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  1. I know that the devs did not build it whole and then destroy the middle, but the fact that it exists in a broken state implies that it was once whole; much like any of the buildings in the game. Post-apocalyptic means that there must have been a time before the apocalypse, or it wouldn't be 'post', i.e that the bridge must have existed complete at some point in time, in that sense it is completely irrelevant whether the devs created it whole or not; in their vision of what came before the events of the game, it would have existed complete and therefore should be able to be recreated. Tbh I don't see why you have tried to patronise me twice for asking a valid question to the building mechanics of the game, I thought moderators are supposed to be helpful to their community, not try to drive them away to other games like when you told me in your previous post to go play Minecraft instead.
  2. I know you can just build pillars as supports but the bridge clearly didn't have them pre-zombie apocalypse, don't see why that should be any different considering we have access to all the same blocks/materials they did? Plus pillars are not a great solution seeing as any zombies that fall down will often simply attack the base of the pillars to get to you as they won't have a valid path. The fact that 7 Days to Die requires you to think about support/structural integrity is actually one of the main reasons why I really enjoy building structures (particularly big/difficult builds) in this game, I learn a bit about the physics of the game whilst I am doing so and am then able to apply that to my base and defenses. Minecraft's unrealistic building mechanics are exactly why I gave up playing it almost a decade ago and moved on to exciting early access titles like 7 Days which try to push these popular mechanics further.
  3. Thanks for the helpful response! As someone a bit OCD it's been driving me nuts, however knowing that the issue exists elsewhere and is not simply a design choice is strangely comforting? Seeing how far the devs have brought the game already, I have no doubt that they will roll out all of the kinks eventually...
  4. Does anyone know why repairing the bridge over Deadman's Gulch on Navesgane is impossible? It's as if it has been scripted to collapse unless you support it with pillars, I have tried all the materials I can think of but blocks always collapse at the exact same point, regardless of their horizontal strength and mass values. I can literally build the same bridge anywhere else and it will work, kinda gamebreaking when there are deep physics in game that stop existing seemingly for no reason other than to annoy the player.
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