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  1. Ok, so you've listed off bare minimum stats for the CPU's, and haven't listed a single GPU that meets recommended specs. Go ahead an name one other game that's as demanding as this one. I challenge you to find one. Especially one that supposedly runs without issues on your systems. That's fine though. Here's one of my recent test builds. Motherboard: Intel DG33BU CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz (4c/4t) RAM: 8GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 800MHz GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 770 2GB Twin Frozr Gaming OC Storage: 1TB WD Black Speccy Now in this machine, the difference between a bloated system and an optimized system was 45FPS for bloated, and 60FPS optimized in a18. In a19's borked b169 update, it was 36/55. I can test it again this afternoon and I'm sure we'll see that 55 go up quite a bit due to recent optimizations. Do I have zeds spawning in front of my in POI's? Sometimes. When I'm monitoring system usage I see that there is definitive peak in CPU and RAM allocation when this occurs. Given that the PC is at min spec, and I'm pushing the limits of the video settings for the hardware, I understand why it's happening. If I lowered the resolution from 1080p to 720p, and adjust the graphics a bit it's no longer an issue. Why? Because the CPU has to work less, and there is lower RAM allocation. So some questions for you here. 1. Do you have any PC's that actually meet recommended specs? 2. Have you fully excluded the client from security software? 3. Have you cleaned up these computers and shut down all unnecessary background tasks? (I mean since they don't meet recommended specs, it's basically a given that you have to.) 4. Have you actually looked at the minimum recommended system requirements? (Not minimum required. That just means you can start the game and play it with probably 30FPS.)
  2. Well it would help a lot if 90% of the people complaining would give us more information than "I know it's not my PC". Hardware specs, ensuring the client is properly excluded, and whether or not the system is optimized make a huge difference in this CPU heavy title. I've proven that more than a few times over the past 6 years, but people like yourself and the complainers just glaze over it because it for sure couldn't be something on their end.
  3. I'm not sure yet. All the issues point to a sync problem. Sync issues are usually because either host, client, or network capabilities are impaired. I haven't really had time to look into the latest video post today with b180 going live.
  4. Just a note here... Steamnetworking is mostly for managing the server list. Enabling it or disabling it is done based on NAT configuration, and whether you've forwarded the ports or not. It basically is just used to trigger the UPnP protocol on networking devices. LiteNetLib manages data traffic of the server. Disabling it will have a large negative impact on the network performance of the server, and should only be done in extreme troubleshooting.
  5. Please read the thread that tells you to read it before posting, before posting.
  6. Most likely Never. The current console hardware is not capable of supporting the client past Alpha 16. Any further details on updates for the console have already been discussed in-depth recently. You should probably do some looking around and research before you make offensive posts in all caps. Here are a few examples from the First page of this forum. It's not like you even had to dig to find them. console updates/bug fixs Why are TFP still selling 7d2d on consoles? Loyalty & Respect console updates rethink - sign petition Hopes and Worries about the Telltale Closure and Future of Console Edition If you chose to flip to Page 2 of posts. The Last Update A Letter To The Fun Pimps Update Xbox version please Could we at least get an update from the devs? Will there be a console update? 7d2d console idea (fundraising?) Console Updates? It's not like any of those topics are really old either. They go back to the first of June.
  7. Please use the correct area for reporting bugs, and follow the instructions. Logs and other highly detailed information is required.
  8. Save is most likely corrupted from not exiting the game client properly. GLCore should only be used on system with extremely low-end out-dated GPU's that don't have proper driver, or on Linux/Mac machines. If you were looking for a Windows alternative to DirectX, Vulcan would be highly recommended, but AFAIK that platform isn't fully finished yet and still has some display issues.
  9. ^^ This. and it's been around for a while. I reported it before a19e even went public. Not sure on when it will be resolved, but it's basically a non-issue. There is no problem caused by that, and it is just a warning.
  10. Why are you using GLCore with a 2080? You should be using DirectX. Also, your save is corrupted. Start a new one.
  11. You only bring this upon yourself by attempting a long-term playtrough on an unstable experimental version that we told you would require frequent wipes.
  12. Yes, more information is definitely needed. My best guess would be that the client is being blocked by security software. Just because you didn't install any, doesn't mean you don't have any. I cover this in the Sticky FAQ.
  13. TellTale Games doesn't own anything or make money on anything because they no longer exist as a company at all.
  14. Please use the correct area for reporting bugs, and follow the instructions. Logs and other highly detailed information is required.
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