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  1. Well these threads of release dates are not going to gain anything worthwhile but its been so long since I have played A19 that I figured I might get an idea, of which seems to be early winter, so I definitely know more than I knew before. luckily I have other games to fool around on until release of A20 or maybe a stable release of it in spring.
  2. You guys are hilarious. From a release date topic to C64 nostalgia thread, of which I happened to own one myself in the latter part of the 80s, to play RPGs and keep me entertained until I bought my Amiga 500.
  3. Its been a very long time since I have been here, so does anyone know a ballpark figure on release date so I can start a new game. I played alpha 19 for about 70 to 100 hours and unfortunately the update destroyed my save file, so I am waiting for alpha 20.
  4. This happens from time to and it makes no sense when it does happen. I had a pair of lights drop attached on the very top of concrete block, so I suppose the weight of 2 industrial lights was too much stress for a reinforced concrete block.
  5. The link to the post or the video itself? The video in the post is working fine.
  6. I do not know the context of this comment as far as the posting but in other things In life this is a great way of looking at things. Competition between friends can only lead to anger and jealousy and it is just unnecessary. Bob painted five paintings but Billy only painted one, now Billy hates Bob, but at least Billy did not do this or that, right. Sorry for commenting out of context of the post but I love what you said here. You are a wise man Guppycur.
  7. Yeah like having Winamp open and not even playing kills 20FPS on a i7 9700k with 32GB DDR 3000. I will never understand that one.
  8. I forgot to thank you, so thank you. I am trying to edit the heightmap and I am editing only the genHM and the poiHM but it does not seem to help. Do I have to edit another one of the images?
  9. I am sorry I am lazy and did not read all the posts but I do have a question. Am I likely to see in any bug in gameplay with a random map generated with Nitrogen? I really do not want to pour a hundred hours into the game and find out there is a gameplay bug in the new map. Again I am sorry for not reading all of the posts. I also want to thank you for this amazing tool, I got stuck in a navegane map because I forgot to generate a larger map to play for more content and especially more traders and the ability to take out the burned forest and add more towns and traders is really cool. You modding guys make ordinary games so much more.
  10. I have found it and I will use a UVW modifier to adjust the texture at a resolution I will need. The base I am working in is just a 3D simulation of the game with textures on or off but as applied will provide me with a flyby or info that will make a more realistic representation of my next plans. Yeah I take this a bit too far, but that's just the way I do things in almost every RPG or similar complicated games. Thank you again.
  11. Thank you. They are only for textures for UV and or UVW mapped in my new base (I hope) competently autocad-ed! yeah I take the game that seriously. Thank you again, I mean no harm.
  12. I know this will sound like I did not do a search and or did not look at the asset browser before my eye were going bad. But I cannot find the scrap log spike 2D texture or the upgrade to steel which is what I want, or at least the texture that will upgrade a block to steel on a reinforced concrete 1x1x1x1 block Does anyone know the actual name of the scrap log spike 2D texture or even the main block steel upgrade. Please!!! Please With a Cherry on top!!! Pretty Please with a cherry on top!!! here is what I working on, and why I need the spike textures: https://lookimg.com/image/gEWFU Exporting .OBJ is amazing, your program is amazing and I am jealous I because I have no programming or scripting (LUA, Python) skills what so ever. Still searching
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