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  1. You should go to the War of the Walkers thread, and look for an answer there.
  2. Just a note, in some POI's this is by design. It's not a bug or an issue with the sleeper volumes.
  3. Yeah, I didn't have any issues with my PS4 controllers outside of the USB power problem. BIOS update fixed that, and then the arrow buttons decided to mysteriously stop working on two controllers at the same time. Current test doesn't show any real issues with connectivity though.
  4. haha I replied to his Steam thread before I got here. We've got two blades with four ports each active. One is running Win 10, and the other on Ubuntu. We run all the 7 Days servers on the Linux box using LGSM, and each instance is on it's own user account. Binding to the adapter is easily done in the LGSM config file for each server. Really the hardest part of everything was setting up the VLANs.
  5. Oh it's real. They have special stick assemblies so they can drive with their knees. There's a company that does the conversions. That image is from one of their marketing pages. That's kind of a niche market though. Super Segway does most of the police and government units.
  6. Serverconfig.xml and startdedicated.bat are default files, so they would be over-written when updated. Standard operating procedure is to not use default files for your running config. Set custom copies of the files, and use those. Then compare changes when updates are pushed.
  7. Common troubleshooting applies too. Did you exclude the client from antivirus software? Did you re-install EAC? Did you verify the client files? All of these things are covered in the Pinned threads.
  8. You probably want to read the Darkness Falls thread. Or whatever overhaul mod it is you're playing. 9/10 someone has already asked this and gotten an answer in the thread for the mod.
  9. Plus 2013-2021 is only coming up on 8 years.
  10. Not sure where you heard they weren't fixing RWG. That was one of the first things covered in the first dev stream for a20, and has been such a major focus that some other features got pushed back to a21.
  11. Sounds like you were digging out under your base. This will weaken the structural integrity of the blocks above. Although, since you're on the Xbox, it's also likely you have suffered from the MD5 issue that is common on that system.
  12. Yeah, the X-series is the exception to the rule. That's a 10-core powerhouse. It's above even the unlocked K-series. Comparing any same-gen Intel CPU to their X-series chipset is kind of like comparing a Dodge Caravan with a Charger. One is designed to do a job, and one is designed for high performance. If I compare your CPU to the same 3rd gen I used for my earlier comparison, yours is about 20% faster on average. Also note that if you're not shy about overclocking and have very good cooling, that 6950X will give Intel's 10th-gen CPU's a run for their money.
  13. Allocs Fixes needs to be updated. Snufkin's Autominer hasn't been updated since 18.4. Is not likely to be compatible. BCM is obsolete, and hasn't been used for Botman for a while. Bosses1.0 shows it's for 19.2. Unable to locate to determine if it's valid or not. Okay, I'm done with it. Can't go any further. There is literally no point in continuing. You have mods that haven't been updated since a18 and are known not working, along with such a mix of overhaul mods that are overlapping and also most likely obsolete that it isn't even funny. Wipe it all.
  14. Again I do not understand how you missed this. Going to need logs at a minimum.
  15. I beg to differ.... They have a number of designs developed specifically for the police and military.
  16. My primary laptop atm is an Acer Predator G9-793. Only thing I hate is the battery.
  17. Ok well would need some clarifications. 1. Are you on Consoles (PS4/XBox), or on PC? 2. Actually that's all for now. If you are on console. (this section of the forum you posted in), then the following questions are moot. If you're on PC, I'll move the thread to the appropriate section, and we can continue figuring out what you've got going on.
  18. Acer, Dell, and HP.... Avoid at all costs. Even if you're just trying to score an "ok" GPU, they usually ship with a custom model that has that manufacturers specific ROM dragging it down. (Also may or may not have adequate cooling) I've had good luck with CyberPower and CUK (Computer Upgrade King). You are usually going to get a good value there, and they build quality systems. iBuyPower used to be good, but their quality control has been dropping lately. Still a good choice if you're mostly looking for components though. You can also take the route of build-to-order systems li
  19. OK, there's your issue. Your GPU doesn't even come close to min spec. You can try using GLCore or Vulkan, but there is not a lot of hope for you. That 9600GT only has a quarter of the VRAM required to play, and barely supports DX10, much less DX11. Even with using one of the alternatives for older hardware, you don't have enough VRAM. I doubt that the rest of your system is up to par, but it doesn't even get far enough into checking because the GPU just falls over. So even if you can get the game to load on GLCore, it probably still won't be playable if the rest of you
  20. It used to be the file where all of your game options for video, sound, and keybinds were stored. I'm not sure where that is for Linux/Mac, but you wouldn't be able to change it much outside of the options that are already available in the client. The only time I've ever needed to use these settings are when I'm testing a non-standard resolution.
  21. Nitrogen is so far out of date now, it's not even funny. Since the author has left, it's not getting any more updates. As of 19.5 making maps with it is just a recipe for disaster, so we'll shut this thread down now. @Damocles feel free to PM me if you want this re-opened. For now, I recommend using KingGen as it is being actively developed.
  22. The random wandering horde can get you any time. I recall being chased by a band of vultures about 30 minutes into a game a while back.
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