.
  7. It would be super swell if tools got their own sound setting. Basic QoL stuff.
  8. Is there really no way to stop these from spawning? I cannot play the game like this. I have died 10 times in the last 2 hours to the wolves. They are everywhere. Also a bear spawned right next to me, I watched it happen.
  9. You are a garbage @%$*#! mod Roland.
  10. Those super vultures are one of the dumbest things I've seen in a long time. If that's intended behavior I despair for the future of the game.
  11. I do that, but what I'd really like to see is some kind of damage modifier for stone, concrete and steel. Wood should be fairly wreckable, whereas stone is less so. Concrete and steel should be almost impossible to claw through, and require explosives or super ferals to break through. I feel like that opens up tactical possibilities. Just lowering damage feels like too much of a nerf.
  12. I think it would be interesting if zombies were permanent (did not despawn) and were generally more dangerous in combat, but dumber. They shouldn't be able to pathfind well. If you break LOS and stay quiet they should have trouble finding you, lose interest and wander around but still be in the area, so if you make noise or emerge they are on you again. This provides motive to make a secure base (one that breaks LOS), to fortify entrances, and to have fallbacks and other methods out. Because building a base is so resource intensive and zombies are wrecking balls, and because the Bloodmoon makes it impossible to hide, the meta encourages cheesing by either making it impossible for them to wreck your base, or simply relocating for the Bloodmoon to somewhere with no value (a POI with a 2nd floor for instance). This is especially true in single player when time management (looting, gathering, and building) in the first 7 days is critical. tl;dr: zombies are too smart, they wreck fortifications quickly and on bloodmoon you simply cannot avoid them without cheesing. I'm considering just making them really dangerous to melee, dropping their block damage and disabling the bloodmoon entirely, but it's an imperfect solution.
  13. It's the sunken cost fallacy. Eating cooked food without vitamins or the perk carries the small risk that your stamina will be wiped out. Every time you eat, there is some risk (I think all the healthy stuff has the same risk %). So if I eat like 3 bacons and eggs to get my stamina up, and the third is a poison pill, I've now wasted 3 of them: 3 spent for no stamina gain. At this point my options are Eat more healthy foods to regain the lost stamina Kill myself for a full bar of stamina at cost of some XP Try to play the game with 30 stamina While I could eat more foods, at this point I've already invested the food cost (which is high, as I consider food rare, spending a lot of time building) so the logical thing to do from a survival perspective is kill myself. Because while I have no more food, I'm building and that is a bottomless well of XP. The extreme thing would be to stop eating altogether, only build, and only kill myself when my stamina is too low to move around the build site.
  14. This, the QoL bonus this provides is HUGE, and easily overlooked. If you loot everything you are opening dozens, sometimes hundreds of containers in a POI. The savings are not obvious but quickly add up for looting.
  15. I bust up in that bitch like the Kool-Aid man and loot everything, take whatever I see. I might bail into the street or fall back to a larger interior area if things get really hairy. I know a lot of people stealth, I don't like to put points into it myself. I will make noise and club to death all the zeds. Also if it's obvious that behind this wall or that door there is more stuff, I will take the path of least resistance. If it's a huge building I might infiltrate somewhere further up via nerdpole, simply to avoid a lot of combat working my way up.
  16. If the debuff gave you a penalty to consuming more food (no healing, reduced stamina gain, chance to throw up and lose stamina) then it would be punitive, but only in the immediate short term (length of debuff). In it's current iteration (immediate loss of most stamina), the most logical thing to do especially in early game is to IMMEDIATELY eat a handful of glass and respawn. This is especially true for me as my food is right next to the bed, so if I get unlucky I can be back in the game in moments, with only a small XP penalty. Since it's easy to meta (XP is essentially unlimited, go build some wood frames) it's a bad mechanic and should be discarded or modified.
  17. I like the iron club, it is easy to make and does not require fancy parts. Once you start putting points into clubs and melee is becomes quite powerful. Guns I don't think are particularly viable except as a clutch weapon, ammo is too expensive.
  18. I think the penalty is too severe. That's an instant naw dawg and eating of broken glass commences.
  19. That's a good point. There is not enough variety or nuance in the game materials to reflect how real world bow construction works. And of course buying "perks" like the player is jacked into the Matrix and can download years of experience in one moment is also extremely game-y. But one must make a concession somewhere to gamifying real-life things to make the game itself fun to play.
  20. I would think the wooden bow should be craftable without the generic "bow parts". We have a number of things in the game that are traditionally employed in bowmaking (wood, glue, leather (hide), tallow) and the ancient nature of the bow as a weapon should reflect that. Primitive bows are primitive, yes; but simple bows that are highly effective have been made by man for years without highly specialized prefab parts. The whole point of "parts" as a class of things rather than breaking everything down into it's real-life individual components is to illustrate their exclusive and non-reproducible nature. A modern compound bow is an engineering marvel, but impossible to maintain or build again without the ability to fabricate the parts, which are not found in nature.
  21. I bought a bacon and eggs from the trader because my stamina was at 80 and I had no food. I consumed it, and I guess it gave me food poisoning, not sure, the debuff was gone almost immediately and my stamina/food immediately dropped to 29. It was absolutely brutal; I commenced jumping off the small tower in the trader's lot in an effort to kill myself, which took 4 jumps (if only max health and food were linked, instead of stamina and food). I am enjoying the new alpha but the food poisoning chance of prepared foods is rough and the penalty I experienced was absolute nonsense. I guess farming is mandatory now because I can barely keep my stamina up just foraging for foods.
  22. My performance issues include microstuttering. No matter; I have already rolled back at 16.4 and don't see myself reversing course.
  23. Performance is really terrible in A17. It was bad when A17 first dropped and it's just dreadful in the current build. Things run nominally until I go into a POI (not every POI but most of them) or there are zeds on screen. Then my FPS bottoms out. It's gotten down to single digits. Meanwhile my card (GTX 970) is boiling and the fan is at full throttle. I booted up A16.4 and I get a silky 60FPS with settings maxed. One of many reasons I think I'm going back to A16.4.
  24. Or the campfire recipe could be modified to provide one glass jar per in addition to the boiled egg.
  25. I haven't made one, but I got the bicycle, and while it's better than walking everywhere, it's underwhelming. There's no way to coast after "sprinting" on the bike. You have to hold shift just like when on foot. Unless there's a coaster brake mod... I haven't seen one at any rate.
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