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Day 128... End of a chapter, so to speak


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On day 127 I went off looking for the rarest resources - bones for glue, honey for Awesome sauce and eggs for some buff foods also.


These items cannot be mass farmed and, along with Acid which can also only be looted, is more precious than steel. I cover wide areas of the map, spending many hours searching for these.


So I just accidentally drove past one of the traders and I thought Hello, haven't visited you in a few days... what is the chance that you have something I desperately need?


For the past several in-game weeks I've needed only 2 or 3 books to complete the whole collection. For about two weeks I've needed only one final book - the elusive Pistol Pete, Volume 1.


Never do I ever pass by a church, crack-a-book or fancy house without searching for book shelves.


127 days I've searched for this book. The ability to bulk craft 9mm ammo would basically change the game. It would essentially free up a whole day between horde nights during which I could go explore more.


What is the chance that I'd find it.


Bam - there it is. And I don't have any dukes on me. I don't even have enough to sell, but fortunately he is only going to reset on day 130. So I run home, slap some mods into some armor. Grab the loot from the past horde night.


I also grab about 10k dukes I have left because he has a level 6 solar cell and with the stuff I can sell I might be able to buy that at the same time. Cigar - Check. Magnum - Check. Cheese cake - Check. The solar cell will be about 30k with all the buffs, but that's a secondary purpose.


I can still make it back to the trader before closing time if I take the gyro. I even have enough time to make Awesome sauce using the 5 honey I had just collected. That would bing down the solari cell price to about 25k.


That done, I run, but the gyro is not there - It's still in storage sicne the last horde. I run back inside, grab it, go place it on my driveway and jump in... splutter splutter. I try to refuel it but I had very little and used that to make awesome sauce. So I run back inside again, grab fuel, run back to the gyro. Refuel


I still have about 2 hours in-game. This trader is just one over, I can make easily enough.


I fly, land on a dime in front of his door, jump out and run in.


The book is not there. It was under his special loot... but it is gone. I check the date. Still says he will reset on day 130.


Did I have my nerdy glasses on when I saw the book - it changes my int and that drops my Better bartering... I switch to the lucky looter goggles.


It is still not there.


Am I confused? The two traders on this side of the map are the same - so I rush over to the other one that I had to basically fly over to get here.


He doesn't have it either. I check both with and without the nerdy glasses. Not there.


It is closing time and I am miserable. For months I've searched for the book. I saw it. And then I lost it.


I flew back home and started making glue and manufactured as many mods as I could to go sell a bunch of things. It was time to get dukes en masse in any case. I spent a lot of dukes in the past 10 days or so on getting solar power running at my home base - in excess of 100k, and that is with using everything I can to get the best prices. But I end up overnight making enough mods to fully kit out about 20 level 4, 5 and 6 items. The next morning 5:55 I'm at the first trader.


It is day 128. I will try to visit them all...


Of the two I went to the day before I'll only re-check the far one and I have a route plotted out to take me past all rest of them.


The whole day is spent flying, landing, checking secret stash and all normal items I note a few high level items but nothing really worthwhile.


Trader after trader, I eat up their insults, burn the gas. Jen asks me to hang out but I gotto run.


By 17:45 I have only 3 traders left to check when I find it. Finallly I had a copy of Pistol Pete Vol 1.


Flying back with about 50k Dukes in my pocket it starts to sink in...


I have all the books, so I have now lost the one thing that kept on motivating me to go back into the same PoIs over and over.


I can now mass-produce 9mm ammo for the turrets. (I have 56 SMG Auto turrets and I can only make enough ammo to put one stack into each one for each horde. This runs out halfway through the night - I will upload the video from the day 126 horde after I process it)


I think for me the game now enters into a new stage. There are still many POIs that I never explored or not fully explored. I just discovered the massive underground bunker on the small house where you have to climb up the veranda and then jump down into the kitchen, then go down into the bunker then pass though a whole bunch of unlocked vault doors and eventually get a load of loot.


Then the blue double story house that is on the raised area next to the motel with the tunnel connecting them. Never seen that till about a week ago.


So now I will hopefully have more time to explore, and will spend less time going into the same POIs searching for books.


I'm a little sad that the search is finally over. But at the same time elated that I'll now spend less time grinding and more time exploring!


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I just got my last book in day 70s. Was the make cigar book. Now yup, it's checking all the POI that I haven't seen/done yet, and adding silly things to the base.


Day 91 horde coming, dont' think I've ever gone past about 120ish.


Finding more q6 M60s is a pain. Got lots of Q6 everything else (just got the Q6 steel leg armor, last I need, and got 2 from Dishong)


Couple recipies I don't have yet, so still hunting those.


But getting ALL the books, yup, that feels goooddd!



(and yeah, leading zombies through minefields is hilarious. just don't get too close to the booms)


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There is no overkill. Just "cover me while I reload"


That sounded to me like one of the 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries. So I checked and it is very close!


MAXIM 37: There is no "overkill." There is only "open fire" and "reload."


Many of them apply quite well to 7D2D. This one especially (lookin' at you, demolishers):


MAXIM 47: Don't expect the enemy to cooperate in the creation of your dream engagement.
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Trader odd thing I noticed was when you look at the ALL page the shopping cart it shows a few things at the top that are not in any other tab, which doesn't make sense, I've seen a few recipes on the cart tab then checked ever page didn't see them anywhere, is it bleeding over from higher BB perk page? I also heard/read the trader change daily on stuff but restock ever 3 days what is the daily ? is that the things I see at the top of the cart tab?

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