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  1. Use software like Duplicati and set up incremental backups. That way you can have a lot of backup storage, without taking up a lot of space. Duplicati is also one of the few that will successfully back up the files when they are in use. You can also upload to cloud storage easily with it if you are so inclined.
  2. When you install/validate the server, the default serverconfig.xml is written. This is the file you would reference. Here is a sample.
  3. A long-term heavily built save can easily be between 12 and 30GB. The specs for the game state that you need 30GB, and at one point the game would run a check that you did have 30GB free when it started up. So if we take the max possible value, and then multiply it by your intended number of duplicated saves, we get 300GB.
  4. haha I hadn't tested them yet. Pretty sure it's on the to-do list, so don't expect it to last for long. 😉
  5. I am really curious. Why would you expect FPS in anything except maybe Pong to not tank when you are using your GPU for mining?
  6. Just a note, this thread is basically a duplicate of this one... Could we please stop with starting a new thread on a subject that already exists?
  7. Just further confirming. This is what's in the server config xml... <property name="GameName" value="My Game"/> <!-- Whatever you want the game name to be. This affects the save game name as well as the seed used when placing decoration (trees etc) in the world. It does not control the generic layout of the world if creating an RWG world -->
  8. Just so you're aware, this would increase the available space requirement for the game from 30GB to 300GB. Space on your C drive. Also note that if you don't have a fast PC with fast storage, doing so will pause your game for at least a minute or two. That's not even considering the fact that the game doesn't "do saves". It's constantly updating the files.
  9. No, and because of two reasons. 1. It's primarily an issue with the hybrid file system Microshaft chose to use. 2. The current Console version won't be getting any more updates since TellTale went bankrupt.
  10. Known information is in the Pinned thread on how to report an issue. It can vary based on the provider. Their documentation may have the information you seek, or when that fails and you still cannot find them, contact support for the deets.
  11. You didn't look very hard. It's literally a massive RED BANNER stapled to the top of the page. There is also the General Support section of the forum, which has even more banners. And Pinned threads too!. Please, don't bother saying "I didn't see anywhere", when it's quite obvious you didn't even take five seconds to look. Maybe try reading before you post, and then submit the bug reports in the proper location with the required information.
  12. That log is from his client. What's the log from the server?
  13. Did you wipe all a19 data before starting a20? Have you verified your files a few times after ensuring that the client is fully excluded from security software? Has your friend done the same?
  14. Known issue. You are expected to take a look at the KI list before submitting a report. It's noted in the banner and everything. Line 250 currently.
  15. That is something you'll need to take up with G-Portal support. It's an issue with their interface.
  16. Verifying won't remove mods, and even un-installing and re-installing won't. You need to open the client folder and delete the Mods folder.
  17. I'm not sure why we have two threads on the same subject. Lets keep it to the first thread.
  18. The console version is based off of Alpha 14.7, and I don't recall gamestage being relevant before a15.
  19. Going to just quote Roland here because what he said in the other thread is pure gold.
  20. If you could put the generated world files and that region file in a zip, and then upload it to Google Drive, we could take a better look at it. General coordinates of the issue area would be useful too.
  21. Not seeing any chunk load or corruption errors in the server, and all of the failed connection attempts appear to be external to the client. I'm curious about this region file. If it was having this kind of issue, there should be an error somewhere in the logs. Yet there isn't anything.
  22. My first thought is no NAT loopback/pinhole/whatever you want to call it. More details are needed. Please also read the Pinned threads before posting.
  23. I've been playing since Alpha 9. Plants have always needed sunlight. Your You-Tuber either had a shaft, or was using mods.
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