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  1. Yes, there were changes to the UI in 19.5 which can cause issues in the older version of Riles. Especially regarding forges and containers. You can find 1.08 near the bottom of Page 4 of the thread. I have fully tested it to be working without issues, and am currently using a version of it I modified myself on one of our servers. The client is missing the Hitmarker mod now. Looks like they uninstalled it since the first log you posted. This is a mod that contains assets, and therefore must be loaded on both the server and every client that plays. The client is also still missing the prefabs. These must be installed or the client will have sync issues, which will cause problems like the inability to open containers, and things like traders replaced with trees.
  2. Riles 1.07 is obsolete, and causes issues. Update to the Beta 1.08. Should also verify compatibility on your other UI mods. Probably have a conflict somewhere else. Client also does not have the Compo-Pack or whatever prefab pack you're using installed. Prefabs must be installed on both the client and the server. This has been known since Alpha 17 released.
  3. Reminds me of the issues with the 5700-series when it released. Took AMD something like a year and a half to fix the driver package.
  4. SylenThunder


    This is already planned. Oculus support was one of the kickstarter goals.
  5. We are re-launching Last Light with a fresh map and a new challenging mods as well as some QoL mods. There are larger stack sizes, respawning resources, a custom user interface, starter pack, the White River Tools of Citizenship Questline, Snufkins Custom Zombies and Snufkins Vehicle. There's a lot to do and see and we hope you have fun with it. Server information and a full mod list can be found on the Last Light page at https://mastersofchaosgaming.com/LastLight. Enjoy!
  6. You can make a desktop shortcut for the steam connect link. Any client arguments you need can be added in the Steam client. Using a 10k map shouldn't be an issue, or take forever to load if your hardware is up to snuff. What you're trying to achieve with the overhaul mods in different folders though, probably not possible even with adding them to Steam. You're just going to have to live with manually joining the servers on those clients. It's still not entirely clear what you're stating here. parallel computing would be using multiple PC's CPU's to run the server and split the resources into smaller chunks for processing. AMD FM2+ barely scrapes the bottom-end for what is required to run this client. It is not really sufficient for a dedicated server. LGA 1155 is much better in terms of meeting required specs, but will lag a bit with major overhauls if you don't have one of the top-end i7 chipsets. As far as I am aware, Parallel computing does not exist for either of those platforms natively on the consumer market. In the latter it would exist in the Xeon server lineup, but at least 2/3rds of those chips do not meet min spec. If your server is taking exceptionally long to load, it's likely that is a result of being pretty far below spec. Maybe you could be a little more detailed on what your hardware setup is, and what you are hoping to accomplish. Based on what you've said so far, it sounds like you're trying to use two underpowered PC's to share the load of the client because neither meet the required hardware specifications to play the game.
  7. Those links don't work from terminal. Curious, why exactly are you trying to start the client from the command line?
  8. Just make a web url shortcut. Steam Connect protocol serves this purpose just fine. steam://connect/ You can also use domain name if you own the site. steam://connect/connect.mastersofchaosgaming.com:26910 And if your server has a password.... steam://connect/connect.mastersofchaosgaming.com:26910/pa$$w0Rd As for disabling protocols, that's all defined in the config file, and has instructions. I only recommend disabling SteamNetworking when you have the ports forwarded properly, and LiteNetLib only for testing purposes. You will tank server network performance with LiteNetLib disabled.
  9. 8 years, and in any case, this is the kind of issue you would spend time working on during Beta development. Not while still in Alpha.
  10. No. It was the only thing I could think of when he was holding that. Had to re-watch a good portion of the video.
  11. I answered this above. In order to give you more specific information I'd need more details on your server. Then you should submit a proper bug report in the correct location.
  12. 48 hours without shutting down? That's not something you want to do. If you're running Windows, you should be restarting every 8-12 hours. Vanilla with supported player count will stay up longer without issues. Modded or unsupported player counts need to decrease that. If you're on Linux, you can go 24 hours. A heavy overhaul modded server can do about 12-16 hours.
  13. Oculus support is planned post-release. It was one of the kickstarter goals. There wouldn't be any need to start over. You would load the same saves through the client whether on VR or not.
  14. An editor for these files hasn't existed since Alpha 15. Sounds like you have a mod issue. Check your server log for errors. I bet it gives you a clue about what item/mod is causing the problem.
  15. No fixes I'm aware of because in general there isn't an issue unless you're drop-mining massive chunks of material. When you do that, you're basically maxing out CPU and RAM with SI calculations, and just have to wait until it's done clearing swap.
  16. The only real issue I see is that the server was up for roughly 20 hours. Which is about double what you should have it up for running an overhaul mod on Windows. If we knew the time stamps for when you encountered the issue, that might make it a little easier. Most of the server FPS values I scanned were just fine.
  17. Yes. It was in the instructions. I fixed your post for you so it didn't take up 20 pages of forum. Not private information, and is not helpful to do so.
  18. I have seen this a few times. Usually only on servers that have modded the UI to increase workstation output slots. There's a really bad dupe bug with those as well.
  19. Logs? Please read the Pinned threads. As for setting up a server, I wrote a guide for Linux here. Covers the basics, and uses LGSM so you can set up a self-managing server.
  20. This was missed because it was posted in the wrong forum section for assistance. I have moved it to the correct forum. Please post the full log. Use Pastebin. Instructions are in the Pinned thread on how to report an issue.
  21. See here is the thing though. Version checking is only for updates to the mods. Steam has no built-in method to check that the mods are compatible with the current version of the client. Primarily because the Workshop is not designed to support EA. Again I will throw Eleon under the bus here. They introduced Workshop support early on. As a result of this there are a large number of mods out there for Empyrion that are absolutely not compatible with the current version of the game. They make a good example for how not to do EA in a lot of ways.
  22. You have to consider ease of repair as well. An AK-47 is much less likely to require servicing than an M16. It's also considerably easier to clean and maintain without considerable training. Given there are probably about the same number of both in the US, the AK is more accessible because the majority of them aren't owned by the military.
  23. It would be good if you stated how you solved it so others can know. My guess would be that you fixed an incorrect resolution setting using the Unity Screen Selector in the game Launcher tools.
  24. To be fair, the Kukuri is a form of machete. So is a lightly sharpened flat stick of metal with a rag for a handle. (Have seen this in Southern Mexico and Brazil) IMHO we could have a couple of flavors, just like we do for the knife. Bone shiv > Basic machete > hunting knife > Kukuri machete.
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