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  1. I am a coder, but not for graphics and games, so I could be wrong here. I'm going to say that it would look really bad. The textures are uv-mapped or something similar to give the impression of high 3D detail on lower poly models to optimize performance while achieving excellent graphics. Layering some flat texture on top of that would still conform to the low-poly model and create some strange visuals like dirt that floats over the skin. I think they would need something internally that bakes textures during runtime to really attempt something like that. It would be more easily done on models that weren't detailed with clothing and other things. I'm pretty sure No Man's Sky does something like this each time someone encounters a new planet and the game needs to generate a set of random fauna... but those animals have little detail. So, I suppose then they would have to take things even a step further and have the clothing layered on as well. I don't see all of this happening.
  2. I don't get Rage 2 vibes at all. I imagine that in the near future the players, traders, and bandits might resemble Rage 2 characters, but I'm not seeing that with the zombies.
  3. I love that they removed those zombies because they never fit in anywhere. However, I would still love some more variation. They once said while the HD models were being made that they were going to add in a bunch of low-level, highly decomposed zombies with dirty, shabby clothing so that you couldn't really tell them apart, giving the impression of more zombie types than there really are. I was surprised to see that the new HD models have such bright colors, kinda doing the opposite. I love the crawling zombie, especially compared to previous versions, but I feel like that model pushes back into the not matching with everything else territory. It is practically a skeleton and no other zombie is even close to as decomposed as that one. We have a couple of these severely mutated zombies, but there is no in between. It comes off as odd. I guess what I am saying is that this transition to the newer zombies succeeded in generally looking better, but failed in any attempt to remove that clone duplication feeling and failed to make the designs fit well together and with the environment. I think that maybe they got excited with the new designs and graphics and forgot about what they were trying to do. I can't complain because it was an overall improvement, but at the same time, I still feel a little disappointed in the end.
  4. I do get annoyed, but for the wrong reasons I'm afraid. For those being funny, I just get sick of old jokes and the people who love to squeeze every drop out of them. Then there are some people I've watched making sexual comments and they sound very serious about it. That just creeps me out.
  5. This describes most of us in these forums. Trust me, it doesn't hold any weight in presenting arguments here. Games have rules. They cannot be games without them. Digging down three blocks and placing a frame over your head isn't a great game. Well, that's not very fair at all. I want to build a base out of applesauce, but I accept that I cannot. If the game is made solely for how you want it, then I can never possibly get it the way I want it. It is in fact exactly for them to decide how anybody plays THEIR game. All of these changes were done over time. Some were old features reintroduced. In all cases, they were actually just a small portion of what they worked on during each alpha. As far as I know and can tell, they have been working on optimization and stability over the past several alphas. Every time the systems get bigger and better, it has to be done at least a little to keep the game running smoothly for at least the majority of players. They cannot possibly fully optimize when they know they are adding more to the game. That cannot come until the very end. Honestly, with the current world situation and our governments telling us what to do and how to do it, you would think you could develop your game in your own vision without players telling you how to make it.
  6. Complete reliance on RNG? In the past, I remember some games spending days trying to find just a cooking pot and weeks to get a beaker. I remember mining for days trying to locate where the good stuff is. Construction materials weren't just handed to you in POIs either. A20 is Easy Street.
  7. It's true. I left this board because I'm awful at trolling, and just look at me now!
  8. A horde night on 2 hour days with the longest night time or 10 minute days with the shortest?
  9. Just a thought continuing on alpha progress, dev vision, and zombie behavior... I sometimes wish they would have continued with the whole zombies run in the dark thing going back to Alpha 1. I'm not even certain it would be that great, but I kinda want to experience this now in A20. I know it looked jarring when zombies would move from dark to light or vice versa, but I bet now that they have people working on animations and models, they could pull it off nicely.
  10. Setting aside the glass-eating, in general, it would be nice addition when things can go into inventory automatically, they are blocked from going into your currently active tool belt slot because the player's "weapon" might be bare fists. It's a rare moment as Roland pointed out, and even though it is funny as hell, it would prevent this from happening.
  11. Unless they changed something, I was under the impression that all loot bags regardless of color despawn eventually. It would be pretty bad with lag eventually if they didn't.
  12. I would be more interested in the opposite where traders have shorter hours of operation and each trader has a different schedule (but still within daylight hours). I would even go for each trader being closed some randomly chosen day of the week. This would not only increase the need for time management, but you would also to have to adjust depending on where you happen to be. I don't know... I just love when games can throw wrenches at my methodology.
  13. I wouldn't mind that.... sounds pretty cool. If they were seen in a couple of special POIs it could add something to their story. I don't know what those POIs would be though.
  14. What I mean is more like a screamer mechanic, where they yell out alerting others... not so much a random chance trigger from hitting them. It would just be more natural and what you might expect to happen in a real-world scenario if this fantasy were to happen in the real world. But yeah, if you can somehow disable those lights with stealth perks in some way, it would make it better. I was watching a stream today where someone was trying to stealth and there was a torch on the wall. I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to be able to shoot that right off the wall with an arrow to put it out so he could then sneak by easier... which then led to thoughts about power boxes.
  15. Stealth in general hasn't been that great ever since A17 when this perk system came out and show3ed its face. Instead of having something that wakes up all zombies no matter what, they could still amp up the pressure by having it where a zombie can wake up other zombies. This way you feel this absolute need to take one out quietly before it makes enough noise to wake up others. This is what I feel the core of stealth should be all about in this game. Maybe the restore power quests will lead into more stealth mechanics. It would be nice if I could perk into stealth to shut off lights at electrical boxes for POIs. Higher perk allows dismantling cars without car alarms going off (should be a thing), even higher perk level allows disabling POI alarm systems at higher tier POIs (should also be a thing). Perhaps higher tier POIs are zoned and require shutting things off at multiple locations within the POI. Perhaps even more perks to be able to locate said boxes. There are things they could do to make stealth an enjoyable and reasonable build.
  16. Organizing with labeled crates so people don't have to search helps.
  17. I prefer having to make the decisions about what is important to take right away and what should be left behind. It's been a huge part of early game since as long as I can remember.
  18. Horrific and doesn't matter? What are you really saying here?
  19. For maintaining the struggle while maintaining obtainability of seeds, I would probably do this: - seeds very rarely found as loot, if at all - even more fresh food/plants needed to craft seeds - crops have a window of time when ready to be harvested for food or they dry out and die - dead crops drop 2 seeds with an additional number depending on Living Off the Land Tier, say +1 per tier. With no points in farming, you can still maintain a farm. but for every plant you have for harvesting, you need another to grow until death for the seeds to replace the harvest plant and to replace the seed plant.
  20. I think it's a pretty decent system. They could take it a step further to maybe give someone a real incentive to level up more in farming, useful in MP scenarios where players take on specific roles. They could make a food item for advanced recipes where the food is the seed... maybe sunflower or sesame, I don't know.
  21. Thank you! I think it was when A18 launched and I was super excited to play (and to get out of A17 lol), but my first trader had all working stations. So, I generated a new world and the same thing happened again. Naturally, I complained... but it's good to know that I'm not the only one seeing how much something like that can give too much advantage and ruin your game.
  22. Sometimes it's more work not to crunch, especially when coming back from a weekend and you need to figure out where you left off on something.
  23. I'm sad that one day it will end. These days it's a growing trend that even after full release, many games continue with updates. This past year, a bunch of my older games have been getting updates, which have been dormant and "complete" for a very, very long time. I find it pretty amazing. So, maybe I shouldn't be sad.
  24. I disagree as well. The problem we have is not the objectification of women, but the objectification of women without their consent or assuming that all women want to be objectified at any given moment. In a private adult setting, people of both sexes can enjoy being objectified with mutual consent. When it is brought outside of that and into public life, the workplace, or at any time a person wishes to not participate but another person attempts to force it on them, that is the problem. Dare I say that strip clubs may even help reduce the occurrences of such behavior when it's inappropriate by directing it to where and when it is appropriate to alleviate these adult needs.
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