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  1. it didnt need to be changed to what is nwo to begin with it was fin as it was in A15
  2. kk so i assume it would look exactly the same on a 4k map as an 8k map
  3. thx sylen tried generating it on 8k and pc lagged out gonna have to do 4k map
  4. Big favor guys can someone run the seed Millionare for me in the generator as i cant do it on mine everytime i try my PC completely lags out would be greatly appreciated
  5. cant increase zombie spawns or amount of BM zombies my PC cant handle it even with teh standard 8 default zombies i have trouble
  6. the only thing insane difficulty has done is turn zombies in do bloody damage sponges 😛
  7. well i missed all of A17 and A18 due to life problems so i have some catching up to do
  8. best i can suggest is maybe try a mod i know theres a few good ones for example darkness falls, true survival, starvation, apocalypse now etc
  9. yep like me finding a Q600 wrench on day one in a sink which nobody believes to this day
  10. same here old man these new born babies wouldnt know hard if it smacked em upside the head like feral whites and cops o nday one in the hub city
  11. i agree the prison hsould be 10 times its current size in terms of surface area and zombies
  12. i just wish i could get on the mod i actually loved it forced me to change my play style as vanilla is bland and boring
  13. just curious would there be a way t oadd the world tree seed into the game if at all possible?
  14. sounds amazing sam 1 thign i advise however that you dont add is the M.O.A.B ammo as when i ahd that in a mod i cleared otu a 100x100 area all the way to bedrock and had tons of other large holes in my world
  15. i do agree mega but i think TFP need to update the descriptions on the diff sections because alot of people prob dont know i mean i didnt know until recently and ive been on this forum since A15
  16. you nailed it perfectly my friend the game as it sits now has virtually no challenge till you hit minimum the day 35 horde and then by the day 49 horde teh difficulty is all but gone because the hordes are just rinse and repeat after that i actually disagree and this may be nostalgia talking but the loot system they had for A15 when hub citys existed was miles better than what it is now there was an actual need to be careful the way it sits now there is little to no danger early on except for maybe a ninja dire wolf i feel the loot system ahs regressed not progressed
  17. would 4GB of ram be ok for a 4k map
  18. managed to get on yesterday for about 5 minutes before it completely lagged out
  19. true altho the only thing that repeats is the broken ass terrain generation XD
  20. hey minecraft gives us freedom of creativity without consequences 😛
  21. its a good thing us mole people dont need bridges
  22. yep some people wonder how the hell i can even run the game at all on any settings XD
  23. no nothing else running and i have 4gb of ram total
  24. yeah the noobs now dont know what hard is like having a day 1 wasteland hub city and getting feral whites day 2
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