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    I've been gaming and coding on PC's since the TRS-80. I like modeling, minor constructions, working on cars, and racing.

    I like to think outside the box and take different approaches to tasks to find new resolutions, or just to make life interesting.
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  1. You should post in the Darkness Falls thread then, and not in PS4/XB1 General Discussion.
  2. When the forum was migrated to a new host/engine we had to do a LOT of pruning to get the database size down. (Estimated time of migration with how it existed was roughly two weeks. We needed it to be below two days.) Sadly as a result of this, pretty much everything before 2018 had to be dropped. I had made a backup of the forum prior to the migration, but before I could publish it I had a major storage issue, and 90% of the data for backup was lost. You might try the Wayback Machine, but it probably wasn't set to index the full forum.
  3. Also note that if you have any data from previous Alpha builds, you need to wipe all the things. Cleanup tools are in the launcher.
  4. It's a known issue with Occlusion. Go into video options from the main menu and disable the feature.
  5. I have a 3900x with a 1060 and don't have a problem with a stable 60FPS at 1080p. The game really doesn't do well at higher resolutions, and this isn't the type of game that's going to get a benefit from a higher framerate. Also note that options with the word "Reflection" in them will absolutely tank FPS because this feature is not optimized.
  6. Do you have a wireless keyboard? Either that or auto-key repeat software is the only reasons I can think of for that.
  7. Your CPU is your primary bottleneck. It doesn't really support 144hz with a voxel title. On top of this, your display keeps changing the refresh rate from 144hz to 120hz. First lock the FPS in at 60. Then set the CPU affinity to use 4 physical cores, and none of the virtual cores. That generation of CPU has extremely poor hyperthreading support, and doing this has shown to have great improvements in performance with the client. Lastly disable every video option with the word "Reflection". And ass Jugg stated, your mods are a real issue. You're missing quite a lar
  8. Take the "/" out of the "GameName". That's going to be part of the folder for the save name and that character is invalid for a folder name.
  9. It's possible your player profile on the server is corrupted, and is not loading properly on that end. As a result you just eventually time out the connection. I would recommend contacting the server owner, and having them back up your existing profile, and then resetting it. If that fixes the issue, then it's a corrupt profile for sure. They should be able to assist you in getting your level and some of the gear you had back as well. (If they're using a good server manager, or even just Allocs web API they should be able to get most information on your level and inventory befor
  10. Nitrogen takes a lot of shortcuts. It's not nearly as complex as the built-in tool. This has both plusses and minuses. Terrain generally isn't as smooth as stock RWG, though stock does have some areas that are pretty rough as well. You can customize the map a lot more with Nitrogen, especially in regards to POI and biome layout, but it's more likely to have placement bugs than the stock mixer. Also keep in mind that Nitrogen has not been updated for a19.0 stable, much less up to a19.3. As a result, the process it's using is a few versions behind the default RWG mixer, and this crea
  11. Can you seriously not read the first page of threads that already exist in this forum before posting? Or the big red banner that links to the blog post?
  12. Right. forgot about that. I'm using hard links on Linux to maintain a single file in a shared folder.
  13. You can, but you have to use absolute path. This was a result of a change made in Unity. You used to be able to use relative paths, but that changed around a18.
  14. Ok, your first problem is that the CPU you're using there barely skirts min spec. So doing basically anything will take ages. Your server is going to "lag" if it's under much load at all once you do get it running. It would struggle under a headless Linux build, but under Win 10 it's kind of like taking the wheels off of a wheelchair. No offense is meant here, this is just how it is. You have a 2-core budget desktop CPU, and you really can't expect a lot out of it. Your second problem is that your serveradmin.xml file is not usable by the client. Either it's a permissions issue, o
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