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    I've been gaming and coding on PC's since the TRS-80. I like modeling, minor constructions, working on cars, and racing.

    I like to think outside the box and take different approaches to tasks to find new resolutions, or just to make life interesting.
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    SE Michigan, out in the sticks.
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    Gaming, Hardware and Software development, Fixin things, racing, modding/repairing cars, and more!

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  1. In the video options. No offense, but this is where you would normally look for this kind of thing.
  2. You look in your log. It shows when they connect what their ID's are. 2021-12-06T14:35:39 415.445 INF [Auth] PlayerName authorization successful: EntityID=-1, PltfmId='Steam_76561198020012811', CrossId='EOS_00022ca0257f48299275ed258203dd84', OwnerID='<unknown/none>', PlayerName='Shiny Purple People Eater'
  3. 1. Future cross-platform support. Which was openly discussed by the developers long before the update released. 2. Everything was said in the Patch note. You just need to actually read it. Server Administration and Multiplayer To future-proof our game, including allowing us to use the latest anti-cheat and expanding to other platforms later on for future crossplay capabilities, we added Epic Online Services (EOS) to the game. For regular players this should not have any noticeable effect, you do NOT need an account on Epics platforms. EOS only knows your SteamID which is public anyway and matches that to an ID for EOS that is only valid for 7 Days to Die. The change for server administration is in the user IDs that are used to store data and reference players, i.e. the filenames of user files, IDs in the serveradmin.xml or console output / commands which now refer to the user’s EOS ID.
  4. I'm not aware of a loot progression slider, but the Feral Sense is right there in your game settings....
  5. This issue is pretty common when you enter an incorrect world size for RWG. Values must be in increments of 1024. So an 8k map is not 8000, it's 8192.
  6. It only costs 6 stone to make a new one, so it's not a great loss.
  7. Read the patch notes for each update. It will tell you if a wipe is advised. For the most part though, assume every update requires a wipe. Unstable Experimental is NOT for long-term saves. It is for play testing and reporting bugs.
  8. You will likely need to wipe the server multiple times during experimental, and again when it goes to Stable. This is an unstable build, that is not intended for long-term play. Only opt-in if you intend to do bug testing and reporting.
  9. I believe that it's merged into Wasteland now.
  10. It will probably work, but you're also probably going to have issues due to changes. You are recommended to clean slate for updates during experimental, and for when Stable drops. You may also have to wipe for a .1 or .2 release.
  11. When you update this for a20, would it be possible to also make an all-in-one version. I can understand having the separate modlets, but when you're already running a number of mods adding an additional 20 is enough to push it over the edge and tank server performance. I have one I slapped together for our groups server, but I made a number of other changes to it as well, so it's not really fit for posting.
  12. We've always self-hosted. Have two servers up currently. One is Navezgane, and the other is the 10k pregen. They will be available for gameplay and bug reporting throughout experimental.
  13. Oculus VR support was one of the kickstarter goals and is planned post-launch.
  14. The login splash screen does. I have not tested the inventory window.
  15. no. It has infinite ammo. it never runs out.
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