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  1. correct course nope just your opinion removing choices unifiing all builds into universal character equally skilled in everything ... is actually opposing course of every RPG there we go again TFP decided top tier should be exlusive to looting .. ideally big poi and not obtained by sitting in base and they stand behind this decision regardless small and loud group that complaining about that no one is forced to anything ... want use shotguns ? sure why not ... rifle ? no one is holding you .-.... idea of perks is to specialize into whatever you decide .. if you like pistol and go full strenght ... its you who sacrificing pistol perks for better mining its classic rpg design .... if you choose to be healer you simply cant start complaining about having low damage can you ? and while perk tree needs some balancing ... all attributes have its own great perks
  2. developer decides what what should software do and how it should do such thing he and only he decides whats norm "A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways." basically if software does something other than developer wanted its a bug if its working as he decided and then made it work that way ... then it simply cannot be bug ... if you accept something or not is your problem but as already explained whole world is made from blocks ... every block in game is atleast 1x1x1 object for its basically same it doesnt matter if you put in block .. forge 1/8 block or plate ... from technical side its full block with changed model and collision thats why zombie wont recognize any block in 1 deep hole ... for game its flat ground (and also reason why we struggle with zombies trying to walk over blocks with small collision model .. that allow them fall through) does it make sense that zombies rush into spikes ? not rly but if they avoided spikes they would be 90% useless if you dont have "valid entrance"(doors ignored by pathfinding as block) zombies trying to find way to punch through easiest way to reach you they all group up and focus on weak spot even if you make wall and damage a little one block ... they will all go after that block .. blood moon "spawning side" constantly changes .. but zombies follow same ai upside down spikelogs are simply bug or better said inconsistence in mechanic ..... because zombie cannot fall into block from flat side ...= damage block but still get slowed because its " touching block" by standing next to it = gets slowed ... sure they could fix it later but funny pimps clearly disliked log spikes overall and give us equally awesomebetter looking and bug free iron spikes instead well developers decided killing zombies by simple trench is far too easy and bulletproof with no upkeep.. so they capped hp loss to 1/3 making spikes must ....because zombies could fall in but would dig and collapse your base so what should zombies do ?:D .... now they walk over flat ground or 1 deep hole .... avoid deeper holes because they cant "climb up on other side to continue their path" rrfp doesnt think whats intended ... tfp directly decides whats intended ,,, when they plan and realize something to work in specific way its simply intended if it worked different than they wanted .. its unntended = bug maybe they decided there will be no "check for a trap" at all opposite would be insane ... traps would be avoided= useless .. and if youw alled everything they would break in through one trap and then all path to bthis breach to avoid traps lol
  3. its unclear what exactly happened ... nuking wouldnt leave so many "mostly untouched" buildings as well as tall ones ... or make many small craters in streets well wasteland in circles in nitrogen author own choicenot based on anything we see in game in 7 sats .. canon is defined by navezgane we are all used to wasteland shape as decided by devs .. and weird circles all around map are just weird and useless .. actually most people seems to prefer larger biomes (funny how 90% cars ended in nuke areas .. guess they aimed nukes on parking lots in this theory)....we also have radiation as border so 7 days likely happen in small pocket of untouched ground .. with corner ( wasteland) being relatively safe but damaged same as extremely random burned biome strips
  4. i never said there should be preexisting lbd ... block plac ing would have to be blocked by similar but changed mechanic for like 10 reasons lol nah picking up blocks after isnt issue at all people often dont even bother with that removable blocks are one of bestf eatures of 7days when it comes to building lol tree is 300 wood and can be down in like 4-6 hits with iron axe = easy 1k+ per minute 10 wood is nothing 100 might discourage some people .. but it swould kill utility of wood frames overall
  5. that wont stop you frommaking "stairs" from frames ... if they really wanted kill nerdpolers climbing directly on roof for easy loot they could disable placing blocks inside poi area .. unless its landclaimed( so you could still rebuild it in own house) honestly i wouldnt be surprised if they meant this ... as devs make sure there is valid way through every poi withou single placed block
  6. thats quite nice but how long takes 800 water? single trip ro any pudle of water + few seconds can give you how much 7k water? nah water cant be compared to meat .. its several times harder to hunt animals than find water tower / waterworks / natural water / snow biome
  7. actually not that bad idea .. but specific weapon perks should stay as they are ... they offer quite unique features for each group and removing them would make bad stats worse (agi/fort) also quality works well now ... btw tier 6 craft ? nice try sling would definitely fit more into primitive tier than bs ideas like primitive taser .. its little problematic tho as perk increase electrocution duration and TFP like consistency doubt sling/blowdart is going to happen ... as primitive weapon it would be very close to primitive bow
  8. actually if you run out of ram it slows any aplication to crawl OS starts dumping and loading stuff on hdd or ssd thats extremely slow compared to ram ... if it doesnt crash straight away from small test .. generating map takes 95-97% cpu ... if i fill ram beforehand iam stuck at 10% or less with SSD thats why i mentioned it as possible problem when he generate map 60 min+ 8k map is maximum supported actually nitrogen is always option its faster but maps from it are ... meh try it you may like it ... but wasteland zone is in weird circles instead normal biome ... burned is messed as well and cities are mostly t4 t5 poi with close to no normal houses .... last time i tried i had 37 skyscrappers in "default" city next to each other lol with few caravans and lumberyard between
  9. well its endgame qol swag mechanic gas isnt rare but refueling several generators sucks well whole point is ...you cant remove it withou sacrificing other valuable mods as 3/5 pieces have 4 powerfull mods meaning you need 3/5 pack mule OR sacrificing some armor/stealth/mobility/ "helmet light, fall resist,reload) quite wall of text but in end its not useless if alternative is losing another usefull stat or speed yeah well i usually kill zombies outside from range ... so that removes them completely for me but really shotgun indoor " bonus feature" just sucks:D pretty unique approach considering most people rush int:D and consider it strongest tree
  10. stable update usually bring similar issues as experimental .... specific big changes are quitelikely to break maps /create severe issues ..... considering 19.1 state better count with the fact you probably wont be able to play old save on it even after stable release
  11. hmm 8k takes 5-10 min for me ... just leave lot of mess stuck in ram afterward hour definitely doesnt sound right .... maybe you dont have enought ram ( 8gb for example) and game struggle to deal with it slowing process? if you are average player .... you can just use one of three pregenerated maps that are included in 7 days (4th is navezgane) pregen 1 2 3 are all generated 8k maps ... with added missing poi with no major issues so unless you are bored with those already ... or for example generating map for some server you can enjoy those skiping generation completely
  12. not sure if its joke or he trolls /prepare for some whine .. but for now its funny
  13. nope i attack people for throwing that human turd on us over and over i respect if they like it .... but no one likes to read how they trashtalk everything just because its not a16 ... and atacking everyone that tells them a16 or lbd is offtopic as soon as they stop bothering people with spaming that " preference" regardless of topic theme or complaining any new content with 0 context or arguments i will have no reason tor eact at them at all you cant really discuss something with person if all they want is to whine about loved a16 they dont want to talk they want just scream same opinion 1000th time and attack anyone who disagree or feel bothered with that spam
  14. well play with -15 inventory if you want .. for me the more slots i have the more i can loot before returning to trader hmm thats still a thing ? ... they dont stack anyway the only thing you can put in 2 left over slots is insulation i guess a17+ shotgun is nowhere close to old OP one ... but its more killed by the fact it easily 1 shot wooden floors in poi creating holes you have to parkoyr / drop zombies at lower floor that come back soon or later from behind yes a18 made recipes far too common ... but if youw ant build /craft something serious its a must there is no way to get solar bank except 5/5 better barter ( 10 int) = also value of items you sell there is also perk for 50% xp from trap kills ... .. and another that make crafting fromforge cheaper ... signfificantly improving efficiency of your work or maybe you could accept opinion that picking electrocutioner before GS 10( probably like first 5 levels) or even lvl 2-3 with candy is suboptimal as theres many perks that are better early ( you actually agreed with this just started arguing on top of that )
  15. nope i just disrespect people who find me out and bomb me with 5-10 dislikes on various topics within single minute clearly showing they even didnt read posts just wanted attack me .. and gladly return favor i challenge them often you could notice it if you watch me for while ... problem is those people dont listen to anything they dont even discuss topic they just yell same thing a16 best a16 best a19 sucks a16 best like trained monkey if someone ignore you .. its funny pimps time to move on a16 is gone and wont return .. you can play old version if you want ... but adding some insult to new version or glorifiing old alpha into most posts ... is just whining not discussion i should ignore you not because i disagree but because all you want is some kind of reaction .. so you can say again same thing ignoring all effort someone put into post and nothing in world will change that .... its kinda like trolling ... arguing with trolls just make them more visible ... instead solving issue well ... no block should stuck zombies forever ... or break ai so hard they spend whole horde night running on ramp falling down and repeat .. or just standing doing nothing those things are more ai bugs than anything else yeah most people enjoy game and sales go well .. sure some people dislike loot progression now .. but thats new thing in game thats worked on a16 guys are just very small and very loud group .. thats slowly in decline they listen to majority ....to limited degree as they have fixed vision of basics
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