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  1. Gavener 211 on Steam, 300+ on PS4 A16 GavenerOnline English Play mostly solo, maybe a co/op once in a while
  2. here I have me loot spawn at 30 days and I break every trash bag I loot, I am missing out
  3. I worked so hard to get the 4x4 I bought it from a vendor for 42,000 did understand the perk system yet, and it sucked , slow, needs to be on roads to move well, the SOUND is awful, and it shifts likes its low geared, Mini bike rocks
  4. unload gun make sure chamber is empty to take it apart or add a mod, I can see why the Devs did this but ya man it sucks, like the hunting rifle if you put it away .00000001 to early doesn't load. I was not a I suck problem is was a mechanic you did not know was in game, flip a coin.
  5. I was figuring they looked at mods like DPS damage per second not core damage, like some games a bigger clips means more dmg over time, cause more bullets with out stopping
  6. Pills are like 25%, herbal pills are 10%? and the honey is 5% if you are 95% just kill yourself unless like really into RP, but ya if you are over 40% pretty much a goner
  7. Trader odd thing I noticed was when you look at the ALL page the shopping cart it shows a few things at the top that are not in any other tab, which doesn't make sense, I've seen a few recipes on the cart tab then checked ever page didn't see them anywhere, is it bleeding over from higher BB perk page? I also heard/read the trader change daily on stuff but restock ever 3 days what is the daily ? is that the things I see at the top of the cart tab?
  8. I just make a row space them apart by 1 not a issue so far, sucks op is having trouble though
  9. first night, I am crafting fixing up where I am sleeping sniping a few rocks and trees outside second night I am crafting, organizing my stuff and figuring if I am moving or not. third night if I am not on default settings I am looting houses, throw a torch on the wall to fight by
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