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  1. well stealth should have its role .. but you probably shouldnt be able sneak kill boss rooms 1 by 1 as long as you 1 shot zombies like it works now its quite overpowered feature .. and you dont even need any sneak perks to do that auto triggered rooms are weird ... but boss rooms should all wake up once someone die err last time i seen grace she was passive like normal boar until attacked so its bit hard to tell if she detect you or not sneak attack isnt problem they can always have high enought health to counter it keeping both advantage of health .. and boss that survive sneak bow shot and have to be finished off honestly some zombies with 2-5k HP immune to exploding head would be lovely .. even if they just jogged or walked (to prevent .. "omg immortal runner killed me") .. as long as they offer some reward for effort currently we have bears with 2k and demolishers with 800(60%reduction)= realistically 2000 since armor pen doesnt work and bear can still be shot down even with bad ish weapon before he reach player (15 block distance warrior difficulty(halved player damage) .. smg , ak ,sniper rifle,desert vulture) so nope there isnt any tough boss that can take more than few shots= the only boss like experience is room full of irradiated zombies wait what ?:D of course you can kill any poi even at 150 days on warrior or higher difficulty easily with no stealth at all stealth is too slow use it constantly .. but atleast light armor users can sneak on most zombies easily ... atleast if you want shot them with bow or gun ... melee range is usually problematic so sneak perk isnt .. that great considering real impact for sneak attack modifier perk 0 or 1 point is enought to 1 shot most zombies base sneak modifier + 200% from bow * 2-3 is usually enought to deal with any feral /walker/cop even on higher difficulties meaning unperked person with bow is almost as effective as stealth focused sure you wont 1 shot green mom or soldier but those dont appear until +- GS 100 and after that .. you can still quietly kill squishy targets and then deal with few tanky leftovers tldr unperked = perked in early/mid game and only little bit weaker in late + most people use stealth just to land sneak shot on sleeper when they get chancefor free bonus damage .. instead sneaking through poi and you wont wake most sleepers even with guns ... especially silenced so yeah.. almost everyone use stealth in some way but as small addition to gameplay .. rather than sole focus well if i understand it correctly it its immunity to headshot damage by seting modifier to 1x and that practically prevent " boss" from taking significant damage from first shot because its not sneak damage itself thats OP its sneak damage multiplied by x2 or x3 from headshot leading to insane first hit i cant say i tested specific numbers but with good bow perked sneak damage and agility it can surely go over 1000 damage on first hit 333 damage with negated headshot bonus isnt strong enought to need some "armor mechanic" if boss have 1-2k hp counting in armor
  2. sounds like you could have indestructible steel castle throw 13x electric fence into that corridor and you will manage demolishers even with unperked pistol :D
  3. it was reply to durability ... since it means almost nothing at this moment even if i delat 100 damage and repaired every few hits it means safes would cost me 5/10/20 repair kits (2,5k/5k/10k) 20 ductape for auto shotgun or steel tool in stone age ? yes please primitive stuff in safes exist to keep something in them its far better than empty safe because guns early completely annihilate progression . negating whole A19 effort thats why they are gone and wont return it basically means A) guns wont drop early in favor of primitive stuff appropiate to gamestage = people comnplain how immersion breaking is stone shovel in safe B) safes contain guns ... but with mechanic that prevents opening them in first weeks (lockpick perk behind 10 stat/hardlocked behind level) = people will complain about level lock .. as in A17 C) safes will drop something else like mods or gun parts(broken guns) and ammo but no guns early = people will cry about useless safes since they cannot craft their auto shotguns withou gamestage locked recipe anyway and they wont bother with q2 q3 double barrel even if they have parts that kinda covers all options they have .. pick your poison TFP made clear 1) early guns are negative for progression and wont happen apart from primitive ones(A20) and q1 pistol + some trader stuff (seems more like leftover than choice .. since day 1 trader can sell even q3 magnum) 2) progression will stay no matter what and was planned some time already ... so better get used on using stone / iron tools .. 7 days is no longer steel only game and wont be ever again 3) top tier Q6 stuff stays locked at very high gamestage and uncraftable .. same as legendary weapons
  4. thats bit strange because i predict loot behind painting with almost 100% accuracy in well known pois + they are there even if you dotn destroy painting(destroy block above it and you will see:D so it cannot be caused by breaking painting .. i would call even crates randomized ...since i definitely had two sham factories with different crates in loot room during A18
  5. stealth is safer option even now ... with massive drawback at clear speed even fully stealth perked (so weaker for blood moons) you take 2-3x more time to clear poi than someone with AK ..stealth isnt inferior just too slow to be worth it guys ... maybe you should check ap ammo and realize it doesnt work at all (same as penetrator) A19 broken all armor reducing effects and who knows if and when it gets fixed ( who dont believe take utility worker/demo/soldier and shot it with normal and ap bullet ..it doesnt matter ... as well as damage difference between 0 and fully perked penetrator is 0 damage maybe you could keep talk about AP ammo for version where it exist considering we already have zombies that reduce/ignore head shot bonuses .... its not as big issue as some may think <passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_set" value="1" tags="head"/>
  6. yeah but same science also proves that zombies would get quickly inflated by own bacterias and and explode err thats pretty much zombie bear role zombie workers/sappers with augers on other side :D:D
  7. well you can be sure this wont change POI are clearly handmade .. with fixed spawns fixed loot and specific way to go through withou breaking stuff while triggering every spawn sure they added some rng (in A19? A18?) by simply randomizing loot containers (you can loot house ..and find trash behind painting ... but after reseting you can find lets say lab equipment on same spot also bookcases/vending machines /workbenches /cement..... have chance to be either lootable or broken making some slight variability but since way is hand made you cant meaningfully generate poi the only slution would be several different versions of same poi to choose randomly ... but that would eat insane amount of developers time just dont overhype it .. as far i know madmole confirmed only biome bonus ... POI modifier is mostly wish coming from community
  8. problem 3: any zombies can be cheesed by blocks/killed by spikes so result would be = cheese one loot room/sneak in grab steel tools/guns and run = perfectly mimicking A18 state not to mention any zombie in game is trivial with Q1 pistol and few wood frames especially with so abundant ammo since you can build up 3-4 blocks above ground and those irradiated bikers will just punch wall while you shot them you can bet bonus to gamestage from biome/ poi tier will be mild and you can bet it will contain harder zombies as well since it would make no sense to buff waterworks loot if it was guarded by walking cheerleaders on early days like now actually nice idea if it required steel tools - because iron tools can be easily made from day 1 all you need is forge .. some metal clay and 2 perks + it would make lockpicks more meaningfull as well - still even rng lockpick way to find auto shotgun on day 1 is problem nice idea but bit overcomplicated (whole new mechanic) with almost 0 impact repair kits are ridiculously easy to make once you have forge ... and thats what most people do on day 1 durability is pointless if you can pump out hundreds of repair kits .. the only thing limiting you is ductape not to mention gas pump boxes commonly drop 20-25 repair kits best idea so far is to make safes drop corroded/damaged useless guns or just parts to reflect it the system itself is correct you are not supposed to gets guns early apart from toilet pistol all TFP need to adress is immersion broken by primitive stuff in safes
  9. TFP itself rarely react in fiscussions ... dont judge them by moderator behavior lol roland have his own special way to treat people:D he can tell whatever he want about "auto aggro room delusions" but when you walk in melee range of sleeper withou waking him up or even shot in his room .... and then walk out of room by doors 15 blocks away and trigger him thats what i call auto aggro room
  10. best way is to use some kind of ramp with 1 wide hole on one side ... knocked down zombies + almost all bags will fall down ( rarely some stay on top but then get knocked out of ramp by zombies /new bags + you can use 1/4 block corridor next to this pit to loot them safely zombies wont punch through concrete/steel blocks if they have meaningfull path to you is there any iron left on your world?
  11. yeah thats why i agree with A19 progression system even considering its ... lets call it halfbaked state :D unlike many who want just bash it because they have to use stone tools for few days. well i think TFP know loot rooms arent ideal .. but realistically some key mechanic is far easier solution than reworking every single poi but there isnt much around for us yet ... guess we can only wait and hope to get something meaningfull rather than locked steel doors in wooden room with windows
  12. well yeah but there could be 7k metal doors ... or visually less fitting 21k instead wooden ones with key in chest especially in high tier poi like waterworks where you have concrete walls and cant easily bypass those doors on day 1 .. they have some plans on keys etc so lets wait and hope .. its significant flaw of game ....but we will need nerves of steel for future forum A19"omg loot sucks we are stuck in stone age you destroyed game" A20 "omg i cant skip poi and go straight for loot you destroyed game" A21 "omg those bandits shot on me instead limping to me get slaughtered by club you destroyed game" A22 "village and pillage"? but loot often have no barrier at all on roof ... or its in wooden room ideal case would be loot distributed across dungeon rather than single room its weird and abusable design day 3 is quite late in A18 i never used stone shovel until A19 and had atleast one steel tool and gun on day 1 basically loot few cars or raid working stiff tool shop with few walkersinside to skip both stone and iron age ... while crafting stuff to finish tutorial quests while current system is far from finished ... atleast we have some progression unlike previous alphas people are now disapointed by stone shovel ... in A8 they used to be disapointed when WS crate dropped trash q4 iron axe in first days instead steel one A17 crucible was locked behind lvl 80 A18 was pure rng A19 start appearing with iron tools i think ? but recipe is same in all three versions just get damn better barter - its one of best perks overall multiplying all your loot/quest rewards by increasing its price .. - traders sell almost everything need 30 ductapes ? bunch of steel ? advanced turrets or guns ? rare mods .. or books you missing ? day 1 concrete ? ammo ? food ? candies ? dukes are all you need - 5/5 is only way to get solar bank - rank 3-4 makes crucible very common in secret stash for +- 6k dukes in multiplayer its even better to have one person designed for selling/crafting stuff with int tree while the other one focus str for mining or perception for looting A19 made recipes very common making int less usefull as you can ignore all perks and get recipes from random bookstore anyway
  13. well .. maybe or whole SI checking mechanism sometimes stop working on some blocks .. and start working when SI change by destroying nearby block by pickaxe .. anyway its quite rare issue and not rly significant also make zombie atleast jogging .. they will still be very slow compared to you(even run is slower than player) .. but it makes game alot more ... action base when you know zombie from next room/floor can reach you ... before you die from hunger its not always same block .. its random if you collapse same poi multiple times you wont see any leftovers most time but sometimes it happens but yeah maybe it happens when game perform something else like cleaning ram or saving in that specific moment .. who knows never seen flying windows cant say i checked windows .. but yeah some blocks like drapes/some windows have very unusual SI .. but correct me if iam wrong .. doesnt player add some weight by steping on blocks? maybe are those blocks made just so extremely unstable rather than exception
  14. nah it happens kinda rarely ..it used to be far more common in A16 but you can still see it potatoish .. depends the only time when game really struggled with perfomance was colapsing dishong tower with gas barrels those flying blocks happen randomly .. when some part of building just refuse to fall ... but if you lets say split 40 flying blocks into 3 parts they will all fall .. as if SI failed and blocks somehow supported each other in air or just whole stability check .. stopped - its probably not connected to perfomance as it can happen even with very small poi (1 floor house with flying chimney) its just like those invisible poi blocks .. sometimes theres place around poi where you cant put anything (usually 1x1 spot 2-3high)
  15. 1) because pre-A19 safes usuallyd ropped some tier 1 gun kicking you ot of stone age on day 1 2) a19 WS box drops nails repair kits and tools absurdly long ?:D 7 days +- but to be fair you can craft low quality iron tools on day 1-2 and you are right .. its just another madeup story from him again ...WS boxes barely changed .. we just get stone age tools instead day 1 nailguns/steel .... and 25 repair kits instead 2-3(for some reason) sure broken guns/tools in form of part would be best option on other side stone tools should stay easily accesible in loot q5 stone tool is still better than your q3 TFP made clear it wont .... they just add modifier .. either percentage or fixed to biomes .. and maybeeeee some pois most POI is abusable like this its just faulty design they need to fix somehow not sure why they decided to put all loot on one place where its easily accesibleby entering poi by exit/nerdpoling
  16. Just dont forget that heat still apply ... screamers still spawn during horde so shuting down forges or using silencer effectively make horde bit smaller
  17. not rly zombies still pathed to some degree especially if you had underground base with nearby entrance cheese bases were even more common than now since there was 10x more abusable holes in zombie ai not to mention spikes that didnt take durability damage giving you option to make minefield for easy zombie kills in place you left them standing with no means to reach you .. you could even stand under them and loot them while they did nothing except dying on reversed log spikes Survival: definitely not game focus .. just minor features ... its not like you are constantly starving getting illneses and balancing food types to survive:D Tower defense : great and effective you can see thousands base designs to deal with hordes Looter-Shooter : looting is great we have sh*tload of items that are needed/good for selling/scrapable for core materials needed for everything .. as shooter 7 days isnt bad .. with body part damage, stagger mechanic and so many ammo types perks and ammo/weapon/mod combinations RPG: you cant rly call 7days RPG at this moment .. maybe in future .. we have skill trees and progression .. thats it true RPG game needs: 1) character abilities/spells (we have none) 2) significant lore/story (we have none apart of 1 list of paper from duke) 3) quests (7 days have just 3 randomized quests with no background or variety) 4) NPCs (all we have is trader with very simplistic dialogue .. effectively working as vending machine) butif as you say "this game sucks in everything" why are you even playing it or writing on forum game change over time but it was always focused on multiple genres
  18. they definitely need to stay through they are punishment for mistake ... but not severely crippling death is supposed to be punishment ... not reward or intentional behavior for lenght .. each of them have multiple ways to cure them by common consumables raid any popnpills and you have 5-10 items to cure each one on day 1 even withou pharmacies ... all of them are extremely common in loot (recipe for vitamins would be nice tho) 1-2 hours isnt that much ... especially considering there is perk that drastically reduce this duration ... yes that perk used by 0% people who whine about crits on forum sadly nothing can help people who refuse to use mechanics they have to counter crits .. and then go complain on forum about crits thats same as using wrench for combat and complaining how weak it is btw heavy armor counter them easily ... with maxed one i die 2-3 times on average before getting debuff iam sorry but if you get 300-450 damage so often it bothers you then you need to adress gameplay to start with ( not to mention many people abuse padded armor with bugged negative stealth penalty and 0 stamina penalty and thats literaly asking for all ailments in game ) problem with 7 days is extremely accesible healing passive heal .. food heal painkillers even single aloe heals 30hp in a18 you could go through thousands of hp per poi and just spam easily obtainable items to counter it ... A19 discourage people from getting too many hits by small chance of crit and thats definitely positive change not to mention lacerations have very small impact and concussion is more annoying than impactfull
  19. mods can break/change mechanic in vanilla A19 they lose tracking when you die but if any zombie detect you by seeing you or getting shot blood moon will return to normal giving you choice to hide or return to battle
  20. lvl 6 stone axe is stilll significant upgrade over any other stone axe only because you cant get iron under certain GS .. tier 2-3 steel tool makes every non steel drop trash ... worsening situation first horde is ridiculously easy and short you can even defend it by few wood spikes in corridor just developer oversight ... small ruins can spawn inside protected zone you can get pistol from day 1 blunderbuss is effective for slow zombies but still bad and primitive weapon when it comes to fighting runers bears or dogs (reload) axe is often used as weapon by people who dont want waste slot on melee weapon ... but its nowhere close to them ... since theres no perk /combat books for axe missing alot damage/bleed/knockdown/whateverand being significantly behind even with 1 point... definitely not viable for melee builds as i mentioned you can perk to cut healing times significantly ..fatigue isnt nice .. but definitely least serious injury ....for broken arms .... splint require just ductape+wood+cloth .. all three very common loot A19 day 150+ on warrior 0 deaths .. while you meet some greenies its never 10 usually 3-5 at "boss encounters" and they arent really all that threatening at gamestage they appear they hit 5-10 even in light armor also most green zombies isnt significantly worse than other runners its all about fat mom/soldier/biker since they are tanky ... andc green version feels like bullet sponge so they in theoy have chance to swarm you ... on other side backing off from those bossrooms luring them into doorway with 100% stun chance on club / sledge make them look pathetic especially considering they appear at gamestahe 69+ ... so time when you can have easily Q3-5 steel/military armor making them effectively less dangerous than runers/dogs in first weeks when you walk around in bad padded ... and maybe even lacking firearm
  21. theres perk that significantly shorten debuff lenght .. its just less popular because its so easy to instantly cure most injuries also keep in mind that max hp debuff decrease over time nope you dont melee bases work better than ever just demolishers complicate it a little and theres no injury penalty when you are behind 1/4 block/wall withany kind of hole to hit them in coridor with electric fences not to mention you can facetank horde in heavy armor relying on consumables or fences .. especially with sledgehammer aoe knockdown and infinite stamina gain on kill from sexTrex + melee is usually combined with heavy armor that makes injury chance extremely small not to mention you can have stuff to cure anything while you defend base since its common loot .... problem lies in carrying 5+ items on loot trips just in case yeah you have same mentality as few more people on forum ... "game is boring till i get ...q6 steel everything else is trash" fact is .. once you get q6 steel game becomes boring for most people as looting become irrelevant ... and you will have q6 top tier everything at lvl 50-70(out of 200) even in curent system
  22. most rational thing would be to "slowdown" horde spawning based on stealth as long as you dont use (non silenced) firearms
  23. hmm screamer calling in screamer isnt all that common 2 forges are safe to run 24/7 with added pickaxe i see sometimes one per night ... but auger its awfull fueled screamer magnet best bet is to keep mine entrance in base so its 100% screamer proof with some electric fences at valid entrance to base
  24. because animations work in weird way if two different need to happen .... so sometimes " ragdolled" zombie can actually attack while still trying to maintain balance ... same if you shock / decapitate knocked down zombie .. they often instantly teleport into standing position
  25. yeah keep telling that to baton user who commonly get punched by zombie in their shaky seizure .. it locks them in place and they wont make any attack animation int heir dance but you can still get hit if you stand close all what shock does is -90% to walk /run/sneaked speed and -90% to jump heigh <passive_effect name="RunSpeed" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.9,0" duration="0,4.3"/> <passive_effect name="WalkSpeed" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.9,0" duration="0,4.3"/> <passive_effect name="CrouchSpeed" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.9,0" duration="0,4.3"/> <passive_effect name="JumpStrength" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.9,0" duration="0,4.3"/> batons are not realy competitive ... stat wise they belong to weak end of iron tier and shock damage is nowhere close to catching up clubs have significantly higher base damage if you do some math you realize that even with 100% shock uptime they lose to baseball bat steel club made things even worse baton entity damage 10.8 baseball bat 19.2 steel club 26.2 around and around perked and moded baton need 7-8 seconds of shock damage to catch up single hit difference between steel club and baton .. making it noob friendly and easy to use ( shock helps if you struggle to dodge hits in melee) but weak tutorial weapon you have to wait for a20 atleast since they plan stone and steel tier batons .. (they are mentioned in xml just disabled and with same stats as iron) but until that ..... they are fighting for title of weakest melee with knives and yes shock damage ignore difficulty ... but its hilariously weak even perked .. compared to damage loss from hit itself + it doesnt benefit from anything as well shock tstay same ... base damage difference is multiplied by quality , random roll, mods, perk, magazine .... as well as its multiplied by flurry of blows ( more hits = more entity damage) unlike shocks that cannot be stacked .. not to mention compatibility with mods .. nowhere close to baton nope you can only compare two weapons to clubs ... sledge and axe axe = tool you carry anyway that can easily deal with any non green zombie perfect for people using firearms to save ammo sledge = by far highest damage ... great aoe control with drawback in speed ( and stamina but thats negated mid-late game)
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