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  1. I believe the bandits and survivors are slated for a21. Story will likely come with them or shortly afterwards.
  2. Yeah, I missed the part where someone else reset his base. I deal with this question a lot, and so far you're probably the first that didn't bring it up because he reset his own base. Most of time they have failed to place a LCB or bedroll either, so the fault is entirely their own, and not some faulty game mechanic. I am aware of issues with using multiple LCB's not blocking sleeper spawns. I can see how that might extend to causing an issue with preventing the LCB from protecting the POI as well. Without details and hard information though, it's all just speculation or complaints. Bugs aren't going to get fixed without detailed information to replicate them.
  3. This is why you need to pay attention. I'm certain you would have recognized your own base when approaching it before you activated the quest. Even if you knew you had your LCB down, why would you have activated it? To temp fate? If you have an actual issue of having a bedroll/LCB inside the area, and were able to reset it with a quest, then you need to submit a detailed report on the issue so the cause can be tracked down. On our servers, we just blocked people from setting bedrolls and LCB's down in quest POI's. Makes it better for other players in the long run because you don't have failed quests from someone squatting in a POI.
  4. Not likely to happen because this isn't a game designed to be a big MMO like Ark is. This game is centered around single player or small co-op. The max supported player count is 8, not 70+. Also note that official servers are basically trash thanks to players being @%$#s. You can see this well defined in almost every game that has official servers.
  5. I seem to recall Madmole saying that they were approached with the idea to do a movie based on the game. They ended up turning it down because the studio basically just wanted another TWD clone.
  6. Sorry for the delay. Permissions got a bit muffed, and I can't post replies. Had to get creative to make this post. Bloodmoon count setting is per-player, and is not limited or in conjunction with the max spawned zeds setting. Which is very likely why it is hard capped at 64. Note that even if you set it at 64, you may not immediately get that many as it will be limited by your gamestage.
  7. 1. Yes. Bloodmoon will extend through your full night hours. As long as there are zeds to spawn for your gamestage. 2. It is not advised to increase the MaxSpawnedZombies value past 90 as it will cause issues with pathing. You'll end up with zombie slideshows. I believe the cap for BloodMoonEnemyCount is still 64, and that's a hard-coded cap. 3. Armor with explosive resistance of course. I just focus on killing them before they get to me without blowing up. Going for the knee is a good tactic.
  8. It's a big red banner straight across the top of every page in the Console section of the forum.
  9. You don't get exp for indirect deaths. DoT is indirect. Same will happen if you hit a zed with a torch and it dies from the flames. Kill 5 zeds with an explosion from a rocket launcher, and you only get EXP for the one you hit. This has been a standard limitation in the engine since forever.
  10. Wasn't that replaced with Armoury Crate a long time ago? Though yeah if you want to use AURA Sync or Creator you kind of have to have it. It is obsolete though, and it's not unusual for something like this to cause an issue. Most RGB software has an issue with EAC and Battleye. This is because of how they scan and manipulate memory addressing.
  11. Might want to ask this in the ST or BCM thread. (Whichever one controls the command.) This section is for vanilla game support, not mod support.
  12. Profile has been restored. Servers are currently online, though we still have a tech coming to check the line tomorrow.
  13. Just tested on my own craptop. I know this thing doesn't meet min specs, but I could pull off about 20FPS in a16 with it. I5-4210U @1.7GHz, 8GB RAM, and Intel HD 4400 "GPU" that has a net 112MB dedicated RAM, and shares 2048 of my system RAM. This is not a laptop I use for gaming. (Well I tried loading Plants vs Zombies on it a few weeks ago, and it struggled with just that.) This is mostly for diagnosing It literally took almost 10 minutes to start the client with default settings at a resolution of 1366x768. FPS was 14. Would need to tweak the settings, but I'm at work atm, and shouldn't be playing with this.
  14. Yes, there is a guide to migrating saves in the Sticky FAQ thread. I do it quite often between Windows and Linux.
  15. There was a bug like this in a18 experimental. Have not seen it since. Would need more data.
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