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  1. I think the really complicated AI behavior is hard coded into the engine and unless you have the source code you may never know. I was thinking last night about the hit detection and what random % you have to cause a critical based on your skill progression and the critical mod and buff and whatever else and I am sure its very complicated code that goes beyond my BASIC programming on my C64 for a couple of weeks. I think it is just each zombie has the code to reach the player and the fastest ways in which to reach the player based on any obstacle they come across. The latest thing I see that was added is them climbing on each other to scale a wall which is kind of funny to see but then you see that each one is independent of each other and not even aware of the other one as more than another obstacle to reach the player, I guess like a cold blooded homicidal maniac only interested in reaching you and killing you. To answer your question. I'm just joking about a matter that has always bugged me about taking advantage of the AI in ways that you would always do in real life unless you want to be eaten alive. Its the idea of zombies, if it was a battle in a war or something with humans then the AI should be human-like, if they are mindless zombies that have the inability to do anything other than eat you though nothing but instinct then they are not going to be expected to be tactical geniuses on the battlefield.
  2. Well traps are fun in my opinion, that is what makes the game for me now, testing my latest base design every 7 days. I even alt-tabbed and watched a movie just to bring the bloodmoon because I was bored and had everything ready for 2 days and got sick of waiting. I am guilty of over-using wood frames in POis and to scale my walls at my base, but even though I know it is ridiculous in real life to do such a thing I will keep doing it because the devs have yet to take that exploit out.
  3. I can see this being a personal thing that you judge yourself but not something that is a judge of how others play the game, unless they play in god mode and use the creative menu to build a base rather than going out and collecting all the materials they need in game which can take a long time to do otherwise. If they are just experimenting with new features or something like that to make a video to post that make sense of course. I am uploading another video I made that is of an overkill base that has taken me a long time to build, maybe I will see if my method is considered cheese that way. Either way if you use the tools that are available and put the time into building something that will stand the test of time and bloodmoons I do not consider it a negative thing at all even if the choke points in walls make it easier to focus on 500 zombies rushing your base all at one time.
  4. It may be convenient to sip red tea while shredding zombies. However this method will more than likely be frowned apron.
  5. Well I was thinking about using cheese to survive in the game, so I was thinking of a zombie bill of right to be more fair to them. 1. Too many traps. I think a minimum of 8 traps, this would give the zombies a much better chance of winning and it is really only fair. 2. Not using junk turrets. 3.Not using walls. Well just because the zombies have a degree in engineering to detect the slightest 50HP damage in a wall doesn't mean you should take advantage of this, again its just unfair to them. 4. Try and have a talk with the screamer before using violence. Well maybe she just want to have a conversation, perhaps make her some hot coco and some finger sandwiches to make her feel more welcome would be a better solution. More to come later. I say lets be more fair to our enemy, I know that they just want to eat you alive, but that does really make them bad? So lets vote upon the premise that using the tools the game gives you to survive does not necessarily make it right to use them and having restraint means a better , brighter future for the zombies. I recently upgraded my base with a 3rd outer wall and I have come to see the error in my ways. I think I will cut down from 8 junk turrets to two and make hole in the wall so they will not have to harm their hands when they pound at it it so violently. I may even make a special ladder that will allow them greater access to my base, a sort of good neighbor policy and maybe we can come to an agreement that they only attack my my base and try to eat me alive to maybe only 2 week at a time.
  6. Guys, what is it with the whole "cheese" thing? I cannot fully understand what constitutes a "cheese" base, it seems like there is a threshold of what become "cheese", but it varies from person to person and I even seen a video on YouTube with a description of "No cheese Base", I do not get it. The Fun Pimps give you tools to use, you have the average traps, turrets, buffs and so on. So using these tools in any way to survive would constitute good planning and clever design. If the zombie AI is superzombie enough to detect a 100HP damage in a block with 500 other blocks at 100%, well that would mean they are super zombies with a degree in engineering or something (because this is a ridiculous thing for even humans to notice while being shot at) and you should do what you can to protect your base with that knowledge and if you do so you are just surviving to another day. So the way I see it if you lay out 400 junk turrets and pointing them at a break in the wall that the superzombies have noticed and focus all your firepower at them, you are still playing the game with the tools that The Fun Pimps gave you, this is not a bad thing in my book and I do not understand why this is a bad thing. The game is survival of the fittest and smartest, if you do not use the tools that the game has to offer, saying, well that would be unfair to the zombies, you know, to take advantage of their clever rotten brains , you will be eaten and lose the game, it make no sense to me. I have died once in the game so far in 77 days, this to me is a testament of playing the game well and if that means taking advantage of the enemies weaknesses well in real life when a group of people want to eat you alive you would not be thinking of how to make it more fair for them.
  7. I agree, I believe there would be no way they could think with any tactical know how. I never used the wall system before the demolishers and before the AI that chooses a single path and knows what block are the weakest to break down. I used to use a series of catwalks and towers when the zombies would just attack from all sides.
  8. I never used to, but I have come to look forward to bloodmoon. I like to test out my base against all that they can throw at it and I admit my base has become overkill with enough blade traps to kill my usual solid FPS. I just added another outer wall with vertical blade traps on the walls and put up some electric fence posts as well. My problem is I like to have my storage and my living space the same as my defense base, since A16 I have done this and if those demolishers can make their way through to, and destroy my inner tower, I will lose everything, so that is the reason for the overkill I guess.
  9. Well If I was to upgrade to RTX from my GTX 1080, what would be best matched with a i7 9700k, 3070, 3080 or 3090?
  10. I have her about every 2-4 hours with 2 or more forges going and when mining ore I never get a rest from her and her cronies.
  11. No quest, I went to a trader I went very far away on 8K map. I was gone about 2-3 game hours. Single Player.
  12. I have one gyrocoppter and I went out and did some things with it and when I came back to land there was another gyrocoppter parked on my landing pad. Its obviously not a problem but I thought you might want to know anyway.
  13. I tried using a combination of different traps and turrets to tackle the last bloodmoon without taking too much damage to the base and using as little ammo as possible. I plan to expand to add more traps later on. I think I will toggle the darts in the middle rather than just unload it all at once and find a way to repair the blade traps, other than that I think I did all right. I see now why the kill corridor is so popular, rather than have 4 sides to defend the corridor only needs on side, so less traps to produce.
  14. I had my shadow setting at far. I just remembered in A16 that the option for setting shadows to near or whatever the opposite was would allow more light through walls and help performance.
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